Microsoft to donate Office 365 to nonprofits worldwide

Microsoft has been known for distributing free software to business startups and college students through their BizSpark and DreamSpark campaigns. The programs offer a variety of software including the latest version of Windows, a fresh copy of Office 2013, and even access to development tools such as Visual Studio. Now, Microsoft wants to give even more free software away; this time, to nonprofits.

The Redmond company will be making Office 365 available to qualifying nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations through its new Software Donation Program; launching in 41 countries around the globe, the program aims to provide up to 90 countries by July of next year.

For the current 2013 fiscal year, Microsoft has already donated $795 million in cash, software, and services to nonprofits globally. Lori Harnick, General Manager of Citizenship and Public Affairs, stated that:

“Microsoft has a long-standing history of philanthropy, providing nonprofits with software donations and cash grants for the past 30 years, Office 365 for Nonprofits is a new, critical investment Microsoft is making in the global nonprofit community so nonprofits can streamline their IT and focus on doing more good.”

Office 365 will allow nonprofit organizations to take advantage of the ability to work from anywhere with cloud computing, provide ease of collaboration for team members working on a shared document, and allow IT administrators to easily update and manage the software remotely.

For organizations such as the International Federation of Red Cross, being able to communicate and work seamlessly allows volunteers to carry out their mission with a chance of greater success.

Those who believe they may qualify for Microsoft’s Software Donation Program can find more information and check out their eligibility by clicking here. Those looking for information on migrating to the platform can click here.

Are you a college student – have you ever taken advantage of Microsoft’s DreamSpark program?

Source: Microsoft

Michael Archambault