Microsoft Build 2019 registrations now open

Microsoft logo at Ignite
Microsoft logo at Ignite (Image credit: Windows Central)

If you're planning to attend Microsoft's Build 2019 conference in May, now's your chance to reserve your spot. Registration for the annual developer conference is now live (opens in new tab), with pricing set at $2,395.

Build 2019 is set to run from May 6 through May 9, taking place at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. As usual, the event will feature plenty of sessions, demos, and discussions with industry experts. We're also expecting to get a taste of what Microsoft may be cooking up for future Windows 10 feature updates.

At $2,395 per person, the price to attend certainly isn't cheap. However, it is slightly lower than the $2,495 price tag for Build 2018.

If you're interested in heading to Seattle for this year's conference, you can register now at Microsoft (opens in new tab). If you opt to stay home, Windows Central will be on the ground covering all of the latest news.

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  • Any thoughts of doing a reader meetup?
  • They will all be at IO with the other developers. Same as last year.
  • $2,395 + airfare + hotel + per diem to hear Nadella dribble on and on about a future corporate-driven utopian society built on Azure (the world's computer) and 365-this/365-that subscriptions. Oi vey.
  • HoloLens 2 is an amazing product.
  • Most developers aren't really interested in hearing more garbage from Microsoft about their failed UWP "Platform" - insert Dr. Evil air quotes here. Microsoft's UWP strategy is an epic failure. Almost four years after the release of Windows 10, you still cannot do everything with the UWP settings app - still need the Control Panel (Win32) for some stuff. Microsoft keeps telling developers how great UWP is, but developers are largely ignoring it because it is crap and does not help them at all. After Windows phones completely failed and Microsoft abandoned them, Microsoft tried to convince developers that even though UWP was originally designed for the least common denominator (phones) and is a limited, locked down POS, you know what - actually it is fantastic for developing Desktop applications! Developers are not buying this BS. Why hasn't Microsoft used UWP for its own complex Desktop applications if it is so great?
    Where is:
    Full blown UWP office - not the UWP office that they have already abandoned, Desktop Office
    UWP Visual Studio UWP is entirely unsuitable for writing complex desktop applications - I think Microsoft even realizes this but have painted themselves into a corner with no real way out. They can't admit UWP is a failure or they will look stupid (Earth to Microsoft: You already look stupid and everyone knows UWP is a failure!) For the people that try to say well rewriting apps takes time - it's been at least 4 years (Microsoft had access to the UWP APIs internally before Windows 10 was released). At least the premier browser for Windows 10 - "Edge" is UWP - oh wait, we are "re-trenching" Edge and making it a Win32 app! UWP browsers are "not our focus" anymore! LOL
  • Mozilla is interesting in UWP - wants Rust (their programming language) to target UWP.