Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has detailed the specifications Windows 10 Mobile will require for future mobile phones to run the operating system. It's a strong insight into what we can expect to see from future hardware, released not only by Microsoft but partnered OEMs too. As an added bonus point, Intel is included for x86 support on phones (as well as Intel-powered tablets).

It's also pretty major for the platform as a whole as specifications are fairly similar to what was previously required for Windows Phone 8.1, though the company has relaxed them slightly. Microsoft clearly wants to compete in the low-end segment of the market where the company still feels there is much to penetrate in terms of marketshare, while catering for consumers who require the absolute best in a mobile phone.

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Windows 10 Mobile

The low-end Windows 10 Mobile hardware will be able to sport a screen resolution of just 800x480, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, a VGA shooter (without a front-facing camera), and there's no requirement for an accelerometer or Bluetooth. Buttons for back, home and search will be required for said low-res displays.

Judging by experiences with current generation of hardware, we'll assume that mobile phones with the basic setup should be able to run Windows 10 Mobile just fine. At least we're now aware of what's to come for the low-end market.

Source: Microsoft; thanks, WPit, for the tip!

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