Microsoft continues to push Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10

If you are running a PC with either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you have already seen the prompts to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Now Microsoft is pushing even harder for those users to upgrade to the latest OS with new messages that, on the surface at least, don't appear to offer much in the way of options.

Windows 10 prompt

As noted by PC World, at least some users who click on the Windows 10 upgrade icon on the taskbar are seeing messages that show either an "Upgrade Now" or a "Download now, upgrade later" button. Windows 7 and 8.1 users can still simply click on the close window button to banish the prompt back to the taskbar, but Microsoft's message is clear: It really, really wants those people to upgrade to Windows 10.

In October, Microsoft's Windows and Devices head Terry Myerson stated that the Windows Update feature in Windows 7 and 8.1 would begin to label the Windows 10 download as an "Optional Update". In early 2016, that label will change to a "Recommended Update". He added:

"Depending upon your Windows Update settings, this may cause the upgrade process to automatically initiate on your device. Before the upgrade changes the OS of your device, you will be clearly prompted to choose whether or not to continue. And of course, if you choose to upgrade (our recommendation!), then you will have 31 days to roll back to your previous Windows version if you don't love it."

If users have a metered connection to the Internet, Myerson indicated they would have the option of turning off the automatic updates, but added that that in those cases users should manually check Windows Update on a frequent basis.

Source: PCWorld

  • Yeah about Windows 10 mobile it was supposed to be rolled out already...
  • Probably around end of January for older devices.
  • Still waiting, there's still a few more bugs like live tiles not working. Crashes etc.
  • Yeah or when you try to restrict background data, the settings app crashes
  • Says who? Link?
  • W10M released on Nov 16 2015  
  • Shipped to OEM is Nov 16...Final distribution is still TBA based on the article. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows 10 Mobile was release in November 2015. All new phones will have that running by default. For older devices: > wait for your wireless carrier to release the update in Q2 2016 or > Sign-up to be a Windows Insider, download app on phone and upgrade to latest build, and then delete Windows Insider app.  
  • Still, many people won't ever click that unfamiliar button in the task bar. But I'm sure that MS will increase it's agresivity here over time
  • Nice use of words. I might have gone with aggressiveness.
  • Agresiciousness
  • Aggregatiosness if you want to sound mysterious. Posted via the Windows Central App for NES
  • Yeah bro the whole world is waiting for win10 mobile n so do I..
  • Yeah, upgrade now if you're not already on 10. Seriously.
  • They will start charging after a year rite?
  • Yes, a year after it launched that is.
  • Only in the sense that if you haven't already upgraded, you'll have to pay to upgrade. You won't be charged any monthy fee or any other sort of nonsense people keep spouting online.
  • Why, what happened to free choice?
  • You still have a choice, you don't need to upgrade... But to get grandma amd grandpa and other not so techy people to push for the upgrade they need to put it in their sight of view ;-)
  • In my opinion the fact that there is a prompt at all is alright, the problem is that the prompt doesn't offer an obvious way to decline or delay.
  • The famous red X, a.k.a. the "Close" button, has been in the Windows GUI since... 20 years ago?
  • Yes but it's still off-putting not to be presented with that choice inside the prompt.
  • unnecessary, the dreaded red ex is all anyone needs...if another option is needed, I'm pretty sure the power button could also work in a pinch. lol ;p
  • If I was a less knowledgeable user, I wouldn't know if by closing that window I'd lose the free upgrade offer.
  • you are forced to upgrade or go to linux
  • Free upgrade that you keep forever. No charges after a year
  • Just soon as MS gets place holders or equivalent in the OneDrive app. I don't mind syncing my whole OneDrive to my desktop computer but on my Surface 3? Just becuse a few people had issues understanding the way OneDrive works in W8.x MS had to gut one of its most useful features!
  • No Media Center no 10 on my server. All other PC's are there but until we have a better solution for streaming live HDTV to my Xbox I'll stick with 8.1.
  • Get a DLNA supported NAS that's what I use for all of my movies to stream to my Xbox. No issues at all. The only downside is it doesn't show metadata but that just might be my NAS.
  • I updated from Windows 7 and still have Media Center.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Look at this guy! =p
  • Yeah, I do too.
  • MDL will fulfill your WMC needs!
  • Should I install Windows 10 on my Lumia 730 as a daily driver? Is it as smooth as 8.1?
  • off topic
  • No. I installed it on my 1020 and it was not stable.
  • Thanks.
  • I feel like the 1020 just has its own firmware issues...hopefully they will have that done and ready soon.
  • it is stable on my sons 640 and 635 so you should be fine.
  • It is more than stable on my 1520. W10M build 10589.29 is the build you're getting eventually. I suggest you do it manually now and start your journey with a much better OS.
  • It was pretty bad on my 1020.
  • Done this on my 640 and now don't have Cortana or email.It basically destroyed my phone.just warning.
  • this is regarding desktop Windows
  • l i e s . . . O-o
  • You lose wifi calling on T-mobile as well.  I'll stay on 8.1 until the phone is dead most likely.  I doubt MS will ever fix it or add wifi calling to the OS so that carriers don't have to be involved which means windows phones in the US will fail to ever take off.
  • Really waiting for the update of Windows 10 for windows phone
  • Why are you waiting? If you want it bad you can get it now
  • Maybe he uses an ATIV or one of the older HTC phones? If they do, there's no helping them... =[
  • that's not even relevant here
  • The option to upgrade to Windows 10, should be as simple as an on off switch.
    If you want it, get it, if not then don't
    Microsoft pushing it out so aggressively, is not acting professionally. I have several users, who have upgraded accidentally. They hate it, and I've been rolling them back, to they're previous os. Congrats Microsoft, for aggravating people, and costing them time and money.
  • At least they have the option to roll back, unlike Xbox One system updates that are forced on consumers who don't want them.
  • ...because things that don't will break. Trust me, they will break, who wants an expensive paperweight? =[
  • You're also starting to make your PC more susceptible to security issues. There's nothing wrong with update, you guys are just afraid of feature loss, bugs, or crashes, or CHANGES, and it sounds like technophobe.
  • Nothing to be afraid of. Except feature loss... And bugs... And crashes... And incompatibilities. Silly technophobes! :/
  • And spiders... And bears.
  • Yeah. Install that #&#€*&€% win10 update!
  • Imposible upgrade to Windows 10 while the upgrade making ussies and troubles in PC.
  • It is funny people begging Google to make OEM push the latest and greatest Android but resist and complaint when MS want to push latest and greatest Windows. They also 1001 reason for that.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's not even a working analogy when you actually think about it.
  • People wanting security updates on their phone is "funny"? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't say about security update is funny, security update suppose to be mandatory. I do say latest release of Android. Currently Android user want Marshmallow inside their device no matter what. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Guess you cant see the difference between people asking for an update and people having an update FORCED on them.....
  • Nobody is forcing. Update is available. If someone want they have to click upgrade now or leave it.
  • As long as there still aren't the possibility of shareholders in OneDrive, i am not updating  Got way to much data on OneDrive to fit on my SP3
  • There is a way to do it but u have to restructure your OneDrive. You have all of your main folders then have subfolders within those main folders. Then you sync the "files in [folder]" but not the subfolders and you can have placeholders for the main folder without syncing the whole folder with all subfolders.
  • That's too complex.
  • This is literally the only reason why I reverted back to 8.1.
  • Carl Icahn will make sure of that
  • I keep getting the annoying "Upgrade to Windows 10" banner on my work computer running Windows 7 Pro EVERY TIME I open IE. It's driving me nuts and needs to stop!
  • Talk to your IT people. MS gave them a way to hide the win 10 upgrade for the whole institution. They just have to use it. It never popped out for me at work.
  • Yep eventually they did. But for the rest of us uninstalling KB3035583 update does the trick(sure it doesn't delete the files downloaded but it does stop the messages)
  • opening IE? Internet Explorer?
    Well there's your problem. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's on your IT dept. We literally cannot go to Win10 due to incompatibility issues. I have NEVER seen the upgrade icon on my work computer.
  • ...and would somebody PLEASE answer that phone?! =s
  • I'll switch my beater laptop to Windows 10 when they make the 64 Bit Windows 7 upgrades work without a hitch
  • I've had issues with a Surface Pro, tried to upgrade a dozen times and each time a different error message (code); I'd love to upgrade it but it just keeps on failing.
  • I am getting very anoyed with the constant push for Windows 10. I would upgrade if I could, but since I use cablecard and medicacenter, there is no way I can upgrade. I really wish I could turn the notifications off. I understand that not a lot of people used Media Center, so they killed it, but that means I cannot upgrade and no matter how much they try to push me to do it, I cannot, at least until a viable replacement comes along. It actually is starting to **** me off.
  • Agreed. Add a Media Center alternative, or stop bugging me.
  • Uninstall update KB3035583
  • MDL has a .zip that contains WMC and actually works with CableCard for Windows 10.
  • Question: Is there even a reason for me to upgrade to Win10, when I am fully satisfied with my Win7?
  • It support life well end by Microsoft and OEM windows 10 all so faster and this a big one DirectX 12
  • Not an easy question to answer, the best I can say is security and support. Windows 7 has already ended it's mainstream support. There's also the fact that if you go out and buy a PC, it's almost garunteed it will have Windows 10 on it, so why not start getting used to it since it's free. Then there's a ton of subjective reasons, as well as reasons that apply if you're a gamer (DX12)
  • My honest answer is there are several little things that add up to the improved experience but for many it seems there are things that get left that keep them from seeing those benefits. So yeah, trying to give one solid reason is hard when its a million little things...
  • So you can share more of your private information with MS?
  • But you share your private info with Facebook. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Built-in free antivirus protection?
    (it says in the window)
  • Yes it's called windows defender Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yup, been there for a while now (Windows 7 at least). Not really any worse than any other virus protection service considering the end user is still the biggest failure point in all of them.
  • Since vista(optional download for xp) but only AntiSpyWare. w8 brought antivirus to replace mse/onecare. More or less your fully protected the same way Microsoft Forefront provides
  • Just do it before 7/29/16
  • I have tried to update a good 7 times now and it fails and reverts to 8.1pro every time. Ms. Try harder.
  • Lol at least it reverts my parents pc just failed to the point where the boatloader is no good so had to do clean install of 7
  • I really don't see why some people still refuse to upgrade. Windows 10 is a free upgrade! Why won't people get this upgrade?! You don't want to pay for it when they free upgrade deal is over!
  • It runs like crap on older hardware.
  • I will admit that some OEMs have purposely abandoned anything that is older than 2 and a half years old and that's just not cool...
  • Yep my parents have a sandybridge ep(c606) board by gigabyte which 1st of all gigabyte left the fw in a mess for 1st rev. & the intel sata controller not their best work
  • What is the file size when updating
  • I still think they should add a mini-Shia Lebeouf to shout at users to "JUST...DO IT!!!" rofl =p
  • Windows XP Plus! Dancers. That is all.
  • Microsoft needs to get with Dell. Several of Dell's computers are listed by Dell as "not recommended to upgrade to 10 and won't be supported with things like device drivers.
  • FireWire issues with Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 are preventing me from upgrading my recording studio PC from Windows 7. Microsoft claims that utilizing legacy drivers solves the problem but in experience, and others the issues persist.
  • Don't upgrade. I'm disappointed at how Microsoft took away my ability to opt out of updates. It doesn't matter if they are security updates, I don't like stuff forced on me like that. Not even Apple is that pushy. Also, it is half baked, I'm not even going into the details of how screwed up things are. Windows 8 was so freaking good, I don't care what anybody says
  • I cant even upgrade to Win 10 in my Lenovo miix2 tablet. It gets stuck at 40% & roll back after reboot.
  • I'm still glad that I didn't upgrade from Win 7 to Win 8 on my computer when advised by all and sundry at the time. Lets face it Microsoft is still chasing their tales with Windows 10. With a continuous stream of updates being applied to rectify software issues and they still have no idea how to fix the firmware problems associated with the NEW SURFACE devices. SO this Aussie will be waiting till the end of 2016 to update from Win 7 to 10. Perhaps by then the operating system will be fully operational and BUG FREE, which is certainly not the case now. A friends surface pro 4 is plagued with faults concerning both software and firmware issues that have rendered his new device unreliable to say the least. God help us when Win 10 mobile is released!!!