With just over one day before Microsoft unveils the next chapter in its Windows 10 story, a small tidbit has already leaked from hyper indexing search engines.

Typing 'Lumia 532' into Bing or Google yields Microsoft's own product details page for the recently announced Lumia. However, the mini description, which usually pulls data from the source page, reveals this interesting line: "Windows 10 ready, the Lumia 532 smartphone is capable of running mobile games with its Snapdragon processor. Skype, OneDrive, Office and more."

Indeed, looking at the actual page source code reveals 'Windows 10 ready' being mentioned not once, but twice (see image below).

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Up until this point, it has not been clear what Microsoft would call Windows 10 for Windows Phone devices. Names such as Windows Mobile, Windows 10 for Phone, etc. have been tossed around although nothing conclusive has yet been reported. However, it looks like Microsoft is going to go for the "one OS" theme by just calling it Windows 10, regardless of the hardware.

Of course, until Microsoft tells us officially the whole story, we have to file this under possibility for now.

Tune in Wednesday at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET for our live coverage of Microsoft's Windows 10 press conference!

Thanks, Rushil Rai, for the tip!