Microsoft To-Do dark theme rolls out to everyone on Windows 10

Microsoft To-Do is the latest home-grown Windows 10 app to pick up a dark theme. After initially testing the mode with Insiders last week, the new dark theme is now rolling out with an update to the app for everyone.

Much like dark mode in Microsoft's other apps, switching the new theme on in To-Do will change the interface to a mode that is less likely to scorch your eyes while working in the dark. You'll also have the option to have the theme sync up with your system settings, so To-Do will go dark if you've opted in to do so at the system level. As noted when the update began rolling out to Insiders, however, To-Do's dark theme uses more of a dark grey color than the pure black seen in other apps.

Microsoft To-Do dark settings

On top of the new dark theme, Microsoft has added in a couple of other tweaks to make it easier to set up recurring to-dos and more. Here's a look at all of what's new:

  • Introducing Dark Theme! Just head to your app Settings where you'll have the choice to select the new dark theme. We hope you'll find it as easy on the eyes as we do.
  • We've made it easier to create recurring to-dos. With this update, the option to repeat a to-do is always visible in the detail view.
  • To-dos in shared lists are now included in Suggestions, so you'll have a better overview of all your to-dos when planning your day.

Microsoft has been slowly bringing To-Do up to snuff as it seeks to make it a suitable replacement for anyone still hanging onto Wunderlist, which Microsoft acquired in 2015. Some technical issues have slowed that process down, but the app has recently gone a long way toward achieving its goals with the addition of list sharing, bits of Fluent Design, and the ability to break tasks down into steps. Microsoft is also planning to add Cortana integration in a future release.

If you use Microsoft To-Do, you can grab the dark theme option by updating to To-Do version 1.33.11732.0 via the Microsoft Store now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I love this app. I am waiting for the developer to drop Cortana into it directly if not just tie into notebook. I do expect things you put into it to be linked to her too. The Lead Developer on twitter earlier this year said as I do expect it this year. And with Outlook tie ins coming too that is beyond what I would expect from wunderlist and its android UI
  • Doesn't it already tie into outlook?
  • Ahhh, soothing to the eyes.
  • Mine just updated to version 1.34.11781.0. That is a later version than the one being discussed here. No dark theme settings though.
  • Still can't pin to-do lists to Start. I just don't understand the slow development on this app. Microsoft acquired Wunderlist more than three years ago and since then the developers have put together an app that Rudy Huyn could've programmed in a week. I don't get it.
  • Still no folders
  • I love this so more much. The app is better every update. I would like to see this quality of dark mode in Windows 10.
  • Now send it to Android since I had to give up my Lumia
  • Wish they had dark mode on the mobile app as well. Love the dark mode in desktop!!!!
  • Same app on W10M so dark mode is available 😎
  • All I'm missing now is support for windows ink and inline ink to text conversion on the fly ( not via the current surrogat solution of the inkpad via the virtual keyboard, I'm talking about inline ink to text conversion). Then the app would be complete for me.