Microsoft will make some changes to get Windows 10 installed on more PCs

If you have a PC with Windows 7 or 8.1 installed, you should be prepared to see even more "recommendations" to upgrade to Windows 10 for free in the next few months. Microsoft's Windows and Devices head Terry Myerson has outlined some changes the company is making to the upgrade process.

Windows 10

First, Myerson says that the "reserve-upgrade" process for the free Windows 10 update will be reduced:

"In an effort to streamline the process, we will automatically kick off the upgrade process once you have made a reservation. Before the upgrade changes the OS of your device, you will be clearly prompted to choose whether or not to continue. And of course, if you choose to upgrade, then you will have 31 days to roll back to your previous Windows version if you don't love it."

He added that Windows Update in Windows 7 and 8.1 will soon label the Windows 10 download as an "Optional Update" and then in early 2016 that will change once again:

"Early next year, we expect to be re-categorizing Windows 10 as a "Recommended Update". Depending upon your Windows Update settings, this may cause the upgrade process to automatically initiate on your device. Before the upgrade changes the OS of your device, you will be clearly prompted to choose whether or not to continue. And of course, if you choose to upgrade (our recommendation!), then you will have 31 days to roll back to your previous Windows version if you don't love it."

PCs that are on a metered Internet connection will have the option of disabling automatic updates, according to Myerson, but he added that in those cases users should manually check Windows Update on a frequent basis.

For people who want to upgrade their PC offline, Myerson stated:

"Soon, we will update the Media Creation Tool which is used to create DVD ISOs or USB keys, to create a single image capable of upgrading any 32bit or 64 bit, Home or Pro, device. You can use this media to upgrade any number of Genuine PCs, and even do clean installs wherever you have a Windows license."

Finally, people who have a PC that has an unlicensed version of Windows 7 or 8.1 installed won't be left out in terms of upgrading to a fully licensed version of Windows 10, as Microsoft plans to launch an experiment in the US soon:

"We'll offer a one-click opportunity to get Genuine via the Windows Store or by entering an activation code purchased elsewhere. If this turns into a path for most customers to get Genuine, we will expand the experiment. We'd like to welcome as many of these customers as possible to the legitimate Windows ecosystem."

Myerson does point out that anyone who doesn't want to be bothered with getting notifications on Windows 10 update can shut them down via the Settings feature in Windows 7 or 8.1. However, it seems clear that Microsoft wants to get as many Windows 10 installs as they can get, and that may not sit well with people who simply don't want to update yet.

What do you think of Microsoft's changes in Windows 10 upgrades? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham
  • Purr...
  • ...fect!
  • :)).
  • Like shoving medicine down an old person's throat
  • More like shoving a poison down an old person's throat. Win10 is a joke. Completely unusable in serious situations. At home you can fiddle, play, troubleshoot and all any time you want but if you need your computer for real work this is a disaster, completely unreliable system. I can't believe they're going to force people to download and install it. What if I reversed back to 8.1? Is it gonna downlad again? And again? And again? Until you buy a Mac because you have no choice?
    They're talking about Windows 10's awesomeness so much that they believed it themselves.
  • How is it a disaster? I have it on two of my machines and have no major conplaints. It's been the best OS out the box. Does it have a few issues yeah but it's stable. My only real issue is the way it imports pictures, i want it more like how Win 8 would import from WP, I want to maintain the folder structure, not have it all mixed up. My second concern has nothing to do with them, it's simply my Adobe CS6 collection and my photography catalog. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's medicine for some and poison for others.
  • I'm not talking about stability in terms of blue screen of death. I'm talking about reliability of OS and apps. And yes, I was using technical preview since October 2014 at home and I figured that it was good enough to use it "in the field", while working with clients. Oh boy, was I wrong. Incredibly frustrating experience when you need to do something now, not in 10 minutes after troubleshoothing some small, stupid thing. So, imagine that your work relies on many functions of OS, not just media import and all those functions work exactly like or worse than this media import. Those "few issues" suddenly become a deal-breaker.
  • I have been using Windows 10 for months, and while it has some intermittent issues and feels unfinished in some areas, it is a pretty capable OS. So the "joke" is on you it seems.
  • Well, have you ever tried taking a Surface Pro in the morning, putting it to sleep and going to a client that is three hours away from you? Good luck with working on a super hot computer that is almost out of juice because it can't sleep longer than 4 minutes. Funny thing is that even early reports about SP4 and Surface Book are full of complaints about exactly the same issue. Have you ever tried going to a client where you had to quickly and often reconnect from one Wifi network to another? Try that. BTW. I had to do that while working at one of the MS stores. What an irony.
    Recently at one of dev meetings Nick Landry was supposed to give a speech and instead he had to fight with Win10 not being able to connect to wifi for half an hour. And it's just a couple of huge amount of problems. So, yeah - joke is on me, that I even tried using Win10 at work. Of course if you don't have to RELY on your computer to work fast and effectively than yeah - it's a nice system, has some interesting concepts. And I'm sure in a year or so, after Redstone and maybe another bigger update it will be fully reliable and people will start using it in crucial situations like they use WinXP and Win7 now.
  • I am so excited to try this new os. I just have a little more research to do on which laptop to buy.
  • Heh. FA like the website, or your initials?
  • it's his.
  • We will upgrade if we want to, why keep shoving it on everyone?
  • Cause they want to stop suporting 3 systems; that more then half of users didn't pay for;).
  • "more than half" such bullshit
  • Because the people that actively choose not to update are the vast minority. Most of them are non-techie people who either don't know Windows 10 exists, don't know they can get it for free, or don't know how easy it is to do.
  • Or maybe they don't want to bother with problems(if something is working, dont fix it).
    I have switched to win10 as soon as it was available on dreamspark, but still there are things who are not working properly.
    1) The PC is not recognizing my lumia phone, but works fine with android devices. (probably no surprice here :D )
    2) Virtual Router is not supported
    3) And once in 3-4 days Cortana is getting into a loading loop so in order to be able to use the search bar I have to disable her from settings or restart the pc.
    These 3 things are bugging me so much that I would have gone back to win8.1 if its license wasn't expiring next month.
  • 1) your lumia drivers may be broken, in order to fix it, shutdown ur phone, and connect the usb cable to phone and pc n let it boot up.. the pc will automatically update/reinstall ur lumia driver..dont lock the phone.. and use the cable that you got with the phone..(sometimes this may also be a problem with ur lumia usb connectors) 3) i have never experienced that issue, is ur region set to USA? also try doing a hard reset of ur pc... it might fix most issues u have.
  • I have tried everything posted on the internet, but it didn't work.
    Yes my region is set no USA, I have tried what you suggested with both phones(630 and 640xl)
    I have tried 2 different cables, I have triel all 4 usb ports of my laptop, although there are no faulty ones.
    The phones were recognized on other pcs, I have made both soft and hard reset on the 630,
    I have updated the pc(installed all available updates, although most were for completely irrelevant things)
    I have also reinstalled the phone companion app and god knows whatever more which I can't remember now.
    Also according to dell's website my laptop is windows 10 ready, so I think it is not a good win10 copy I have.
    Because it is an educational one from dreamspark.
  • Virtual Router? You mean turning your PC into a hotspot? I don't know how you do it but I've been able to do that to my PC running Windows 10 via the cmd prompt.
  • Yes I mean exactly that. Virtual router is a program available on codeplex. And I think it even uses the same cmd command you are refering to (netsh wlan start/stop hostednetwork) or whatever it was, but it is somewhat more convinient to just press a button and turn the hotspon on/off from there than typing the command.
  • Or they are techie people like myself who have an Alienware that is being bricked by windows 10. Or they are techie people like myself who like to have control over what updates are installed and when they are installed. Until they fix the issues with Alienware and Clevo machines, I am not able to update that computer unless they want to reimburse people for broken 4000 buck machines. And until they decide to let me choose what to do with updates I won't upgrade any of my 5 other windows machines. Or...they could be non techie people like my Mother who would like to stay with what she is comfortable with in 8.1. In addition, I have another Windows 7 machine that I want to keep on 7. I have media center, media player and I want it to stay the way it is. It is mine after all. Microsoft seems to have forgotten that when someone buys something, they then own that something and should be the ones making the decisions about that something
  • Amen
  • Or the corporate world who have to update machines in a controlled manner. Or techie people like myself who are happy to wait for other people to be the guinea pigs so that when it's time to upgrade it's a painless experience. Or programmers like myself who rely on their computers working to generate their income and don't have the time or inclination to stuff around upgrading things when there's literally zero reasons to do so, it certainly won't make me generate money any faster, and I can't afford to screw around fixing my PC if everything goes pear-shaped. I also want to do a clean install, which mean even more screwing around to satisfy the upgrade process.
  • I've mastered Windows 95-7. I play games, build custom gaming PC's for people, I could care less for Windows 10 until some good DX12 games start coming out in the coming years and when windows 10 is less of an online bases OS.
  • Hey, at least you'll be able to disable upgrade notifications now.
  • Ive been able to do that via wsus3 for about 2 weeks
  • One option is easier, straightforward and better understandable for non-professionals and you may guess which one it is. ;)
  • Seems like they could at least wait until the update arrives in November, and when big names such as Vaio are ready in December. It updated without a problem on my 18 month old Dell, but why harass users of devices such as my 6 year old Sony VAIO that has known issues for those who try to upgrade? That notification system of theirs should be smart enough to not encourage an upgrade on systems with well known problems.
  • n one of My old pcs, windows10 migration tool did ask me to upgrade, but during the checking of configuration it did warn not to have a compatible driver for my graphics card, and recommended to abort. Seems fair to me. Maybe the system isn't perfect, but it does catch potential problematic upgrades.
  • Lol my dads cyberpower PC(sandybridge refresh gigabyte) seems to have problems with the storage controller drivers intel published
  • Because believe it or not, not everyone knows it exists, and is free. This is basically free advertisements for the OS. If you want it to stop, just shut it off in settings like the article says.
  • I too wonder why MS is being so pushy about upgrading. Must be that near Google-like data mining they're getting into..
  • Yes you should wait at least a year then pay for it. YOU should do that. Our wait until Microsoft ends support for your version then pay for your upgrade. That's much better.
  • Wow but I faced problems.
  • I just put a new SSD in my wife's very old Dell Precision M90 laptop which was on XP and installed Win10 Home 64 bit from a USB stick, and everything is working. Very simple. Her laptop is noticeably faster with the SSD. Maybe it'll make a full decade or more of use. Also installed Office 2016 Pro. I can't find a driver for the Nvidia Quadro FX 2500M for x64, but the default driver is working fine.
  • "Her laptop is noticeably faster with the SSD." Well, duh. :P
  • Did the same with my gran's laptop, she doesn't have to go away and make and drink a cuppa just waiting for it to boot! Now it boots in ~25 seconds, not bad!
  • Gotta get to a billion somehow. I'd have upgraded more of my old home laptops if only a) the necessary graphics and printer drivers were available, and b) you had the option to save disk space by just overwriting the existing OS.
  • It is pretty straightforward to delete the old version of Windows and the installation files once the upgrade is done. Also if the PC is running Win 7 then 10 should run as well unless you have some really odd hardware.
  • 32GB drive. Really have no space left to install new OS and then delete the old. Gotta install right on top of the original. This should be an option for the brave amongst us...
  • Lol.. what year is this :D
    Why would you even want to upgrade such an old PC. Why would you even want to upgrade so old pc. You won't get anything exept problems.
  • Who said it was old, could be an OS partition.
  • My phone has more than 32gb geez. You need a new PC my friend.
  • Lol IDE I assume?
  • Until they get the tablet mode running like windows 8.1 I wont upgrade. The tablet mode is garbage compared to 8.1.
  • I think this is opinion.
  • What exactly are you missing? Just wondering. Except Edge swipe gestures I miss nothing and love it.
  • Considering the browser is a major component of a computer, that's a big thing. It really annoys me, for sure.
  • Okay, there I have to agree, but it is not that bad. You get used to using the back and forward arrow buttons. Although I am waiting for the gestures^^ ​But to say tablet mode is garbage is a overstatement.
  • Well the thing Windows 10 is indeed vastly improved. There are some thing still missing even on TH2, it can be several things that prevents some users to upgrade. Example, there is still no OneDrive Placeholders which benefits tablet users and low storage PC alot. Yet, Microsoft is silent and just ignored about it. Another thing is I think the quick swiping gesture between apps on left edge is beneficial for tablet users and it's quite ergonomic. Microsoft instead refuse to bring that functionality back. Lastly opening All Apps doesn't have any gesture around the Start screen to open it, it requires the user to target a single button on the bottom-left of Start screen. Heck it's already inconsistent from W10M which got a gesture to open All Apps. These are just a few things I can write that still missing in TH2.
  • I never used placeholders, so I'm not missing them, but I could see the value in such a thing and wonder what's so hard about implementing such thing. If you swipe from the left side you see all your open apps and can select them, so I see no problem here. Only thing I have to agree is with the button. And the worst is, if you have fullscreen startmenu activated, you only have a button without text and I regularly click the hamburger button in the upper left corner instead of the app button^^
  • It's much better in TH2 than in TH1.
  • Problem is windows 8 store will be discontinued eventually or no one will be making apps for it. So when you realize you made a mistake now it won't be free anymore.
  • Except for rt users
  • I agree. Much prefer 8.1 on my SP3. The navigation is a lot better!
  • I have a touch screen laptop upgraded from 8.1 and I love it. Perfect balance for me
  • I miss some stuff, like the charms bar and being able to access the desktop (sounds weird on a tablet but I found it useful some times). BUT I also find Windows 10 perfectly usable in tablet mode.  
  • I don:t miss charms bar, because I like the notification center much more. And I missed the desktop too at first (like on W8 ;) ), but if you get used to it, it's no problem. Just pin all your shortcuts to the start menu as well and you don't need the desktop anymore. And if you do need it, you could always turn tabletmode off, make what you want to do and switch it back on.
  • I upgraded my sister's laptop to win 10 5days ago from win 7 professional.... Since the lappy was hanging a lot I decided to roll back to Windows 7 professional.... After I rolled back.... The os was blocked from being activated... I have the license key and everything needed with me but still there's an error message while activating windows....
  • It can happen with any upgrade sometimes its just easier to clean install
  • Woah man.. same thing happened to me.. now my pc is not genuine . !!!!!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • anyone who doesn't want to be bothered with getting notifications on Windows 10 update can shut them down via the Settings feature in Windows 7 or 8.1.
    Where exactly is this setting? Never seen anything remotely like this on my Windows 8 tablet.  
  • It's not there yet, I imagine it's going to be added.
  • That seems unlikely as they are talking about Windows 7 & 8.
  • So what? They did update 7 and 8.1 to let Windows Update do upgrade installations, after all. This seems very minor in comparison.
  • For now all you have to do is remove the update that installed the get win10 app
  • Having my Surface 3 still on Win8.1, cause Win10 doesn't run well on it. Camera isn't working at all and some other app issues like crashing 'n stuff. Refresh doesn't help. I'll try to update to Win10 sometime next year when they fixed all known bugs for the Surface 3. Love Win10 on my Surface Pro 2 though! No issues at all...
  • I just simply love W10 now. I think it's even better than 7, Which I thought was the best Windows.
  • Nowadays I get annoyed by some things whenever I have to use 7. Primarily not being able to scroll on unfocused windows and the inferior window snapping/rearranging system.
  • Resistance is futile.
  • Genuine experiment will not work. People pirate because the license is expensive.
  • How about a "limited functionality" OS? Can't install certain key apps, or can't print, something like that...
  • Many people who pirated a long time ago may now be able to afford it.
  • Love 10 but won't update my server until MCE runs on it. Enable that and my last machine will switch from 8.1 to 10. I would even buy the app through the store but I won't give up media center until they pry it from my cold, dead, hands. Or replace it with something better. Just sayin...
  • Search the internet, people have it running on 10
  • Links please. I only know of people getting it to work last year when using WMC product codes, but that functionality was removed. A quick search now gives me nothing useful. Do you have any tips?
  • I am aware of that "hack" but that is a far cry from a legitimate solution. Honestly I would love to leave MCE in the past but there is no replacement or improved version for what it does. Until their is I will stick with my 360's. If MS wants to sell more 1's they should improve the solution they want us to move to.
  • Exactly. WMC is dead simple to set up and, as of today, is the only way to get cablecard content on a computer. Until that hole is patched (which probably never will be), my HTPC will be on W8.1
  • Updated all my home pc's to win 10. Got held back upgrading with my work pc's due to the old cisco vpn client not working on it for whatever reason. All the "fixes" don't work, pretty bummed...
  • This is one of the reasons I have not upgraded. But try this?
  • Basically get on board and update. People that complain - this is no different than Apple pushing updates to iOS
  • Right, we should be good little sheep and just follow the herd and not make the choice whether we want to upgrade or not, smart.... And since when did WINDOWS equate to ios?
  • Well, you do have a choice. And I don't think his comparison is supposed to be a defense bur rather to call out a double standard, though I'm not sure.
  • Well, I do think that it's more insistive than iOS, from what I've heard. Still, arguing about this is kind of a waste of time. Some people will hate this from the bottom of their souls and will not miss a chance to tell the whole world about it, some people will approve it, the majority will not care and in nine months it's going to be irrelevant anyway because the free upgrade offer is ending. The most important detail from what I can see is that there will be a way to disable upgrade notifications, it draws the line between "insistive and annoying" and "acceptable", so I'm very glad they chose to do that and point it out (though I'm sure some news outlets will "overlook" that to generate scandal headlines).
  • Shazam on mobile always forgets my history. It doesn't seem to save it even though I logged in. This app is worse than a year ago.
  • Wrong post.
  • Won't upgrade my surface pro 2 until they fix the OneDrive sync mechanism
  • Windows10:You Can (Not) Refuse
  • It sounds perfectly understandable, clear and not intrusive. Good choice :)
  • Who wouldn't like to upgrade to best os on earth?
  • That depends on how you measure "best" I suppose.
  • Yeah it's a shame and absolutely ridiculous that OneDrive, which should be the center piece of Microsoft's cloud based strategy, just sucks in Windows 10. It works much better in Windows 7.
  • Did everyone who made the reservation get the upgrade? I made my reservation long before Windows 10 was released and as of now, I'm yet to get the upgrade.
  • Just search for "media creation tool" and upgrade via that.
  • How will Microsoft convince enterprise users to upgrade quickly to windows10. After upgrading they want to use their same win 32 application on their pcs. So how would apps in the store help them giving them a reason not to upgrade as windows 7 satisfies their needs.
  • Well, it's not like UWP apps is all there is to Windows 10, especially for enterprises.
  • Get back to me when I can consider it an upgrade instead of a halfassed effort at pleasing Grandma and Grandpa Mouseclick. I have a reminder set to make a decision by August 2016, until then, I'll keep my development machine in the fast ring and hope.
  • Wish they would let Vista users upgrade for free.
  • For me buggy wireless adapters and buggy Bluetooth drivers on two machines stop me from keeping windows 10. So really don't want to be bugged by MS to upgrade when driver support is still lacking.
  • My reservation to upgrade to win10 has been there like a malware in my toolbar, but it wont upgrade it only says my win10 has been reserved.
  • I went and bought a surface 3 a month ago for my wife. We have both been using it to learn windows 10. After wasting endless hours we have come to the conclusion that windows 10 sucks. I have so many issues with this buggy OS that I will now fight tooth and nail to avoid getting it into any of my enterprise machines. It simply leaves me cold and wondering why.. Why do I need to go through this when windows 7 is perfect? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Haha w10 works perfect to me but my girl thinks the same as u, y to upgrade when w7 is enough?
  • ...while he's using Surface 3 with Windows 8.1.
  • I think it's pushy.I think it will have the opposite effect of wanting to install windows 10. Just like in reverse psychology if you say don't press the red button, they will do it anyway or of curiosity, Microsoft should just leave the windows 10 upgrade icon in the taskbar and let people discover it themselves, not invite an install by a slip of an update seeing in the windows updates at the users responsibility. I think that's pie customer service and wil likely not lead to customer experience satisfaction, that what Mr Nadella wants to measure as a successful business proportion and benchmark. More windows 10 installs wil follow suit naturally when we reach the 29/7/2016 deadline and users start spreading the word of mouth of a best build, free and more feature complete asked solid bug free for daily driver support then now.​
  • The fastest way to get to 1B is to move up the date when it'll cost to upgrade. You'll see a lot of last second downloads. That might even top the peak Internet traffic record - again! As an IT support guy, I would love to see only one OS - well, two - W10 and El Capitan. Can't forget about my Apple friends. (Sorry, does that word get blocked on this site?)
  • No Media Center, no upgrade. Need to keep my cable tuner working
  • Yep same here.
  • You DO know there is a hack to install WMC on 10 ? It does work...
  • I have a dell vostro 3550 and ... No.. I'm not going to upgrade.. Tried twice and still having problem with w10.. Dell doesn't care to 'help' .. Alot of owners of same equipment with w10 problems and nothing.. Sad.. My main desktop is already on w10..
  • That's dell's fault, not Microsoft's. Don't buy from OEMs that don't support their products.
  • How old is that device? On the low end devices, well Dell supports them generally for two years, with driver support - unless it's a popular device - and certainly not over an os upgrade. Your device didn't come with windows 10. This is the problem with msfts nonsense upgrade policy.
  • Put Windows Media Center with CableCARD decryption in Windows 10 and I'll be first in line to upgrade. Until then, I'm forced to stick to Windows 7.
  • how do you get the wallpaper (the one in the screenshot) ???    
  • Not going to upgrade but this is good to know that there would be an "opt out", kind of.
  • Hey Microsoft - give me a free liscense for my acer aspire r1600 and I'll update it as well. ;)   Until then it will run Windows XP (and it pretty damn well.)
  • Keeping a bit of XP love and office 2003. The discs are too good to throw away!
  • Windows 10 installed itself during a windows update. I did not agree to it and I feel a little violated.
    Luckily I had only minor issues and decided to keep it and not go back to 8.1
  • Congrats. 10>8. 7>8.
  • No ATI drivers for X1200 card, why bother me it failed already.
  • They better work on bugs.
    There are serious memory leakage problems in IE on W10, video drivers from intel and NVidia are not stable enough.
    There are errors in translation.
    Etc,etc, wmpu adressed that problem.
  • I think that if your on windows 8 and not on windows 10 yet that your fucking retarded. Lol. If your on windows 7 then be happy if u r. But if ur on 8... Ur better off on 10. N it's free so just do it. 8 sucks tree stump.
  • If you have multiple system's...avoid upgrading all of them...still missing tons of stuff to work smooth...
  • I have Windows 8.1.1 and I would have upgraded a long time ago if I could. Had an error and decided to try again later by reinstalling W8.1.1 and then upgrading... but I didn't have time to try it yet ;)
  • Instead of making changes to get W10 installed on more PCs, how about making changes to get it WORKING on more PCs???
  • What a nonsense. I paid for my 8.1 Enterprise license and I'll pay when I upgrade. This rubbish doesn't apply in my case but still; infuriating. MSFT should focus on fixing ask the issues with w10 instead of jamming it down as many throats as possible.
  • I would switch but I have software that no mater what is done will not work on windows 10.
    Compatability mode does nothing and changes nothing As it's the security to the HD that has changed Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • IF they force it down with a "Recommended Update" and machines get upgraded out of the blue (for those to auto allow Recommended Updates to install), this soulds like a lawsuit waiting to happpen. People use 7 or 8 not because they want to, because they NEED to for compatbilty with a needed program for example. We have a few machines in my office that are 7 machines but, they are servers, they needed something that was available in 7 but, was not in 2008, never mind the cost differences.  Even a XP machine or 2 or so, because the programs dont work or are supported in 7 or 8... And these systems are very critcal to our busness (7 and XP boxes), if they were to fail it could cause a major probem, at least for a while till we can restore them.
  • For most people there is no reason not to upgrade to Windows 10. So these actions from Microsoft are okay. All our pc's run on Windows 10 now, wouldn't want to go back to 7 and 8.1. 
  • what abt windows 8 pc? can I upgrade to windows 10 without upgrading to windows 8.1 from 8.0?
  • Question for those who might know. I built a PC a while ago and used an OEM copy of Win7 which I have since updated to Win8.1. I was told that if I wanted to build a new PC that I wouldn't be able to transfer the OEM license. Is there any way around this with this upgrade to Win10, possibly creating bootable media to install Win10 fresh on the new build? Just curious.
  • MS is getting pushy because many have upgrade to Win10 & went back to whatever OS version that works for their pc....whoever is in-charge is under alot of pressure to keep on delivering the upgrade numbers or will be the next to be fired by the CEO.
  • Not nice for PC's that have compatability issues, like ThinkPad or Elite Book. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • where can i get those wallpapers
  • No upgrade here unless MS restores Media Center with full Cable Card compatibility!!!