The Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop combines a thin keyboard with a slim mouse

Microsoft's latest PC hardware accessory is the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop. It combines a thin wireless keyboard with a compact mouse and will start shipping in May for $99.95

The keyboard uses chiclet-style soft touch keys and includes media control buttons along with Function Keys for fast access to search and a built in number pad. The mouse uses BlueTrack Technology, which combines both optical and laser sensors so it can be used on nearly any surface. Microsoft says:

The Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Keyboard pairs wirelessly to your desktop, laptop, or tablet using Bluetooth 4.0 to instantly connect without any wires or USB transceivers. With Bluetooth 4.0, you get better battery life and a more reliable connection to the device it's paired with. With the mouse, you can go almost six months without having to change the batteries! And both the mouse and keyboard have a small LED indicator that will tell you when battery power is low."

Microsoft is currently taking pre-orders for the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop (opens in new tab) on its store site. It's also selling the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse on its own for $29.99 (opens in new tab).

Source: Microsoft

  • Mmm ok
  • K thnx
  • Lol
  • Is it Backlit?
  • Likely-Not
  • Chatted with the MS rep on the store, they said it is not backlit.
  • Thanks for looking into would have been made this great-looking keyboard a solid choice. I'm also curious about the mouse's wheel, I love the smooth scrolling on my Microsoft Laser Mouse 5000 (an old trooper, but man, this is a great desktop mouse).
  • Few are that are also Bluetooth if you dont care about wireless try an alienware kb
  • I have to say I prefer my Wedge keyboard over this one, but this one looks cool too.
  • If the keyboard is any good, I wants it
  • I wants it too.
  • Why do you wants it?
  • Because it interests mes.
  • Interesting backlit perhaps?
  • No thanks.
  • Hmm looks nice (will start saving as well) and also the wireless charging pads..!!
  • I'll wait for the folding keyboard.
  • Hate chiclet keyboards.  IMO the worst keyboard adoption ever accepted by consumers.  Worse than the inclusion of the escape key post DOS era ;) Hard to find a laptop these days :/
  • What's wrong with the escape key? I use it on a 30 second basis at work, using Autocad and Revit
  • Nothing wrong with having an extra key to bind special commands to. ESC died a long time ago.  With Unicode we do not need the <addition>, <subtraction>, <divide>, and <multiply> keys either.  Implementation might have been tweaked, but they are ultimately redundant. The fact that that companies preserve the same layout with redundant keys is bad because it leads to bad programming choices, and causes design constraints.     
  • You're talking about the math keys on the number pad? How on earth do you think those are outdated and redundant? Anyone using excel lives by those keys
  • I see my original comment may have been ambigious.  I am referring to consumer convention, i.e prevalent on almost every keyboard. Can you tell me the difference between '-' and '-'? Protip:  You cannot, because this is not 1984 :) OS at a low level is misusing these keys, and programmers are building upon them.  In turn, hardware vendors must include these keys. It is now a bad design practice leading to bad programming practices.  If I am running DOS I would want a keyboard with ESC.  (Tangental, but relevant, needs more explanation that a comment box will not get you) If I spent a large portion of my time computing arithmatic I would probably want a number pad. You might not care to notice, however, these kinds of 'nitpicky' matters costs millions -- even billions over time.  "I call it my billion-dollar mistake. It was the invention of the null reference in 1965." - Hoare
  • Its like saying dvorak superior
  • Nothing wrong with it.   Use it every day as well.
  • i'll stick to my arc keyboard, by far teh best typing experience i have had on a compact keyboard. might look into the mouse though
  • I'm still using the Microsoft Natural Keyboard and Optical Trackball.
  • I still roll with an 5 year old Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, and the only that I have to say is what an awesome keyboard hope to get at least other 5 years with it :)
  • I'm hooked on a Memorex MX3300 keyboard for years. Everything is just nicely spaced and exactly where you'd expect it. Also has a close and alt-tab button just above cursor/arrow keys.
  • So, GDR2 has BT keyboard support..... Ok.
    ....... Well, does it also have mouse support?
    I ask this because the Galaxy S3, from three years ago has both, and with onscreen pointer. Its already pathetic enough that WP is just now getting this, but if it's late, and half baked....... SMDH... I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  • Wouldn't you prefer the s3 was actually usable instead of having useless features?
  • What kind of comment is this❓ Are you being serious, or just a blind MS fan❓
    Even the GS3 has more useful features than WP8.1... Doesn't always provide as fluid performance, and the best experience, but it's certainly not lacking capability when compared to WP... Don't fool yourself about Android...
    Case, and point, the functionality mentioned above.... The GS3 has it, does your phone have it❓ NO❗
  • Lol Rodney.
    Sad but true.
  • Hopefully it won't turn out to be true, because I could really use this with my 1520.
  • "I Could"
    When..? :)
  • Now!.. I use my 1520 to make word documents at work all the time. This would be really helpful.
  • GDR2 is gonna take time I think. Don't mind..But according to me using an external input method for simple applications like Word is useless (WP's keyboard is the best). It better be used on games or photo editors. I personally need it for apps like Remote Desktop.
  • And yet again, you're completely off subject. This is not even designed for mobile use yet you're trying to shove your misguided opinion about it in here. PC's come with bluetooth now, and there are many people that like the minimalist look, especially if the PC is in plain view of others, say in a living room. Hell the article doesn't even make mention of anything mobile, you just decided to make it an issue.
  • Really.... WTH are you talking about❓ Are you even awake❓.... It's a universal BT keyboard/mouse combo.... I can ask, or imply about, whatever possibly compatible BT device I please...
    Are you saying that Surface, or the hundreds of other windows tables aren't mobile devices❓ And, we know that WP is gonna support the keyboard, but the mouse❓ Perfectly valid question.... And, why would you need this for for desktop use❓ That's dumb... This is hella for mobile...
    Last, if you don't like the tone of my comment, or comments, then why are you telling me❓ Really... You know your options.
  • i think you lost the plot... might be time to step away from the keyboard...
  • Show me where in the article it claims the mouse is for mobile devices. As for the keyboard, I would certainly consider it for my living room, as I have stated but you chose to ignore apparently. Finally you've been a member of this site for a while, and moderators have been adamant in the past that comments stay on topic, you are off topic. Face it, you're one of the biggest trolls on here and should be banned asap.
  • The Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Keyboard pairs wirelessly to your desktop, laptop, or tablet ... Are those not mobile devices? edit - How can you say that rodneyej is trolling? He's basically stating that Microsoft products provide a better experience on competing platforms than their own which shouldn't be the case.
  • Exactly... These guys.. SMH
  • i think 90% of your comments you're sydh. stop doing that. it's annoying.
  • Cause he sees a lack of complete knowledge in other commenters.
  • Answer two things for me, please.... And, understand one..
    1. IDC what you think about my comments.
    2. Why would I stop doing something I want to because you think it's annoying?
    3. Who do you think you are to tell anyone to stop doing anything because it annoys little you?
    Are you seriously doing this to yourself?
  • Lol.
    Even am waiting impatiently for answers to this.
  • They're some pretty good questions...
  • Killed with words. No need of weapons.
  • That's the keyboard. KEYBOARD does not equal MOUSE
  • Did you not read the article❓
  • The source link states that the mouse will work on a mobile device such as a tablet. smdh
  • Ok.. You're right.. It won't work with mobile devices... Thanks for your opinion, dude... Next.
  • It's right there in the 3rd para.
  • PCs come with Bluetooth or laptops..?
  • Laptops mainly. Its optional i think for desktop windows logo cert.
  • please ignore that rodney dude. if your opinion differs from his, he goes bananaz, starts closing his eyes and wildly swinging his arms all over the place trying to hit you. best to look the other way...
  • No. It's when other's opinions differ from his.
    He raises his voice on correct issue and he's right.
  • You're telling someone to do something you cant❓
    When you learn to ignore me, then you can tell someone else to.... Practice what you preach first...
    Now, I'm gonna ask you nicely... Please reframe from making derogatory comments about me. Please do not use my name in comments, and please ignore me completely because you can not be peaceful... If not then I will have to take this further. Thanks.
  • He's just jealous of you being always right. Microsoft Hipster I supp.
    Bro typo
    3rd para I think
  • I wish he would stop... He hangs on my every word... Maybe he likes me. IDK
  • Haha. Gay.
    You're a lot active and aggressive today on WC. Rojos is closed today or what..?
  • Lol... I don't have time to play today.
  • Lol.
  • Hahah yes, Esc key is like the most used key excluding letters ;) :)
  • I like the minimalistic :)
  • Its gona be 7k+ in India for sure.. Damn
  • This may FINALLY be the bluetooth keyboard I was waiting for!!!   Good desktop bluetooth windows keyboards are so hard to find. I wish they would sell the keyboard by itself.   I wish we would get links without the extra stuff. :)
  • The Logitech k810 has been available for a while. Backlit and minimalist, bluetooth and rechargeable. (just doesn't have the num pad) -
  • Good keyboards don't have Bluetooth much these days in favor of proprietary wireless because the Bluetooth spectrum is so cluttered in a populated office these days (and only getting worse).
  • Six months?
    Thats pretty awesome.
  • Nice, though the solar panels on my Logitech still take the cake. No changing batteries ever.
  • I don't like the wheels anymore, after using touch mouse, who wants to go back to scrolls..? =[
  • Exactly my tough, the only thing that I use scrolls mouse is for some gaming because you need to use the scroll button :(
  • This looks really nice .. We need a video review for this please
  • The folding keyboard kinda interests me more. That glowing charging pad looks nice.
  • Not backlit = no go. I'd also like to see it be able to toggle between two pairings for that price.
  • Why is it so difficult to incorporate a trackpad into the keyboard?
  • Logitech used to make one. May be able to still find it at a few e-tailors
  • I was considering a pre-order until I contacted MS and found out the keys aren't backlit.  It might sound silly, but it is a requirement for me.  At $100 for the bundle they could've thrown in the lights.
  • Problem is the battery time on Bluetooth usually sucks
  • I've used a Sculpt BT everyday since the launch of W8 and had to replace the batteries twice.
  • I'll stick with my mechanical keyboard.
  • Looks great. I like the slim Dell one I have now with the matching touchpad. But I may be tempted by this one if the overall feel is a little better. I love minimal chiclet keyboards.
  • Still love my Sculpt BT keyboard that I got with my original Surface RT.