Microsoft claims new Lumia 532 is 'Windows 10 ready' hinting at new OS name for phones

With just over one day before Microsoft unveils the next chapter in its Windows 10 story, a small tidbit has already leaked from hyper indexing search engines.

Typing 'Lumia 532' into Bing or Google yields Microsoft's own product details page for the recently announced Lumia. However, the mini description, which usually pulls data from the source page, reveals this interesting line: "Windows 10 ready, the Lumia 532 smartphone is capable of running mobile games with its Snapdragon processor. Skype, OneDrive, Office and more."

Indeed, looking at the actual page source code reveals 'Windows 10 ready' being mentioned not once, but twice (see image below).

Up until this point, it has not been clear what Microsoft would call Windows 10 for Windows Phone devices. Names such as Windows Mobile, Windows 10 for Phone, etc. have been tossed around although nothing conclusive has yet been reported. However, it looks like Microsoft is going to go for the "one OS" theme by just calling it Windows 10, regardless of the hardware.

Of course, until Microsoft tells us officially the whole story, we have to file this under possibility for now.

Tune in Wednesday at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET for our live coverage of Microsoft's Windows 10 press conference!

Thanks, Rushil Rai, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

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  • Windows 10 ready means that the phone is ready to access windows 10(when connected to pc)
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  • Whoa mate, I own a lovely 735.
  • I also use other OSs including Mac and android. I always post from my android phones though as this is the only OS that let's me post to android central, windows central and iMore from the same device. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
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    On a more serious note, they should adopt a full upvote/downvote feature, provided that people don't abuse the system.
    Unrelated: I wonder how long it will take MS+carriers to update older 8.1 phones? My guess is at 1-2 years post-launch.
  • I think a way of collapsing threads would be a good way of dealing with this. As seriously and professionally as the news is handled, the ability to engage in some lighthearted silliness is a valuable part of the culture over here IMO.
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  • Cool. How about the other old Lumias? Will they be Windows 10 ready too? I hope it does.
  • Good question.
  • How cool would it be that if you choose to mirror your phone's display to a tv or monitor that you could use a desktop environment with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse
  • Exactly what I'm hoping! I'd totally buy an x86 phone if that was possible.
  • Well they still have ARM processors, so they would never run desktop apps of coarse. However they could have a desktop environment like Windows RT has. Would be an interesting feature, especially for business users who want to use office
  • Current ones do, but future phones could have x86 once processors are efficient enough and batteries last long enough.
  • forget about battery life. Tap the phone to an NFC tag that initializes a pairing to BT keyboard, mouse, speakers, mic and a miracast display. Then toss it on an upright wireless charging dock.
    I really hope this is in our future... but it may be a few revisions away yet.
  • Oh yeah, I wasn't worried about battery life while using it as a desktop. More about the standby battery which would be hungrier on x64 than ARM.
  • It would be cool if Intel got into the mobile market with some kind of Atom CPU .
  • I thought that was already the plan. Didn't I read somewhere about that very thing from Intel for the second half of this year?
  • Asus's ZenFone uses atom cpus
  • Ever heard of Motorola RAZR i?
  • ARM phone should have desktops that can launch Win RT apps when projected to a monitor and X86 phones should be able to launch Win32 Apps.
  • Dear god of your choosing, I've been bitching about Bt support, OTG support forever...lazy fuckers at MS.
  • This is possible on android, and on iOS but without the mouse support. I have a BlackBerry playbook that also does this. I really hope Microsoft introduces this in the future. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm sure they will, they said that almost all current devices right now will be upgradeable to Windows 10, so we'll just have to wait and see.
  • Yes. This has been stated officially by MS and has been posted on this site.
  • I have my doubts. All the newly released budget phones have 1 gb. That cannot be a coincidence, i guess that will be the minimum for the new os. But hey, i'm just speculating.
  • hmm that is actually very good speculation. wondering myself if they make that push and bump up the required specs for the OS. 1GB is the standard on Windows and it is already possible to have a super cheap low end device with 1GB so why not. Plus its about time we leave 512MB behind lol
  • i have read somewhere that 512 will also be compatible, and that all wp8.x devices will be able to get it
  • 512MB devices might not get all the features of 1GB devices.
  • And a 525 is still not going to get a 920 camera. The point of the question is if most of the current devices will get the new OS, or if we will see another horrible split like the 7.8 vs 8 updates that happened last time. No current gen phone is going to get all of the features that win10 will have to offer, but if it shares the same core OS then most of the functionality will be there.
  • They don't now. For instance not all games will run on 512mb and Nokia beamer needs 1gb ram to run. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am guessing that if such a low end hardware phone is Windows 10 ready then phones with a better hardware than this definitely are. We can have a slogan: I was born ready.
  • Another years to apply on old Lumia for windows 10
  • I was wondering the same thing about my 920 too.
  • What's the betting some artificial limit will be imposed? Quad core only etc.
  • I think all current devices within the 36month software update cycle will get the update.
  • Which means that when W10 releases for phones, the longer carriers hold up the show the fewer models will end up with W10. And if the trend of the last year continues, all that will be available will be budget Win phones with half the features of my 925. Can't even get one with a camera flash anymore.
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  • 36 hrs 30 mins to go :D
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  • How did u find this? Cool
  • Bing...
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  • I made it using ""
  • The lack of leaks worries me :(
  • Ya, me too. Lack of leaks either means that MS finally got their security under wraps (unlikely), or there is simply nothing worth leaking and we are going to get a Longhorn speech talking about what they HOPE will happen with no guarantee that any of it will come to be. The really scary thing is that even if MS did fix their security holes, a lot of the leaks end up having better positive spin than your typical MS presentation. The real issue of MS is one of PR and communication... I really hope we do not end up with yet another train wreck tomorrow. Still, looking forward to it and have my desktop, laptop, and phone backed up and ready for win10 builds if they are ready!
  • For me, it's the lack of an SDK being released, which Microsoft has done every time they've upgraded their mobile OS.  It makes me think that we're going to get a preview of Windows 10 ON a phone. Personally, if they don't do something about the email client, the weak office support, and something to capitalize on the screen realestate afforded by the 1520/1320 (split screen multitasking would be a huge benefit, turning the 1520 into a useable tool, instead of just a big phone) - I think this could be the nail in the coffin for mobile Windows from a common consumer point of view. Microsoft better bring it tomorrow and wow the skeptics.  The shareholders are already talking about dumping the mobile line (granted, they've been talking about this for a while now) but if this bombs, that's pretty much it. I hope I'm wrong...but I fear I'm not.
  • IST 10:30 PM tomorrow! Eagerly waiting!
  • Sh!t.. I'm at work
  • So? :P
  • This has planted some suspicion, will all the devices be Windows 10 ready ?
  • All those devices running WP8.0/8.1 at least.
  • Of course they will be. It's like when Seagate says their hard drives work for Windows 8.1. They obviously work with all OS', but the average consumer wants to be assured and so they label it so.
  • Only the AF labeled ones are(which arnt oob ready for xp)
  • My effin Seagate got a corrupted file after watching one of my hundreds of torrented movies on a so called smart LG tv...easy come, easy's a bitch, then you reformat.
  • I'm Windows 10 ready.
  • I don't see the sticker saying so though. Where is it?
  • I think it will need latest snapdragon chips 200,400,800,801 . But not older 920,928 520
  • You're wrong.
  • ok , and you know that from ? what device you have .
  • All WP8 Lumias will be able to run Windows 10 -> how hard is that to understand. They already comfirmed.
  • Whos they , do you have credible source except 1 tweet from random person from PR firm?
  • Well, that was a tweet on the "Official Microsoft Lumia" Twitter Account. This was not any MS intern tweeting on his private Account. This IS a company statment. MS would have clearyfied if there would have been something missleading. Of course that doesn't mean all Lumias will reseive all features of Windows 10, or that all Lumias will get their update through the carrier but they will be able to run Windows 10 and could pick up Windows 10 through Windows insider program.
  • Never gonna happen, windows phone market share is dependent on low end hardware and if they are going to drop the support for just the Lumia 520 it is going to plummet at least 2-3% of world wide market share, I am telling the least if it is more than that god know where windows phone goes, if they do that. So just chill every phone will get it.
  • Waiting..
  • Patiently...
  • Waiting...
  • Patiently...
  • My 1020 may not be Demin ready but hopefully Windows 10 ready. Yes, I understand one is a firmware and the other an OS
  • You probably will be able get firmware updates as well as OS Updates right from MS through the new Insider App. So i'f you would want your Lumia 1020 could run Lumia demin and Windows 10 by tomorrow/ next week (when the Windows Insider program is starting for Phones). I could imagine there will also be faster and slower update to choose from (like on Windows 10 on PC)
  • Except that some idiot in Microsoft decided that the name Denim refers to OS and/or firmware. Daniel wrote about it a few days back.
  • I hope that Microsoft is not aiming that the low budget phones which have old snapdragon chip will not get windows 10.......
  • What makes you believe that. There never, ever has been a indication for that.
  • Say it again...
  • Say what?
  • Your post is posted twice, as are others. It's a joke.
  • One OS to rule them all, hope not in darkness. :)
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  • "Lumia" derives from "Light" BackBerry on the other hand.....( dark side of the Force. Quickly! Use your LIGHTsaber! ) Apple logo has been bitten, so it's abandoned by GOD  Android is actually the BORG - you will be ASSimilated!! Resistance is futile!
    "The line must be drawn HERE!"
  • Wth
  • Can't wait! I bought a L535 just to test Windows 10.
  • Lucky! I still have my old 720 with a broken screen, so I can only use it on my computer with Project My Screen, as the actual screen just doesn't wok ;(
  • Hopefully my shy Huawei W1 will get this too. It's still running WP 8.1 DP and the SD card detection issue still persists :( Should have gone with Lumia.
  • It feels like MS is focusing too much on their low-end phones. As long as they do that, nobody will take MS and WP seriously.
  • I agree. They've released TEN new crappy phones but not one Snapdragon 800+ phone since July; which f*cking phones do they expect people will use Hey Cortana with? On AT&T US, the only available one is L1520, too big for the avg consumer.
    I get that they want to wait for the Windows 10 release, but they totally screwed up this past holiday season by pulling the McLaren. Even if the 3DTouch stuff didn't work AT ALL, I'd still line up to get it.
  • Line up against who?
  • What crappy.. O:
  • And coincidentally the phone I so wanted until AT&T ROYALLY screwed up the original properly specked phone by halving internal memory and ruined the wireless charging features. I will forever believe this was one of the most damaging things ever to the adoption of WP in the USA coupled with never making available to all carriers. Hell they could re-release this phone with original specs' at little cost to manufacturer (maybe bump the ram to 2 gigs) and hit an absolute homerun! with it running Windows 10.
  • The 1520 ships with 2gb of ram anyway. :)
  • He's nodding off..
  • Microsoft is doing a good job by focusing on low end phones......not like other android phone company
    .....which makes a phone and let leaves it without any support in future
  • I think market share is what gets you taken seriously and low end phones is where that lies, specifically in the developing smart phone markets like India, China, and Brazil (?).
  • Apparently "nobody" means "the people in Asia, especially India" right? ;)
  • Yes. I didn't say that they shouldn't sell low-end phones in those markets. Just not focus on it that much. What makes headlines and gives publicity are the high-end phones, the flagships. And that's what MS need, some nice flagships. Sure I love my L930 with Denim. It's great. But in times where spec is important to stand out if you're not Apple, a dated Snapdragon in a plastic body isn't enough.
  • Jackspappa is right. Microsoft needs to get their shit together. 10 low end phones with no high end availability is ludicrous. The 1520 is discontinued as well... once stock runs out on it, there will literally be NO high end Lumias available in the US. I don't care how well low end sells, they could still put something out with a decent chip. Right now they are losing their most ardent and loudest customers because there is nothing to buy when their contracts come up. Enough of this nonsense.
  • On a sidenote, people in India ain't even aware of Lumia 930 (I know because I live here). No marketting. No publicity, nothing. It's just Lumia 535 and 520 that's holding its current position in India. Yes, flagships are the ones that needs attention, too. But you're not done by just releasing a flagship if you can't market them well. Let alone the talks of other high-end devices in these developing markets.
  • I was with you til you said "plastic body". The second Microsoft starts making full metal phones and ditches wireless charging and it's signature unibody poly-carb design I'm jumping ship. Get a 20mp M9 later in the year if you want. Plastic is and always has been the best material to build phones with for a host of reasons. The idea that metal is more "premium" is completely false and imagined.
  • They will lose you and gain a lot more buyers. Who can you even say something made out of plastic feels more premium than something made out of metal. Jewelry, watches, cars, computer, phones... you name it. The market is also moving towards more metal devices. That's one of the reason other manufacturers haven't been able to compete with Apple. If I spend $500-800 on a phone, it better feel that it's worth the money.
  • You have to remember that Android has a lot of low end budget phones as well. Microsoft is just trying to play catch up with the amount of devices Android has at its discretion. Right now its just a numbers game to MS. Yes I do agree that they need a couple more high end phones, especially here in the US, but that doesn't mean that their budget phones are complete garbage. I've read reviews from many people saying that they're surprisingly fast and smooth. If you were to take a budget Android vs a budget Windows phone, WP would blow it out of the water in terms of stability and performance. But in order to have a true Windows phone experience more high end phones are definitely needed.
  • HTC one m8 has a snapdragon 801
  • HTC One M8 with WP is almost non-existent. It's an Android phone with another OS option.
  • And how much publicity do the Android manufacturers get with their low-end phones they sell in developing countries? It's the same in pretty much every business. You launch your flagship to shout out what you can do, to build an image. Focusing on budget phones, sends a message which isn't that beautiful.
  • Yeah I suppose you have a point there. Microsoft just needs to find the right balance between flagships and budget phones. If they start to focus too much on flagship phones then they will just cost more and people on budgets won't be able to afford them, but at the same time focusing too much on cheap budget phones like they have been just leads to your point about giving off an unrealistic image that all the company is good for is releasing cheap crap (such as huawei or Acer lol). Hopefully we will start to see more of a balance once Windows 10 is shown off more on Wednesday
  • Doesn't hurt assple
  • But before it was said to have windows phone 8.1 Lumia denim update???
  • it's all rumors
  • Just get an android, everyone one of them is high end, and google actually gives tons of updates. That's a fact.
  • Daniel gonna kick your butt.
  • google may give tons of updates , but see the features in each update in windows phone.
  • Not really I had an android phone back in the day the reason I jumped to wp is because I was stuck in 2.2 and my phone wouldn't be updated would have had to flash it to get the latest android
  • Same here. I had TWO Android devices, both stuck with either 2.2 or 2.3. Both were extremely slow pieces of garbage. Within a week or two I could barely type a simple sentence on my keyboard without it lagging up for 5 minutes. The second I switched to ATT, I jumped right to a Lumia 920 and have been extremely impressed. After that one I jumped to a 1520 and it is MUCH faster than my old androids. I've played with some of the higher end androids at a best buy store and they are a lot faster and smoother, but I still detected some lagginess to the system. So that just goes to show that until they can figure out that issue Android will never dominate in terms of stability and performance. Sure they have a million apps, but what good are they if your device can't run them properly?
  • My L720 is an old device and it is still has a LOT of power to give. No lag whatsoever. Mom's android phone is lagging a lot and it's only 'bout 3 month old. (high-end alcatel's phone)
  • Yep. My Samsung Ace ate too much "Jellybeans"and its stuck now.
  • Same here. When I was with Android 2 years ago, my phone Sony Xperia was promised to be upgradable to later version of Android, but it didn't get the update and was stuck with Gingerbread. I gave it to my brother and jumped to WP with my Nokia Lumia 920. My brother had used it and was long dead not having to see a single update. Until now my Nokia Lumia 920 is still alive and having Cyan and Windows 8.1 GDR 1, from Windows 8 and a firmware older than Amber when it came out of the box.
  • sarcasm detected
  • Just the opposite .Qiyamata
  • LMAO yup, but how many current phones get those updates? OEMs ain't givin you nuthin son!
  • I got a 735 and LG G Flex, love em both.
  • LOL
    u funny
    Sorry that your trolling has failed, I'm sure someone will bite.
  • Nevermind you should have used sarcastic font help some of our friends to get it :P
  • Updates take ages to be approved by both OEMs AND carriers on Android (unless you own a Nexus device or are rooted). The S3 came out in 2012 and isn't getting Lollipop whereas the 920 (also released in 2012) SHOULD be getting W10
  • I just think that OEMs should bypass carrier approval entirely. Carriers are worthless when it comes to delivering updates on time. It takes them months to do so after one has been released by the OEM, and it just frustrates the end user and OEMs that much more when their updates aren't being rolled out to the consumer due to the carriers' poor efforts at rolling them out in a decent time frame
  • That must be the most sarcastic remark of all time. Everybody with half a brain knows that 90% of Android is not highend and the low end of android is utter trash. Updates come at a trickle and the vast majority of Androids never recieve even one update. Hacking and slashing your phone does not count as a update path since most people can not and will not do that.
  • Guys, guys. He/she was sarcastic. :)
  • The hype is real
  • will other non-lumia be updated as well? thinking of buying Cherry Mobile Alpha Luxe this wednesday.... but...still in dilemma ..
  • Of course it will. Wala lang Lumia exclusive apps and features
  • To be honest, you're probably better off getting a Lumia 535. It has almost the same specefications as the Alpha Luxe. The only differences are that the Lumia has a 5MP front facing camera but the Alpha Luxe has a flash and better back camera. If you want all the advantages Lumia Windows Phones get then i'd reccomend it unless you just really want that Alpha Luxe. And as I can see you're on a budget but i'd really reccomend saving up to get the 930 (even though it's $400 through expansys) It's future proof and the best of a Windows Phone experience. It's an investment I made and won't regret. (Although I really miss that $400)
  • Thanks for the insight.. Probably.. Ill be saving up for higher end lumia.. Maybe when they announce a flagship with Win10 preinstalled...
    But as of now.. I really missed the Windows Phone experience.. I gave my 630 as a christmas gift to someone since i have LG G2..
    I wanted to try something new.. Before jumping into high end Wp. So maybe.. ALPHA luxe would satisfy my Wp-addiction for a while hehe..
  • Would love to see the disclaimer text.... With Win10 months from being finalised, someone in MS stating compatibility seems optimistic. Certainly not something to be relied upon - who knows which direction Win10 development and marketing will go.
  • The Windows 8 core is capable of running on 521MB of RAM, 256MB in Windows Phone's case. The last time Windows system requirements rose was with Vista, so they will probably not raise with Windows 10, especially since it's supposed to be capable running on 512MB WP8 devices.
  • Unless dual core isn't sufficient enough to get the Windows 10 upgrade, my T-Mobile Lumia 925 is definitely capable of getting the upgrade because aside from the 532 having a quad core processor, my phone has better specs than the 532... I feel good, excited.
  • Well actually your Lumia 925's processor is superior to the s200 in the 532 by a huge margin. S200 is the cheapest and least capable chip Snapdragon manufactures. It can't even record HD video. (480p Max)
  • Wow, so if that's the case, I definitely look forward to the upgrade.
  • I don't understand this name guessing when they already said it was going to be called Windows 10 across all devices when they first unveiled it. That's why they changed all the Windows Phone social pages to Lumia, to represent their own-made phones. Like with Surface and other OEM's devices, it will be Lumia and other OEM's devices, which will likely be promoted through the Windows social pages. It's been quite clear from their actions.
  • Um, they never announced the individual SKUs for Windows 10, so you're wrong on pretty much all of that. There was always a question of what they would call it. In fact, many thought that tablets/phones would be Windows 10 for Mobile, while everything else would be Windows 10. Just like how Lumia vs Surface exists.
  • I guess I could have made it more clear, but I didn't mean to imply they announced it, just they did elude to everything just being Windows devices with Windows 10, which would run across all the devices from IoT to huge-screen devices. I was merely connecting what they said with their actions over recent months. You can um, relax =P
  • Since high end windows phone have been waiting for denim,I guess they will need to wait one year for windows 10,since they have waited months for Denim.
  • Months? You mean less then one month? God the Melo dramatic idiots who throw tantrums over phone updates are hilarious
  • Ms has never really timed the announcements with actual release properly... On the software side... Sure they do sometimes but others its just ... Waiting and more than half a year for 8.1
  • well actually, they first said denim would start rolling out in q4 of 2014, and it's already the last week and a half of january
  • well, they stardet rolling out the update in q4....They also said q4 2014 and q1 2015, so they are right in time.
  • Nooo, I love this site for all my Windows Phone insider news.
  • Cant wait to see how things will work with windows 10. Seems promising. Hope its not a let down. They have to hit a homerun with windows 10 or its goodbye for me
  • You mean how I guess?
  • No, he doesn't.
  • Lol
  • Not sure why you're being downvoted, considering that's probably the opinion of a lot of folks.
  • Windows 10 for Phones! Wanna bet?!
  • The start screen looks like 8.1
    The images doesn't shows any sign of Windows 10
    Is MS don't want to reveal features before 21st Jan!
  • that's because windows 10 isn't revealed yet, there's not a single image of windows 10 (for phones) to be found, except the unofficial concepts
  • I just want my phone to be as powerful as my gaming PC. Is that too much to ask?
  • That's why you get a Ps Vita.
  • which isn't even a half as powerful as a gaming pc
  • Yes. Unless you stream.
  • Windows phone is my first smartphone but if win10 is big let down. My next phone will be android may be one plus one or xiaomi mi 4
  • I'm with you on that.
    High end Windows phones were the one that was supposed to get Lumia Denim update,but that's how Microsoft released it,but Microsoft said high end first and low and mid are last.
    That's not how they wanted it to release. I'm done with windows phone.
  • So you are leaving because an update didn't come instantly for you? LOL so your having a tantrum. Good riddens!
  • so you don't want any support and updates at all? (most android devices won't get updates at all, except the nexus devices). windows phone 8.x is able to get every os update, and if it takes to long you install developer preview and install the official update as it comes
  • Weird that many hate google but ready to jump to android at any moment if MS mobile fails them. As for me, anything google is a no no. My second choice be Apple then BB as a third.
  • And Firefox fourth ,Tizen as fifth.
  • Symbian sixth :D
  • But Symbian it's dead?
  • Already jumped to Sailfish OS, at least until W10 / summer.
  • Yup
  • Pretty much I would guess any phone that couldn't get windows phone 8.1 update isn't going to be able to get 10
  • It better do a better job of managing my media than Xbox Music and the POS Xbox Video.
  • That's frickin awesome! If a low end SD200 is certified "Windows 10 Ready", that means there's hope for the 8.0 line ... Fingers crossed
  • I am wondering if tht phone is windows 10 ready it means tht the OS itself is ready for consumer preview. Means we'll be getting it real soon.. Yayyy :)
  • Who's ready?
  • I'm.not ready. Make me wait Windows like how I have to wait for Denim. When will Windows 10 be released by Christmas or does it have to get approved by AT&T first.
  • Well, I have my doubts, but if I could have everything I wanted, it would be this: One app store. All apps (all apps written for windows 10 and above, perhaps) run on all hardware: desktops, tablets, and phones. The UI is responsive to the device. No longer a need to build two binaries, one for phone and one for desktop. Universal apps that support phone layouts are simply responsive to the form factor they are running in. Desktop PCs and tablets gain access to the library of windows phone apps. Or maybe just the WinRT based apps. They might just have to run in a window. Which means, you can install an app on the phone, plug in your phone to a desktop monitor (mini hdmi, miracast, some kind of dock) and pair a bluetooth keyboard/mouse, and get "desktop mode", without even quiting the apps you have running. In other words, continuum mode for phones as well as tablets. As for a 'one more thing' kind of announcement, since they have an xbox guy at this event. The dark horse, pie in the sky, everybody-loses-their-stuff kind of announcement: Microsoft to announce Windows 10 to become *the* gaming platform from Microsoft. Xbox One to run Windows 10, and xbox one games ported to windows 10 to be runnable on certified desktop hardware (via digital download only), and some games (arcade games, etc..) to run on tablets/phones at the developer's choice. Drop the mic. Exit stage left. Of course, none of that will probably happen. Windows 10 for phones will continue to be a different OS, running apps built specifically for phones, with no support for continuum mode. Windows 10 probably won't be able to run xbox games except ones ported to windows 10. And desktop users won't be able to run apps designed for the phone, even in a window. But it was a nice dream...
  • 2 out of 3 will definitely happen
  • Drop the MIC, that's funny shit right there
  • Will windows 10 preview phones still get Lumia denim? Is that a stupid question?
  • Firmware and software are very different. The BIOS on your pc doesn't change when you install a new OS for example
  • Yes. I'll let you choose which of your two questions I just answered.
  • Heheheh
  • Need more apps in stores
  • Wait. "Windows 10 ready"? Could that mean: you can access it directly from your computer which has Windows 10? Remember the WP7(.8) phones: there was no way to get access to them without Zune. Wouldn't that also mean that you can get features from a computer with Windows 10 on it?
  • We might know more tomorrow, but for me, the whole "it's one OS across any device you use" is the whole USP. If they start diluting the name to differentiate a device whose only real differential is compatibility with decades-old cellular infrastructure they'll lose the USP. "Windows 10 for Mobile Phone (with CDMA) Service Pack 1 Update 2 Preview R2 Cumulative Update 4" anyone?
  • They already said it would be called Windows 10 ages ago when they decided to remove the phone part last year
  • My Sega master system 2 is ready, will this work on my super Nintendo?
  • That Windows Mobile rumor was nothing but bull to begin with.
  • It's Windows 10 Mobile...
  • We're born Windows 10 ready.
  • Guess we gonna get w10 sooner than expected. Go MS!
  • I am ready!!!
  • But w10 for phones can't come before desktop? O.o does that mean w10 for desktop is almost done too? Can't wait!
  • ms have seemed to be working very hard and it is all pointing to an faster release cycle than everyone had planned or suggested before, looks as though things may be hitting retail towards the end of summer
  • Most likely W10 mobile will be released before W10 for desktop.
  • seems ms are also going to be revieling some new hardware at this event too and possibly office mobile. Could turn into a very spectacular day for us.
  • This is why when shopping for a new phone a month ago i didnt buy a windows phone going to wait til the new ones come out with win10 installed and not hoping the phone i bought gets it
  • The plot thickens!
  • So are we going to finally be out of the BETA?
    Windows Mobile
  • actually. I think WP7 and WP8 is more BETA. While Windows Phone 8.1 is more featured and therefore 1.0 release
  • You forgot Pocket PC
  • Lol. The end of the beta was declared by Nokia years ago! ;)
  • I will be excited about W10 mobile if it is a full multitasking OS, resuming is annoying
  • Yes resuming is irritating. I want fast and fluid. AND more lively live tiles running/updating at the same time.
  • I am ready with my first Windows Phone #Lumia520, Please Microsoft?
  • All windows 8 lumia's get update to 10
  • Thank you Daniel for the guys do really a great job by giving us news
  • Its only a strategy of sale New Lunia 532, rest of them are fucker Lumia, disgusting
  • Lol, what?
  • I will only believe once my device (1520) gets it as I have burnt my fingers with Denim update which is still to be received thought declared in Sep 2014!! #HappyFooling
  • Hey Dan..just got email from phone insider... Hello, Windows Insider – It's Gabe again from here in the Operating Systems Group (OSG), with more Windows 10 updates. As I mentioned in my blog last month, we have over 1.5 million registered Windows Insiders – and it's a very hands-on group. In fact, Windows Insiders are using Windows 10 preview builds more actively than with any prior beta release of Windows. With new features and events just around the corner, being an Insider is sure to get even more exciting. Here's a quick summary of what you need to know: Windows 10: The next chapter (9:00 a.m. PST, January 21, 2015)
    Our Windows 10 event is quickly approaching! Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer, and other senior Microsoft executives will be sharing more on the Windows vision, including news of a major, new Windows 10 build. Visit here for instructions on how to view the webcast. Click here for an invitation you can add to your calendar. The Insider Hub app
    The new Insider Hub app (included in build 9879) is up and running with exclusive updates and missions (where you can try out new features and send us your feedback).
    Open the Hub at least once to get notifications from the app on important news and announcements. Just search for "Insider Hub" and pin it to your Start screen for easy access. Info for IT pros
    If you haven't already checked out these blog posts and webcasts on Windows 10 and Windows 10 app, have a look now. They are loaded with details about new UI, security, and identity features, as well as new management and deployment capabilities.
    Windows 10: A Store That's Ready for Business
    Windows 10: Manageability Choices
    Windows 10: Making Deployment Easier
    Windows 10: Security and Identity Protection for the Modern World
    Microsoft Virtual Academy – Windows 10 Technical Preview Fundamentals for IT Pros Info for developers
    As you already know, Windows 10 represents a big step forward around unifying the Windows development platform, tools, and Store to maximize the audiences available to developers. At the same time, Windows 10 minimizes the work to deliver optimized application and game experiences across multiple device types.
    We're targeting a public Windows 10 SDK in the near future. In the meantime, the best way to prepare for Windows 10 is to build Windows XAML apps targeting Windows 8.1. Check out the free Microsoft Virtual Academy training to get started.
    If you are a current Windows Phone Silverlight developer, check out our comprehensive instructional content on how to bring your skills and code over to Windows RT XAML. Updated Program Terms of Use coming soon
    We'll post the updated terms here. Be sure check back after January 21 to review. Your continued participation in the Program once the terms are live constitutes your acceptance. For more on Windows 10, you can check out my regular blog posts that I post every month, and you can also follow me on Twitter. In the meantime, we look forward to having you join us at the January 21 event. Thanks!
    g P.S. If you haven't already installed Windows 10 Technical Preview, you can do it here. (If you are an IT pro, Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise is here.) This is pre-release software, so check out Before you install to be sure it is right for you.
  • Got the same mail too
  • And I'm guessing that over 1.5 million other registered Windows Insiders got this email too. ;P
  • I need rollout-ready. No more "fragmentation". I'm so excited for Windows 10. Update ready please!! :D
  • Hmm... Preview for developers? Will get Denim?
  • ​My L925 is ready but my L1520 wants to wait a bit more.
  • Windows 10 for everything ! that is possiable if Microsoft truly is going to have Universal Apps ready now and they are available for use in Windows 10 tiles UI store. Miocrosoft's New Universal apps are said to use a programming code that can creste Apps that can work on ARMS CPU's and X86 Intel/AMD CPU controlled devices. of course  legacy old X86 desktop/Server programs will still only work on X86 Inte/AMD CPU's but universal Apps are supposed to run on all ARMS and Intel/Amd CPU devices. I hope that Microsoft can pull that off. it would be a great feat and developers Apps makers could make one apps for all Microsoft devices=COOL BABY COOL !   
  • WIndows 10 Ready.... Vista Ready. Thee shivers run down my spine.
  • I really wish Microsoft had a more interesting name for their mobile OS than Windows....
  • Like what? Microsoft IS windows it's their identity dumbass
  • That's like saying you wished Apple had name other than iPhone.
  • 9am PT is what time in GMT or UTC?
  • Gahhd! Don't even make me think about time zones ... :(
  • 5PM GMT
  • I somehow really like the 532s looks!
  • looking cool :)
  • No.. It's hideous.
  • What the fuck is that on the far left?
  • Its a Motherboard.
  • You messin with me, cause idk.
  • Ready set gone
  • 5+3+2=10
  • Haha
  • 9+2-1=10
  • "HOW TO CHECK IF YOUR CURRENT DEVICE IS WINDOWS 10 READY: 1. Check to see if there is a Windows 10 Hologram under your battery compartment. 2. If you can't find a Hologram or you don't have access, then simply grab a Sharpie Pen and write "Windows 10 Ready" on the back crossing out any other non-applicable logos (Nokia etc)."
  • Yeah sure
  • No, wait! I'm NOT ready! Can we put it off for a week?
  • My Lumia 930 is Windows 10 ready!
  • Wait a day more!!!
  • Hate to be that guy, but last time Microsoft let machines be sold with a sticker claiming readiness for a yet to be released OS did not work out too well. Just saying.
  • VISTA comptible :)
  • Windows Mojave ftw.
  • Bring it on!
  • Glad you used bing
  • who are the people who thougt or believed it would be called anything else but Windows 10. isnt the whole idea a common OS - a first?
  • The plot thins.
  • Average age of this site must be 14, or single digit I.Q.. Depressing.
  • Hey mother fucker, I have a retarded son. He does the dishes, laundry, takes out trash daily, washes cars, checks the mail, writes programming for the U.S. Nuclear arsenal, never complains, so watch it. And he's two.
  • Funny that there's so much speculation over this. They told us this from the start.
  • So , the point they have to specify an Windows phone 8.1 device is windows 10 compatible simple states that not all windows phone 8 phones wont be upgraded to windows 10. Remember windows 7.5 to 7.8 saga. i think daniel is trying smooth up the PR disaster they going to have after thursdays announcement. Good luck to them
  • One OS to rule them all. Bring Windows 10 on already!
  • Windows 10 for phones.. Windows mobile 10 .. Windows 10 for mobiles... Whatever it is called... I hope it's innovative and eye catching... Otherwise i'll be the first one to sell my Lumia on .. I'll go for iOS with no hesitation... Had enough being a windows fan.. If the next big thing in smartphone is not the windows 10.. Then it's a goodbye from me.. I'll miss windows central though.. o_O Update': I am talking about innovation in new features and all... Not the OS name... ;)
  • What Mobile do you have? let me know, i will buy it from you.
  • I will contact you if windows 10 for phones are not worth the wait.. :)
  • Why wait, sell it now..... i can use another Lumia, hope its not L1320, L720, L630 or L535, cause i already have these....  
  • Selling a phone because of its OS name, good job.
  • Misunderstanding...! Updated
  • Windows 10 naming resolved: Windows RT/phone --> 'Windows 10' because it runs on anything, mobile first; Windows including desktop(was PC) --> 'Windows 10 PRO', because it adds desktop to Windows 10, When unified, the name must show expanded features with expanded posibilities. PRO is mobile/regular (mobile is now regular, mobile first!!) plus Desktop. If you name 'Windows 10' (regular) 'Windows 10 (for) Mobile', you loose the logic that mobile is included in the PC version, you loose the logic that PRO runs all the apps as well. PRO is more than just 10, so the name should reflect that. Windows Enterprise --> Windows 10 PRO enterprise. The final rationale behind this is that the mobile naming has to be the simplest. Nobody minds a more difficult naming sceme for PC's/Desktops. Those are bought anyway if the functional demand requires that. Mobile needs to be simplest and mobile needs to be first and most accessible. If not 'PRO', any other addition to the name can be used as long as the previously metro/modern/mobile Windows has the shortest name and any version having also the desktop is the addition, also having the basic windows app environment. Any other naming scheme is illogical and to complicated. Let the world use 'Windows 10' on any device and have 'Windows 10 PRO' for the desktop as well.
  • Re: egomomist, I agree with the logic. It makes sense and would be good for marketing.
  • I'm so glad to had jumped from sybian directly to windows. Not having to pass through c3po.
  • "Tune in Wednesday at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET"  Don't you mean 9AM ET and 12PM PT?
  • Just take a moment to fully understand the question you're asking, then edit your comment accordingly!
  • No shit, right, wtf. No wonder MS has to simplify this shit.
  • I must be a Lumia 532 because I'm also Windows 10 ready
  • Another budget device..... Yay! -_-
  • You should all take more atention to girls than windows.
  • 03:00 hours, 22 January 2015 Brisbane time.
  • All i want to give those guys a word that our phone will be windows10 ready. Thats it.
  • Windows 10 ready or not. I need the default mail app to attach any file. Also can't edit the mails before forwarding them.Even still can't access pdf files sent via Bluetooth to my phone. If apps like metromail wouldn't have been there it would have been very difficult to stuck with WP so long.
  • My girlfriend is still not ready
  • Why, is she seven?
  • Haha
  • Didn't we already know that it's going to be called Windows 10?
  • Uh, no
  • Uh, yes.
  • why is that even a question?
    It is a well known fact to those who are following developments with Windows Phone, that the new unified OS will be known as Windows 10 across devices and that Windows Phone as a brand is being discontinued. 
  • So Windows  Phone 10 is really a Windows Phone 8.2 ? Just like the Pc they didint really change much
  • The pc version is going to look a whole lot different in the next build. Don't forget that we are still in a very early stage on most things. A lot of hidden processes, a new UI still in the making, etc.
  • Daniel uses Bing search, not Google.
  • How extraordinarily astute of you.
  • Mistaken Idnentity, I freakin love your comments, hahah. Astute he says, lmao
  • All I want to do is make people laugh. Nothing more. Invitingly, often the best humor is troll your humor, so I must be careful. Thank you!
  • Mah man!
  • That's quite the observation, ese.
  • This explains why did they change their windowsphone twitter account to Lumia.
  • People name our phones "Windows" anyway.. No one bothers to say "Windows Phone". BTW, when I say people, I mean the everyday-Joe.. Not enthusiasts.
  • I'm ready to marry WIndows 10
  • Will ye take thy phone OS to be your beloved wife, in sickness and in health, until death seperates you?
  • I love this site. But there are some of you who makes the most dumbest comments. Smh
  • I totally agree with you. All the +520,920,1520, etc are stupid. The first 100 comments are "something" ready, are y'all 12.
  • If this is going to be a fully unified OS, running exactly the same apps as on tablets, laptops & desktops, then yes, it makes sense to have the same name. If it isn't, then it's a cock up which will cause unnecessary confusion. We'll just have to wait & see.
  • Haha they deleted it from the source.
  • +1520!
  • Frnds windows 10 phone not available tomorrow u wil get its first preview in February...beter luck next month
  • That's a rumor which crushes a previous rumor. Stop claiming things you're not sure of
  • and now it's gone.
  • Great October will come with windows 10 Final Version :D  
  • Means the phone will come outof the box with Windows 10.
  • So this begs the question that if this lowly phone is W10 ready, why doen't MS have a real flagship phone available now that is too?
  • Windows 10 aka: One OS
  • My Denim is ready
  •     I wonder which devices the carriers won’t update this time around.
  • i'am using l525 is my phone also gets windows 10 update or it will struck in 8.1?  
  • All WP8 Lumias will be able to run Windows 10 -> how hard is that to understand. They already comfirmed. Find out more apps for lumia.
  • <p>Wow Microsoft Lumia 532 can run windows 10 mobile while 535 get freezes, why and both sets are similar from inside. but thanks for that lumia 532 is capable and is running windows 10 phone &quot;Thanks again&quot;</p>