Microsoft Edge Canary for Android gains screenshot tool

Edge Canary Android Full
Edge Canary Android Full (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Canary on Android now has a screenshot option.
  • The screenshot option appears within the share menu of the browser.
  • To use the feature, you have to be on Edge Canary version

Microsoft Edge Canary on Android can now take screenshots of webpages. The feature is in its infancy right now and is missing some of the functionality it mentions in its own interface. Specifically, you can't edit the screenshots within the browser, even though an Edit icon appears when you take a screenshot. Edge Canary is the most experimental preview version of Edge, so it's normal to run into some bugs and issues.

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Microsoft only made Edge Canary available in mid-April, so we haven't seen many new features roll out yet. In the time that I've had with the preview version of Microsoft's browser, I've been blown away by its speed. Hopefully, as testing continues, we'll see new features like this screenshot tool appear. For example, it would be nice to have a scrolling screenshot tool built into Edge.

Many Android phones already have advanced screen capture tools, including the option to take long screenshots. In comparison to those, the current functionality of the screenshot tool in Edge Canary falls short. The browser is still in its early stages of testing, so we could see more advanced features roll out in the future.

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  • Why would anyone use this instead of the built-in screenshot tool? Same as in Windows 10. Redundant and pointless.
  • My guess is the idea is to make it mores advanced as the long term goal, ie the scrolling screenshot. But it's not redundant when it's for different use cases. That being said I can see the argument for having more advanced screenshot capabilities built into the system wide screenshot tool, but there might not be enough demand to justify doing something more complicated?
  • The point is, Samsung and other phones can already take scrolling screenshots and they have edit options too. So how is it going to be useful? Same in W10. Snip & Sketch can capture, edit and mark on the image. So why a second one?
  • Windows 10 Edge has this now: try Ctrl-Shift-S. It lets you not just screenshot the page, but the whole page, which is much more useful in specific situations. I don't see how it is redundant/pointless. It's actually quite awesome.
  • I never realised it can do that. That is pretty useful indeed. When I tried the Screenshot tool when it was launched in Edge it was basic and did nothing extra. So I just removed it from the toolbar and never tried it again. Thanks for the update.
  • Well Edge desktop has a built in Web screenshot tool that allows to screenshot the whole page itself, and not including UI and anything outside of it. A different use case than the OS screenshot tool. Currently Edge Canary on Android, the screenshot tool doesn't do the Web screenshot like the desktop does, currently it only screenshots the app itself which isn't that useful at this stage.
  • Not all phones have a built-in screen shot tool... So yeah, it can be useful!
  • It needs a screen record feature as well, especially on PC.