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Microsoft details how Windows 10 will work with Android and iPhones

The company is focusing on the more connected world where technology is swapped and mixed on a daily basis. You could be rocking a tablet one minute and be enjoying a film on your smart TV the next. Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be center stage. It's clear Microsoft is seeking to include those who choose to use products from other vendors simply by analysing the new services launched for iOS and Android alone.

The Phone Companion app is also touched upon in the blog post, which enables you to choose which phone you own - be it a Windows Phone, Android or iPhone. The tool will help those with the latter two get set up and configured for a seamless experience. There are various bonuses to using Microsoft's own services too, including Xbox Music.

"With the latest upcoming version of the Music app, you'll be able to store and access your music from OneDrive not only on your PC but now also play it anywhere, for free, on your iOS or Android phone (this already works on Windows phones). This means the music playlists you spend hours putting together on your Windows 10 PC will now show up and be playable on your phone, automatically."

Cortana will also be making her way to Android and iPhones, which will connect to Windows 10 as a companion app. Using the Phone Companion app on Windows 10 will aid those with both platforms to get started with Microsoft's personal assistant. It's a neat move by Microsoft to include more consumers into the Windows ecosystem by making it easier to get connected.

"At Microsoft, we want everyone to love not just their Windows 10 PC, but all the devices they own, working with their Windows 10 PC."

So, how does one get involved? You'll need to join the Windows Insider Program to test out the Phone Companion app on an upcoming Windows 10 Insider Preview build, which will be out in "a few weeks". Cortana is also expected to be made availabe for iPhones and Android handsets by the end of June, alongside the updated Xbox Music app.

Source: Microsoft

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  • This is a bad move for Windows Phone, good move for Windows on desktops and laptops.
  • Not really. Its great for the entire ecosystem.
  • It's a great move for windows as a whole. It's important for MS to look beyond phone coz that ship sailed. Windows phone will always be used and loved by its loyal fans and it will reach around 20-30% world wide.
  • I have to confess that I was one of the nay sayers that believed MSFT prolifiration of what I call key windows features to competing platforms is bad. But I have since realized that is not entirely true. When competing devices uses all these new, well thought out and robust windows features on their devices and enjoyed them, they will be tempted to try windows phone to explore if there are deeper integrations of these features they are missing; that is when they would see that windows rich features on these platforms are jolly good, and that they are jolliest best on windows phone. From investment point of view, google opted to abandon windows phone, Apple does not put her services on any other phone platform outside iPhone and iPad, but MSFT put theirs on all these major platforms, meaning MSFT is willing to go to competing platforms' turf to compete and make money. If Cortana works well on these platforms as I hope, Bing will make ad money like its black Friday as a search engine behind that scene. Alao, wait until these competing platforms try MS-Edge I have come around to what MSFT is doing and I think it needs to be giving time for it all to jell, Windows 10 is major key in gluing all these together.
  • Reason to buy a windows phone? none. Back to android. Atleast switching between apps doesnt bring up the loading screen for half a minute especially when using the disgraceful skype app. It was a great small community here for win phone fans but I dont see the point any longer.
  • Who in the f*ck would buy a Windows Phone because there was a built in companion app? That doesn't even make any sense lol. I don't even see the logic in "well, now there's no reason to buy a Windows Phone" yeah, like you were going to buy one just so you could use the companion app.
  • Hahhah hollow threat troll love it!
  • WINDOWS PHONE fan knows what they love in windows ... as a windows phone user i will say its a great move... becaause when an Android or Iphone user will use a windows phone aps on thair phone, and if they loves it... they should think about using windows phone.. and the RANK will increase ...
  • I used a 1020 last June I found out it was not getting full on Denim I started to think about going back to Apple even as a Windows Technical Preview.  I was one of the lucky ones that got the ASUS in a contest on Android Central  I will see how Cortana works on there before I make my full on decision as to what platform I will go to. I will not buy Microsoft Office by the year we don't use it often enough to make it worth while. I am more than pleased how MixRadio is working on both my iPod and ASUS Phone.  What this platform needs is APPS plain and simple without the Apps people use on a daily basis they will still have a issue attracting more users. Also people still want a flagship phone one with all the bells and whistles which I thought I had in the 1020 but oh so wrong.
  • Precisely.
  • Agreed!!
  • Nope it'll draw more people.
  • I tend to agree IF they make sure that the experience on Windows 10 phones is superior to what they can get from their other platforms. In that case, it's sort of like shareware and will almost certainly draw more people in. To a lesser extent, it will draw people into using Windows 10 on desktops and possibly tablets. That should help improve the app ecosystem and we will also derive some benefit from that such as more equity in app selection (which will eliminate one of the things keeping people away from WP).
  • Not an if really.  Look at the iPhone companion app.  Install this app, login, configure.  Install next app, login, configure.  Rinse, repeat.  Apps aren't an integrated part of the OS and not default.  Windows 10 Mobile?  Login when you turn on your phone, done.
  • it'll draw more people to Windows 10 PC, Android and iOS. With Android and iOS you get everything that WP10 have without the disadvantages of WP10 that has much less apps.  
  • This. Was going to go windows mobile, there is NO reason to switch from Android now, none. I already get the goods! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "I already get the goods" You were seriously going to switch to to WP because of a companion app? Lol wow...
  • Why not? That's the main hangup with the platform aside from a couple of features the OS still lacks. If it had the apps I used on a regular basis, I'd pull mine back out of the drawer and stick a SIM card back in it.  Until it gets those apps, meh, it'll stay where it is.
  • Liar
  • Fiann   I tend to agree IF they make sure that the experience on Windows 10 phones is superior to what they can get from their other platforms. In that case, it's sort of like shareware and will almost certainly draw more people in. To a lesser extent, it will draw people into using Windows 10 on desktops and possibly tablets. That should help improve the app ecosystem and we will also derive some benefit from that such as more equity in app selection (which will eliminate one of the things keeping people away from WP).
  • And... it will cut into Google revenue by taking away some Google searches and services.  Google doesn't make money by selling Android, they give it away and make money on ad revenue from services.  This is a direct attack on Google services.  I bet Google hates this.
  • nothing to fear until MS goes platform agnostic. They have got to abandon that WMA shit.
  • Actually, Microsoft makes money out of Android through patents...
  • Its not. It will actually draw the people out of Android and iOS to Windows. If you use android and you will love the cortana experience and more and more you will love the windows its just a matter of time when you buy a windows phone.
  • But nobody cares about "personal assistand" also known as feature that is never used cause doing it on my own is faster
  • Really? I disagree. In SOME cases it's faster. But adding things like appointments, reminders and alarms is definitely faster with Cortana for the most part. So is enabling/disabling quiet hours (I replaced it in the action center with internet sharing). Some of that is likely to change with Windows 10, but Cortana is definitely easier when it works for a lot of things.
  • You will come around. Do you even have Cortana? Because once you start using it, you will not want to go back. It is great and will only get better.
  • ...unless the Cortana experience is already on your Android or iOS.
  • It will never be the same as Cortana won't have the same level of deep hooks in iOS and Android compared with native Windows.  This is what Satya means by "services everywhere but best on Windows".
  • yea. sure. i really love windows and wp. but as they showed in recent years.....they dont give a crap for wp. better integration? i doubt. better integration means an additional work for their wp counterpart, which i dont see in nearly future, maybe only when/if wp reach 15%+ market share
  • android is open source. Cortana can be integrated as deeply as developers want it to be. On rooted devices, I imagine that cortana could completely replace google now.   iOS on the other hand, it is going to be an awful experience: User: "Hey i am going to use cortana to search something" *hold down home button to bring up cortana* Siri: "what can i do for you?" User: "i wanted cortana" *press home button* *swipe to home screen with cortana icon* *press cortana icon* Cortana: "what can i do for you?"
  • Android has not been opensource for a while now, the opensource part is completely buried and has not been updated or maintained for a long time. Google has not done anything but add in their closed source replacement components. The bare 'open source' part of Android has no access to the services and functionality these closed apps and closed parts of the OS offer.. A good read on this is HERE   On a Google Android device there is no way Cortana can get that deep and if you think that rooted device are actually making a dent in the numbers as far as users go you're mistaken in a major way. Google will _never_ allow any other service but their own to get a foothold on Android devices that use their apps and services. And without those Android is really a horrific and outdated pile of junk.
  • Skype says hi Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • It could have the hooks into Android.  And it might on some platform where it comes bundled from the manufacturer.  With Samsung already on Bing services... Well, Cortana replacing the Google Now voice assistant is only logical.
  • Why would I want to switch to Windows Phone if I already have the best Microsoft experience on iOS and Android? Seriously everyone knows Microsoft apps works better on those platforms.
  • I think a big part of what you're missing here is that phone and desktop share the same OS now. Or will anyways. Unless you think that MS is going to make things like xbox music and Cortana work better on iOS and Android than on Windows desktop and Xbox too then I think you'll find the experience to be better on their platforms. At worst you might have a period of time between when those are available and when W10 is available for our devices that it lags. But even then I'm doubtful. Did you notice how it mentions that they're getting features that we already have (like streaming from OneDrive). And Cortana will never be as useful or as integrated on iOS at least compared to WP.
  • Its the os as well. Android is dreadful. I'm only back from Samsung galaxy 6 edge. . Never again. I thought I was missing something. Nope not a bit. Apart from about 2 apps. . But quiz up is on its way to wp anyway. . I sold the Samsung and got my self a beauty . The Nokia Lumia 930 white and gold. . I'm so glad to be back to this fantastic OS.
  • So the real question is why do you post here then? I know misery loves company but still...
  • Part of it is in the video - "Of course, if you have a Windows Phone, there's pretty much nothing to do"
    All this magic just happens on a WP, you have to set it up on the others.
  • Yeah. Look at how iTunes on Windows made iPhone compatible with Windows PCs back when people needed iTunes in order to sync media files and apps, as well as for activating and updating the iPhone OS. This made people who weren't Mac users become part of the Apple eco system. Later on, when they bought an iPad, they realised that the platform was kind of good and they started looking at Mac computers, accepting the Apple design language and eventually they bought Mac computers. I think this is what Microsoft is trying to do: launch a complete suite of services on competing platforms to make people (re)discover Microsoft services and move back from Mac computers to Windows computers and Windows phones. Of course, the same goes for Android device owners, except not many people who own Android units also own Chromebooks. The majority of Android owners are Windows desktop/laptop users, so in this case they only need the Android owners to start using Windows devices more, not leave the platform.  
  • Yes, this ^............if they can convince people using Android phones and tablets to upgrade their PC's to W10, and buy W10 PC's in the future, its a win for the platform.  Same goes for IOS users - a lot of whom have been buying macbooks, etc. lately.  Macs are not going to overtake Windows as a whole, the enterprise use alone is just not obtainable on OSX - but, if they can keep these IOS users happy with Windows on their PC's, and keep them buying PC's with Windows on it rather than Macbooks, they will keep those people happy.  When they see the integration between W10 and W10 mobile, they will be intrigued, and maybe want to try out a Windows Phone..........
  • Microsoft doesn't have the brand recognition or the brand loyalty that Apple has.  Apple is still viewed as Premium, rightly or wrongly.  Their products are priced in such a way that's its impossible for a Mac to be viewed in the same light as the average Windows PC:  Average, Ordinary, Commodity, Cheap. Microsoft's not going after that kind of business model.  They cannot replicate that unless they take risks they are not willing to take (becasue if OEMs start to move on, then they will eventually start courting corporate clients with alternatives i.e. Enterprise Linux distros from Red Hat, Novell, Oracle, etc.).  Look at how pissed off some OEMs got when they got into the Tablet Market. What Microsfot needs to aim for, is to get someone to dedicate one device/screen to their OS - whichever one they choose.  It may be a Phone, or a Desktop, or a Notebook, or a Tablet, or even an Xbox.  But they just need one screen to give the user a reason to consider their services and other software (like Office, Xbox Music/Video, OneDrive, Bing, The point isn't to try to lure hte user in to lock them in.  It's to make it "comfortable" for them to go out on a limb and get, keep, and use that one Windows device they decide to get without feeling like its value is degraded simply because they didn't go "all in" with Microsoft. It means if you get a Windows Tablet, you can still interact with Cortana on your iPhone (which improves her for when you are on that Tablet).  You can still use Bing on your iPhone, and even get Bing Reward Credits.  You can still Sync all your PIM Data on your iPhone.  You can still access Office and Skype on your iPhone.  OneDrive, OneNote, etc. That's the point.  Not trying to take over yoru entire digital life, but being okay with being the odd-man out among your gadgets and embracing it while increasing its value by proliferating the services connected to it to other platforms you may use in addition to it.
  • You can downvote all you want, but I'm pretty sure Microsoft is going in a similar route to what I'm suggesting, becasue there's no way in hell the average consumer is going to just go all in with their products services they way they go all in for Apple's stuff.  The two companies aren't even thought of in the same way. Whether we like it or not, Microsoft is not thought of as Cool, Hip, Premium, or Exclusive.  Their OS is commodity because it's the one that people get just for buhing a new cheap PC, not the one they actually have to think long and hard about purchasing because of the price disparity. The nature of Apple's pricing model and market position means they get most of the users who are more willing to buy into an entire ecosystem and dump money into the storefronts. Microsoft's goal should not be to replicate that, becuase they simply cannot due to the way Windows is sold and proliferated.  Their goal should be to find a way to be a factor in the home's of those more "attractive" users which Apple has a virtual monopoly on these days.
  • Apple premium. Flip its so over in my opinion.
  • I'm not even sure if you're speaking English...  Did you even read anything. I'm talking about the general perception (which Microsoft is actually furthering with thier device strategy) not what may or may not be the actual case. Yes, Apple is thought of, generally, as a premium brand compared to Microsoft.  There are even tons of discussions on this very site where people are questioning whether or not Microsoft should have branded their phones with the company name, due to reputational/marketing issues with it as a brand...
  • You can't draw those who are embedded on their OS/ecosystem of choice. If they can use MS's ecosystem on iOS or Android, who needs to switch. Only fanboys would say such a thing as wp10 will draw other users to wp. No! That's not how It works. MS's and the fanboys best bet is to target new and dumb phone users.
  • It's not fanboyism, it's real psychology. The more you are exposed to something, even if it's subtly, the more likely you will be drawn to it in the future, even without being consciously aware of it. So if a person keeps seeing and/or hearing Windows 10 and then sees it in a phone, he or she may actually strongly consider it that time. You've got to wet the appetite first before serving the main course.
  • Been 6-7 year appetite already. Not gonna make a dent regarding WP strategy. Maybe in the emerging and some European countries, not US or China...
  • Psychology ceases to matter when people realize it's going to be near impossible to watch their iTunes movies on their Windows Phone or Xbox One, or that they have to repurchase 15-20 apps (games) ranging in price from 0.99 to 6.99 (before Tax, and that's ignoring IAP they may have purchased on their "home" platform), and that they have to actualy pay for productivity software on their desktop, among other things. At that point it becomes less about psychology and what your "subtly exposed to" and more about cash money and sheer annoyance/inconvenience. Saying they should eat the costs simply because you think the platform is "superior" and they'll only have to do it once isn't going to cut it.  It basically ramps up cost of the device.
  • Just an FYI, a lot of apps allow you to transfer your iphone/android purchase license to their WP counterpart. I know this because I have done it myself with ,ultiple apps when I moved from Android to WP.
  • I've jumped between Android and iOS 3 times in the past 18 months.  Everytime I move platforms I delete my Google Account because I don't need it if I don't have an Android phone.  There is literally no developer who has given me a free license on Android.  One gave me a free license on iOS, and I had about 15-20 Apps that were cross platform on my Google Account and had all the purchase confirmation emails/order numbers, etc. to prove it. The risk isn't worth it. Just becasue I bought a Windows PHone doesn't mean I'll be there forever. Also, it's not just about apps. What about Movies and Shows you bought via iTunes?  What about eBooks you bought in iBookstore?  Magazines in Newsstand? None of that carries over, I doubt Microsoft will give them to you for free just because you bought a Windows Phone, PC, or Tablet, and they can be a significant investment for some people. Additionally, the people who invest decently in one ecosystem are the ones who are most likely locked in beyond just that one device.  Those are the people who probably have an AppleTV, or an iMac, or an iPad, or a MacBook *in addition* to their iPhone.  It's a much harder sell to get them to move over, and those are the people that are most worth bringing over because they're the ones who will make sure the developers get paid.
  • If I were MS, my goal would not be to convert users because like your statement conveys, its not easy as ones thinks converting those heavily invested in their ecosystem. What MS should do is target those first timers and dumbphone users, and those heavy on office. Commercial the hell out of the next flagship giving consumers reasons why Lumia's should be their choice of smartphones. And i can wholeheartedly say right NOW, iPhone and google bashing ain't gonna work. Not a compelling reason to switch or purchase a WP. WP division could learn alot from the Surface's.
  • It definitely worked for Apple.  A lot of the recent converted Mac users are previously Windows users having hooked on Apple products like iPod and iPhone.  This is the same play with MS except in reverse.
  • Same play with what? People loved the iPod iPhone in many regards. MS needs to have something to show for with the new "UI." So far, nothing compelling.
  • If Microsoft has to choose between surviving in desktop/tablet market and phone market (with low % market share), of course they will choose the former. If this strategy works, it will benefit the whole ecosystem and hence Windows Phone in the long run. It's a long battle.
  • The say that every year.
  • It's actually a great move.
  • So it means i can go back to iPhone and use all the apps that are lagging on WP and get all MS features just as they're on WP? Because i use Xbox music, Xbox live and cortana the most. I bet they'll give away edge to iPhones and Androids soon too
  • Whatever it is, I am very sure the apps on other platforms will be far, way faar smoother than what we WP ppl will be getting.
    No one thinks of low end phones. Does MSFT even know how long it takes for Cortana to actually open up on a Lumia 520?? Fed up of those crappy Loading+Resuming screens, I end up using Google on the Internet Explorer. Why release Low End phones when they cant even handle the core apps.
  • "why release low end phones". Are you stupid or something??
  • Dude, have you ever tried a low end phone? You spend half of yoir life seeing the Loading+Resuming screens on it.
  • Yet you fail to realize that low end phones gain market share.
  • No they don't! Apple never had a low end phone and Samsung gained market share and recognition because of the popularity of the Galaxy S.
  • When was Lumia 520 released?
  • Doesn't matter.  When you update an older device and it gives a subpar user experience, you're basically putting that out there and allowing it to stand as representative of the user experience on the platform.  This is why sometimes you just have to cut a device off.  At some point the performance and/or amount of features you have to cut to keep it performing make it unworth the investment.
  • It's a companion app, they're not releasing their complete OS.
  • You got it bro. These WP fanboys don't love in reality.
  • So are they virtually lovers?
  • I think so. Dam auto correct.
  • You've obviously never used the atrocious Xbox Music on iPhone or Android else you wouldn't have even made such a comment.
  • Cue blind loyalty and Microsoft Kool aid drinking.
  • Cortana for iphone and android? I still haven't got Cortana with Lumia in my country and language...
  • Shouldn't be any. It's been pretty well proven across all industies that platforms don't succeed because of "exclusive" features, they succeed by providing better experiences. If Windows 10 Mobile provides the best experience with Microsoft services it will gain marketshare as adoption of Microsoft services improves. If it doesn't provide a better experience than iOS and Android, then yes it's dead, and that's the OS team's fault - not the rest of the MS service portfolio's. Android got where it is largely because it had a first-rate integration with Gmail, Chrome and Google Search. 3 things that lots people loved and used every day. They are available on iOS, but that didn't matter because they were better on Android. Not better because they had "exclusive features" but because they were seamless. If Windows can make OneDrive or Skype or Xbox or Outlook into a market standard service and make the experience seamless on Windows 10 Mobile they'll see uptake, but none of those services will be standard so long as they aren't on iOS or Android. We really shouldn't be fighting about this any more. Microsoft is finally getting it right, and they've gotten rid of the types of fools who think exclusivity is somehow an advantage. Unfortunately there's a lot of fanbois who aren't wise enough to see that. 
  • Jeez bro, she's not your girlfriend or something so chill out. Let Microsoft burn if they fail with this decision, which probably not the case.
  • Basically. Windows phone in any phone.
  • Any phone can be windows phone ??
  • Yes. Windows is now a service. Consisting of the Core OS + All those Apps. If you don't want the core OS, no problem, choose any OS, and the apps will be their.
  • Indeed a great move, I always want a mobile phone as versatile and flexible as Windows, but with full MSFT services, almost bought myself a Nokia X if it weren't for the shitty spec.
  • True. MS is bullshitting now on wp.
  • *cries*
  • *cries in spanish*
  • *uses Bing Translator to translate your tears to English*
  • Cries in Dutch, also called the Dutch cry
  • Think of the bigger picture everyone. This is Microsoft trying to stay relevant. Nice move MSFT:)
  • More reasons for others not to make the switch ..  But great features.
  • if is a companion app, then no biggie
  • Ugh... Yay?
  • Welp... good move from MS
  • I love this new ecosystem Microsoft is creating. It's no longer about the devices you own, but the services you use on these devices. Windows 10 is gonna go far.
  • Exactly. Windows everywhere.
  • Exactly. Windows everywhere, PCs, laptops , your wall, my wall, his wall, her wall,dog house wall, everywhere except windowsphone (not literally :P)
    Microsoft providing reasons to current wp users,to switch to other platforms.
    Hashtag RIP Windows phone
  • Windows Phone is dead. Windows 10 Mobile is the future. And the key in that? Windows 10. Look at the MUCH bigger picture and stop making this all about killing Windows Phone. If Microsoft was killing phones it would just kill them off, not make a mobile platform and stop making phones.
  • That's what I said.
    Windows phone is dead , it's the era of Windows mobile :)
    Hashtag RIP WP :P
  • I like this direction as well. The only downside, I guess, is that this makes Windows Mobile on phones, kind of redundant and besides the point. But I use devices from all three major ecosystems, so I'm all good.
  • It does no such thing.  W10M is still completely relevant as there is still the advantages of purchase once and use everywhere universal apps between the different screens and actual deep integration with Cortana etc.
  • Glad to see someone actually thinking. Fanboyism needs to die. I for one am glad Msft made this move because with cortana everywhere, they will collect data to improve the whole ecosystem.
  • Same here... I am glad MS is doing it... It will make my decision to move to iPhone more worthwhile.... I can now move to iOS knowing that I will be better supported than WP (I am on WP currently) and MS apps would be faster and offer same functionalities (if not better) and would always be released before they get released on windows...
  • Each to their own but I have no intention of jumping to ios/android. MS has stated the Win10 will continue to adapt and evolve and I for one will be along till the ride ends.
  • Dooms day lol
  • Bye bye Windows phone *flies out to Android or iPhone
  • Go on. Do it. Show us the receipt when you do
  • Are you still flying ? Or gone ? :P
  • Lol..!
  • He crashed.
  • Close the door on your way out
  • R.I.P Windows phone
  • It's a welcome development but instead Microsoft should be more focused on the phone department to making companion app for Android/iPhone
  • Somehow I'm thinking that the teams making Android and iPhone apps aren't exactly their lead Windows Phone developers.  They have a lot of employees.  Working on these apps wouldn't have any impact on resources for the Windows phone variant.
  • People seem to think that MS is some small developer with limited resources. Microsoft doesn't just have some small development team of a handful of people where developing on other platforms has a significant impact on WP development. They're a software company, developing software is their bread and butter, it's what they do. I'm pretty sure that even if the few dozen people working on things like the companion apps for other platforms would otherwise be on the dev teams for the OS, it would make no signifiant difference. They have hundreds if not thousands of employees working on OS development. A few extra heads aren't likely to have any impact. And that's assuming that these people weren't hired specifically for this purpose anyways.
  • I think history tells us that they are not spending enough on windows phone.
  • Having 9 pregnant woman does not mean you will have a baby in one month.  Same goes for everything in life. At some point you cannot throw anymore resources at something as it will not speed it up.
  • Pretty sure Microsoft has more than half a dozen developers.
  • They're making all of the right moves to get people on Windows 10.
  • Cortana on the competitions phones...BOOOOOOO!
  • There is no reason why this is a bad thing. At the end of the day, Cortana is a service and Microsoft is primarily a company that offers services. It's not really a suprise that Cortana would end up on iOS and Android (especially since MS was very vocal from the beginning about this happening). And honestly, was Cortana causing people to switch to WP? I doubt it. No matter how much better is may be than Siri, it's not a big deal to consumers. So I see no problem with this.
  • Well considering I'm still sitting on the Alpha of Cortana with not a single update since last year you can forgive for being dejected that iOS and Android are getting more Jen Taylor then I seem to be.
  • A lot of nice ideas. But the execution...
  • Will Android get our official start screen next?
  • No, Android Will only take your phone
  • Sure hope so- you would think an official Microsoft tile launcher for Android will be next,  This is a very smart move by Microsoft.  I don't see Google or Apple cooperating though. 
  • Have you ever used an Android device? It has had the Windows interface from the start. It doesn't have the Tile interface...but then again, neither does Windows 10 (thank God!).
  • That's a good idea actually.
    Microsoft should release a paid Windows phone launched on Android for around $2-3 as many people like the tiled look but don't adopt wp for the lack of apps. Just check out the reviews of wp launchers on Android. And btw many of the start screen customisations coming with Windows 10 phones are, funnily enough, already available in Android wp launchers. For eg. Tiles transparency
  • Don't understand why are they talking the exclusive windows phone features and putting them on the competition now what's the point of getting a windows phone?
  • There isn't any.
    There's no money in hardware or maintaining a Mobile OS, so they'll kill them both off. That's business.
  • You guys need to just go and get an iPhone or something already
  • Oh my god. *facepalm*
  • Fuck Microsoft , everything we have is there , so why get windows phone ? Another reason to buy an iphone
  • Loads of people can't afford a new £600 iphone, or £300 reconditioned one, or the £30pm (min) contract. I would love to see some real reasons to stay in windows phone other than budget though.
  • When are we getting special apps for windows phone! Its not like we are going to get the special google or apple apps so why developping for them?
  • How is Microsoft supposed to compete with Google services if Microsoft services are only offered on a platform that dominates less than 4% of the market?
  • THIS
  • I <3 this comment.
  • Exactly
  • It's about marketing strategy. Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be used as not only on Windows Ecosystem but the entire FREAKING electronic device you own no matter whichever OS you choose. And MS is also offering their services to other platforms just to promote Windows 10,that's it! They just really want people to use Windows 10 as it is last version of Windows and also because Windows 8 was a huge "BIGASS" disappointment for them & they didn't want Windows 10 just go through the same process.
  • Well, I hope they make Xbox music, especially on WP, more user friendly and less constrained if it's being considered a benefit
  • i dont like Microsoft about this. Compare too clearly
  • that defines cortana on ios and android.
  • It think on ios and andriod they should make Cortana only integrated with Microsoft apps e.g. Say you want to listen to music, you say shuffle music and the Xbox music app opens. Same goes to taking notes(oneNote), sending mail (outlook), messaging and video calls(Skype) etc. This should be a good compromise and advantage Cortana on WP will have over others. Maybe it can improve user base on those MS apps
  • That's the best suggestion ever, make her work only with MS stuff on those platform, no too much feature, when they need more feature and integration they should get a windows phone, or pc
  • That may be the case on iOS, but on Android it will likely do a lot more since they would have the option of tying in Cortana to replace Google Now.  Especially with some of the deals with Samsung and other vendors, replacing Google services with Bing.  Cortana would be a natural addition to that.  MS is focused on services at this point.  No major service will be exclusive to Windows again.  Sorry to break it to you.
  • F it ill get an android i hate apple and having only tiles unique to winmo is not enough
  • If I was a Windows hater, I would say that Windows is spreading like a virus :D
    But I love Windows, nice move!
  • That video....uhh I understand the need, but they are telling us everything on the software side if mobile, weather we like it or not and nothing on the hardware side.
  • Well it will be good to know how it will work in those OS i.e. IOS and Android
  • Great another reason to not an iPhone
  • I see what microsoft is doing there....
  • Most of the people use windows as an operating system....though these synchronising features will work on android and on iOS but they will not have as good experience as windows phone users...and people might just want to buy a new windows phone as well.../ well played Microsoft.... :)
  • GGWP
  • And it begins. The dawn of a new era ruled by Microsoft.
  • How was Apple able to get sales of their products? It was putting iTunes in Windows PC and that itself was a service. MS is doing the same thing by introducing their services to the iPhone and all Android phones.
  • Bingo. Granted, iTunes on Windows was an abomination, but Apple was smart enough to realise that the masses is what it needed to make the iPod take off. And now its the biggest company on the planet. Microsoft is doing the same thing but circa 2015.
  • iTunes was the reason my iPhone was sledgehammered...
  • Ok , good now I don't have any reason to hold windows phone Fuck you Microsoft !
  • Are you only holding a windows phone because of Cortana? The reason I use WP is because of the interface, sure I miss some apps but becaue of 10 I know that problem will go away. Ever since getting my Nokia 720 I have enjoyed the windows phone experence. Could not face going back to Apple or Androi interface
  • Indeed cortana is nice to have but she just is not that great.. i need her to speak to me at 7 am, tell me its breakfast time, till me the weather without asking at different times in the morning, i need her to learn when i leave the house, right now i never use her, she is just a bit of fun at times, she is more usesful on my ms band XD 
  • Its not about Cortana I don't even use It ! The problem is about keeping something special to WP.
  • Next Windows 10 Build in "few weeks"? For phone they mean?
  • I believe it said upcoming, not necessarily next build.
  • Unfortunately Apple and Androids Moto is "At Appel/Google we want everyone to enjoy our services as long as your not a low life Windows user".
  • Actually It's a good step from MS ... I have a Windows Laptop.. A Windows tablet... A Windows phone..and an iPhone ... Now I can sync my iPhone with all my other devices as well... This is toooo cool.. I'm loving it .. MS is in the right direction . This effort from MS will reduce the flow of users from Windows to Mac OS just because of iPhone.. Now iPhone can sync with W10 even better than how it syncs with Mac..
  • Even windows it self has better surpport then mac for iphone 
  • That's the only way to keep the market share of Windows Desktop on top
  • Mmmm....cross-platform! This is awesome :)
  • Whatever it is, I am very sure the apps on other platforms will be far, way faar smoother than what we WP ppl will be getting.
    No one thinks of low end phones. Does MSFT even know how long it takes for Cortana to actually open up on a Lumia 520?? Fed up of those crappy Loading+Resuming screens, I end up using Google on the Internet Explorer. Why release Low End phones when they cant even handle the core apps.
  • THIS! I hate those resume and loading screens sooooo much!! Hope they will remove those by rtm period. That's the only thing that'll force me to move to another os. Otherwise w10m is shaping up to be quite good.
  • Well.. Resuming and loading screens are too annoying.. Let's hope for the best
  • Do you know how much does the Lumia 520 cost? Get an android for the same price tag and you will be surprised how shit is Android on low end devices.
  • Let's be honest.. Even in 1GB RAM devices.. We can see the Loading and Resuming screen too often...
  • I don't understand the negativity. Satya is being realistic in saying that Windows Phone is low on the totem pole because of a (false) stigma that the platform doesn't have apps. He made decisions based on this and how WP is faring in the marketplace NOW. It's Marketing 101: Pushing a perceived brand name that's a flop is wrong, so it's time to try something new. Don't be blinded by your groupthink of WP is amazing (which it is, I'm not denying that), but instead try reading other news places other than WindowsCentral. The truth is this: WP is considered dead by the majority of users, so it's time to take the platform in a new direction. Windows Mobile, Windows10, Cortana cross-platform, and Project Astoria are the ways to do that.
  • And sure, they may or may not work, but that's how business, trends, and fads run in the marketing world. You try it. If it doesn't work, try another strategy. That's just the fun (and annoyances) of marketing and business.
  • At some times WP market shares goes up and up even reach 10% at some countries, which the time when Microsoft launches great phones, like Lumia 920, 1020 and 1520. Those are great specs on addition to other lower specs phone. Since then, one and half year later, there are not much succession to those phone. (930 is not that great). Microsoft just chooses to be quiet and releases all those low end devices. Where do you think market share to go? From low to lower.. Sad case.,
  • When i heard news long back about this i was dissapointed but after i saw the recent build event, i totaly support it MS is doing Amazing job..
  • I need someone to open a class and explain to me nice coz i don't understand what u guys called nice move on this .
  • I think they'll still maintain a mobile OS for any interested OEMs, but further cross platforming services like Cortana and others, lends credence to all the scuttlebutt that Microsoft, under Nadella, is looking to sell off the hardware business that they bought from Nokia. Which would be a good thing IMO; they don't seem to be offering anything other than low end starter phones these days anyway, so no great loss.    
  • Windows phone is going no where. Microsoft future is built on top of mobiles. That's why they made W10 for desktop and tablets sexy so people could get attached to Microsoft then devs can build apps for the ecosystem for the sake of mobile OS could stand against Android and iOS. This is the smartphone era, don't be mislead. It's just a shortcut(W10 for desktop & tablets) for highway(W10 mobile).
  • Wait, so XBox Music app for Android cannot play music yet? And Microsoft just planning to do that? Nice, so now I can play XBox music from my BlackBerry!
  • I have two questions.
    1st: If Microsoft thinks, bringing all types of MS apps into cross platform, then these apps should be well equipped. I mean these apps should have more or less features compared to Windows Phone. If it happens why would people buy a Windows Phone instead?! where they can get the same taste on their own ecosystem.
    2nd: If these MS apps are not so well managed compared to Windows Phone ecosystem then people could get frustrated and definitely will ditch MS apps. So this strategy may not work in that way MS thinks.
  • I have switched to Android (Galaxy 5) from a Lumia 822 last Novermber.  I can tell you that all the Microsoft apps/services that are available for Android are as good as on the Windows Phone.  I use Onedrive, Mobile Office and most of the MSN apps routinely on my Galaxy 5.  It was relatively painless making the switch- Cortona was about the only thing I missed but that will not be an issue soon.  I have confidence MFST will not be releasing half baked apps or services on Android at least. Like a previous poster already stated- you can't compete with Google Services with a 4% market share. Something has to give. This is a very smart move to me.  An official android tile/metro launcher that integrates all the microsoft services/apps should be next in my opinion. There are already quite a few 3rd party ones out there that are actually pretty good. If  WP 10 does not catch on in the next year or so I can honestly see Microsoft releasing Android based phones with their services and launcher on it.  
  • Okay I am taking your notes that 'you can't compete with Google's services with a 4% market share'. But why MS is bringing all of its apps into cross platform. There should be a limit. I mean Google doesn't have so much productivity apps as much as MS. So why all?! Even some apps come to Android before Windows Phone. This is out of my equation.
  • For the 1st: People would have the option to choose another OS for let's say its Tiles, smoothness, durability or even design since that OS or phone had all the apps and services people need.
    For the 2nd: You might be right.
  • You're talking as a Microsoft fan boy. Give me a logical reason as an iOS or Android user, why would you choose a Windows Phone over an Apple product or Google's?
  • Is it that bad? It's just syncing and doing shit to your new phone to make it more "Microsofty"
  • To be fair MicroSOFT has always been about selling software first. Windows [Mobile] and Xbox are just an extension of this, not center stage. Windows on PC has always been the core service. With office and azure stemming off that. The hardware has always been secondary to the OS and other software.
  • Then they should get rid of their moto "Mobile First, Cloud First". Isn't it?
  • Lovely... looking forward to it  
  • Great step in the right direction. Microsoft is turning into truly "One Microsoft". It doesn't matter what platform or device you use... you have Windows and/or MS services right at the core. MS is being very careful and meticulous here. You own a PC with Windows 10,you need to use exclusively MS services, to access devices, even if you own devices from other platforms..Also imagine the several 100s of thousands of iphone/Android users using One drive to seemelessly store their photos on the cloud, without the need to using Googledrive or iCloud. Great way to move movepeople into its cloud services! I for one would be delighted to use this companion app instead of iTunes to sync my iphone to Windows 10 PC (that is, if I own one).
  • If you can't beat them... become them. But be sure to screw your faithful customers of Windows Phone as you exit.
  • Exactly.. Feeling screwed..
  • This is a negative thought. MS has the ability to beat Google. But they need some more time to look forward.
  • Microsoft is going back to its old track.
  • Though this will likely cause hate, anger, and "That's it! I'm leaving Windows Phone!" comments-- Microsoft is simply waging a war on a battlefield of their choosing where they have a distinct advantage; their cloud and desktop/server OS coupled with the Office Suite of productivity apps. Sun Tzu would be proud. To shift to another military strategist-- Cortana is the "Trojan Horse" offering.
  • See, this is the Microsoft I like! Not the Baboon-Ballmer-Microsoft that thought they could be Apple by ruining companies and dismembering them so they could get no avail. Microsoft is about great software and great services no matter what devices you buy or from whom you buy them. I'm glad Nadella is taking Microsoft back to Gates' vision (I wonder how much influence Bill Gates actually had in these decisions seeing as he's now the "Technology Adviser").   I'm very eager to check this Phone Companion app and to welcome Cortana into my Android phone.
  • As someone who has tried and tried and for a third time tried windows phone yet again over the span of several years, each time it gets better and better... but not by enough.  After about a month of use, I get extremely depressed with my phone and jump back to whatever phone I had previously (first iPhone, now Android).   Windows Phone always feels like it's half baked in some areas which I still don't get.  Why are the transistion annimations still buggy at times?  Why is Cortana still in Beta after well over a year?  Why is it that web sites render perfectly on the desktop version of IE but on the mobile version, I constantly have websites that don't render or sometimes just don't work at all?  And last but not least.... WHY is it that Microsoft makes more apps for Android then Windows Phone and why do Microsoft Apps like Skype, Onedrive, Xbox, etc... all perform better on Android then on Windows Phone?
  • Those are valid questions. And because of that Microsoft is doing a bait and switch on this whole thing.
  • Work better?.. It doesn't seems so :/
  • You know what this means right? It means that MS is aiming at a general computing experience where- like all good tech...think about writing - the technology melts into the general ecology within which we live an operate. Windows 10 is the technology and the experience is to be delivered through various screen sizes (windows! You see!!). To MS then, the hardware business is business no doubt, but it is more like a tech demo outfit. For MS, hardware is important but only as a means by which to render the general computing experience that they may have decided on or at least thought about. makes sense and so does the platform-agnostic way that MS is seeming to positioning itself.
  • Good news - as today is a sad sad day for me - my employer is providing a phone and contract, and those SOBs still don't support WP... So I am "forced" to go on the darks side, aka Android (at least they don't force me to support Apple) as of today. At least MS is now more available on Android - can't wait to get to use Cortana too. ps. I managed to unlock my 830, so will see if the T-Mo Sammy 6 SIM will work in it and if so (I guess LTE won't), will maybe be able to use my beloved 830 sometimes! :)
  • Face it WP/WM is dead.
  • Farewell. Until next time!
  • Thanks! When they start testing Windows 10, I'll try to mount another campaign for W10 Mobile support... Wish me luck! :)
  • After a couple of hours on Android... My god and jesus as wellL how ugly Android STILL is! And cluttered.. And one text entry dialogue on the screen and you have to tap on it to bring up the keyboard.. Ok, its fast and fluind and all on Sammy but boy is this going to be tough. The REALLY good news is that the T-Mo SIM seems to work fine on my 830 (well, data/internted does not but I gather its just a matter of punching in the right settings)! :)
  • Looks like WP is not their priority at this time. They focus on windows 10's capabilities to work with other platforms rather than competing them.
  • It's too soon to render judgment on this whole "Microsoft giving its apps to everyone" thing, except to say the obvious, that it's very "high stakes poker." Sure it's possible that in the final analysis, it will do very little to increase or decrease market share or market reputation of either the well established Windows Desktop, or the struggling Windows Phone, so we certainty can't rule out the "whole lot of nothing" scenario. I do want to put it aside for the purposes of this comment, though. I do think it will most likely have a meaningful impact, one way or the other. It's just the "which way" I don't know yet. I think the idea at MS is to be like a crack dealer. Give em some MS goodness for free, get em hooked, then turn the screws, and show them that the MS experience on Google and Apple is bupkiss by comparison, and lure them over with the most pristine MS experience which they will eventually reserve for only their own Windows devices. It's a neat idea on paper. And it even has the potential to work! But what I'm afraid of being far more likely is that the "why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free" ethos will prevail, and rather than luring new Windows adopters, they will actually deincentivize the market to make the jump. If this scenario plays out, I can see it spelling doom for Windows Phone. The mighty Windows desktop juggernaut will probably be too big to completely topple, but I don't see all this helping it any under that scenario. I suppose what it WILL accomplish for MS one way or the other is diversify and enlarge the pool of superficial MS engagement. But at the expense of the deeply, passionately engaged? Doesn't seem like a good trade-off to me. But again, that's all just assuming the worst. MS is doing a lot of exciting things right now, and those boardroom guys know a whole lot more than any of us on this thread let's see what happens. Hopefully it'll work...I just have a bad feeling about it... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I wonder if the Cortana companion apps will work outside the US? It would be kinda sad if Cortana on an iPhone was working before Cortana on a WinPhone (as I suspect it will)!
  • If cortana is not available in your country already.. then you dont have to suspect.. She is not gonna be there in iPhone as well...
  • Respectfully, I disagree.
  • All Microsoft is doing is saying 'want to experience some windows phone stuff? Sure here you go but the catch is that the functionality is limited' which means in order to get full experience of windows 10 people will have to buy a windows phone xD
  • So what's the prognosis when Windows 10 phones see a major decline in market share? I am sure that MSFT will increase integration with the other 2 mobile platforms. It's looking more likely that mobile and PC systems with eventually be Windows-Android -iPhone based. With the later two being the preferred pocketable mobile options. I understand that MSFT must push Windows 10 this way and this hard, but unfortunately the risk of killing their phone division is high! As Windows phone users we are as much in competition with MSFT's other divisions as we are the other two eco systems. Futures certainty uncertain.
  • Yeah it's officially dead RIP WP/WM
  • You are absolutely correct.. WP and WM are already dead.. Now It's time for W10.. :P
  • Everyone over here are talking like Cortana is their Girlfriend or something .. They can't even think about sharing Cortana.. True Love :D
  • WOW! This is the best thing I've seen introduced into Windows 10. I know that some of my IOS and Android friends will love this ability.  
  • Hmm, I doubt most ppl will pay attention. As Cortana will only have partial feature, it does not make it great option to make hassle to use Siri or google now that has been a built in feature..
  • I have faith in my Windows mobile phone, so I will stay! It's not about how many users are using it now, it's about how "yourself" love Windows mobile in your pocket everytime. Your phone having the live tile environment for me is awesome since the day I first get my hands on one and own one in 2013.
  • Google will makes sure that not gonna happen with their villianest pride and hate for a peaceful tech world.
  • Bye windows phone...
  • No, it's all about Windows in your pocket. You will lose it if you go.
  • Bye dear :P
  • This is way better than I actually thought it would be.
    They are not getting what we have and that's all round integration within the OS.
  • I truly believe Windows for mobile could not turn the tides unless a miracle happens. So Microsoft's strategy here is to instill their services to all OS available and keep Windows Mobile just so they have something to show. I'm okay with that as long as they treat Windows Mobile users something like Google's own Nexus. Updates come to WM first. Pls.
  • No more WPhones in future...good bye.
  • tata
  • Another one of those rumors that got too exaggerated. Sure you have Cortana everywhere now, but its just to get the reminders and other stuff you ask her to do on all your devices. Sounds more like a companion app than anything else as described. Nothing to worry about here.
  • Awesome, having an Android phone and a Surface Pro 2 which will run Windows 10...this is fantastic.
  • Did hell just froze over????
  • Great, then I can buy a flagship that already exists with Android and enjoy the Microsoft services there, just as good - and A LOT of other apps as well.    
  • Microsoft only stated June Cortana release for Android. iPhone later this year.
  • When will everyone who has a windows phone get it?
  • When msft launches in your region. However, the other two OS's won't get it with their apps if Cortana doesn't exist in the region where the phone is being used. No winners their.
  • Rather than focusing to get windows 10 for mobile to be launched closer to windows 10 launch, Microsoft chooses to focus on other platform, by launching some of their apps on ios/android first. I don't know what they focus on now, but it does not seem to be good for windows phone user anymore, like me that hanged on to ageing Lumia 1520 (although it is still great with some flaw) but I really want to replace but there is no option out there at all, and Microsoft chooses to go really realllyyy slow on mobile part. I have been contemplating to switch to android, this news seem to make it more certain. Galaxy s6 or M9.. Hmm.. Microsoft will lose more and more phone market shares, sadly..
  • Goodbye ms   Goodbye my lumia 920
  • How to update my laptop to windows 10
    I'm using windows 8.1 pro How to update when it get released official
  • I don't think this has put me off having a Windows phone / W10M. If Microsoft continue to make (good) phones, optimised for Windows 10, I'll stick with it. For those who say MS will kill off their mobile devices, why did they bother buying Nokia's device business, or whatever it was.
  • Okay I am taking your notes that 'you can't compete with Google's services with a 4% market share'. But why MS is bringing all of its apps into cross platform. There should be a limit. I mean Google doesn't have so much productivity apps as much as MS. So why all?! Even some apps come to Android before Windows Phone. This is out of my equation.
  • Doesn't matter. MS are never going to find out there's a world outside the US. US only™
  • Microsoft could face a potential ban in US. So they'll turn into fossil.
  • This is a fantastic business move. Exclusives are a thing of the past. I had to leave windows phone because the lack of key apps for me (banking and airlines) but I miss a lot of the quality of life features (music on OneDrive, Cortana, etc) Smart move MS, welcomed by me. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Downgraded market share shows why Windows Phone is following the death penalty.
  • This is why Chromebooks are doomed to perish, you can't do the same if you connect your iPhone , iPad or your Windows Phone device into a Chromebook. Even Android users can't run their all their Android apps on a Chromebook just a few number which is less than the apps that Windows 8.1/10 will support. I'm glad I purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 instead of a Macbook or a Chromebook.
  • In other way ,I feel they dont want to competitors(league of android vs ios vs windows mobile) but they want people to choose by the way they  provide services.
  • Great move in my book
  • Great move in my book
  • Honestly, I don't care if Microsoft decides to bring every damn thing on WP to other platforms. I'm not gonna switch to Android or iOS because of that. I made the switch from Android to WP because I love the platform (and I like supporting underdogs). Even the app situation doesn't stress me out at all as I have all the apps that I need and use. I'm still gonna get a Windows 10 flagship device no matter what. I'll make the switch only when WP is completely and utterly destroyed and when Microsoft has buried its remains deep underground.
  • I don't understand the whole no need for wp anymore. I have come from android. I had galaxy s2, s3, s3 mini, s5 and htc one x. Every single phone I had I had to have an app that cleared memory, looked for viruses and fixed cpu temp. After about 3 months owning any android phone it slowed to the pace of a morris minor. After switching to Lumia 930, I can easily say android I a mess. Wp8.1 is si much faster and more consistent as an os. I don't need to do any of the bs that is required with android. Sure some apps are missing. But I have usually found an alternative that is much better. I would never go back to android purely based on how slow it is even on fast hardware and endless handholding of fixes required to use the damn phone. I'm staying wp because its faster, has achievements for games, and just works. Also these Lumia cameras make my s5 look terrible.
  • I'm going to wait and see what gets releases hardware wise and then what gets released software wise before I buy anything... with that said, there needs to be something about a windows phone that makes people want to buy it. At this point, we are losing ground. We will see what happens in the future. 
  • Good day for Microsoft fans, not so much if your a windows phone fan. This proliferation will enable users to swap in and out with seamless transitions between each stage. That's the plan, but time will tell if Microsoft were able to pull it off.
  • Microsoft does not care what device you use, they just want to ensure you are using their services and products. Windows Phone as we know it will cease to exist in a few months and you will be using a phone running Windows.  The hardware is irrelevant unlike Apple where it is all abou the hardware and the device is central to the ecosystem and the same really holds true, be it in a lesser way, for Android. This is why in the end Microsoft will win, it does not matter what device you use, you will be using Microsoft services which is what counts. All of you saying 'bye WP' or are saying you'll be switching to Android, MSFT is fine with that as long as you use their services. And frankly, if you prefer the UI or apps on another mobile platform then go.. please.. now..
  • Meanwhile Google won't give a single thing to Windows 10 mobile, Microsoft is helping other platforms to grow and not their own, just cancel your flagship phone projects MS, you've made them pointless
  • Plz Microsoft sold out Nokia i think that's better for Nokia fans Or plz concentrate on own Smartphone devices
  • So the last remaining unique thing for windows is now going to be available for everyone else. Why do I even bother remaining with windows phone
  • Another big reason to not choose Windows Phone. The services that worked best with WP now work with Android and iOS. Yup, I'm all yours iOS 9.
  • Not a good reason for me to leave Windows Phone. I love the OS and its look, not gonna see on Android or IOS .
  • Althrough it's nice to get all features in Windows 10 to other devices, It's the death of exclusive features that Windows Phone has... Apple has Siri, Google has Google now, do you think any of those are coming to Windows Phone ? I didn't think so. I know Microsoft is trying to push WIndows 10 PC to get in everyone's hands but, at what cost ? You can get a nice theme for Android that makes it like Windows Phone, now you can add Cortana, what do you need a Windows Phone for now ?  Tempting, I can get the things I like about Windows Phone on a Android device and dont have to deal with the limited or lack of apps, it would be a win win for Android users.. Microsoft FAIL
  • They are more focus on bring Cortana on iOs and Android than make it available in more regions around the world!!! Hasta cuando nos van a dar la noticia de que estará disponible en Latinoamérica???
  • Looks like it is official now.  Cortana will be jumping to iOS and Android.  I'm pretty much ok with this, but there are a lot fewer reasons to switch to a Windows phone than there used to be.  I like the idea of having the same experience on any device, but what about leaving something for your own devices?  I'll be sticking with Windows phones because I prefer the interface, but it was the unique look and features that initially won me over.
  • I take this as a net positive for WP and for MS.  At some point, WP has to compete against the other OS's.  To my mind, it already has a lot going for it.  I love the homescreen aestetic and the ability to pack a huge amount of current and updating information at a glance into it.  The fact that the majority of consumers with their static chicklet phones dismiss WP doesn't take away its utotility for me.   So long as the development of the Windows Mobile doesn't suffer from too many resources directed to Android and IOS, I will contine to choose WP.  Provided, of course, that MS and/or manufacturers release a competively spec'd flagship.     
  • - Apple doesn't give damn to other platforms.
    - Google abandons Windows Phone.
    x & Windows giving all the services to other platforms. (that's okay, untill you give exclusive useful features on all WP)
    Why one should go & buy their stuffs (eg. WP) when other things can always play nice i nits ecosystem...?? What will be the exclusive benefits to have their products??? Or May be they want all to first come back on Windows ecosystem & then start giving priority to Windows Phone users. I hope my expectations must be right for future. Hate to loose such good platform. :(
  • How people would like to try windows phone if they get the same benefits of win10 using iPhones and androids
  • Because everyone will be using MS services in the end. MS is playing the long con, and is going to assimilate a ton of users over time if they get this right.
  • Very clever.
  • Microsoft is an app company now, though granted a large one. They make cell phone apps, and currently some desktop ones. The desktop is becoming less and less relevant, and so instead of innovating something out of it they're copying competitors and hemorrhaging support. Cortana on desktop? Wtf for?! Cortana vs google now?! Cortana loses. Enterprise is IOS. Consumer is android and some IOS.. Microsoft is a niche app maker on phones and bleeding in all other categories. Problem is, they're not a terribly good cell phone app maker. Google now has much better features than Cortana or Siri. Google has better search. Better specs and performance. Lumia icon will be my last windows phone (I've personally owned 7, and used them as my main devices since wp7 launch). No reason to stay. Anyone that does is doing so out of misplaced loyalty to an organization that doesn't give a rats ass about them. Windows is dead. Who the hell wants another terrible app to "manage their phone"? Wtf.
  • OMG this is Microsoft we are talking about... We are compatible with everyone
  • I expected WP. But I have to admit MS has chosen to sell Office, web services and dev tools on iOS/Android instead of selling WPs. Office (365), OneDrive, Visual Studio, Azure. They are more competitive products than WP.
  • Awesome so no need to buy a crappy low end phone buy a high end android run win10
  • Looks like I made a good choice going Android. But the integration in Windows Phone will be better than on Android and iOS.