Microsoft To-Do adds inking support for Insiders

We've seen a steady stream of new features hitting Microsoft To-Do in recent months, but the latest will be a big deal for fans of inking on Windows 10. Revealed by Microsoft on Twitter, Windows Insiders using To-Do will now be able to write out tasks in their own handwriting, thanks to built-in support for inking.

Windows 10 Insiders should now be able to add to their To-Do lists using either their fingers or a stylus. It's the extension of a feature that Microsoft has embraced widely across Windows 10, and continues to roll out to its stable of apps over time.

Microsoft is still pushing to bring To-Do up to snuff as a replacement for Wunderlist, which it acquired in 2015, but it has made significant progress in recent months with additions like tagging, important tasks, and list sharing.

If you're an Insider, you should be able to check out inking support with the latest update available for To-Do on the Microsoft Store.

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  • Is it worth moving over from Wunderlist yet? I gave it a shot when To Do was first released, but ended up going back.
  • Missing features:
    - file attachments
    - folders
    - cortana integration
    - less Settings
    If you're ok with that, you can switch, todo is evolving quickly and starts to get new features that were not in wunderlist, like dark theme or ink.
    I'm waiting for folders and i'll switch.
  • Yup, Waiting for folders. Extremely tedious having to wait this long for such a basic feature
  • I wait for Cortana.
  • I loved using natural language to set reminders in Wunderlist. Not sure why it hasn't been added to To-Do yet.
  • This inking implementation works great. It feels very natural. No pop up box, just write.
  • Nice, this feature was on my wishlist. It's come true. Only missing windows ink and inline multilangual (behond the 13 main languages) ink-to-text conversion.
  • I just can't see the point of Microsoft To-Do. Implementation of features to bring it up to par with a fantastic app like Wunderlist has been so slow and pretty poor. Also, why acquire an app and then waste money, time & resources building another one with lesser features & less integration. Microsoft could have simply rebranded Wunderlist and added inking support.
  • Because To-Do has been built from the group-up integrated with the suite of Microsoft products and systems, where Wunderlist was not. I realize that integration is not relevant to many users, but for some, that makes To-Do more useful than WunderList could ever have become. But while they're rebuilding, because it's still missing some features, that's also why they maintained WunderList as a separate product.
  • MS have forced alot of agile / smart / fast developers into a room, and crushed their motivation with politics, integration with the Office division who are adept at boring off every other part of MS. ToDo was doomed from the start. MS, still not a one Microsoft.
  • Thats right ... but then, why is Wunderlist integrated to Cortana, while ToDo is not?