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Microsoft Edge Dev update returns touchscreen scrolling to its former smooth glory

Microsoft Edge Dev channel logo
Microsoft Edge Dev channel logo (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Dev channel version of Microsoft Edge has a new update.
  • The update brings smooth touch scrolling, Family Safety features, and more.
  • The update also fixes an issue that caused high CPU uses when idle.

The Dev channel version of Microsoft Edge has a new update, and it brings several new features. Most notably, the update brings back the smooth touch scrolling that the older (non-Chromium) version of Microsoft Edge has. It also brings several bug fixes, as well as some behavior changes.

The techcommunity post (opens in new tab) outlines all of the changes for the latest build. In terms of new features, it lists,

  • Added a setting to show or hide the feedback smiley face from the toolbar.
  • The first round of Family Safety features is now available on Windows 10.
  • Added an option to the New Tab Page for users signed into the browser with a work or school account to show Office content from their organization instead of news content.
  • Added a toolbar to Reading View for easy access to Read Aloud and text viewing options.
  • Added the touchscreen scrolling behavior that the existing version of Edge was known for.
  • Added a button in Settings on Mac to open Microsoft AutoUpdate.
  • Added right-click support to menu items on Mac.
  • Added the ability to automatically remove extensions from a user's device when they've been removed from the store they were installed from.

There are several bug fixes and changes to improve reliabilty. One of the most important fixes addresses an issue that led to high CPU usage by the browser when idle.

There is also a long list of behavior changes, including changing the InPrivate icon to a square.

Microsoft released a blog post today that dives further into the form control improvements within Microsoft Edge. It goes through the changes that help modernize the browser, how Microsoft is improving touch support, and how the Edge team is improving accessibility of the browser.

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  • and I still have to manually pull up the pen/ink/handwriting panel for any text entry on a web page or in the address bar when using my Surface Pen on a Surface Go. :(
  • Hopefully Microsoft adds a simple way to share or sync tabs between Edge devices.
  • Tab syncing is now supported, available in the History menu. Both devices have to be signed into the same account and have tab syncing enabled.