Microsoft congratulates Sony on their PlayStation launch

While we are a week away from the launch of the Xbox One, Sony has already launched their PlayStation 4 and fans are lining up to pick up their new units. In the wake of the event, Microsoft has tweeted at their rivals and congratulated them on the launch.

It is a nice gesture on Microsoft’s part that can be viewed as genuine, or as sarcastic commentary. The company has been known to congratulate their rivals on launches, so it really isn’t far from the average spectrum of what goes on at Microsoft. The tweet was posted at 6 AM EST and the official PlayStation account owned by Sony has yet to respond.

Have you preordered an Xbox One for next week or did you pick up your PlayStation 4 today? I have my Day One preorder and can’t wait for the console to invade my living room - how about you?

Source: Twitter

Michael Archambault