The Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop combines a thin keyboard with a slim mouse

Microsoft's latest PC hardware accessory is the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop. It combines a thin wireless keyboard with a compact mouse and will start shipping in May for $99.95

The keyboard uses chiclet-style soft touch keys and includes media control buttons along with Function Keys for fast access to search and a built in number pad. The mouse uses BlueTrack Technology, which combines both optical and laser sensors so it can be used on nearly any surface. Microsoft says:

The Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Keyboard pairs wirelessly to your desktop, laptop, or tablet using Bluetooth 4.0 to instantly connect without any wires or USB transceivers. With Bluetooth 4.0, you get better battery life and a more reliable connection to the device it's paired with. With the mouse, you can go almost six months without having to change the batteries! And both the mouse and keyboard have a small LED indicator that will tell you when battery power is low."

Microsoft is currently taking pre-orders for the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop on its store site. It's also selling the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse on its own for $29.99.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham