New Windows 10 Terminal app will have tab support and more

Microsoft today announced a new application for command-line users called "Windows Terminal," a new updated command-line tool for Windows 10 that offers a rich user interface theme, allowing users to customize their experiences. If you're a PowerShell, Windows Subsystem for Linux, or CMD user, you'll appreciate the new Windows Terminal.

The new Windows Terminal will be available this June and will feature tab support which is something that was confirmed to be in the works a few weeks ago after Windows Sets was rumored to have been killed.

From Microsoft's official blog post:

Windows Terminal [is] a new application for Windows command-line users [that] will offer a user interface with emoji-rich fonts and graphics-processing-unit-accelerated text rendering. It also will provide multiple tab support as well as theming and customization, allowing users to personalize their Terminal.

Microsoft demoed the new Windows Terminal app at Build 2019, along with other announcements such as conversational AI for Cortana, and new Chromium Edge features.

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Wow! All I've seen at Build so far is the Imagine Cup Championship. Are you sitting in the future?
  • This is the single greatest feature to come to Windows in a long, long time. I cannot wait for this to hit. I live in a terminal emulator for work, and I have never liked Putty. I have always used Xshell because it has tabs.
  • A few more thoughts on this. for me to be able to use this, it needs more than just Telnet and SSH. I very frequently use Serial connections, so I'm hoping that's in it. The other nice thing to have is pre-programmed buttons with frequent commands or strings.
  • Sweet, if this comes to users then it would make life alot easier for many people. I'm tempering my hopes after tabs were cancelled. Although collections with edge alleviates some headache and increases productivity efficiency; it doesn't mitigate the loss of tabs. My desk at work has two monitors and both woefully set up as I have to constantly turn my neck to see the secondary screen, I can't make any basic adjustments as that's locked by IT policy.... lol T_T. With this upgrade to cmd I don't have to mess around with something like putty when trying to telnet into a routers to get more diagnostic info as a recent firmware update to two asus routers (ASUS RT-AC1200G+ and DSL AC-55U) has made me weary of upgrading any routers firmware. A bug completely locked out the web configuration interface and set up wizard on both routers therefore the only way to rectify that problem was to telnet into the routers. But herein is the problem, if it's easy for me to telnet into a router and obtain the credentials to get into the web configurator so I can set them up. Then it would be easy for anyone else to do so and obtain my login credentials by the same method albeit they would need network access. Hence why I don't really recommend anyone buying a router not supporting WPA3... sadly though even cisco's meraki APs don't support WPA3 and they cost alot of money. In the end I just returned the routers and got a refund. I can see both pros and cons of this upgrade to cmd, personally it's a welcome upgrade.
  • All that is fine, but will it support TOUCH command? And Tree structure for files like in macOS?
  • Yes! Very excited for this.
  • Interesting. Hopefully you can make a script to open multiple tabs and run things in each tab. I currently need a few powershell windows open at work, and if I can reduce the number of top level windows, that would be great.
  • While waiting for MS, I'd invite you to try cmder
  • I use Fluent Terminal right now when I need a terminal, which is absolutely wonderful. Hopefully Microsoft will use some fluent design in this version, since it looks beautiful in Fluent Terminal
  • let me try this dev version of this PLEASE!!!!!