Microsoft confirms 300 more employee layoffs, largely in Redmond, Washington

Microsoft has confirmed that in addition to layoffs related to the shutdown of its Skype office in London, it has also cut 300 more jobs at the company this week, largely in the area in and around Redmond, Washington where its corporate headquarters is located.

According to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley:

Microsoft cut about 300 additional people globally this past week, the company spokesperson confirmed, with the majority of those cuts affecting those working in the Puget Sound, Wash., area. I saw a few people cut from various teams in Redmond earlier this week post about the cuts on Facebook.

The same Microsoft spokesperson also clarified that 220 jobs would be discontinued as part of the decision to close the Skype London offices, rather than 400 jobs as previously reported by other news sources. All 520 jobs cuts this week were part of Microsoft's previously announced plans in July to lay off 2,850 employees by the end of June 2017. As part of Microsoft's last quarterly financial report in June 2016, it revealed it had approximately 114,000 full-time employees.

John Callaham