Microsoft confirms $99 price for Lumia 950 and 950 XL Display Dock accessory

Microsoft has now confirmed the price of its Display Dock accessory for its upcoming Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones to be $99. That price point for this accessory is the same as we exclusively reported it would be back in July.

According to Computerworld:

"The Display Dock will begin a global rollout timed to the sales start of the two smartphones in November and was "designed exclusively for Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL and is an optional accessory...estimated to retail for $99, excluding taxes," the Microsoft spokeswoman said in an email. Cables to connect to the dock will apparently cost extra."

As shown during Microsoft's hardware press event earlier this week, the Display Dock will allow owners of the Lumia 950 or 950 XL to connect it to a keyboard, mouse and large monitor, so that the smartphone can be used much like a PC with its Continuum feature. The dock includes three full-sized USB ports, a DisplayPort and one port for HDMI. That demo included Microsoft's Bryan Roper declaring that the Display Dock will let him "be productive like a boss wherever I am now!" You can even buy a t-shirt with that memorable phrase right now at Windows Central.

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Source: Computerworld

John Callaham
  • "BE PRODUCTIVE LIKE A BOSS" is still on my mind. It was literally awesome. Can't get over it.
  • Ouch.
  • They can forget it. Who wants to spend an extra $100. I was thinking $50 was more like it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You haven't seen this thing then, it is Surface inspired and Apple challenging...I think it's spot on, if the Surface dock is $199, then $99 is just right.
  • But the cables costing extra?? This is some straight Apple BS right there.
  • what cables? the one from your keyboard and mouse? the HDMI cable? what are you talking about?
  • I would, because I was expecting about $150 when initially announced.
  • I was thinking it would be shipped in the box with the phone. $100? No way, MS, that defeats the purpose of a device to act as a PC on a budget.
  • Exactly! I'd rather just carry my laptop.
  • I saw that a Dutch company is selling it bundled with the 950. I expect MS will run similar promotions, albeit not in the same box.
  • What does that dock actually do? It just looks like a box with a bunch of ports. They didn't explain anything about the dock itself, so to me it looks like it just it converts type C to HDMI, plus some USB ports. If that's the case, then it's pretty overpriced. But if there's actual stuff going on, then the price is justifiable. On the other hand, it would raise questions about if the phone is actually powering everything, or if the dock is helping it.
  • I'd pay $99 on an accessory that could get me to use a thumb drive with my phone. You'd have to buy something like that at that price if you wanted to use a thumb drive for iphone.
  • Uh you can get a micro USB to full size USB cable for a few dollars that lets you use a flash drive (and mouse and a keyboard if you also have a USB splitter)
    with a phone
  • I'm assuming you mean an OTG cable. I got those for about $5 for the HP Stream 7 but keep in mind that these phones use USB-C not micro USB, so those cables won't work. We'll see how long it takes for USB-C cables to get cheap
  • One plus sells an extra USB type C cable for $5. I still think Microsoft is ripping people off here. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Continum is a real niche feature. It isn't going to be used by most phone buyers, so the accessory price will reflect the smaller market. I plan to get one because I really haven't used my computer running windows 7 in a long time so for the few times that I need a desktop I'll just plug in my 950 and get a Windows 10 computer for an extra $100. Not a bad deal. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree. On android I could do the same for $2 to be honest. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Seems expensive.
  • Why should I pay that when I can get a full Windows 10 PC on a stick and plug it in to my monitor exactly the same way for around that price?
  • Not really dude.  Those things are generally pretty nasty and good for streaming stuff and thats really it. Add a reasonable quality USB hub and thats an extra $25 plus the extra power cables etc to say nothing for the heat they pump out.
  • I had the exact same thought. It is VERY expensive a device to experience a "PC-like" experience when you can get a proper PC experience at the same price point.
  • Its about being more Productive and for that you get PC-like experience
  • I guess the idea for this dock is that you're doing something on the phone and just need a bigger screen, keyboard and mouse for whatever task you're doing. Another PC would mean extra work to get into that task (getting whatever files you need, etc.) The real question is the latency when using the phone with WiDi instead of this docking station. You can use WiDi for the display and bluetooth for the keyboard/mouse and skip the dock completely as long as the screen's latency is low enough
  • Same thing here, I lost interest in continuum when the presenter said "pc-like", although I like the ability connect my phone to a monitor and connect external storage to the dongle as well.
  • And how much is FULL MS OFFICE going to cost you for that?  And is that PC on a stick going to be constantly connected to LTE data no matter what town you travel to?
  • For that price why can't it run Windows 10 IoT and take on media streaming duties when not used as a dock?? #MissedOpportunity
  • Guys, its a damn docking station, so what if its small and for the phones, it is a professional hardware device. If its too much for you, get a grown up job and then maybe it won't be so bad. Obviously, it ain't for you... =[
  • lol, gotta agree here
  • And  the chord costs extra??? Really. Now that's a shame.
  • I agree it's a professional hardware device. However, Continuum has also been presented for developing markets. In the future if budget devices and a cheaper dock are Continuum capable there is a point, but there are much cheaper PC and phone combos out there right now.
  • While that may have been pitched, realize that the two devices capable of running Continuum are not aimed at the developing markets. That would be the Lumia 550. It's still a luxury for those with pockets deep enough to afford it, even in those regions. Don't forget you still need to buy a monitor and a mouse, keyboard before any of this stuff becomes useful.
  • This is to be expected for a first-gen tech devices which normally starts at premium level. Once the tech trickles down to mainstream level, then we can start seeing drops in prices as they are produced in larger quantity.
  • Just because I have a job that allows me to spend $100 for a device doesn't mean I'll necessarily think that device is worth $100. Don't get me wrong. I think the Display Dock is cool. But right now $100 for what appears to be a glorified adapter hub seems a bit steep.
  • Would you get it if it had flashing led lights?
  • LED notification lights? Sure :-D
  • Same thoughts here. And it will probably be 129€ here (France), which makes it too expensive, "professional" device or not (and by the way, it doesn't mean sh*t). So I'll go for Miracast and Bluetooth keyboard/mouse when picking a 950, hopefully support will be on par.
  • Thank you sir. I don't get how they justify this price. This is how companies like Apple get to charge so much. People just roll over and take whatever they charge. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I like how everyone just ignores that Android devices do this natively. MS Office for Android, couple of additional cables (one for display, another to connect mouse/keyboard)... Doesn't cost anywhere near $100. In fact, all the cable I need to do this were included with some devices. Single login continuum across apps is nice though, but document editing probably just saves the document to the cloud... So again, its not something you couldn't have already been doing anyway. Though I guess if all you know is Windows phone, you probabaly weren't aware that it's generally nothing new
  • Lol, exactly. Android devices have been doing this for years. If you want to get really hardcore you couple be running Debian on the phone (its just one free app in the playstore) and use some Linux software to get work done. Fanboyism should die. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Fanboyism should die.
    Well it's not necessarily fanboyism if you aren't aware that Android has this feature. I use Android as a primary device and I wasn't even aware it has this feature. It's not exactly widely advertised or used.  Anyway, it's more exciting when it happens on a Windows Phone than Android because its the promise of the eventual "full Windows" continuum. Also, Android is simply a horrible OS for use with mouse or having several programs open at the same time. I know that Samsung supports this; but, I believe multiwindow is not a feature of stock Android. Linux is the exact opposite problem. Unusable with touch (and many smartphone features) so nobody is going to use that solution either.  All in all, the continuum experience on Windows Phone should be greatly superior to anything we've seen in the past. Windows is the only OS to make a serious effort to support both touch and mouse AND have a proper multitasking experience.
  • I think for me it's more that for $100, it had better work with the next phones coming down the line.  Since the 950/950XL are unofficially-officially devices in transition, it makes me wonder if this thing is also part of the transition.
  • This, for sure. Honestly, I'm not shocked by the price point. You see docking stations go for $200-$300 or more. Considering the engineering involved, I'm not bothered by a $100 price point for a quality product in this segment.   For the money though, I want some future-proofing. I better not have to replace this thing every time I upgrade my phone.
  • Since the input from the device is USB-C it should be model neutral.
  • For that price I prefer buying a Microsoft Band 2
  • I too would like to by a Band 2 for the price of this dock alas, the Band 2 costs $150 more than this one so you can't get it for that price
  • Seems reasonable to me for what it is. I was thinking of getting the 950 and dock to replace my wife's 1020 and Surface 2.
  • The only disappointment is no Snap.
  • Another device to carry!
  • If you don't know how you going to use it then just no need to carry it!!!!
  • Yeah so it means 150€... Thanks
  • Pity it isn't actually a DOCK. That would be far more use to me than a puck you have to connect to  the phone with a freaking cable.
  • The nice thing about this is you can pick up the phone and use it while wired without picking up the dock. A wireless Qi dock would be great.
  • Cable based means you don't have to worry about connector specs changing on the next one.
  • You don't need the sock to use Continuum. You can do it all wirelessly (Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and Miracast display). But Miracast is a compressed protocol, so the display isn't going to be as crisp or as high frame rate as the wired connection. So it's really up to you. If your usage will be very occasional, then maybe the wireless solution will suffice. But if this is going to be your primary desktop device, then maybe the added benefit of the USB connections and no compression are attractive.
  • While cool, I really don't see a 950/950XL + Display Dock being anyone's primary desktop device. You'd be much better off nabbing an entry-level Windows phone and using the remaining cash on a small desktop PC.
  • Agreed. If you've spent on a monitor, keyboard, mouse, cabling - especially a nice expensive setup - surely you'd be wanting a nice small factor desktop? Something that can do actual stuff! With 3gb ram and a 810 sd, how much can you do on this? How many tabs in a browser? Howe large an xl spreadsheet? Can you have xl spreadsheets, word pages and a browser open? House much like a pc is this? Turning up to an office well you'd need the dock and cabling, and house the other peripherals were present... Our just use a surface (not even the pro)... The usp doesn't make sense. But then it may actually have better multitasking and allow a lot of use, but I think the combined spend could be better spent. Work, home office, creative work (this phone will PhotoShop, light room, video edit and work with an intuos tablet?) - I would love to get my hands on one and see it actually do something. Real shame they didn't focus on this in the presentation, but then I agree with Daniel that this phone related presentation was a rushed afterthought. Lets see.
  • I hear you but I think the phones are more powerful than say an Asus t100 and people use those. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's too expensive
  • At $100... Not for me
  • This is another flop Microsoft is just slowly sinking in my eyes this dock should have been included in the box to help push units but to sell alone it should have media streaming features built in.
  • You know you can just connect a BT keyboard and mouse, and then use Project My Screen to a Miracast capable device already, right?  This just enhances the experience if you so choose...  All these complaints are crazy, everyone wants everything for free.
  • You right!. This device is for right kind of audience. People who are still playing angry birds on their phones, tablets and computer are going to complain.
  • That's a large part of the market. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Every piece of hardware they've sold in the last 15 years has been pretty expensive tbh. You're acting like they're some budget company.
  • They should sell these in a bundle like Xbox. Get a Display Dock, 950XL and Surface Pro 4 for $1000.
  • Well maybe also a free girl for a month ? Idk how you people think that 100$ is expensive, you get a computer for presentation and light office work everywhere you go for extra 100$, that's freaking amazing.
    P.S. Sorry for my French
  • You can get a actual laptop that can run actual programs for less than $200. This is an insane price for just an adapter. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I can see what you spend money on Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree. The way these people are talking you would think 100$ is their life savings. Even, if it was then tech is not for you. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I live in the Caribbean and i think its great price,I have no issues with that price
  • Lol, what island? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do you need it, or can you just attach your phone using a cable? If you can't, Continuum is kind of a waste.
  • The 950 and XL support displayport over USB.
  • What about 75$ ?instead
    Would the average person carry this? Besides students and enterprise.
  • It's really not for the average Joe.
  • It was never for me and most ppl in America need a big boy Computer.
    It is however, great for students and were they to add the ability to stream some games to the phone from the XBox when the phone is connected to the hub, well, then they might be able to justify that price. Posted via Spaceship One
  • Gimmicky and overpriced
  • I am making an assumption that it charges the phone and requires some type of power source \ cord. No picture I have seen has it. Maybe we will see the official specs soon. Does anyone know?
  • Yes, they said it would also keep the phone charged.
  • Thanks - I couldn't find that info anywhere.  Seems like it would.
  • Perfect price point. I'll probably buy 2.
  • Intro price is $99.  That gives it a cushion to drift down to $50 in a year or two.  If this pricing is too rich for you then the product isn't aimed at you.  Move on.
  • No, because by year two it will be working with the Surface phone
  • A bit to much for me. 50 or 60 $ could be fair price.
  • I think this is a good price point. Panos Panay statement this week was consistancy in the products.  I expect that you will be able to continue to use this dock for at least 2 if not 4-5 years.  That is at least 2 maybe 3 phones.
  • I'm wondering if this device is needed to run Continuum. My plan is to use the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and a portable Bluetooth mouse / keyboard combo to pair with the Lumia 950 XL. I kind of hoped Microsoft would demo this kind of connectivity during Tuesday's festivities... or at least give an indication if Continuum can be supported in this manner.
  • If only if they had announced that plugging your phone into an Xbox One could also work for Continuum.
  • No. They should price it at $99. People will stop complaint.
  • So $650 for a 950xl, $100 for the dock, and $50 for a decent keyboard/mouse combo= $800 before taxes. I would rather buy a Surface Pro 4. I really wanted to get excited about the phones but for $400 I can get a really nice Android device. Microsoft nailed it with the other products though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • $400 for the Android + $400 for a decent PC, K/M, and monitor OR + $1100-$2000 for a Surface Pro 4.  You're spending $800 or more either way.
  • That display adapter should come free with the lumia 950/950xl to entice more customer in my opinion. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And to attract more people to get on board. Just sayin. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol, so you're saying people would buy this phone instead of a laptop for $400? If you're that kind of Android user you're already running Debian off your phone through MHL with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and enjoying Linux. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Would it works on my 1520?
  • Premium phones. Not $80 640 from Walmart. Seriously, these are high end phones that are actually priced very fairly in the U.S.
    So the same person who drops $650 on a cell phone thinks $100 for what appears to be a quality accessory is gonna stomp his feet? I just don't get it. This is excellent kit. All of it. And I plan to splurge on an equally gorgeous monitor. (hope touchscreen support is coming) Can't wait to RDP on the big screen while still using the phone. Crazy cool. Unplug and walk away. Carrying nothing but a 6" slice.
  • Oh man touchscreen support would make my Hanns G touch screen be a bigger beast than it already is. It's already the primary monitor for the desktop rig.
  • I rather get me a SP4¬_¬
  • I would understand going this route if you didn't already own a computer, but the people that can afford to drop $800+ most likely already own a pc. I'm not knocking the phones at all and I think their prices are justified, but a $100 dock is just too much money for what you are getting, which for many people won't be much more than a gimmick after a few days of use. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • $100 worth the price. It's a dock station that's has
    Input: USB-C
    1. DisplayPort (so what is it? Hi tech...)
    2. HDMI
    3. 3 USB 3.0 ports
    Lumia phones does include free Microsoft Words, Excel, OneNote, and Presentation. All these will synchronize as a desktop when connect to dock station and monitor.
    Bring this along if you are on any trip with your Lumia 950 XL so you can also play video or movie connect it to the TV's HDMI as Lumia 950 can use 500GB(impress!) micro SD. You can play 4k video. What a deal!
  • Can this work with the Acer Jade Primo? I don't like Acer's docking solution, I prefer to just have my phone tethered rather than docked.
  • And will this only work with the 950s? When W10 roles out and continuum hits the other phones, will they become compatible?
  • The price is not the issue here but more of it's USP. If you're just gonna have a big display of your phone with the adapter, then I wouldn't consider it worthwhile to buy. Most people would have address their need for watching videos in large screen by now. WP10 is NOT going to replace your pc cause it's not able to run the full fledge pc softwares. Whether a user is able to "work" on a WP10 phone with MS Office applications, pretty much depends what the user intend to do. E.g. Current WP phones can read & amend MS Word files but the page formating is off. If you hook the phone via the adapter to a large display & you get proper page formatting as in a pc, then this will be a USP for the adapter.
  • Only the super fanboys can't see your point. There is no hope for them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • At this price, I'm pretty sure there will be third party alternatives coming soon that will be cheaper. Could we all stop whining about the price now? I see myself using this dock for my powerpoint presentations during trainings or presentations. The only problem is that here in Belgium the VGA cable is mostly used instead of modern display ports...
  • I need to see what the functionality and capability of the software is before I pull the trigger on this device. For me it is less a desktop replacement question, but I can see myself having a setup at the office beside the Surface Book, which will be my main PC. I work a lot with sales people on the road and send probably around 100 text messages back and forth every day to answer some quick questions. If I can do that faster and more convenient with keyboard and mouse on a larger screen, count me in.
  • Love this display doc.
  • No complaints from me for this device...
  • Microsoft missed a trick by not integrating this to the Surface dock also. Look at the possibilities of that. You have a single solution for enterprises with a single dock
  • I think aome of you guya are not understanding. It is a DOCKING STATION. When did docing stations come with your laptops? Also, 99$ ain that bad for what it does; it isnt like it is just mirroring you phone on your screen. It is making your phone a laptop pretty much. Thats awesome. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • you are not understanding. This dock does nothing but re-route signals. It doesn't have any computing capability built in. It's a glorified usb-c to hdmi adapter, or usb,hdmi hub. Way over priced for what it is. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android