Microsoft demos A.I.-powered camera recognition tech to supercharge the workplace (video)

Microsoft has shown A.I. image recognition demos before, both using Cortana and services like Project Murphy, but this is the first time the company has demonstrated how the technology could be leveraged in the work place, in real time, using regular video cameras.

Microsoft's new technology, demonstrated at Build 2017, can intelligently interpret visual scenes using every day video cameras.

A couple of the examples Microsoft used for this demonstration included cameras identifying a chemical spill in a factory, violating safety policies. It also helped guide a nurse to a patient waiting for a wheelchair, and also helped to locate a qualified worker to move a specialized piece of equipment.

Developers will be able to leverage Microsoft's platform to create their own systems to do virtually anything, using existing camera infrastructure available within an organization.

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Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • Good for law enforcement too. Have cameras on trains, public places. Will be like Minority Report.
  • Did that nurse in the video just say "Oh f***" at 1:05??? It's muted.. 😂
  • With a little modification it could probably also tell me where my keys are :P Pretty cool
  • Unless it's hidden in your pant pockets in the closet LOL
  • This immediately made me think of Watch Dogs(2). This is pretty cool!
  • cool? Or sad? We can look at it as a useful security tool but on the other side it could be used for spying on people
  • Can you not see the benefit in anything Microsoft makes?
  • With the good comes the bad, but I don't think it should take away from the intended purpose. (Watch Dogs basically highlights all of the bad aspects of a surveillance system like this)
  • Agree, this really depend on how you use it. Just look at Fidget Spinner, some schools complaint that students use it to hurt other peoples by throwing it, it's a Fidget Spinner not a Throwing Spinner. Everything can hurt peoples if you use it the wrong way. For me this look amazing not only on workplace, it could be at home, in the garden, anywhere, it really depend on how you use it...
  • Glass half-empty, eh?
  • Integrated it with hololens
  • I didn't see a single Windows Phone in the whole demonstration, only iPhones. Was there any in there and I just missed it?
  • You didn't even see Edge; demoed on Safari, with a Google shortcut at the bottom...! Never seen such self-loathing!
  • Hahaha! No one is going to like MS because they are doing this. Really...
  • When I am intergalactic dictator, I shall use this technology to oppress the unwashed.
  • Funny he starts philosophical and mentions 1984... How that should never happen... Next thing is a demo of total control of people through cameras.
  • Ya, not really excited to see how they want cameras watching every person everyday.
  • At workplace as they showed it could save lives. Main application is controlled environment like industry and other work places
  • Oh I am well aware of what they think it will be for, but once people get involved its going to be horrible., I work for the government as an aircraft mechanic and its been my experience these "safety" programs have unintended consequences..
  • Employee 4578 has been flagged for HR Policy 4.56.7 using more than the allotted break time. Supervisor has been alerted and an meeting with said employee has been scheduled. Employee 4578 has reached a critical threshold of HR policy violations, recommended action is termination of employee 4578. *end message*
  • I have some bad news for you. Take a couple steps outside right now and you're already on camera.
  • Everyone is holding a camera nowadays.
  • <p>Put this in a Boston Dynamics robot, arm that sucker, tell it who to hunt. We are doomed.</p>
  • Imagine the anything is anyone human.. Yes future is getting scary
  • Funny how contemporary Ghost In The Shell is all again.
  • Especially with Scarlett Johansson in the lead role.
  • Microsoft goes all Person Of Interest on us.....Cortana will be issuing numbers out for Google (Samaritan!)  
  • She was carrying a saw up a stairs without using three point contact. Tsk tsk
  • If the worker was qualified, he wouldn't need a how-to 😋
  • I don't understand, are we in a twilight zone or something, why in hell Microsoft would commerce IPhones...Dumb
  • MS + Apple = Take down Google hehehe