Microsoft confirms two major updates planned for Windows 10 in 2017

As we've reported in the past, Microsoft is planning to return to a twice-a-year update cadence for Windows 10 in 2017, releasing two major updates similarly to the Threshold wave of updates released back in 2015. In a blog post on the Microsoft TechNet website, the company has confirmed these plans.

From the blog post: (opens in new tab)

"Windows 10, version 1607 is our third Windows 10 feature update released. Based on feedback from organizations moving to Windows 10, this will be our last feature update for 2016, with two additional feature updates expected in 2017."

Windows Central understands that the first major update for 2017 (codenamed Redstone 2) will release in the early part of 2017. The second major update scheduled for 2017 is codenamed "Redstone 3", which I've heard is being targeted for a Summer/Early Fall 2017 launch.

This will leave around 4-6 months between Redstone 2 and Redstone 3, which is similar to the update pattern that the Threshold update wave followed. Redstone 3 will likely be a much smaller update compared to Redstone 2, much like Threshold 2 was to Threshold 1.

Microsoft is currently in the midst of Redstone 2 development, with the latest internal builds now being compiled around the 14900 range. It shouldn't be too long before Insiders begin receiving Redstone 2 bits for testing, as Microsoft is keen on getting the latest bits out for testing as soon as possible for maximum bug catching and feedback.

Of course, considering we're still several months away from any updates being ready for the public, schedules and timings could easily change. However, one thing is definitely clear; Microsoft wants two major updates out in 2017, which is great news for Insiders and consumers who want to stay updated with the latest features and enhancements from Microsoft.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Actionable tiles????
  • That would be awesome!
  • ASAP
  • You can wait.
  • Considering the anniversary update just left my machine in emergency repair mode permanently I can wait.  The reccomended solution from the MS store is to replace the Hard Drive and install a new purchased copy of Windows 10. Yeah!  I think I am just going to scrube the drive and install Widnows 7 from the original disks that came with the machine.
  • Great! Incoming features, guys! :D
  • Large square tiles?
  • Interactive Live Tiles, Hyper (Pre) Touch, Landscape Start Screen, Spit screen (Continuum), W10M 64-bit, Deep integration with W10, etc.
  • The good stuff!!
  • Yeah, can't wait for that spit screen :D Just kidding but those look all awesome mate! Can't wait for them to bring the goodies!
  • Only reason I love Windows is tile UI. Only reason I support Windows is interactive live tiles.(until hololens came in)
  • Live tiles have been kind of a bust, half the time it's just a tile changing picture and nothing else, or it shows old, outdated, information.
  • In 2020
  • Can't wait!
  • You'll have to :D
  • :D
  • All we do is wait!!!!
  • And this is why I wish sites like this one would stop reporting these things. All you get is people whining, bit***** and moaning about how it is not here fast enough. Then when it is released, then they whine, bit*** and moan about how it is not good enough. Just like with earlier versions of Windows, people complained about the "Microsoft tax" because of the supposed "forced upgrades" but when there is a 4 year break between XP and Vista, then they whine, bit** and complain about it falling behind vs. the competition.
  • I feel your pain bro Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Internet law #1: Nobody will every be happy. Internet law #2: See Internet law #1.
  • Have you been watching Fight Club?
  • And gotta wait again for RS3...and the update after that..and the next one..
    I have a strange feeling that it takes time to develop new features.. I could be wrong though
  • The good part of microsofts updates,  they will tease you with all this awesomeness,  then turn around and strip it all out just before release so in fact,  RS3 will be RS2,  and so on.  So really,  they only need 2 people developing it because all they need to do is change the numbers on the updates.
  • What a depressing hobbie you got here!
  • Not as depressing as yours.  I am using apple gear,  your still waiting for your microsoft devices to work.
  • So, you'd know if my devices work or not? A litle bit arrogant, eh? At least my hobbie is not coming here depressing people with depressing comments!
  • Are they windows devices?  if so,  I can guarantee that they do not work as well as apple!  stating a fact after coming from windows based products to apple this past month!  
  • Well yeah your name is Steve, Steve just goes with apple. Wouldn't make sense to use anything else :)
  • Then you sir have just been ripped of by a company that cares more about it's money that it's users. Congradulations on your old and boring UI!
  • WOW<  POT KETTLE BLACK there LSD,  MS is only worried about money considering they are ONLY investing in enterprise....too funny how blind the fanboys are here.  good luck with getting apps and awesome tech in the future.  
  • Blind are those who don't want to see. Enterprise users are as good as any other users IMO. At least with MS you can have a great phone for about $60 or less. Apple doesn't care about poor people. That's just discriminating and it's too bad for them.
  • Nope they don't they don't need to.  there are enough of us NON poor people to buy their awesome devices.  Obviously catering to poor people in business for consumer products does not work...look at MS's windows mobile market share.   news flash,  don't hate people with iphones because they can afford it and you can't.....hate yourself for not getting a better job or saving up to get the awesome iphone!  think about that! And furthermore LSD,  apple is NOT discriminating against poor dont walk into the apple store and automatically get your poor get out.  You walk into the apple store,  and ask how much a product is and they say its 500 dollars....then you say I only have 50,  so they say there is a microsoft store around the corner.  SIMPLE supply and demand.  I will charge what I want for devices people want.  Obviously more people (including yourself) want an iphone,  some are willing to pay some are not.  NOT APPLES FAULT.  Just as microsoft figures their phones are only worth 50 bucks....and sell them as such.  BTW,  the 1020 was more expensive than the iphone when it was released NEW!  FYI.
  • FYI I can buy an Iphone if I want. There's people that don't buy just because they don't want you know? I know there's riches that couldn't care less abou the poors, and clearly you're one of them.
  • ...yet with all that 'great gear' you mention, it seems like a lot of money to spend simply to troll Windows sites.
  • I just visit here from time to time.  Stop by,  watch the withering of the microsoft fans,  see them die a little more each day while clinging to some small grain of hope that their beloved windows mobile platform will some day become relevant.  I guess that day is "coming soon"....just like everything from microsoft.
  • Haha! That's such a loser comment!! Hahaha
  • Nelle,  btw are you jealous that I can spend "all that money" or something?  I spent all that money 6 months ago on Microshit that does not work worth a roll of beans.  The money spent on the apple products is totally worth it since it all works as advertised,  fast, smooth, polished....wahhhhhhhh
  • I'm hardly jealous (or envious.) I've likely spent similar sums on hardware I like, including a new Dell desktop and a Lumia 950. We each chose what we prefer. The difference is I'm not over on an Apple (or Android) board. Since I left behind an Android phone for personal use in November 2014 and a Galaxy 5s provided by my former employer in November last year, I believe MS has achieved a great deal, even if W10 Moble market share evaporated. These devices work wonderfully for me, and I'm all in on the journey forward. Enjoy your devices... so will I enjoy mine.
  • So why the dig at "all that money"  it seems you spent "all that money" on inferior products to tell you the truth....
  • Mate... You should just give up. Your comments are coming off retarded now. C'mon. Stop embarrassing yourself... Im trying to do you a favor here.
  • One of us is trolling on a board devoted to the products of a competing company... and one of us is not. I'd say that is a waste, but... whatever. As for 'wasting money', Apple has not a thing that comes close to what Office 2016 gives me as a writer.
  • OMG! HAHAHAHA This comment is much more of a loser comment than the last one!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!
  • Wait, they'll probably delay it for 2018, as usual...
  • As usual? Which feature update released so far in the Windows 10 release cycle was delayed?
  • W10M was delayed for months. Redstone 1 was expected much earlier and Redstone2 plans first were for 2016. AU for mobile should have started rolling out on August 2nd, but it didn't. Need more?
  • For sure... They also totally missed their deadline for the anniversary update, didn't they... Back under your rock now.
  • So hopefully RS3 will pack all delayed features from the previous Redstone updates
  • And all the removed innovative cool stuff from 8.1!!!!
  • That's barely worth even a cumulative update..
  • Full text and call support!
  • I would love to see continuity-like features where you can answer call and text from the phone straight on the PC.
  • That's rumored for Redstone 2. Let's hope it comes soon via Insider Preview.
  • Just suggest it via Feedback Hub :)
  • You can text (SMS) from your pc already.
  • Would like to get anniversary update first. I have 2 computers that keep getting the same error. Otherwise I think its great.
  • Tabs in explorer please ! =)
  • Why? It seems weird
  • Install the free Clover extension, and thank me later. One of the first things I install with each new Windows installation.
  • I'd rather to have the Store version of Explorer, that will be much cooler to be used on Mobile version :D
  • File explorer or internet explorer? ;)
  • Phone too?
  • Most probably.
  • Absolutely! W10M is now the one with W10 desktop, the same with W10 Xbox, Hub, and even IoT and Hololens :)
  • I'll be in the minority here but...
    Before more features, cleanup the os. Go ballsdeep on control panel and just get rid of it. Fix the right click menus so they are consistent. Fix the basics, get it running right. Then add features. :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No mate you're not alone
  • I would have to agree as well. Features are great, but the UI and UX are still pretty inconsistent, and I think that can ruin an OS much faster than lack of new features Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That and make Explorer an UWP app. With Tabs. It's just painful to use right now.
  • Yes. this is one of the most important (and essential) features Microsoft has to work for.
  • Until it's so, use Clover if you want tabs in the file explorer so much :)
  • If they can reach the stability of WP8.1, it'll be great.
  • Agreed. Desktop, Explorer, and all *win32* apps still have the old context menu, while at the same time, Taskbar, Edge, and Start, have a new context menu. They have to fix this inconsistency, and they're good to go.
  • This is what i wish the most as well i can live without new features for a while but i woul like to have consistentn OS.
  • They're moving the options from cp to the settings app, just slowly. But yeah, the right click menus feel a bit strange.
  • I can't see them ever fully getting rid of cpanel. It's possible but it will take them for ever. Just look at the print options in the legacy settings and compare it to modern settings. They are missing hundreds of options.
  • Oh I agree. For power users we will always need the somewhat hidden Cpanel around. The issue is even for an average user they need to frequently toggle between Cpanel and the settings app. That's what needs fixed more than anything. Themes for example, how hard would it be to add them to the settings app, we all use them... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 'The basics' as you put it, doesn't 'sell' the product... I agree, polish should be a priority... But it will be pushed to the side by fancy new sparkley things like Ink, Cortana and such...
  • As I said, I'm in the minority :) A polished OS is much more attractive to me than a fragmented, although feature rich, OS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows 10 doesn't need to be sold that way. The user base is huge. And most of them are previous Win OS users. Consistency should come first. We're not talking about Windows 10 Mobile btw.
  • I hope they fix reboot issue...
  • I read this to mean you were going tell us about two major features upcoming. ;P
  • Im more excited because its applicable to mobile also!!
  • RS2 might be the update that drops support for Windows Mobile. If they don't have something ground breaking, this will be the time to kill it. The complete lack of sales will put OEMs off the platform and Microsoft doesn't want to support it alone. The chance they actually have something revolutionary is slim to none. Nadella will kill it at last minute. He will have no path forward after failing in the enterprise as well as consumer. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do we really have to go through this **** over and over? They're not killing it! Forget it. They already said that if no one makes windows mobiles they will. Where did you get the assumption that they "don't want to support it alone"? Plus RS2 will be more mobile focused. Does it even make any sense to focus on mobile then just kill it?
  • Thank you for pointing that out :)
  • Yeah, when you don't have anything to differentiate yourself from the market, there are no OEMs making phones or developers supporting your platform and your market share is down to .1% with no chance for success, you kill it. This is exactly what happened with the Surface Mini. It certainly isn't unheard of. Microsoft needs a miracle, otherwise it is just a matter of time. Before spending the time and money to roll out an update is when it will happen. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You shouldn't have answered his comment bro. Just leave him be. He'll feel unwanted and unattended to soon enough, and he'll stop talking. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If you come from WP7 you should learn by now they said alot of things.....  Right now no one is making WP including MS.  Go to MS store and see the LARGE selection of WPs.
  • AFAIK, MS will support phones as long as 950/XL & X3 users are warranted to have updates for a few years. If there's no new mobile device next year, your prediction might be true. Btw, you might want to look up NuAnz, Alcatel & BLU. Though they're small manufacturers, they still sell W10M. Not to forget some other Japan-based manufacturers.
  • Those manufacturers might only add up to a few hundred sales. I don't think Blu is even making new Windows Phones either and NuAns plan to sell phones outside Japan flopped hard. Their Kickstarter only hit a small fraction of what they required. It is dead. After the X3 flops in the enterprise, Microsoft will have no path forward for W10M. Development will be halted before RS2 is rolled out and the Surface Phone will be canceled. They really have no path forward. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well, let's see how it unfolds. RS 2 is promised to be mobile-centric development. Your argument makes sense of what has happened to WP7, McLaren & Surface Mini. I won't put hope that W10M will flourish magically but I'm quite sure the doom won't be next year.:)
  • Enable x86, now it's different from the market and I would want it :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Naw, any available x86 chip would either make for a terrible phone and a meh desktop or a terrible desktop and a meh phone. You would be over it for a day or two. There is a reason Microsoft has done that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thanks barrey allen
  • But threshold and threshold 2 updates were just 4 months apart. I would rather like to see two updates evenly spread out with new features also equally spread out. I would not like to wait for an update for more than 6 months. Updates once every 3 months is always welcome.
  • Or we could just go back to the old days and wait years for features... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You are still doing that.  its just microsoft got smart about how they do it.  Announce cool features,  you don't wait as long because about 2-3 months after announcing them they scrap them so you feel defeated for a few days,  then they repeat the cycle to draw the lemmings back in!  I decided I was not being a lemming and waiting for stuff for my microsoft deveices and dropped them like the bad habit they are and got apple.  swooooosh,  it was like I went into a time machine foward about 10 years.  everything worked, worked right,  and I had everything,  every app, wearable, accessories that I wanted.  I am so glad MS is going down this path of nothingness....It got me on the path of future technology,  and how everything is supposed to work.  Not pretending like everything works as you do with MS devices/services.
  • I don't understand why people down vote a perfectly normal opinion.
  • If they really cared about IT organizations they'd bring back Service Packs. Having hundreds of little updates sucks.
  • Microsoft posts an updated ISO for new builds with in days of release. An IT organization could also build a stremlined ISO for whom ever they IT for.
  • That does not help at all.
  • Are 2 updates in a year sucks? Businesses can opt out that, and have you heard the Branch that is specialized just to businesses?
  • This basically is service packs but under a different name. This story is about having two major updates in a year and your complaint is that having lots of small updates is a pain? Is it opposite day today and noone told me?
  • I guess this is the wrong place for business IT discussion. Get back to your Snapchats and Pokemons and forget I ever said anything.
  • You totally bring the wrong arguments to business discussion. They are bringing 2 major updates so if your IT can't handle that, they're doing it wrong. Ever heard of system center or Intune? They make maintaining computers a breeze no matter how many updates Microsoft throws at you. And yes, I'm speaking out of experience here.
  • If you look at one of your servers today you will see close to 400 updates on it, all with similar names and lengthy KB numbers attached to them. All I'm saying is that that is unnecessarily difficult to manage and maintain compliance when you have thousands of servers and no one with the time to analyze the reports constantly. The two major updates they're talking about here are likely feature updates and don't include the monthly security updates. The IE team is doing cumulative updates and the SQL Server team still does service packs. Windows should do the same. Every so often roll a few hundred tiny updates into a service pack like they used to do. Instead of telling me that managing hundreds of updates is easy can you tell me why service packs were bad?
  • Where did I say Service packs are bad? I'm saying that with the right tools, keeping Windows up to date is fairly easy. Now you drag server to the discussion which is another deal and another branch totally separate from desktops (where the anniversary update and redstone 2/3 are about). The Windows Server team is rounding up the new server and what the roadmap will be there, remains to be seen but it's one different from consumer desktop OSes. You do also know I hope that those cumulative kb updates are there to fix things or make stuff more secure? Imagine having to wait for a fix until the next Service pack... A lot of businesses won't be that happy I suppose. I know I wouldn't be...
  • Good, then we're in agreement. Bring back service packs for Windows. Obviously, I'm not advocating against ongoing monthly security updates. I'm m advocating for the simple baselines service packs once provided.
  • Aren't the cumulative updates already just bundled standard updates? ​I distinctly remember only getting 4 updates for a whole month on one server that had non-automatic updates and on another with auto updates it had at least 100 for the same time period.
  • WSUS is your friend...
  • actually it helps a great deal - why ? with 2 updates/year you are likely able to align all the changes in the entire stack including you runtime libraries and applications and will have to test only once rather than everytime any of your layers introduces changes - ideally you will be using the four months leadtime using CB for piloting/testing purposes while servicing your users with CBB for business critical / compliance relevant areas: use the LTSB branch
  • well not to sound "greedy" but.. With Win 10 as a service now, are they only looking to do 2 more updates and then move on to a windows 11 cycle.. since it just says "no more in 2016, but soon in 2017 there will be 2".. i guess i wonder if there will be another set of updates later.
  • W10 is the last Windows ((version number) according to MS.
  • You think it will be called Windows 10 forever? Hmmm.
  • The idea is to at some point when the public is already doing so, drop the 10 moniker and just have it called Windows.
  • I'm reading this as a sign that they're aiming for 2 updates per year, unlike 2016 that only gets AU.
  • How does this say that after Redstone 3, we'll move to Windows 11? No, by the time Redstone 2 comes around and development of Redstone 3 starts, we'll likely start hearing about a new codename for the updates beyond Redstone, either a "Redstone 4" or a new codename (I think it is going to be the later), but each of these updates will continue to be Windows 10. That's not to say that we'll never see the actual version number move from 10.0 to 10.1 or 11.0, etc. That could - and in fact should - happen any time, but it is still Windows 10.
  • So if the number changes to 11,  its still windows 10?  wow i like microsofts way of adding.  10+1=10.  sounds about right for the level of thought at the top!  yep!  or is it 11-0=10????  damn this new math.
  • Fun fact, Windows 8 was actualy Windows 6.2 or 6.3 internally... The brand name was still Windows 8 ​Just like now the brand name is Windows 10 (with the plan to drop the 10 monicker once the public allows it) and the internal numbering that was bumped to 10.0 for the Threshold 1 release will continue to advance normally with API updates and more importantly API deprecations.
  • No wonder they can't do anything right....Poor ole microsoft software dev's all confused on simple math.  poor guys/gals.  Damn MS,  you dont make it easy do you!
  • Windows naming has never been consistent btw. No complain about that. 95-98-ME? XP-VISTA-7-8-8.1? And now 10. It's just for hype.
  • Will Redstone 2 support Google accounts on outlook?
  • Already supported Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Try to add a Google account in Outlook. You may be surprised with the current result.
  • I did just the other day and it worked fine.
  • Issue is only for new logins.
  • Are you talking about desktop outlook? If so that's something else (which I don't use because i think it's too much) but if it's the outlook mail app you're talking about then you're wrong. Have two linked and it works fine. Ironically, my outlook account is what's not syncing when I'm connected to a network with a proxy (which if basically ask the time).
  • Mobile. Major issues since Tuesday.
  • nope - no issues here
  • If this is an issue since TUESDAY, then it's not about "supporting google accounts", but more likely a server issue somewhere.
  • Try to add a new google account in outlook. It does not work because Edge is unsupported. So its "supporting google accounts issue". Existing logged in accounts are ok.
  • Oh you mean web-outlook? I assumed it was the outlook mail app..
  • Outlook mail app on mobile is not able to login to new google accounts. The login in Outlook app is made based on some edge wraper, that is broken now.
  • Looks like Googles fault.
  • major issues since switching to 10.   there fixed that for you!
  • Thanks. It is hard to explain when something not works and people do not understand or don't want to understand. Still no news about this in WC...
  • Mostly because they don't want people to think google is doing this intentionally, not that it could actually just be a bug.
  • spoofed my 925 today, redstone is waaaay faster than threshold 2. only issue so far is glance
  • May I ask exactly how? I have a 925 from Vodafone Australia that I'd like to update if it's possible. I read about the supposed Registry hack a while back and tried that but to no avail. I followed the instructions correctly, as far as i can tell.
  • You can follow this guide
    I did the short version of it. I was on the final Threshold 2 build(10586.494 i think). Go to storage>apps and delete Extras+info. then follow the guide from step 6. It was really easy, no hiccups, no hard resets needed. Deleting extras+info is essential as without that you won't be able to Interop unlock your phone. good luck :)
  • Updates, updates updates! YOU get an update! And you get an update! Everyone Except x20 series get an update!
  • Sorry I couldn't help myself :P
  • Lol. Don't feel bad. I miss my 920 but probably upgrading my 830 to a 950 XL soon. Gotta keep up!
  • I am hoping to do the same :)
    try this
  • Thank you! :)
  • They should remove the components of the old os first. Bring ux up and then add features one by one.
  • @ZacBowden, could you please verify if current phone supported by Windows 10 Mobile, like the Lumia 830/640/640XL etc will be supported till Redstone 3 and beyond? I was wondering this because the X20 series Lumias got left behind due to hardware limitations - meaning we may get outdated at some point
  • I think x30 (except 630/635) and x40 are confirmed as eligible for RS2 and RS3. The problem was the very old hardware those phones had. If they kill support for x30/x40, they kill support for almost every partner budget OEM.
  • That is good to know :)
  • Well, I do predict they will drop support sometime in the future. Basic product lifecycle.
  • where is landscape homescreen for mobile??????????
  • Just call it BETA: Attack of the OS Bugs part 3 & 4!
  • And you will say: 'Coming Soon (TM)'
  • Live Tiles on the desktop. Me Wantee!
  • Just use tablet mode, you get live tiles on desktop.
  • Thats nice but not the same, i would like to hova live tiles instead of icons on desktop as well.
  • I'd rather see desktop removed entirely. There's no point in having it anymore, and I don't know of anyone that uses it, except my tech-incompatible mom. :P
  • In all reality they should have just stayed with win8 on both home and mobile based systems.  It was so much better than this crap.
  • Err, if you use desktop software, desktop is still crucial. AutoCAD, Adobe CC & other specialist software to name a few. Not only your mom.
  • Ofc they need two since rs2 will be mobile centric, they can't end the year with nothing for their beloved PCs
  • Isn't 2017 (aka post-anniversary) supposed to be more focused on mobile than desktop? Thought I remembered a statement along those lines from //Build or another conference....
  • Technically yes. There's nothing much to accomplish on PCs, only UX/UI improvement for now.
  • Not a lot of creativity with the codenames lately.
  • Probably they consider some updates "one cycle". Like, there's not a lot of changes between Threshold 1 and 2, but there is between Threshold 2 and Redstone 1.
  • The reference to Minecraft is creative
  • I would be much happier about this news if I had the Anniversay Update. Still waiting, lol.
  • People have to keep in mind that they are not stating Windows Mobile xD That may come like 1 week or 1 year later... The usual...
  • Actually both RS2 and RS3 are supposed to focus much more on Mobile than RS1 did.
  • People have to keep in mind that Windows Mobile doesn't exist but it's all Windows 10 now.
    People should stop bit**ing about that... The usual...
  • Ne0win headlines this same item as "No new features for Windows 10 until 2017". Talk about seeing the glass half empty. Jeez, some people just give MS no slack. Always so negative, Windows must have killed their dog.
  • Well I guess it's because we are dead last to everyone including Microsoft. But many are still here waiting to see what's next. Most of us want features that'll make you happy using the OS. Many major features have been sliced. And new features are not coming fast enough.
  • Sure, but it's a matter of perspective, right? They are saying this last part of the year they will be working on new features, which for Anniversary just wasn't about them a lot. I'm excited at this prospect and I might get into Insider for this.
    W10M is not a priority and it makes sense, but it's still getting a lot of support all things considered. Next week we'll have Anniversary on our phones. It's not so grim as people seem to love saying it is.
  • Well consdering the crap they pulled since before the release of 10.  i cannot beleive there are people still wanting to use anything microsoft.  I AM OUTTA HERE!
  • I hope that it works through via Windows Update....this feature 1607 I can't install it on my laptop due to unknown reasons...Error Messages don't even come up.
  • Try downloading the iso and upgrade from there
  • tried the update assistant tool from MS...this time it on the anniversary build. Thanks.
  • I hope they complete the transition of the control panel to the moden settings and really out the replacement for placeholders (OneDrive) because its really useful.
  • Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagagagahahahahahahahahahaga.
    I don't trust them anymore, already.
  • They why bother still coming here?
  • They really need to stabilize and improve the performance of the windows 10 (It really requires polishing). So if they do so I think its great decision
  • What's wrong with performance? From my experience it's faster and smoother than any predecessor.
  • messaging everywhere, whatever form it takes, had better come out in RS2
  • If you mean SMS on your PC, it's been moved to being a Skype feature.
  • And coming out this summer (apparently... while some people hate MS for delays, my beef is with the Skype team :P )
  • Im leaving testing. Im tired of bugs. Unless they have a must have killer feature i need...
  • Thanks for informing us.. I guess?
  • The only killer feature they need at this point is window 8 back.  On both home and mobile.  AWESOME FEATURES there.  
  • Will it be faster?
  • Dunno,  it's coming soon!
  • My wish list
    Printer support for mobile
    Extension for edge mobile
    Live actionable tiles
    More fonts and style for reading mode
  • And inking for mobile...
  • Printer support already exists. There is even a list of supported printers on the Windows 10 Mobile page on the Microsoft website
  • Any chance of Windows Media Center coming back?
  • Nope.
  • Any Chance of winodws mobile being relevant?   NOPE...
  • +1000000000 for hashturf's comment on printing from mobile
  • That would be nice
  • Help me.. I am getting error 0x803F8001 when I try to install WhatsApp Beta.
  • put down microsoft device....put in garbage,  buy Apple device,  download said apps and use them!  there....I helped!
  • Eager to receive rs2 insider releases.
  • Dona seemed to indicate insider builds starting this month. As the general public are going into Redstone 1, that would be our cue.
  • They confirm everything but they do nothing.
    Irony of Microsoft :( Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They do plenty.
  • Plenty of what?  backpedalling,  retracting,  breaking promises and canecelling features....Yep,  they do plenty of that!
  • No update on my pc yet . Is that normal ???
  • check back in 2 years.  It MIGHT be there then!
  • and if i remember correctly RS2 is focused for phones and whole 2017 :D
  • Keep telling yourself that brother.  Thats MS's way of pacifying the user base thats left to sqeese every dollar out of you with services before they axe it all together.  
  • How about we stop and fix the bugs?
  • Cool
  • Y does Windows central app crash alot yyyyy ,this is so frustrating
  • Y does Windows central app crash alot yyyyy ,this is so frustrating
  • Scroll down a couple of comments, hit the back arrow to get to the main article, and then go back into your article to finish reading and replying to comments. It works 75% of the time. I guess they are still working out the kinks.
  • The stable version is coming soon with islandwood.
  • We can expect MSFT new h/w's in 2017. Would be so happy if they come up with next-gen SB / speculated SP. No doubt gaint is under construction Project Scorpio.  
  • maybe a new book,  but phone.....?  not a chance.  They fired the entire phone division....surface phone IS NOT HAPPENING>
  • I like this latest update most. No Hang anymore.
  • Starting up the system has become very time consuming. Hope MS will find a solution
  • My system pretty much instantly loads Windows 10, could be your having 1 of many many issues causing that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android