Microsoft To-Do can now manage your flagged emails from Outlook

Microsoft To Do Windows 10
Microsoft To Do Windows 10 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft To-Do (opens in new tab) on Windows and the web is making it easier to keep up with your backlog of emails. In the latest update to the task manager, work and school accounts can now have their flagged Outlook emails automatically synced up to To-Do in their own task list.

Upon updating to To-Do version 1.52, you'll see a prompt asking if you'd like to turn on the flagged email feature. Once enabled, you'll see a new list for flagged emails appear amongst your other lists. Any time you flag an email in Outlook with your work or school account, it will then automatically appear in the flagged email list as a task with the title and body text, along with a shortcut to open the email in Outlook.

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According to Microsoft's support document (opens in new tab), you can have up to 10 emails flagged from the last two weeks at any given time. Once they're converted to tasks, you can add due dates, reminders, and otherwise interact with them as you would any other task.

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  • Nope. I have 1.52 and not only did it never prompt me for this feature to be turned on, if flag an email nothing happens in To-Do. Nor does it recognize any Reminders that I set via Cortana (which I use for pretty much everything I can).
  • 1.52 may not be granular enough. I updated to 1.52.2662.0 on March 8. This announcement was March 12. So I presume the NEXT version of 1.52 will have this feature. I can't wait.
  • You have to activate from the web or Windows. Did you do that? It didn't just show up.
  • Mine actually activated itself on its own today but may be related to our enterprise O365 settings?
  • Then, perhaps this is, yet again, an enterprise-only feature.
  • It's for Office 365 Work or School accounts only. Not for consumers at this pont.
  • This is becoming quite a typical thing with Microsoft.
  • It's really worth getting Office 365, if only for the extra customer support.
  • This is a great feature. I sure hope they add it to personal Outlook accounts as well.
  • They said they are working on it. So likely soon!
  • Agreed - zilch. Doesn't do it
  • Any word on when it's coming to mobile?
  • It's already there. Activate it via the web or Windows.
  • That's cool, but what about institutional Outlook to a personal To-Do account? That's my setup. I don't really want to switch my todo's to my institutional account.
  • This is a huge feature for me. I've been using To Do for a long while now and it's getting better all the time. This feature is a huge one for me. Location based reminders are the next big thing for me.
  • That's great news love this app. Is there away to add todo list to Google home? I could do it with another one but perfer the Microsoft version
  • hmmm, I have far mor flagged emails than is allowed currently with the app. Not very useful. But my To Do list is full enough as it is. With flagged emails, to do might as well become my new email inbox! Getting crowded already, even with attachments. Not sure how useful this feature will be for me. But maybe useful enough for others. I think it's better if we could get rules feature from outlook mail in the uwp mail app. Would be much better than this porting of flagged emails to another app.