Microsoft To-Do adds 'Planned' smart list on iPhone and iPad

Microsoft To-Do's "Planned" smart list has been gradually making its way out across various platforms, and iPhone and iPad are the latest to pick up the feature. With the latest update for iOS, you'll now be able to use the new smart list to get a quick overview of your tasks for the upcoming week.

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The new "Planned" list lives alongside other smart lists like "My Day" and "Important." Tapping into it will show you what tasks you have on deck for the next five days, along with others that may be even further out.

This update also adds a new option to keep your sidebar tidy by hiding the Planned and Important smart lists.

It's a small addition, but it's one that could certainly come in handy if you're a heavy To-Do user. For more, you can grab the latest To-Do update now from the App Store.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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