Microsoft creates GitHub repository for getting feedback about Edge DevTools

Microsoft Edge Update Dev New
Microsoft Edge Update Dev New (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft just introduced a new DevTools feedback repository on GitHub.
  • Developers can share ideas, feedback, suggestions, and more with Microsoft through the repository.
  • Microsoft will continue to receive feedback through the DevTools feedback button and other resources.

Microsoft just announced a new DevTools feedback repository on GitHub for Microsoft Edge. The repository will serve as a location for sharing feedback, suggestions, ideas, and tips. Microsoft hopes that the new channel will generate more discussion about web development.

"This new repository is a place for our community of users, you all, to send us ideas, feedback, suggestions, tips, and more," said Microsoft's Patrick Brosset in a blog post. "We're hopeful that this new community home will foster great discussions where we all can share how we think DevTools can better match today's web development challenges."

On the GitHub page, you can open a new issue, search for existing issues, and learn how to use Microsoft Edge DevTools.

Brosset also said that future explainers will be more visible. Microsoft outlines new features in these documents, which will now be easier to find. Explainers break down the problems that a feature is trying to solve and the solution for the discussed problem.

In addition to the new repository, Microsoft will continue to receive feedback in other ways. For example, developers can send feedback through the DevTools feedback button on Edge. This is a quicker way to raise an issue since people can share feedback without having to leave the webpage they're on.

Microsoft also has repositories for feedback about WebDriver and WebView 2. There's also an Edge DevTools extension for Visual Studio Code.

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