Microsoft CEO hints Windows Core OS mobile device may be headed to the enterprise

Satya Nadella
Satya Nadella (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

GeekWire's Todd Bishop asked Nadella point blank, "Have you given up on smartphone hardware?"

Nadella's response may surprise you.

Not for consumers

GeekWire Summit.

Nadella began his response by identifying Microsoft's inability to compete in the consumer smartphone space:

We ... do not have the share to have smartphone hardware that's a real consumer choice. We cannot attract developers.

Most pundits are acutely aware of this dilemma. Nadella continues his response by expressing what Microsoft is doing in the mobile space:

[The] thing that we're doing is to make sure our software is available so that we can service the enterprise customer who really doesn't care about a lot of the things a consumer will care about.

If Nadella were merely acknowledging cross-platform software for iOS and Android, there would've been no need to point out a mobile device audience that doesn't care about what consumers care about. iPhone and Android phone users in the enterprise already enjoy the best of both worlds: enterprise support and apps that cater to what they care about as consumers.

It's noteworthy Nadella hasn't said: "yes, we've given up on smartphones." What we see so far is an acknowledgment of Microsoft's inability to compete in the consumer space and a statement that Microsoft is working to ensure software availability to enterprise customers who don't care about what consumers care about.

Core OS means no Windows 10 Mobile needed


logo (Image credit: Microsoft)

Nadella continues:

[It's] one operating system for us. So it's not like we have a phone operating system separate from the Xbox operating system, separate from the Windows operating system, its one platform.

In light of Corporate Vice President of Operations Joe Belfiore's recent tweets about Windows 10 Mobile which have been interpreted as an official statement that Microsoft is done with mobile, this point is particularly noteworthy. Belfiore was referencing shuttering a phone OS, Windows 10 Mobile, and traditional smartphone hardware.

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Nadella's response regarding mobile intentionally highlighted there's no distinct phone OS; there's just Windows. This is consistent with our understanding of Microsoft's one-Windows-for-all-device-types, Core OS. Thus, Windows 10 Mobile is no longer needed to execute a mobile strategy.

Core OS: One Windows for all

Scratching the Surface

After establishing the enterprise positioning of Microsoft software and stressing there's just one Windows, Nadella addresses the hardware component of the equation:

[That's] where we are and what we're now all in on, is to see what are we going to do with Surface. How are we going to push the boundaries of what is a PC even?

Here he continues his response to the question, "Have you given up on smartphone hardware?" by indicating a goal to redefine the PC.

Nadella talks about pushing PC boundaries in response to a question about smartphones.

It's telling that Nadella references pushing PC boundaries in response to a question about smartphones. It is, however, consistent with our analysis that Microsoft's building a Core OS-powered ultramobile Surface PC with telephony.

Bishop asked: "What are you going to do on Surface? Is there any form factor that you're most interested in that you have not yet entered?"

Nadella responds:

I'm definitely not going to tell you about it before I have the device. But ... It's not about the device; it's the software plus the device. The fact that we now have that capability to do end-to-end ... from silicon to cloud is what we've got to use to innovate new categories, and clearly, category creation is going to be a big part of what we have to do.

Nadella acknowledges Microsoft is dedicated to utilizing its capability to build devices "from silicon to cloud" to create a new category.

Forget phones — Microsoft will bring a PC to your pocket

From the horse's mouth

Nadella's response to the question "Have you given up on smartphone hardware?" wasn't "yes," as most would've assumed it would be. Instead, we see a carefully articulated expression of an enterprise-focused mobile strategy.

He first explains a focus on enterprise users who don't care about what consumers care about. He asserts the one-Windows-for-all-devices strategy, confirming no further need for Windows Mobile. He divulges a goal to redefine the PC within the context of a discussion about smartphones. And he talks about creating categories that involve hardware-software-cloud synergy. This was all in response to a direct question about Microsoft's position on building mobile hardware.

It seems Nadella was saying Microsoft's mobile efforts will be with an enterprise-focused Surface PC, with a unique form factor and telephony, running Core OS. If true, this enterprise-focused device will be consistent with Microsoft's increasingly non-consumer focus. It's not guaranteed to succeed, but that's where Microsoft appears to be placing its bets.

That's my take. What's yours?

Here's how Microsoft can position ultramobile PCs

Jason Ward

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  • **** him!
  • Yeah, but.......
    "He first explains a focus on enterprise users who don't care about what consumers care about. He asserts the one-Windows-for-all-devices strategy, confirming no further need for Windows Mobile. He divulges a goal to redefine the PC within the context of a discussion about smartphones. And he talks about creating categories that involve hardware-software-cloud synergy. This was all in response to a direct question about Microsoft's position on building mobile hardware."""
    MS has already created 2 device categories, and redefined another... In reference to mobile hardware Nadella says "they" are working on defining yet another device category.
    "I'm definitely not going to tell you about it before I have the device.".... The device... He didn't say "if I have a device."
    MS is working on a category defining Mobile Windows 10 Surface device of some nature. That we now know. Case closed.
    All we need now is for MS to decide they have a case for the device, and give the go ahead for production. This is terrific news, but the roadblocks aren't clear yet.. Nevertheless, it's terrific news, indeed, and I've been waiting 1.5 years to hear this. Thanks Jason.
  • This...really doesn't make sense. Make a mobile platform who doesn't care about the mobile platform? Who's that for? Five people? I'm sure there are some who don't care and just want a phone to contact people. Otherwise, people care about the mobile strategy or a product that uses apps.
  • No, there's only two things that don't make sense about comments like this, and people like you...
    1. It doesn't make sense that you would lie about MS coming up with a mobile platform just to have a reason to complain, and be negative. Nadella blatantly said that they don't need a mobile platform, and that's what this site has been saying for eons..
    2. It also doesn't make sense that this site, Nadella, and I, have been saying that there will not be a mobile platform play necessary because of One Windows for all devices, yet some of you guys can't perceive that, and still keep going on about a mobile OS that nobody will buy... Even when we all know that MS is not doing that.
    And, nobody will buy what? A PC running Windows? You're absolutely sure nobody will buy a new PC form factor which nobody knows about yet? Have you seen this new PC device category? I mean, there's a lot of different kinds of PC's out there, and someone buys them. You speak as if Windows on PC has not been successful...
    Or, maybe you can't get past the fact that MS isn't making a smartphone. Either way, I don't see what your problem with a new type of PC coming to market is, and why that's such a huge concept for you to grab when it's happened many times before, and with success. It's either for you, or it's not. Take it, or leave it.....
    Your comment is the same as someone saying "MR will fail because it's not a smartphone, doesn't look like a smartphone, doesn't have smartphone apps, and world peace can't happen because it's not a smartphone with apps, and Donald Trump doesn't have apps, and apps, and smartphones, smartphones, smartphones, smartphones, smartphones because I can't see past smartphones!
    I bet you think a PopTart is not gonna succeed because it's shaped like a smartphone, but it doesn't have apps... SMDH. Get your mind off smartphones for one damn minute, and separate the two.. MS IS NOT ATTEMPTING TO MAKE A SMARTPHONE WITH A MOBILE OS, AND NOBODY EVER SAID THEY WERE.
    I don't know how much more I can say to get some of you to understand that. Get over it. It's not a smartphone to compete with iDroid, or look like it, or have apps like it, or any of that. We don't know what it is... Just open your mind, and accept the fact that in 2017 a PC can take on many forms, and one day a PC might be able to fit in your pocket. That's it! That's all it's for!.......
    But, I'm sure your next complaint is that we won't be able to play Pokémon Go on it.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
    Damn, dude... If some of you guys went on a tour of the Pentagon's most advanced server facilities you'd say "that's a nice military grade server system, but does it have the Travelocity app? Can I Snapchat my GF a cool pic real quick with it?🤓🤓🤓🤓""" Grow up!
    Save your smartphone expectations, comparisons, and doubts, for iDroid articles. End of story!
  • I tried to read your comment but it was too long.
  • If you are only gonna reply with negativity what does it matter?... Today I got a little bit of good news about a device that I think I might like to have.... What do I care if you don't want it, or think others might not want it?.... What do I care?
  • I think you care alot @rodneyej,  since any time someone says something negative (rightfully so, since we have been burned numerous times by MS),  you attack them.  SO.....I think you care AOT!
  • I think the dissapointment of many of us, those who you say can't get over the smartphone idea, comes from the fact that we've seen some of the Windows 10 features on a smartphone, and we liked the experienced, and now we are told that we have to let go that. For some time there will not be a Windows 10 experience on a device with a smartphone factor targeted at consumers. It will be on a device with a different form factor, but definetly it won't be a smartphone. And I'm not sure Mr.Nadela hinted at a pocketable PC in this interview.
  • Agreed.
  • 🤓🤓🤓🤓
  • You nailed it!
  • Spot on, @rodneyej, as usual. Great points! :-)
  • All I want to know is will it fit in my pocket and can I make phone calls on it. I don't care what new name Nads wants to call it, so long as it does the necessary.
  • I've also been waiting for Surface Origami for a long time  :)
  • Lol. Good name.
  • Nutella finally told people publically that we all knew from the beginning - that he does not care about consumers. I've been waiting 1.5 years to hear this. Everything Microsoft does under him is moving to enterprise.
  • So, did you expect for him to say he's making a smartphone to compete with Android? Would that have been good news?
  • There'll be no stopping the Windows 10 juggernaut folks!
  • "May not be done mobile". Typo in the headline of the feed.
  • I ain't buyin' it.
  • No one is! Whay makes him think enterprise will buy what he's selling? I'm an IT director who just purchase a slew of Android phones to replace the windows phones he abandoned. Do you think the N.Y. PD will suddenly run back? He's really delusional.
  • Come on now, it'll have the Surface brand on it, what more could anyone possibly want? /S :)
  • Well, it could have Ditta Von Teese dancing on top of it, and I still ain't buyin' it.
  • Yep. Nadella's a complete rooster and we'd all be mad to buy one of his phones. When can I get one in the UK though?
  • Totally agree. In my enterprise the same thing is happening. All managers are annoyed by windows / windows phone and the it section ordered android and iOS devices. Even Chromebooks are on the list. Enterprises users are consumers by the end of (work) day. And they want to work with the stuff they know....
  • I see your point...yet Windows 10 Mobile still has until at least 2019 support, and there is nothing wrong with it now. A infrastructure tuned device would not need youtube/instagram/snapchat/twitter/facebook while on the job. If you are referring to BYOD that is different.  Everything works fine on the Elite X3 (Enterprise Device) last I checked (Exchange/Sharepoint/MDM) and it is a heck of a lot cheaper than even the iphone 7 plus/maybe even the 6s plus in somce cases, it's definitely less than the latest Samsung device.  MDM works with any device and W10M is no exception.  They are all managed.  It is purely choice, and news media can spell it out for folks some times without seeing what really is going on.  As it is Android in my opinion is a ticking time bomb while synced to an enterprise.  Just think how many BYOD Android devices will be left out there unpatched from the recent wifi exploit, yet all the currently updated W10M devices are taken care of. Not sure if iOS has the patch yet but last I checked they are planning on it...  I do not see anything wrong with Windows 10 Mobile phones from my perspective, especially from an enterprise view.  
  • Our enterprise uses Instagram and Facebook for sales. Consumer base is rapidly merging with enterprise. Only separation is due to company policy but that gets stamped down more every year.
  • I is the doing of the little green Robot...terrible:)
  • I use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter without any issues on my Lumia 950 XL win 10 mobile. It really works like any other smart phone out there.
  • And, you'll be able to do the same on a small Surface device...
  • At least most of the Youtube Apps on Win10m are so much better.
  • Chrome books? Oh dear, I mean maybe for sales or content teams but surely not for accounts, analysts, it support, payroll, marketing and design, or a lot of other branches surely?
  • The new Core OS device does have an exclusive crowd to please - the W10 users in enterprises.  It needs to be marketed as an all-in-one pocket cellular PC instead of a phone.  It has to have a pocket display - a foldable screen for use as a tablet which runs all the W10 apps, web apps and progressive web apps.  Have a productivity device in the pocket with phone features would appeal to a lot of W10 users who don't have to carry their laptops all the time.  OEMs would also be interested in building such a mobile device.  Above all, it is just another W10 form factor.
  • "...just another W10 form factor". Well maybe that could be the pitch and i'm ready to jump in, but... does it really justify dumping W10Mobile like that? What was really the rationalle to keep W10Mobile going through 2018 and working on Andromeda mutually exclusive? it may have been very expensive to keep W10Mobile going, but you would have had a base and a cheerfull fan crowd, why wasn't that good enough? the've wasted money on much lesser projects why not one that had a much clearer positive ?  
  • What Nadella should have done were to outsource the manufacuring to Foxconn after selling off Nokia and streamline the WP operations.  He should keep the W10M alive while the Core OS device is developing and maturing.  Then you let users to decide when to make the switch.  Obviously there would be some losses they have to face during the process, but it would be much more manageable.  This way, the WP mind share would continuue to exist.
  • Everyone talks about the general concept of a "pocket cellular PC with telephony", which may possibly make sense, and may well be the only option for "defining a new category" that Microsoft has left. But who on earth is going to TALK to a mini-PC/tablet? No one. If Microsoft is indeed pursuing a "category-defining pocket cellular PC" that also makes phone calls, they had darn well better include in the box an ultra-high quality, discrete, noise-cancelling headset. Maybe like the ones the Secret Service types use. If they expect anyone to be enthralled with the fact that it's a pocketable PC that can also make calls, they better not just assume that people will use speaker phone mode, because that is a total non-starter in the enterprise space. They better introduce this whiz-bang category-definer with an also-category-defining headset in the box.
  • Think longer term.  His hope is that all the PCs that currently sit on a desk, will get transferred to the pocket.  That will (hopefully) get devs to return to write apps (or whatever is next) for the ONE device we all have and carry with us.  With that vision, and hope the NYPD will come back.
  • ....all the PCs that currently sit on a desk, will get transferred to the pocket.
    Seriously, how many of you actually work in enterprise, as in as more than just a drone sitting at a desk? Not going to happen.
  • Please reread my statement.  This is HIS dream, the thought of why.  I am not stating this is going to happen.
  • I'll buy
  • Massive trust issues.
  • That is actually a problem.
  • I loved the part where Satya laughed about the negative press Microsoft has received in past weeks. Almost as if to suggest they have done nothing to deserve it. Satya may be focused on enterprise, since "enterprise doesn't care about the same things that the consumer cares about." But HP, a company who made a pure enterprise focused device running Windows 10 Mobile, has cancelled future plans to build the Elite x3 product line. Meaning there was undoubtedly something enterprise cared about which was not delivered in Windows 10 Mobile. I am no expert, but maybe what was missing was transparency and commitment from Microsoft? Satya can focus on enterprise all he wants, but he has already burned bridges in the enterprise market in regards to mobile, and it will be difficult to gain their trust again. Certainly laughing off the bad press will not help Microsoft's perception.
  • Or simply they knew about what was coming which made making a follow up x3 totally nonsense. Who is going to make this new oneCore device might one think.
  • Gregorius, I would agree with you, except for the fact the HP publicly announced that they lost confidence in Microsoft in the Mobile space. If HP were making a new line of products to align with "OneCore" as you seem to be suggesting, why would they throw Microsoft's name in the dirt?
  • I did not read anything like that. You could be right in that case.
  • Here is the Windows Central article about it, with quotes from Nick Lazaridis of HP:
  • Thanks! I've read this. I can't find anywhere what you are saying here. Nobody is dragging anyone's name to the dirt. Windows Mobile 10 is over and so HP cancelled future Windows Mobile 10 devices. Where does it say exactly "they lost confidence in Microsoft"? Prolly they were the only one on the market who knew all about Microsoft's plans. HP is not an emotional customer. He will mean what he says. Just like Microsoft. When nothing more is said what's written that could mean two things. Either there is nothing more, or it's none of your business.
  • "Given that, we also had decided that without Microsoft's drive and support there it doesn't make sense." I don't know how boldly saying that without Microsoft's drive and support isn't saying that they've lost confidence. He later says the "X3 was going to bifurcate, there were going to be a number of products." If they had foreknowledge of Microsoft's plans, why would they admit that there was going to be a number of products? Why not stay hush hush about it? That statement paints a reasonably clear image that they are disappointed that they can no longer deliver on their plan for the product line. Finally, what makes you think that HP will sit on their hands for over a year waiting for Microsoft? They were initially planning to release the x3 with Android. Do you believe HP will now back out of the mobile space for more than a year when there is a clear alternative available? As you say yourself, HP is not an emotional customer and will consider all options while Microsoft develops OneCore. Samsung built devices for Windows Phone, where are they now? HTC? LG? HP is another name that will be added to the list. Now it is the job of Satya and Microsoft to change the perception amongst their former OEM partners in mobile.
  • It says, they lost confidence. IN WINDOWS MOBILE 10. Not in Microsoft. And from a false argument you are free to say and deduct whatever you like for yourself. I'm not here to convince you. Just to lower the damage by the release of the next HP notebook with Windows 10 on it.
  • This article and every comment I have made discusses Windows 10 Mobile. Not once did I say HP lost confidence in Microsoft as a whole, evidenced by the fact that HP just released a mixed reality headset for Windows 10. My first response to you was that HP "lost confidence in Microsoft in the Mobile space." I am confident HP will continue releasing traditional Windows 10 devices since Microsoft stands firmly behind the operating system. That doesn't change the fact that multiple OEMs who initially supported Microsoft's mobile efforts no longer have any interest in the platform. To be clear, since you seem to mistake my words, my definition of Microsoft's mobile efforts include Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 10 Mobile. As my initial post says, it is now Satya and Microsoft's job to change OEM perception. Laughing at the bad press does not appear to be the best strategy in that regard. But I am sure once Satya realizes this, he will "hit refresh."
  • If you mean they lost confidence in Windows Mobile 10, that's true. But that is no information after Microsoft plublicly closing support by the end of 2019. And it is not because of emotions. It is ourely by business. HP is probably the only company out there who have been fed continuously about the progress of a new device that Microsoft is coming up with in OneCore in an exchange for bulding the HP Elite x3 and having them as a partner company investing in Microsoft Windows Mobile 10 for the meantime. I would not even be surprised if the new mobile device that Nadella is talking about would have an HP logo on it instead of a Microsoft one. And since HP cancelled the upcoming device they were designing, I would not even be surprised if the new OneCroe device would come before that one was scheduled.
  • Besides your first two sentences, everything you mentioned is pure speculation. I would rather draw conclusions from what Microsoft's history in mobile has shown, rather than speculation based on your desires. For example, I don't think Microsoft or HP have said that the latter has better knowledge of the former's roadmap than anyone else. Where did you come up with this? While your speculation could be correct, it could also be wrong. I genuinely wish I could share your optimism, but I cannot until Satya publicly vows his support and commitment to Microsoft's mobile efforts in both words and actions. Up to this point, Satya has only shown that his words are half-truths, and I don't see anything from this interview to suggest that has changed.
  • It is indeed only speculation. But based on the facts I know, it is closer to my understanding of the World. I am simply pointing out that most of all the negative comments around here are also nothing more than speculation. But picked up by people readily, since those, who are a reading base of Windows Central are current or former fans of Windows Phone and Mobile, utterly frustrated, disappointed in, angry at,Microsoft. They will be reading anything the way they see fit and enforced in their belief that they have been neglected, and others feel the same way they do. I simply said that to me it takes more effort to understand official statements the way they do. I say there is another understanding of things and I see them more reasonable. I could be wrong. Either way I don't really care, I will see. It's not even optimism from my side. I really like my Lumia 950, I wish Windows Mobile won't be over by 2019, even in its current state I hold it the best mobile platform out there. And even if my theory turns out to be the one put in practice in the future, I have no idea what a OneCore device would feel like using. So I can't really be optimistic about it. It's again a jump into the abyss from Microsoft. Until I see it and maybe try it, I will have no idea if I'm better off switching to either Android or Nokia. ...Or have a Nokia 3310 that needs to be charged once a week and a Chuwi whathaveyou mini device accompanion. Also I loved my Microsoft Band, still using it, and based on Microsoft communication I understand that a Band 3 is really something I cannot expect in the near future. I'm sure that a OneCore device may come that I will be getting easier by convincing my company to get me one for work than to buy it as a consumer, because that is what moving out of consumer space means for now. I see smárt watches only to be for consumers also. So that is out of the picture. I see where Microsoft is heading and I can only wish them the best, because them staying alive is the only way the Mobile industry is going to be kept competetive. I've said couple of things already that happened to become somewhat true like Windows 10 Mobile being totally unnecessary step in between Windows Phone 8.1 and OneCore, focusing on WebApps, new (I think 5) devices coming out this year for a "dead" platform. I hope my last one, Microsoft as a whole going down without consumer focus is not going to be true.
  • I wholeheartedly agree that Microsoft isn't going anywhere anytime soon, regardless of whether or not they streamline their consumer efforts. Also, I agree that Windows 10 Mobile is the best mobile OS at least regarding core functions and UI, but I am not blind to the fact that the apps just aren't there. Let's see what the future has in store. I wish Microsoft the best in their future efforts with OneCore, as I use Microsoft products and services every day in my research. Still, I think it will take a lot of effort at this point to build enterprise confidence in Microsoft's future mobile efforts.
  • agreed.   He's a bean counter CEO.  Not a visionary CEO.  Under current leadership,  All we can expect from MS is AWESOME surface devices,  A good (not great) OS experience and ZERO mobile devices.
  • It's always problematic when you can't give a straight answer to a simple question.
  • Lol, Chicken wing man..The product is a secret. What company gives answers about their secretive internal workings, other than answers like this?... Seems pretty informative to me, especially considering the fact that Nadella knows how the media is gonna pick his every word apart. Just because of that this seems like vague, and intentional confirmation buy Satya to ease a lot of peoples minds..
  • Microsoft may not be done with mobile, but I am done with Microsoft on mobile. I bought into W10 on 950 at the end of 2015 and what did I get for my investment? Not much. It'll be a long freaking time before I trust Microsoft on mobile.
  • Dude, that is 2 years ago! Don't expect any phone today or in the future to be relevant more than a year (unless you pay double, as in iPhone). My nexus 4 lasted a year until it became unusably slow, same with 5 when battery became rubbish, and 5x which started corrupting my data after a year (but I managed to box out the warranty to get a new device, and it will probably last me for another 6 months)
  • Friend MS did not know what he had and maybe has and does not want to develop I have a Lumia 920 from 2013 I have it with W10 and until the moment I work the hair has not bothered me for anything the battery works well compared to other brands that soon Time if they do not work one thing is another and so on until it hurts MS seems like he likes to work for others and will come a time when he will appear a strong competitor and they will leave bad unemployed with regard to mobile they were the That they put Popo as far as the developers and that made many go to the competition for me the goal of MS was to remove from the market to Nokia and then they end up with their mobile division with the excuse that they are not commercial to put the trousers if They are a monster company can do from phones to the most advanced PC.
  • One thing to say to that.. Well, nobody is asking you to trust anything... I don't think anyone in the world is asking you to buy a "Surface Phone" with expectations that it will succeed, or not.. Knowing what we all know about MS, and mobile, deciding to go with MS & mobile is not a risk. You should know it could go either way, and you should know what you're getting into.. That's what you should count on. It's a users decision at this point... The only thing that would defy trust is if you bought this device expecting for it's general performance in the market to be comparable to smartphones by Apple & Google...
  • Dude... you need to cool down... one thing i know...? You will be dissapointed! AGAIN 😁😂😂
  • Why would I be disappointed?
    I'm not disappointed with my Lenovo laptop running Windows10.
    I'm not disappointed with my Surface 3 running Windows 10.
    Why would I disappointed with a 3rd PC form factor running Windows 10?
    Answer that. Is there any Surface PC device that has been disappointing so far?.... Wait, do you think I'm waiting for MS to make a smartphone? I already have a smartphone. If so, why are you relating a new PC experience to a smartphone experience? How do you connect the two?.... Has your PC running Windows experience been disappointing you for the past 30 years? Is that what you think I'm going to experience with a new Surface PC?..... If not, then what's your point? Tell me. What would be so disappointing about a PC running Windows10?
  • my surface 3 is garbage. I get maybe 45 minutes on a charge. tablet mode is awful, and their on screen keyboard is a joke, currently typing in all caps, and getting lower case. but Nadella only wants to selectively leave consumers. 3d paint for enterprise? mixed reality for enterprise? Nadella is the dirty diaper thrower, soon or later it will stick
  • Yeah, yours is garbage.... Find out what's wrong with it, and fix it.... Mine is great!! Battery last forever. I need a phone just like it.
  • Every Surface device other than the Pro 3 has been disappointing. The Pro 4 and 5 were just iterations. The Surface Book is massively expensive with an awkward design and no real point. The Studio is underpowered, massively expensive and also kinda pointless. I don't even have to explain why the RT were terrible and Surface 3 was just lame. With the CR report and no real innovation coming out of Microsoft, I would not be surprised to see Surface sales continuing to drop.
  • Sad news. I really like the live tiles but I'm a simple consumer not an enterprise customer so I will have to say good bye to live tiles, to smart virtual keyboard and other stuff I had on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • You're telling me that you are to simple to use a Windows PC?... Don't you already do that?
  • No, I use a PC at work, and I have laptop at home. Both of them have Windows 10 on them, but I do not carry any one of them with them everyday. And although I have live tiles and virtual keyboard, and Cortana on both PCs I have to be honest that I'm not using them as often I'm using them on my Lumia 950 XL. And I think I know all the there is to know about One Core and One Windows on All Form Factors but I don't think Mr.Nadela was hinting here about a pocketable PC. I just don't get that from his statements. And I do not believe that a 7-8 inches device is a pocketable device.
  • Understandable. Can't argue about your perception of things... So, what do you believe he was hinting at?
  • I would bet on a 7-8" Surface with Snapdragon 835 so it has telephony capabilities and can be always connected.
  • Awesome! At work I could leave my phone, and my laptop, at my desk, take my Ultramoble Surface in the field with me (loaded with the Allen Bradley micrologix software), configure PLC's, and never miss a call. This would be really useful with a pair of AR glasses. ... It's all about marketing to the right consumer, and there's litteraly billions of professionals who would clap at what I just wrote..
  • We cannot attract developers should read "We are not attracting developers ".
  • Or maybe we have not fully completed and documented uwp apis and if you want to code in anything but c# it's like pulling teeth. 
  • Even in C# it is. I was coming back every month when had the time to improve on my apps that nothing worked already, because everything was turned upside down.
  • They have APIs for everything, even for advanced things that should not be an API but is expected from developers to roll on their own. There is a hundreds of sample apps that have source avaialable, and they offered money, free devices, to anyone serious about developing (not only for phone, but now for PCs, Mixed Reality, HoloLens, etc.). And if you think c# is hard than you should not be in IT. 
  • Nobody thinks c# is hard. The problem with the same code is it tends to cover generic cases. As soon as you need to do something more complex the documentation is lacking. This isn't just a uwp problem, it's a problem they've had for a long time. But still, it's a problem they can't afford to have. 
  • That means the same thing, Vikram.... SMDH🙄🙄🙄
  • @rodneyej,  NO IT DOES NOT mean the same thing.  We cannot is not the same as we ARE not.
  • In other words...they hope my local Schwann's driver will use a Symbol branded handheld to take my order, check me out, and send real time on-truck inventory back to the warehouse.  Something like that solution is the enterprise play...
  • Read that Symbol as Symbian... that was a trip down the memory lane :D
  • He keeps referring to the fact that they don't have the marketshare to compete in the consumer space. But they and he really the reason they don't have to marketshare. He takes over after 3 quarters of selling 8-10 million phones a quarter. Coming off positive press about the 1520 and the even more so the 1020. Then nothing. He stops it all momentum is done. He then says they will make 6 phones a year of which they produce 3 and then nothing else. He reminds of someone complaining that they have no money but aren't willing to get a job. It's your fault dude. I don't care if the only ever got to 5% worldwide share. 5% of 3 billion isn't bad and would be enough to keep them relevant to developers and consumers which in turn keeps UWP and Windows relevant as well. This device might sell in small numbers to small businesses but major enterprise won't care.
  • 6-10 million phones a quarter while Apple would do that in just pre-orders and Android sold more than that every week. All that positive press about the 1020 and 1520 but they didn't sell at all. Sales numbers for those devices were terrible. Windows phones were going nowhere. They didn't kill it fast enough. They should have changed course as soon as WP7 flopped. Staying the course for several years was an issue.
  • For the 1000th time: you need to prove ANY 3rd platform - especially the one whose creator made so many strategic mistakes such as entering the market 3 years and 4 months too late - could have been a success. Windows Phone was the ONLY platform that had a shot at becoming the 3rd platform. What you keep saying is just unfounded drivel.
  • Yeah. Windows phone never proved itself. Even after several years, sales were still terrible with no chance of a turnaround.
  • Neither did Firefox OS or Jolla or Blackberry or Tizen. I don't see you trashing them all. day. long.
    As I said, you need to prove other strategies would have been absolutely successful, correcting for other strategic factors that I mentioned, before managing to stick the "bad OS" sticker to Windows Phone. Which you can't. But you continue to peddle this false narrative, pretending your personal emotional biases are factual.
  • I don't give a crap about those brands. I have been a Microsoft and Windows fan for 20 years. It is much different seeing them screw up so badly when you are a fan. I wanted something good out of Microsoft, something I could be proud to buy after my WM6 devices. As a Windows fan, I wasn't interested in their version of Apple's walled garden. Google brought a flexible, open platform while Microsoft just tried to copy Apple.
  • " It is much different seeing them screw up so badly when you are a fan "
    Are you telling ME that?! I've been develpin for Windows since Visual Basic 5! But that's irrelevant. Those brands serve as examples of the flaw in your argument: that it is not about the quality of Windows Phone, rather, other factors are at play for hindering a 3rd platform. So maybe control your frustration and stop calling Windows Phone objectively bad just because you expected Microsoft to create Android faster. At least you have Android to go to. To me, what is out there is now all crap and I'll have to actually tolerate either Android or iOS from now on.
  • Yeah but how many individual Android manufacturer sold 6 to 10 per quarter, and how many of those were profitable. They should have pulled and apple and started saying they were the 5th largest smartphone manufacturer or something. ,
  • The sales requirements for an OEM and for someone as big as Microsoft aren't quite the same. I don't see manufacturers abandoning Android, so it must be working on some level.
  • If Microsoft kept selling the 6 to 10 million everyone would have accepted that they have some market share just like anyone else. Despite what they say, making 2 devices each year and keeping Windows Phone updated wasn't a huge deal. It could have been pulled off just like any other project.
    It's just that the CEO decided they don't want to do that. Death of Windows Phone was Microsoft's own doing.
  • If those 6-10 million were even mid range devices, that might make sense. All those sales were the cheapest phones they could manufacturer. The flagships didn't sell at all and even the mid range were struggling. There was a reason they stopped releasing flagships and just made a bunch of 5XX and 6XX series variants. I agree though. If they plan to bring bring another Windows phone in the future, it makes no sense to stop developing phones now. As long as they can run UWP, then keeping the platform going would be a smart strategy. I don't see them making anything resembling a modern day phone, even in Enterprise. Their current strategy just isn't designed for that.
  • "In its fiscal year financial results, Sony said its Mobile Communications division had generated an operating income of 10.2 billion yen, or about $91 million. This was compared to an operating loss of 61.4 billion yen, or about $550 million, in the previous fiscal year. Sony’s sales revenue for the last fiscal year came in at 759.1 billion yen, or $6.778 billion, which was down over 32 percent from the previous year. Sony said that it sold about 14.6 million phones in the just completed fiscal year, down from 24.9 million units in the previous year." Thouse numbers don't even register a blip on Microsoft's radar, but everyone knows Sony makes phones. It doesn't matter if the phones were low end or not; Microsoft could have easily made Sony's numbers pretty much with any strategy.
    The difference is Sony still wants to be in mobile, and Microsoft doesn't.
  • Sony isn't Microsoft. They aren't trying to grow a platform, they are just trying to sell hardware. If Sony stops selling hardware, they don't have much else to fall back on. Even Microsoft struggled to sell 25 million phones a year and who knows how many billions they were spending. It wasn't easy for them at all.
  • "If those 6-10 million were even mid range devices, that might make sense. All those sales were the cheapest phones they could manufacturer." Your point, I assume, was about making profit with the 6 to 10 million figure. So: Sony is making phones. Sony has been using Android. Sony has been loss making and is just now barely profitable. Regardless of what the companies are trying to accomplish, you can assign the blame to any number of reasons. You just happen to have focused on the software because - as you admitted - you personally didn't like it. Not only that, you've chosen a very specific thing to focus on software-wise: OEM custmization. You have absolutely no evedince to support your claims. That's why after explaining the issue from multiple angles, I'm done with you here.
  • No evidence to support my claims? You don't see Sony creating Windows phones. What more evidence do you need? There must be something wrong with the software since manufacturers never took it seriously. Never put any effort into it unless Microsoft was paying them heavily to use it. You are off topic and comparing apples and oranges though. Sony doesn't have the overhead of developing a platform. It is going to be much easier for them to make a profit off small sales.
  • Dude, are you using a Windows phone? I don't think so and if you're not considering purchasing whatever Microsoft had to offer in the future or not, then don't speak about what you have no need for. I'm a technologist, therefore I keep up with tech despite it letting me down in its current state of decision making on Microsoft's behalf. What's done can be undone with one hit product as Jeff Besos of Amazon state. Tech companies spend millions on cancelled project annually looking for the next big thing and Microsoft is no different despite how angry they make us!
  • This man is a part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor.  Take him away!
  • Why do you even write this article? Do you really think he will say "we are done in mobile", or what? How naive.
  • Their jobs is to report any news, and Satya talk is amongst that. So what is your problem sour puss?
  • Do you know what their job is? Dan once said to me, they are not a news platform. And no, this wasn't any news report. This is just a provocative blog article.
  • You could ask Nadella if they were never going to get into the canned fruit business and you would still get an answer cagey enough for those who really want Microsoft to be in canned fruit business to hold on to hope that they will. Forward looking statements are dangerous things for companies to make and you can never say never because who knows what the might be best way to maximise shareholder value in the future. The writing is on the wall, in neon with 10 metre high characters. Microsoft cannot make themselves more clear, at least not without making the legal team really, really sad. At this point, I'm starting to question people who think there is a coming mobile device from Microsoft's sanity.     
  • He certainly didn't say they weren't going to make canned fruit.
  • Questioning my sanity?
  • So, you read Nadellas comments here in response to mobile, and perceive them as being against making a new Surface form factor?... Maybe you need to be checked out....
  • .
  • @maethorechannen So you are repeating what I mean? Because I never had a problem with Satyas statement. I have a problem with Jason Ward's article, where he basically says "Satya never said they will stop, so they will continue". @rodneyej are you even replying to my comment? What you write makes no sense.  
  • No, I'm not.. But, let me go back, and see if you're trolling.. I'll let you know..
  • pretty sure this just means that when the windows 10 on arm and cshell transition is complete, microsoft will let oem partners cover the more traditional smartphone market while they themselves will focus on the more innovative form factors. there is no way in hell that they'd be turning windows into a mobile os without the posibility of having it run on a good ol' slab.
  • The OEMs? Lol who on earth wants to make a Windows phone now... go ask HP.
  • Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, HP to name a few
  • What makes you think they want to manufacturer a Windows phone?
  • have you not figured out that this will be be full windows running on a phone? even hp's statement said that they wouldn't rule out future windows phones and that they have to  evaluate their plans with Windows Mobile as Microsoft shars additional roadmap details. sure, windows 10 mobile is dead, but windows 10 on mobile is in high demand.
  • Sure, thats what it means......
  • And I thought "Windows Phones aren't dead" articles will be dead finally.
  • So what, even if it will be a small surface with full windows, the apps on it are still absent or crap. Take Facebook or Messenger, they are huge, slow and full of bugs and missing features. There are no bank apps, no public transport apps, no mobile provider apps. It's as useless and futile as it was 2 years ago. But now its even worse cause more devs have left the platform.
  • That's why Nadella focused his opening statements in response to the question on "enterprise customers that don't care about what consumers care about." Of course, we all want a device with all the modern apps, but it seems MS is playing the hand it has. It can't get the consumer focused devs so it seems an enterprise-focused device is the route its taking.
  • Enterprise customers are also consumers.  If they don't have an app to book a flight or a hotel for business travel they won't use that device.   From a 2010 Network World Article: "What is the advantage of using a consumer device? One is superior usability. A lot of thought has been put into making consumer devices as easy to use as possible. As a result, such devices can make employers more efficient, Labana said. "If you can make a doctor or lawyer five percent more productive, well, that's a big payback, financially," said Chris Fleck, Citrix vice president of community and solutions development."
  • Excellent point. There is no app, no traffi app, no app, no airport apps. And if anything like that is in the store, the chances are it is poorly made and barely functions.
  • Then it will be an extremely Niche device, and that's ok.... You guys are complaining like you don't want MS to make a Surface Phone..
  • They can make it all day long. It just won't make any difference at this point
  • Make any difference to what? The smartphone market, apps, and consumers? Because, it's not supposed to make a difference there.
    You're not making any sense. You're saying that MS shouldn't make a Surface PC? Since when was that something bad? Because they add a phone?🤔🤔
    It's not a smartphone to compete with smartphones, or anything for that matter... Get that BS out of your head. This has nothing to do with competition, or the past. Why is it so hard for you closed minded people to see that?... You're just impossibly stuck on the idea of a smartphone...
    By your logic, if someone puts a phone in a car then that car is no good because the car can't compete with iDroid.... That's totally stupid, and closed minded.
  • There is something seriously wrong with you. If you can't respond without getting personal, then you just need to shut the hell up.
  • @rodneyej,  where IS it supposed to make a difference then?
  • Because he squandered the market share they had. Look back 2 years how Windows Phone was growing in Europe, growing in India. You can't persuade the devs if you have no market, but they were persuading the market, slowly slowly. I really like my Lumia 950 but I'm going to dump it for an iPhone. And without consumer mobile devices I don't see anyone developing for the Windows Store when they can simply develop old skool and have the consumer buy the software from Amazon or direct from their website. 
  • The 3% share from selling $30 phones in price conscious markets? It wasn't growing. It was stagnant at 2-3% and actually dropping after L520 buyers didn't bring repeat sales.
    This was the situation in 2015 before they decided to pull the plug.
    Was WP profit making? Certainly not. But neither was Bing. Stop saying it was so obvious that they should have pulled the plug and they didn't have any other choice.
  • Jason Ward
    I sense that Nadella isn't too concerned with Cortana. I don't think he really wants MS investing in Cortana anymore. I'm not sure.
    Is the PA a passed fad?.. Is the PA something that will always be around because of necessity, but not marketed as a forward facing feature?... Are Apple, and Google, now more focused on the PA than MS, or are all three not as focused as they used to be, in recent years?
    ..... Could make for an interesting discussion.
  • But the many Universal apps should be useful on that new device as they are all one OS now. I for once can already feel how more and more universal apps are popping up in the shop. Last year spoticast a universal third party spotify app saw the light and it works like a charm. Twitter is a universal app and so on. 
  • After reading this article, it seems to rename the upcoming Surface Mobile to 'SurFail' mobile...
  • After this article my hope was lost. Farewell W10M....or whatever name you'd have...
  • Enterprise users already have Android phones or Apple phones.  It is unclear what, if anything, the mythical "Windows pocket pc thing-with-a-folding-screen" will bring to the table.   If this was available 10 years ago, it would probably have been a success.  But we already have phones and laptops in the corporate world.  Replacing both with a new device that I would then need to also carry a mouse, keyboard and screen around is a non-starter.  That's the whole point of the laptop, it has everything in one box. Plus, this unicorn device still will not have any MOBILE apps available.   Because it is Windows.  Yeah I know, "Progressive Web Apps" will solve everything.   Maybe.  But that is years away.   Even when/if they do arrive, I will still have all of the existing real apps PLUS whatever PWAs come along on my Android or Apple phone.  So there will still be an app gap on Windows. That Microsoft is still - in 2017/2018 - thrashing about, trying to define a "mobile strategy" is comically absurd.  Every other tech company is already deep into mobile, bringing 7th and 8th generation products - along with the mobile software and services to support them - to market WITHOUT abandoning their existing customers for the 3rd time.
  • This here is one of those "QFT" posts.....
  • With the "Core OS", "OneCore", "Andromeda OS" approach, we're going to see, sometime in the near future, Microsoft dropping the "10" from Windows 10. It will be called just Windows. One OS, any device, any form factor, anything.
    But, first, Microsoft needs to be sure that most legacy Windows' users have already upgraded their Windows, otherwise, it will cause confusion to us, consumers.
    This move will, for sure, align with the Windows as a Service vision. What do you guys think?
  • I think they are 10 years too late.   No one cares anymore.  Windows is seen as what you have to use at work.   It is not cool, and it's not what people WANT to use.   By "people", I mean the general population of the planet.   Not the people here.  
  • Ok, but I disagree. I use Windows 10 and Ubuntu on my laptop, and while I love Ubuntu too, Windows 10 is my go to. It's reliable, have the apps and programs I want, choice of hardware and, what I like most, it's constantly evolving with updates. I think you are confusing Windows 10 with Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone. And I think too, that the users of the second most used desktop OS disagree with you, as Windows 10 currently have 29.09% of market share, left behind only by Windows 7, mostly because of the Windows 8 fail.
  • If it's a "phone" running Windows, it will be seen as Yet Another Windows Phone, regardless of what it is officially named. But, 99% of people running "the second most used desktop OS" are already happily using iOS or Android phones.  Why are they going to switch to a windows phone that still has no MOBILE apps available?   Plus, being aimed at enterprises, it will never have consumer apps/services available.
  • Where did they say they are trying to make Windows on phones attractive for consumers? They already said they failed at that. So, let's focus on desktop, Mixed Reality, tablets (look at the Surface Pro), Xbox, and IoT. Phones may be a consequence of that. That's why they made the Universal Windows Platform. Apps built targeting that platform, adapts for almost any device with ease, so, if Windows succeeds in 2 or 3 areas at least, a good experience on phones may be a consequence. Yet, this isn't their focus.
  • You keep making my points for me.  If it is aimed at enterprise, no one you or I know is going to buy one.  If it is just a "surface mini", that will never sell in the hundreds of millions range either.   The bottom line is, yes, Microsoft IS done with mobile. More importantly, 99% of the population of the planet is done with Microsoft regarding mobile.  With mobile being THE growth area of computing AND the area that everyone is familiar with, MS does not have a bright future, except in the enterprise. Nothing wrong with that, as many companies do just fine concentrating on enterprise and ignoring consumers.  But this situation is entirely Microsoft's fault, for failing to QUICKLY adapt to changing markets.    Microsoft is about to replace Polaroid as THE case study for being a victim of their own success.  
  • Naddy, desktops and laptops won't be going away soon. I agree with you, Microsoft IS done with mobile. But the point I raised is: Windows is not going to die (assuming Microsoft won't do dumb things to it anymore). With apps being developed for Windows, sometime in the future (maybe distant, maybe near), they can make a return. I'm not saying they will have success on mobile, but with apps developed for Windows and the same Windows running on a phone with an adaptable UX, the experience could be great. Still, I'm not saying they will take on Android or iOS, but if someone want Windows on their phone, the experience won't be poor like it is nowadays. Microsoft has a key to revive it's ecosystem, and it's the "One Windows" strategy combined with the fact that Windows is still a popular desktop OS, and the fact that this won't change anytime soon. Understand me?
  • The Surface Pro isn't a tablet. Even Microsoft doesn't call it that. It is a laptop PC with a keyboard you will rarely remove.
  • The Surface pro has been marketed by Microsoft as the tablet that can replace your laptop. The Surface book is what matches your description, a laptop with a keyboard that you will rarely remove.
  • No, Microsoft calls it a laptop with the versatility of a studio and a tablet. They never call it a tablet, because it isn't a tablet. It is a laptop.
  • Microsoft never called Surface Pro a laptop. Ever.
  • Really? Why would you say that and not even check the Surface Pro website?,3394... "The ultimate laptop with versatility of a studio and tablet"
  • " They never call it a tablet "
    Really? Why would you say that not even check the Microsoft website? My link is actually to a Microsoft website.
  • Oops, I didn't send the right link. That was Microsoft's old marketing for the Pro 4. Look at the new Surface Pro. They stopped calling it a tablet.
  • Hadn't seen the new tagline. But no. They didn't stop calling it a tablet. "Stay connected wherever you are and experience the best of a laptop, tablet and studio."
    They simply corrected this ad to focus more on the "Pro" properties of Surface Pro, to contrasting it with "just a tablet".
    In the end, they call it a laptop, a tablet and a studio.
    To me it's a tablet because I have one without the keyboard and it is just as hard to create a Word document on it as it is on an iPad. Which isn't that hard.
    My other proof being they focus on the "laptop" part more when you go to "for business" section of the Surface Pro page on Microsoft's website.
  • Stop lying. They've called it the tablet that can replace your laptop for at least a few years. It doesn't matter if they're marketing is not calling it that now. It's a tablet and that's a fact.
  • Its a hybrid and absolutely functions as a tablet. At home I use mine almost exclusively without the keyboard. The "guts" are in the screen for a reason. Its absolutely "the tablet that can replace your laptop". 
  • @Naddy.. But is it a "phone" ? I do not think so. And yes, you're not only one that fails to understand.
  • Then why are you in here?
  • This site caters to ALL windows products,  not just phones.   Something I think you fail to understand.
  • Well, Steve.. Why don't you guys stay on those articles, and stay off WP related articles if you're not interested in mobile related topics?.. Trolling
  • Just cut the BS kid. I'm too old for you to pull the wool over my eyes.
    Y'all need to quit trolling. End of story. Just stop.
  • Im not.  I love to read all stories on all sides of tech.  You need to realise your a CRAZED FANBOY.   ha ha...KID....too funny.  If you only knew.  I think that HOG got your brain scrambled from the vibrations.  
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  • Dreams.
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  • Isn't this the same thing blackberry thought when they were bleeding market share to apple and Android. Doesn't Enterprise tend to the consumer market because that's what people know? I think they'll fail in the enterprise space for the same reasons they failed on the consumer space. And wheres my hololens!
  • I think it was more angled at "We still have (enterprise) customers, so we're still going to support them."
  • I don't think you can compare MSFT and Blackberry here nor that catering by the Enterpise to their employees as consumers.  Note that some (many?) very large organization are likely to still not have adopted (or fully adopted) Win 10.  In some, that is still well over a year away.  In those instances, workspace services care not what the consumer market is doing as much as they are trying to serve 10s to 100s of thousands of employees with a common architecture and user experience to drive down support desk calls.  If that's MSFT's target audience, there's some logic with why they are in no rush to market something that augments the Corporate Windows 10 space.  They likely just need something to compliment Windows 10 by mid-2018 that represents almost zero learning of a[nother] UI.  
  • More vague corporate BS from Nadella. The only phone involvement you'll see is in iPhone and Android. There may be some future enterprise folding tablet, but it will be ugly and not useful for consumers. The phone form factor is the driver. We can play word games all day long. Windows won't be on what most normal people find useful and convenient as a phone.
  • So oct.31 in London he gonna show the world the ultimate portable pc. The device what let us make phone calls with Skype over internet. Hopefully this device is the Surface Phone where we waiting for!
  • I'm so tired of the dancing around on Microsoft's part. For once, just be up front and honest with your customers about the future. They play the greatest game of dodge ball and just leave everyone hanging and guessing.
  • One core isn't making Win10 Mobile unneeded. Not building mobile devices is making it unneeded. It seems pretty certain MS is just putting their SW on Apple and Android, integrating it the best they can and calling it done. I'll believe they'll have their own "mobile" hardware when I see it. Otherwise Nadella is just blowing smoke to avoid admitting they're not.
  • Jason, you have officially become a troll.  Back & forth, toying with our emotions.  It's just not right.
  • Yet everyone still comes and clicks on his articles just to read the comments :D
  • Well, he has mastered the art of clickbait. We have mastered the art of rubbernecking.
  • The Star Trek Crew on the Enterprise will laugh at whatever MS is bringing.....Captain Kirk cares about Snapchat, so this strategy is LOL!!
  • I may be a glutton for punishment, but I'll be very interested in the fruits of their partnership with Qualcomm. The implication that we'll no longer have W10M left me glum, but if this simply paves way for Windows 10 in a phone form factor, I may yet get excited again. I'm probably in the minority of people who don't care if this new path is to leave behind past handsets.
  • Me too. It's the natural progression and brings a lot more to the table.
  • It's a yes or no question... why can't he just say YES or NO. Just like a politician
  • Because it would be a forward looking statement with potential legal ramificaitions,.The best you are ever going to get out of him is "not at this time". 
  • Because he, like a politician, is duplicitous and cares little for the consumer and more about perception and how it affects stocks and capital.
  • Dreams of technicians (i.e. "IT engineers") produce monsters. 
  • The man is out of touch with how enterprise works these days. Enterprise features == Consumer Features more or less. They have been merging for years. In fact, the second Android and iOS allowed Exchange email MS should have taken notice of what was coming.  
  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jason.  Eager to see what 2018 holds for Microsoft and new technology.
  • So Microsoft's "Windows core Os devices" will target buisness. OEM's could release a "Surface Phone" ( Im thinking about Samsung ). They will provide some consumers hardware and Microsoft will provide nice update for the software.
  • I have nothing good to say about this 🤐🤐🤐
  • No matter how much we love this OS on mobile, clearly those that be don't and we as users have to look to move on to what best suits us as close as possible to what we had before. Neither IOS or Android is W10M but at least there those OSes are supported and the apps are as well. Sorry to say but I have a L950XL DS and I love it and it's criminal what MS has done to this OS. Can't do anything about it as none of us have any control over the advancement of this mobile OS. Me I'm waiting to see how Nokia's next smartphone after the Nokia 8 comes over. Until then I'll stop getting upset over what Nadella says and just accept it and use my phone until I can't.
  • It'll be pity for the matured Win 10 mobile to go to ruins... Dell or HP should buy win 10 mobile from MS and start developing and using it on their mobile devices. Both companies already have mobile hardware experience...
  • They didn't fail at making a consumer smart phone, they just gave up. Before the release of Windows Phone 10 and the last few Windows Phones the platform was gaining real traction in Europe. I experienced it first had in the UK and if even overtook Apple in Italy. Only if Microsoft had persisted for a little longer and had the ability to see past just the sales in America...
  • Funny thing is Bing has been loss making for longer than Windows Phone ever was. You didn't see them giving up Bing, I guess because it had something to do with cloud.
  • If Nadella thinks that the enterprise decisions are not connected with consumer choice (other than maybe in the government) he's lost it.  He must think BYOD is going away.
  • People need to realize that Microsoft tried with Windows phone.. Can u blame them for going a different route and maybe try again? It happens everywhere with everything.. Nothing gets made and happen without trying.
  • They didn't try, Satya gave it a slow death the second he took office. The world doesn't need a 3rd mobile OS.
  • Releasing a phone without copy and paste and then consistently being behind in supporting the latest hardware is not "trying".
  • As I said recently, if this is a device aimed at "productivity" and not "consumers", I've been using Windows devices all my life and I've never had any problem in using them for media consumption, entertainment, social networks, etc. So this is perfectly fine by me. But then again I would never buy an iPad, for example. I don't see the point. And I understand why people like them and how they use them, but I'm perfectly fine with the Windows ecosystem.
  • Even Enterprise need consumer apps from time2time, without developers, foreign or local on board in 2017 you are no more microsoft but mangosellers.
  • To focus on Enterpise is a lost battle from day 1. Many companies give their employees phones, and that device is their work and personal device. The line between personal device and enterprise is very blurred these days if it's there at all. I had to leave W10 mobile because my 950XL shattered, and MS would have to prove that they give a damn about mobile and get dev. support for several years before I would consider them again. I've been with them since the Lumia 920 launch, and it's sad to see what they've done with the platform.
  • Since my family is a multiplatform household, I have the good fortunate in being able to use multiple o/ses and devices. I have to say after using ios and android for awhile, it wasn't for me... the static grid of icons just remind me of the screens that were around almost two decades ago - nothing much has changed since them. Plus Itunes... I refuse to let that parasite anywhere near my desktop PC, all the decent freeware sync clients now require Itunes. Android, I do not like Google due to their business practises and their anti-competitive behaviour with Youtube for example. So I'm stuck using my L930 until it breaks, by then I could probably get a replacement for £30 or get an Elite X3 for £90.
  • I prefer Windows mobile as well, but I couldn't justify buying a 950XL on Ebay or $500 for the Elite X3. I did come across Laucher 10 on Android. It makes the home screen and app list act just like Windows mobile. It even has live tiles if you pay $3. I used it for a little while and loved it, but I'm trying to use the S8+ with what it came with for a while and then deciding what I want to change. The static grid with a lot of wasted space between the app icons still annoys me, and widgets definitely aren't the same as live tiles. I hope Microsoft can pull it together whenever they hit the reset button again, but they're going to have to prove they actually care this time and can get developers to care too if they want to get me to come back.
  • Sorry Nadella is a confirm BSOD
  • They deliberately abandoned W10M for android and Iphone, when there is still a huge potential for hardware and bringing back lost and new devolopers.But someone looks so fishy inside idk.
  • I think he was pretty clear: They do not have the share and they can NOT compete as a third mobile operating system. As such, even though he talks about what can they offer enterprises, it is pretty clear to me that they will NOT release any sort of "Surface Phone". No matter what they release for enterprise, no matter what form factor, it will NOT replace the need for employees to have a smartphone.   Which means that if you think they'll "create a new category to replace the smartphone" and other fantasies like that, you might be in for a disappointment. The smartphone isn't going anywhere and even with the "rethinking of what is a PC" that Nadella mentions, there will always be the consumer problem. Enterprise employees are also consumers and whilst you can force your employee to carry a Windows Phone for example, you can't force him to not have his own personal device. Microsoft knows this and, as such, they won't try to make something that replaces and Android or an iPhone, even on enterprise.   But they'll probably think about something that can expand the capabilities of those devices. Imagine something like a "Surface Dock" that you can connect your phone into. Like the Asus PadFone. But instead of the dock serving only as an expansion window, it runs Windows, connects to your phone and then allows you to have your phone screen inside your Windows experience and work from there. That's the sort of think I can see Microsoft doing.   But if you're hoping for a mobile device (as in, a smartphone) with Windows in it (no matter if it's Windows on ARM, Windows 10 S or whatever), forget it. Not. Gonna. Happen.  
  • Perhaps instead of hinting he could just say "Yea we are gonna make another smart phone for business use". See that is much more simple and direct. No long sentences...
  • What I understand is that Microsoft, on the hardware side, is going enterprise only. With Windows One Core, it's completely possible OTHER hardware manufacturers could enter the consumer market with a smartphone running Windows.
  • For those who wants to watch the answer, it is at around 55:29
  • Are we regurgitating this article again? From reading the section titles here is my guess at what is being said. Microsoft has been done with Windows 10 mobile, but that doesn't mean they're done with getting Windows 10 on a mobile device. Windows 10 can now run on ARM CPUs, so there iss the potential for a Surface phone/mobile device that uses an Arm CPU to run full Windows 10 on a mobile device. This mythical Surface device could also utilize the folding screen patent that we saw only a few months ago. Other companies are saying they're going to release foldable display devices next year, so why not have one from Microsoft too? How did I do? I believe that's a generalization of what Daniel Rubino has said a few times.
  • We faithful may hear "if we build it they will come", but the masses will hear "and I beat him to death with his own shoe"!
  • I am honestly truly in no hurry, if it is good for enterprise, trust me, it is good for me. I can afford to keep rocking my 950XL for the next 3 years if need be, I know something good will come out of redmond and I can wait.
  • just preorder my pixel 2 XL and just finish music migration to spotify, no way i'm coming back after that...
  • How did the music migration go? I have 29,000 songs in my One Drive folder, not DRMed, will they transfer over to Spotify? TIA.
  • Good luck with the poor screen on that.  Once scroogle has all your data your life will be over.
  • @hoppman Good luck with you new windows phone. oh wait.....  
  • While the article specifies that these devices will be targeted towards enterprise customers, I am wondering if I can buy one once they release?
  • Why not, you could buy an elite x3 and it was "enterprise"
  • Yes and no. If he wants Cortana to be front and centre then there is an issue. If you literally dont have a smartphone the executive on the move is pulling out an Android or iphone. Their default is not Cortana. It would need to be added. It cant even be made to be the default on the iphone. So "WIndows on Mobile" is somehow a phone that is not running Windows 10 Mobile but some unspecified component set of Windows Core that has no mobile apps. If its Surface like then it will be expensive, not for consumers, focused on enterprise and means that the person needs to carry two "phones". One is a phone and one is this enterprise device.  OK. It doesn't convince me Satya.  
  • If this is Microsoft's plan, why abandon Windows Mobile? There is no reason Windows Core couldn't run on devices released in the last two years. Even if they just called it Windows Core, it wouldn't make a difference since they both use UWP anyways. Microsoft could have continued making phones and heavily pushing UWP. They wouldn't need x86 emulation on those devices and they would have kept whatever goodwill they had and had a selling point for new Windows Core phones. If that is truly Microsoft's plan, then the people who create the strategies around that plan are incompetent.
  • Isn't every enterprise user also a consumer? Who wants to have two devices or work in two different ecosystems? When iPhone took over the market, people said, make this thing work for my enterprise applications because, as a consumer, this is the device I am going to use. I don't understand the idea that there is a separate market for mobile devices for enterprise users who will accept something consumers won't.
    Sure, a super mobile Windows Surface device will have a niche market, and I am probably in it, but, ...whatever, right?
    PWA's becoming the new normal for apps seems to be the only hope for the adoption of MS/Windows mobile devices, but at this point, that seems to be a long play.
  • Nadella Logic - People with pants have 4 pockets, thus can carry 4 devices.
  • Apple already thinks that
  • I believe BYOD will eventually go away, who wants all these insecure lagdroid devices in their Enterprise?  Who know when they will get updates for KRACK, android is the most insecure PHONE OS ever created.  Gotta love googles, yeah we will someday getting around to patching those biliions of insecure phones, or NOT.  We already have your information so we don't care.
  • Yeah BYOD in the era of security holes and data breaches don't mix well in large enterprise. I can see the pendulum swinging back the other way, where IT puts such a high policy threshold in place that people want a personal device, separate from the corporate tool.
  • So you have never had a draconian corporate IT policy or cared about the access you gave to the company on your personal device?
  • Aww, Jason!
  • Oh most important is if that new phone is at least as good as my Lumia 950 XL then I shall buy it. No doubt. Anything is better than Android and Iphone.
  • Sad to see that the once mighty, Developer, Developer, Developer company can no longer attract developers. If market share was the only thing that attracted developers we would have a ton of Windows UWP apps, but we don't.  Microsoft screwed this up when they decided to be like Apple and create a closed ECO-System on mobile. Worst then that, their best in class developer tools couldn't be used to developer for other platforms at a critical time, therefore forcing developers to choose. The only way Microsoft gets back in this race is if both Apple and Google fall into a coma and let them catch up. They have a better chance of recovering some kind of alien technology and releasing a device 100 years ahead of its time. Good luck Microsoft.
  • that last paragraph.. rofl.
  • No one wants it...consumer or long as you have anything to do with this company. NOPE
  • Windows Core OS is only for developers. It is just like Windows 10 IoT Core OS. The main focus is for professional developers using UWP to develop more apps for any Surface OS platforms. In fact, windows 10 IoT Core OS is free for download (Raspberry pi, intel computer stick) and Windows Core OS might be free too.
  • CoreOS and OneCore are separate things.
  • Stipulation #1: It must be able to fit inside my pants (pocket)
  • Here is the dilemna. I can Skype from any Windows, Android, or iOS device. So making a small form factor device that runs full Windows (or Windows on Arm) that has the ability to Skype is not a smartphone replacement. Also, it would require Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity (unlimited data required for regular use?) to use. The entire world isn't covered in Wi-Fi yet. Nadella is focusing on mixed reality as a mobile experience. So what? Sure it's cool in a way, but is in no way going to replace the smartphone. The smartphone is the most critical device to the everyday person nowadays. If given the choice, consumers would chose to let go of their PCs instead of their smartphones.
  • Nadella will ruin MS. Surface tablets are not enough to survive the consumer market.
  • All of that is just fancy talk. Don't get your hopes high. MS is done with phones, they're just trying not to make it obvious.
  • Enterprise users, are consumers first and last.
    Balmer + Nadella, major fail. One more thing, the app still needs to be fixed.
    Refreshing when I'm looking at articles, freezing every so often.
  • The approach as outlined here is quite flawed. It fails to take into consideration the consumerization of IT and people's desire for a work-life balance. People don't want to carry a personal phone and a work phone.  I believe the real problem right now is with UWP. Microsoft claims they couldn't get developers. Well with UWP apps running on both Windows desktop and mobile, the mobile should have come as a freebie. But companies aren't building a lot of UWP apps for just Windows 10. Banking apps? Nope. We're expected to leverage the browser to do any banking on our desktops. Car insurance apps? Not there. Most of the apps people want? Absent. The "lack of market share" line doesn't work anymore. Not with UWP. Millions and millions of people are running Windows 10. But where are the apps? I would rather my bank have an app on my desktop than using the browser. I would like to see apps for airlines I use on my desktop.  What I find interesting is that much like what we saw with Windows phone, Microsoft can't even be bothered to embrace UWP. Skype for Business? No UWP client. Microsoft Teams? No UWP client. Microsoft SharePoint? No desktop UWP client (there is a W10M client which is pretty good). Look in the store at the apps Microsoft has released and consider all the holes. How can Microsoft get 3rd parties on board with UWP if they can't get their own teams on board?
  • No, people want to carry a personal phone, a work phone and a laptop shell that their work phone plugs into and gives a crappy windows experience.
  • My take on this is that he talked much but didn't say anything.
  • Maybe I'm a dinosaur, but I harbor no ill will on a corporation just because they stopped offering a product that I really enjoy. (Big fan of Windows on phone) So, if in the future Microsoft DOES build a phone (regardless of the semantics game) that runs on windows, I'm likely to be sporting one. They might categorize me as "enterprise", but I'm not offended. ;)
  • Same here
  • ditto
  • "We ... do not have the share to have smartphone hardware that's a real consumer choice. We cannot attract developers. " We cannot attract developers... I wonder why....  /sarcasm. Because developers would rather target a wide and large CONSUMER base... eash is that too hard to understand??? Microsoft tried to play nice, nice with US carriers but they got shafted and yet they continued to focus on the US, when they could have used the momentum they elsewhere to catalyse growth in the US. But that is neither here nor there, since we all know what Microsoft did with the momentum they inherited. "[The] thing that we're doing is to make sure our software is available so that we can service the enterprise customer who really doesn't care about a lot of the things a consumer will care about." That frankly I found absolutely disconcerting an enterprise user is not solely an enterprise user are they?? smh. It appears Satya want's to return to the Windows Mobile 6.x strategy where they targeted enterprise users and not consumers DIRECTLY. The biggest flaw in that is Microsoft DOESN'T have the OEM partners that it had when Windows Mobile 6.x was pretty prevalent but under the guises of OEM skins like TouchWiz and HTC Sense - But no Unified Store (cab files and installers). This is also prior to Android and the iphone. Back then Windows Mobile 6.x PDAs for example had an XP-Centric UX and some even had a control panel lol. The UX elements was... pretty lacking but it got the job done. However the biggest flaw in Microsoft's current enterprise ambitions is mindset. When Windows Mobile 6.x was prevalent and hit with the enterprise users, hot-desking didn't exist, people mentally associated work with the an office and by extension a windows based PC. That was an evolution of offices of old, where people would sit at a desk and use type writers. So people brought in computers into their homes after using them at work and later at school. Mindset. Fast forward to today, we have devices in our pockets that put these early Windows based PC's to shame and hot desking is the norm, so is working from home is the norm. People not longer carry multiple devices and carrying a work phone and a personal phone is no longer the norm either. People now demand to be able to use THEIR personal device at work, - BYOD. Now the transition is flipped, people are bringing devices they use at home to work and again later school as teachers become more technologicaly savy and understanding. A few years ago, If I sat in a class typing up lecture notes on my smartphone I would have been called and frowned up for "texting in class". Now I can type up my notes on my smartphone. Again Mindset. Now add everything that Microsoft has done to push developers and OEM partners away. Then throw in the Mix of the existence of ios and android devices along with their ecosystems. See the flaw? Microsoft is trying to go back to a state where they owned the market in terms of productivity and mobility. But... that ain't going to happen. Because they gave it all a way on a silver platter to their competitors and are continuing to do so by neglecting their Universal App Platform and giving preferential treatment to ios and android. To be honest, Google and Apple are just laughing at Microsoft, because as long Microsoft continues on this trend they will sell more devices, more accessories and all they have to do is throw Microsoft a bone here and there. Itunes on the Windows store, oh please... compare that in value to Microsoft Office. It's like a game of monopoly and trading a value property suchas a Old Kent Road which is £60 for Mayfair which is £400. As I said, a bone.        
  • iTunes would have been killer 6 years ago. Now Spotify has made it irrelevant. Microsoft is perpetually behind.
  • Spotify doesn't have quite the vast library as many think it does. There are few songs which we in the UK cannot get or listen to via Spotify.
  • Shareholders should panic now. Listen closely, he started talking about the enterprise market, and then added "gaming" and Xbox to it. It makes no sense and maybe he never heard about "bring your own devices"? It's not even a new trend anymore. Enterprise customers = consumers.
  • The way I see it. Going enterprise is a great idea. Play around with the new surface phone on the enterprise. Get people using and being familiar with it and branch off to The consumer. Not the other way around.
  • Why not both ways? Why can't Microsoft target both markets? Why all or nothing?
  • " If Nadella were merely acknowledging cross-platform software for iOS and Android, there would've been no need to point out a mobile device audience that doesn't care about what consumers care about." "Nadella talks about pushing PC boundaries in response to a question about smartphones." Oooooooooooh! Exciting stuff! I wonder what he means by that! ENOUGH, JASON. GET HELP. Stop trying to read into quotes the way you want. That is how idiots analyze religious texts to get what they want out of it, fully aware there is not enough evidence other than the text to draw meaning from. Stop reading Microsoft comments like they are handed down from a god.
    These people have PROMISED stuff they've blatantly refused later, and you are reading the fringe meaning of some sentence to suggest something positive? Seriously?!
    Dude! Stop! The most fervent fanboy here has already stopped, it's time for you to give up too...or go see a doctor.
  • comeon man, y such hate, I'm sure Jason knows his interpretation is misleading but thats what will bring the clicks for the site.
  • Here we go again with smoke and mirrors. Promises, promises. Nothing has changed with Microsoft in all this time when it comes to innovated consumable devices left to die a slow death or quick death because their vision and focus changed. I fully expect to be using this 950XL for another 2 years while Microsoft chases their software dreams for various open telephony platforms with skins to impress the commercial markets, yet I still see an opportunity to do the same in the consumer market with a "Surface Phone" form factor rooted in Windows but skinned with Android or Apple.
  • With this new device, you could download Bluestacks and have all the Android apps you could ever want.  I use it on my Surface and it works great. And with this Tech... You wouldn't have to have a service provider.
  • I use Bluestacks on my Core i7 6700HQ laptop with 12GB of RAM and it works like absolute crap.
  • I use it on my Surface 3, not pro and it works great.
  • You can also try Andy, it is very good as well.  
  • @agentTheGreat.  Try's much faster and smoother than bluestacks.
  • Enterprise customers are inherently consumers as well. when they see their iPhone/Android phone does something that their microsoft phone doesn't do, and they have to carry a separate device just work work when the iPhone/Android can just do it, why would they want to go back to those days.
  • My take is he is not hinting at completely enterprise taregetted Surface Phone (or whatever it is called). When he says "[The] thing that we're doing is to make sure our software is available so that we can service the enterprise customer who really doesn't care about a lot of the things a consumer will care about." I think he means current Windows 10 Mobile and early Windows Core OS mobile device. I think their startegy going forward will be to enter in consumer space in no later than 2 years but through enterprise market. They will enter enterprise first with early edition of devices and try to move slowly into consumer space. Or probably they will invent a new category and release first wave of hardware to enterprise, collect data do their calculation and in second wave hit consumer space with refined version of hardware (not waiting too long). When he says "I'm definitely not going to tell you about it before I have the device. But ... It's not about the device; it's the software plus the device. The fact that we now have that capability to do end-to-end ... from silicon to cloud is what we've got to use to innovate new categories, and clearly, category creation is going to be a big part of what we have to do." This is gives me a lot of relief. After what we heard about surface in last week this is a very good indication. Plus, who knows how world takes this new category, if its accepted well enough, it will make way to consumer space sooner than later. 
  • Let's be honest, on mobile, what is the difference between consumer and enterprise? On enterprise you don't need developers? You need less developers, but Microsoft doesn't have any right now. Android and iOS are doing just fine on enterprise market, but who knows, maybe this time they will keep the platform alive for a longer period.
  • They are going to have to put in at least 3 years SOLID support before i even look at touching one for my personal device.  
  • Presumably there won't technically be anything preventing consumers from using any new Microsoft enterprise-focused Windows-on-mobile device.  Microsoft and hardware partners have already produced ostensibly enterprise-oriented Windows 10 Mobile devices (e.g. Lumia 650, Acer Liquid Jade Primo, HP Elite x3) that have had uptake from consumers.  The real problem for such a device in the consumer space will be Microsoft's reputation for lack of support on mobile devices and a dearth of popular consumer-oriented apps.  With this type of device running Windows 10 Core developers would be able to create consumer UWP apps that could run on it, the problem would be the lack of incentive for them to do so.
  • Pushing the boundary of what a PC is.. Hmm A PC can have any operating system you want... They're intentionally pushing consumers to other smartphones it feels like? He repeatedly tells us its not about hardware but software. Shot in the dark but could they be making Windows available on any smartphone? Dual booting? They played around with that in the past too.
  • Microsoft focus on Windows for PCs and Office and Azure. The targets are business users and developers, so other users are irrelevant. Apple and Goole dominate phone busiless ( = consumer busiless ), Microsoft already gave up.
  • Well, well, well....It was'nt samesong first to the plate with new fold up phones...ZTE pulled it off first.
  • They weren't the first ones. E.g. look at this:
  • There is no word on ANY release date of the lenovo.  The ZTE is slated to be released before christmas.
  • Screw Satya No HERO device is going to fix the Windows Store APP gap, not even the ability to run Win32 programs will make up that app gap issue right now. Satya killing devices and entire platform int he consumer space is cuasing users and devlopers to run away from windows and at this point nothing is going to change that.
  • One question does pop up... Will any company ever trust Microsoft enough to buy 36000 units again when we look at NYPD? It seems that by declaring end of support for Win 10 mobile so quickly Microsoft has kind of scared companies away.... Really....
  • I think companies already knew what to expect and got away from this fiasco....
  • "The thing that we're doing is to make sure our software is available so that we can service the enterprise customer who really doesn't care about a lot of the things a consumer will care about." Ok, ok. What are these things enterprise customer doesn't care? What kind of joke is this? Imagine, you have two choises, one is a some kind of dull "enterprise phone" and the other is an iphone, which is more capable by hardware, software and apps. Which do you choose? Dull one? Unbelieveable, this guy killed WP and still speaking something to touch consumers' nerves. Why MS closed project Astoria? Is there a single good reason? MS is was using Islandwood, Westminster ve Centennial then bought Xamarin, but killed only Astoria. It was the only thing can give us more apps since MS doesn't care consumer.  Let me say what i understood : MS will release a new device in the future with same ignorance, lack of apps and support, and will try to sell to enterprises. End of story.
  • And can you imagine that there are people fool enough to actually believe this Nutella guy and agree with these statements of his? :))This moron does not understand consumer market and seems to be totally unaware about what a business user needs too...a Smartphone/.pocket device needs MOBILE APPS FIRST! (get it fanboys?? MOBILE APPS FIRST), that are not present on a wincrap phone, not continuum crap, win32 emulation, cshell pink pony delusional stuff, etc. Talking about mobile needs to MS and it's fanboys is like talking to a dead horse.
  • Tea leaves
  • To paraphrase the Dude: "I ******* hate Kremlinology."
  • I think it's hard to tell. I think microsoft has something going with surface. For me, what I'm seeing as that they don't hit the mark of a well-rounded hardware and software, where the software experience fit and finish is still lacking, despite constructive and valuable feedback from the insiders community. I think I would be a happier customer if microsoft would pauze to address the issues and half baked features, already reported in insiders to make the package complete, then the future today can continue onwards. A new category sounds promising, but the software is still the lagging process.
  • Lol
  • I'm sure that the NYC Police Department is glad to hear this!  NOT!!! The Massively Screwed-up dys-Functional Team doesn't seem to get the Enterprise either. It is like Nadalla woke up from a 3 year bender and asked, "What did I do?!?!" Look, a super small PC sounds great!  It would probably have a lot of the same attributes as a tablet and obviously a phone but no one wants to be compared to a mobile device.  This has been tried back to the early 2000's and it has never taken.  Maybe there is something that will interest people but what is the business case? Jason - I asked that question you've been avoiding for months.  What will make the Enterprise jump on this?  Realistically, you'd also need to lug around a laptop to make it work for the Enterprise.  Where is the efficiency?  Where are the savings?  Believe it or not, those are the things that are important to the Enterprise.  Cool tech isn't the thing that will make the Enterprise jump like it does in the consumer space.  Also, does the Enterprise want to manage data plans?  What is the play here that draws folks in.  Unless this tech costs less than $1K with device and all of the acoutrements that make it a desktop or laptop, I really see why the Enterprise would move. Keep ignoring the question?!?!
  • @Lavike He will ignore the question because it is a realistic one, and fanboys have no idea what being realistic is...You are right! What enterprise, in their right mind, would waste their money on another useless MS product again that does not bring ANYTHING usable? Companies need useful products, not Microsoft's half-baked projects and failed attempts.
  • Failure is the mother of all invention.
    Without failure there is no progress.
    Progress is not achieved by the lack of trying new things. 3 pure and true statements. ever hear of the Ubuntu Phone? What praytell have the other 2 done but ride their own coattails for the last several years innovating nothing, yet repckaging the same crap.
  • What he is talking about is already what I was using my windows phone for in the first place. I got it because it integrated with my work, which is all office 365 etc. I guess if the new device does this I will again get it if it works the way my 950 did. I might be in the minority but I don't need anything outside of my work environment on my phone. It's too distracting. Productivity apps are all I need.
  • Windowsmobile4eva - You can already do O365 on Android and iOS.  They have put everything on their competitors products. Heck, much of the Enterprise also has developed apps or uses apps in their operations. I see no reason why it makes sense for the Massively Screwed-up dys-Functional Team to do this.  Therefore, since is makes absolutely no sense, MSFT will do it!  Of course they won't support it after 6 months but that is par for the course! Wash-Rinse-Repeat  
  • Mark my word. Without the maturity of UWP... There will BE NO ULTRA MOBILE DEVICE! Such a device has to be both consumer and enterprise. Microsoft has failed on the consumer side. That has to change, however there are no signs that it will.
  • Sick of talk. Wake me when something ships.
  • I'm curious... what ARE the things that enterprise is interested in and yet consumers aren't in a device suitable for mobile use? If it is a lowend camera or no camera.... no, enterprise will still require this feature, in fact good quality is mandatory. Is it a good quality backup system? Well, consumers need that too as we have with Windows Mobile currently, I've never had such a more reliable backup strategy in a mobile device and this is required not only in consumerland but also enterprise. Is it social media integration? Well consumers love that, and guess what, enterprise is going all in on social media and needs deep level social media solutions. Does the enterprise not care about long battery life, of course they do as do consumers. Is it in relation to management of the OS remotely to be inline with enterprise policy/procedure? Well of course and this is already addressed in Windows Mobile as it stands - it of course can get better, but essentially the security of the device is assured and consumers like to have security for their devices too by incorporating them into the Windows ecosystem and be able to find your device by going online, and wiping it if necessary or locking it if the device is lost or stolen. Consumers like this too. How about integration with online services and VPN connectivity to an enterprise or secure environment... actually know a number of people that are consumers that would like this very thing. I'm finding it hard to understand what enterprise users want and what consumers don't care about. Enterprise users are consumers, consumers can be enterprise users.
  • see my other comment. These are the mobile devices for enterprise:
  • Don't bother explaining...MS, Nutella and the desperate fanboys here won't understand. They think, in their delusional pink fantasy world, that business users and consumers have no connection at all.
  • In an article I wrote last year, published Oct 24 2016, "Windows Mobile and the enterprise: A phone in the hand or one that is planned?":
    I argued the MISTAKE Microsoft was making in focusing WM on the enterprise. I go into how consumers and enterprise users are one and the same and the confusing messaging MS put out by touting a Windows message where Windows on PC is communicated as for consumers AND enterprise but Windows on phone was targeted at the enterprise NOT consumers. I go into how that hurt developer relationships and UWP. In fact that whole "Windows Mobile and the enterprise series", which was written last year in response to Microsoft's publicly stating WM would be focused on the enterprise delves into the negative effects of that decision. Check it out😎
  • So...why is a consumer site pimping a device and a company that cares so little about consumers? Aren't the WC still tired of those endless WhartonBrooks fluff pieces. There is no point to this.  EVEN IF a device comes, it's useless to consumers, straight from the "mastermind" Nadella.
  • what else they have to write for
  • Hahahaha Jason grasping at straws again LOL
  • Balmer had a vision for mobile. Nadulla destroyed all of it. Now this Indian believes enterprise will resurrect the MS mobile space. Um, BlackBerry died despite enterprise....
  • "Now this Indian..."   calm yourself. secondly, Blackberry was only able to survive and put out their current harware because of their enterprise. do some research, or read a book of any kind. thanks.
  • i agreed with him, consumer market is packed with various kind of phones right now...every single month there's a new phone.
    He is doing the right thing to focus on something that market has left out...
  • Creating new categories is a thing man, by the time there is a ultra-mobile PC come out, why would you need a smartphone?
  • Hell with Windows Mobile... Fire everyone involved including Joe Belfiore. Bring on Windows on ARM!!
  • IDK I think he's been misunderstood and I think that Satya meant that he's not done with killing mobile.
  • Now, this is always entertaining to see that people are unable to comprehend when Microsoft says they are not going to build another smartphone. I am curious how they will give a PC some mobile utility to be usable on different form factors. But I am sure, one could call it how one wanted, people still would equate it with a smartphone and erroneously identify it with a smartphone in the next step.
  • Belfiore, Nadella, everybody is shouting their lungs out that they will not build another phone, but WC keeps linking their statements as proof of existance of a unicorn. what was Jason expecting Nadella to say? that we will not build another smartphone period? His statement will be cryptic and will refuse to give a straight answer, but they have made it clear that consumers should move onto Android or iPhone.
  • Actually, may analysis also clearly notes Microsoft's efforts are not consumer focused.
  • He was never clearly gonna say "yes we;ve given up on smartphones", dont use this to resurrect the Surface unicorn, What he means by enterprise devices is most likely this:   Most of these devices were/are on windows mobile 6.5 still and some are moving to Android, MS need to bring new windows to these devices, thats their target.
  • BIngo Techiez.   You hit the nail on the head.  THIS is what Microsoft is talking about when they say mobile devices....NOT PHONES!
  • Yep. I've been working twice in the last 7 years on a company website that sells and repairs such handheld devices/terminals/bar code readers, Datalogic, Honeywell, Zebra, etc... I've noticed that while 6 years ago it was mostly Microsoft mobile, now there are more and more devices using Android. They are also utilising that you can have extra app and connectivity with your Android/iOS phone and so on. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft will loose that sector of enterpise also. 
  • And which mobile devices does your company use, Nutella?
  • :))) they are not done? What on earth can they possibly do? They have failed monumentally! They have lied to us, and always delivered half baked experiences. I'd have to be a complete idiot to ever trust this company again...pfff Microshit
  • Again... We are making Mountains out of Mole Hills...
    He said that Enterprise users wants things that consumers does not care about... and they will service those interests... it doesn't mean they would come up with a mobile devise... They are waiting for what comes after Mobile... and I doubt if MS would be the one to come out with that.... As Nadella said... MS wants to Ride the next wave, not Shape it....
  • His statements now reminds these from my ex ;P
  • Everyone will be mad. And have questions. And complain about the CEO, blah blah.... Until the great Panos speaks. End of story. You...the person reading this who loves Windows but already did or "will switch soon". You'll be back. Panos just has to tell you when.
  • Panos is a moron. Instead of designing a watch, he designed a "fitness band" whose strap broke every few months because, oh I dunno, people used it during fitness activities. He'd design a sunroof on a submarine.
  • The strap broke because of the weight of the gargantuan goiter on the bottom of it.  
  • I get where you are coming from. But, I think Panos had the right idea, but he needed more iterations.  If they were killing W10m, why keep the Band? It was a good product.  If the physical band was not an issue think it would still be around?  Especially if they killed of W10m? My Band2, Cortana, my messaging and collection of my health info was AWESOME.  Bring it back!!!!
  • I don't trust him if he said it out right let along he doing PR spin
  • Smartphones can sure get folks riled up!
    I love hand held technology as much as anyone. I carry a bag LOADED with gadgets, since I live on the road as a nomad network admin. My RV is a traveling office that heavily leverages cellular bandwidth. Yea, I touted Windows Mobile (8-10) to the suits at corporate, and they didn't bite. So it kind of saved me from eating too much crow. Fortunately the corporate apps I spent their $money on work nicely on their Surface Pros, the only place they expected them to anyways.
    Call me a dreamer, but I still believe the future is MORE power in smaller packages. So I still believe Microsoft Windows will be running on pocket-sized devices. It just won't be something that gets subsidized at your friendly AT&T cellular store. I'm good with that.
  • Anyone know if the UWP apps will work with OneCore platform?
  • aaaaaaand another rehash of the same article.   Anyone notice how Surface book 2 was just pushed out with some video, no press event? It's next in line for the chopping block. Nadella does not believe in physical products, his wet dream is being in the cloud and everything should move there. Windows 10 S is already a fail as most people just upgrade to 10 pro anyway. The comments "we can't attract developers" is just laughable.. truth is MSFT chased/scared away developers so many times and made so many empty promises that no-one buys the BS anymore. They had their chance, several times in fact, but ignored it every time.
  • Surface Phone AND Half-Life 3 confirmed at the same time! :)
  • I'm starting to feel the anger and frustration everyone else has toward this guy. I was trying to not join the mob, but every time i see his face i feel.... ANGRY. lol
  • We all know the device will be a foldable Surface Phone...Samsung is coming out with their own device next year because they are the ones that develed the screen for such a device. Because it will be prohibitively expensive, that's why it will be geared to business will be MSFT's Blackberry device...
  • Come on man, just make a Lumia 1050 XL! LOL!
  • I will never understand this separation of consumers and the enterprise. After a day's work, the enterprise becomes consumers. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! Who wants to carry an enterprise device and a consumer device! Who wants to be hampered with an enterprise device, that can't convert to their consumer preferences and apps after they leave work. Why can Microsoft not understand this. An enterprise device must be a consumer device as well.
  • folks  Windows 10 on ARMS works but is designed to work on Tablets and Laptops not smart phones. So it does not take much imagination to know Microsoft could make a small  7 to 9 inch -2 X 3  or old tv shaped  4 x 3 screen ratio dual or single screen Tablet Running Windows 10 on ARM and have a Cell phone inside the case of the Tablet. Microsoft does not have to wait for their Andromeda version of Windows 10 to do this. A Surface "Mini" can be made today that does this and with"Continuum" software all Win 32 Desktop PC programs and any Windows 10 "Microsoft store" Apps  in the Surface "Mini" could be run on a Desktop PC Monitor to use them easier than on a small Tablet screen. The big question is does Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella have the Courage to gamble and get such an Advanced Surface "Mini tablet to the market place. He is doing a good job keeping Microsoft's MONEY MAKING software and Services to Enterprise and Business Customers ALIVE and making money for Microsoft but can he gamble on making  Exotic future devices Time will tell
  • Man, screw Nadella! I'm not buying another MS device as long as he CEO. He talks about both sides of his mouth........
  • In what era is Nadella living that he thinks there's a line to be drawn between 'Enterprise' and 'Consumer'? Does he really think the people who he's aiming his 'enterprise' device at don't have Facebook accounts and listen to music and live in the real world when they go home at night? People just buy the device that does the things they want. There isn't a 'consumer' box of people and an 'enterprise' box of people. The boxes are all mixed up. Have been for quite a while now.
  • You are mistakenly thinking of this device as a phone.  It is not.  Consider the developments of recent to each be a puzzle piece.  When we put them on a table, we can see how they begin to fit together if we are willing to be observant.  Of particular interest are:  (1) Unification of the disparate branches into Windows Core OS, (2) emulation of Win32 x86 applications on ARMv8, and (3) proximity connect with docking stations. If you are failing to see the final picture here, I will simply show you:  They are developing a workstation that fits in your pocket and runs legacy Win32 applications.  And all you do to use it is walk up to a proximity-enabled docking station and start working.
  • Unless they roll it out right now MS is doomed. MS came out with the idea of one OS running everywhere but they shouldn't expect their competitors to sit back and wait until they are done implementing then they will come out with something themselves. You can be certain that Apple, Google are working on something similar with their fan base they'll overtake a big chunck of MS enterprise costumers. With alexa now in vogue, how long do you think cortana is going to be somewhat profitable to MS?
  • Wasn't that idea behind Continuum?  And Office 365?  Yes, I realize there is a difference between W10m and W10.  Think they could have bridged it with ARM?
  • hopefully soon, people will start to pick up on this. You will no longer have a phone that happens to do computer stuff You will have a computer in your pocket that happens be able to make phone calls. A big shift is coming. With things like free WiFi Calling that won't rely on cell services, Skype or similar calling plans will come into norm.
    Using your pocket pc/tablet/laptop/desktop/gaming console to switch from one to the other and continue working/playing/conversing while moving to a different location. Getting in a cab or car with a ready connect work station.  Yes, that is coming. And if mixed reality can get to where Google glass was, but not intrude on other peoples privacy. Google Glass was a great idea, but executed poorly. The privacy concerns there were not unwarranted, and they were huge. As for Alexa and Cortana, they are already uber privacy concerns.
    who are we kidding here though really, people still post their lives on facebook/twitter. Smartphone is on it's way out, Mobile device is coming.
  • With the LG V30 (Android) released today I'm seriously thinking of putting my 950XL into a drawer. This whole W10M support/unsupport debacle is making my brain hurt.
  • I believe reader opinions will be formed more from wishful thinking than fact in such articles which basically say nothing new or pinpoint specific answers. Most people work for some company for a living. So businesses and their personnel are also consumers. Yes, there are differences in particular objectives. But many are common objectives too. So will the future be users of mobile devices purchased by their employers or will the employers seek a solutions on devices their employees already own using their personal money? There is a price tag on maintaining personnel to handle multiple operating systems, especially in their specific business App security. So what do you think the business community's choice will be? Will they choose a device with all their needs and security built in, or adapt to the popular user devices. MS has insured that Office products are common on any device, thus covering the majority of many consumer/business combination needs. But what about the specific Apps custom developed for a specific business, or Apps specifically purchased to do a job, most of which are not mobile Apps? What choice does that give the business? Chose a device for work only in the office, or a device that can work at home also. In most cases, I'm betting that won't be on a phone platform as we know them today.
  • Currently apps are the reality of many. This makes it a bit difficult to think beyond apps. Behind the exisitence of apps does lie a strategy, users are confined to eco systems and to specific suppliers. And oh yes, apps are so handy. When the Microsoft CEO talks about what consumers do care about I read "apps". Apps appeal to ease of use. Because of this users embrace them. But are those users wanting apps specific or do they want just ease of use? I am not a software developer, but I see some things that are illogical about the existence of those apps. The whole internet lies open for us users, but we restrict ourselves to the device with the most dominant eco system (way of the least resistance) and the supplier with the most easy to use app. If this supplier is the cheapest around, has the best portfolio or has the best products seems to be of secondary importance. This laziness (sorry, I cannot call it in a different way) of people causes us moving in larger and larger numbers in the same direction. Humans are autonomous beings? I reallly doubt it. From the technical point of view I question if only an app approach can guarantee an ease of use experience, or if there are other ways? Some things are technically illogical. Apps do make active components necessary on a energy critical mobile device. Why does that activity need to take place on the smartphone? It forces smartphones to burn more quickly through their battery charge. The app on the phone needs to be kept up to date. This is alot of fuss for the app supplier, all those different phones, with all their unique hardwares and software landscapes. Is that user experience with an app so guaranteed? And what about the savety on all those phones? The myriad of smartphone types and configurations makes that very complex from my point of view. Should it not be much better to have the active components run in a server-side environment of the supplier? This can be well controlled and secured. On the client side (smartphone) only an up to date browser is needed that can show a responsive site. Make a shortcut in your smartphone favourites with a neat little icon and no user sees the difference any more between this solution and a local app. So to answer your question, apps are for many users the everyday reality. But I think it is possible to have a mobile platform ignoring the current app-solution centered need of the majority of the consumers. For information, vendor and service providers there is logic behind investing in server side solutions instead of client side solutions (the phone apps). Think stability, maintainability and safety. Will this happen? I do not know, but I think it can be a probable development. Assuming this a software/services vendor like Microsoft can focus itself now on providing centralized business approach and still expect the consumers to come back in near future because client side apps are becoming less relevant.
  • Meantime.... Big companies moving to IPhones, IPad and macs.... What nightmare.....
  • Not really.. MANY programs and such cant run on Apple. Most enterprise and corporations cant run Apple based software for what they do. Apple has the same problem in Enterprise that MS has in Commercial.
  • My issue is trusting MS.  Will they support their hardware in the future, or just walk away?
  • BlackBerry also thought they will cater mostly to enterprise.  Getting out of the consumer space means, Bing, Cortana, HoloLens and OneDrive will all take back seats, and maybe then no seats.  Consumer mobile, if necessary, has to be Microsoft's loss leader, else the company may have to cede leadership in various other areas too.  A generation brought up not knowing Microsoft is not going to love it once they get to the office.
  • So what do i do with this hp elite x3 brick? i even forget to come to this website like i used to. i think i should take one back as i have 2 of them oh well thats life.
  • I take one off your hands :)   
  • To little to late because there is no reason to believe a word that comes out of Microsoft or their CEO's mouth. He admits to throwing loyal consumers under the bus since working for Microsoft and even more forcefully since becoming CEO. How he managed to last so long working for Microsoft is beyond me, much less since as CEO he's managed to alienate millions of Microsoft users. Microsoft has become a second rate consumer company without a true vision for the masses, only what he sees through his enterprise and "creators" colored glasses. He's managed to take some great ideas and products to his narrow minded trash dump.
  • When it comes to devices when is an enterprise NOT a consumer, never. Software the same yet you have software specialities that are enterprise related such as server OS, BI and Dynamics. But that is the thing enterprise is filled with consumers! There are enterprises that still care about online gaming, social networks are a big thing now in enterprise, great features such as excellent sound, great photo and video capture, streaming... along with managment of these devices. How much is there that really isn't 'consumer'.Nadella's a dick.
  • Time for Nadella to take a back seat & for Microsoft get a leader that doesn't have a "hang up" about phones....They're not going away. All of the talk about a "Surface phone" & "ultimate mobile device", etc has been going on for too long and nothing to show. Ditching HP Elite 3 was the last straw. I'm a Verizon customer and was very eagerly awaiting a cdma phone. What a waste.
  • Lots of fun 🎉 going out there. Microsoft stop funny 😁 dance 💃. 🤣
  • Wrong move. Microsoft CEO should have move toward Mobile instead of cloud. There's lots of cloud like Zoolz deego, etc 2 TB lifetime for only $69.99. That is too compatible! They should have move the software way + hardware way....
  • I just hope this new device can make calls and do continuum