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Microsoft Edge to get AdBlock, Amazon and other extensions later in 2016

Users of the Microsoft Edge web browser in the PC version of Windows 10 can expect to see a number of third-party extensions released in the future. Windows Insider members can now download the latest preview version of Windows 10, build 14291, that added support for extensions for the first time to Edge.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated:

"The Windows Insider build will include three preview extensions: Microsoft Translator, an extension that automatically translates pages in over 50 different languages, a Mouse Gestures extension, and an early preview version of the popular Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES). Later this year customers will find popular extensions from partners like AdBlock, Adblock Plus, Amazon, LastPass, Evernote and more."

The fact that Microsoft will support ad blocking extensions will certainly be welcome news for many Edge users. Microsoft also stated that for now, extensions will need to be downloaded and side-loaded for Windows Insiders, but that the plan is to offer Edge extensions on the Windows Store "to ensure the quality of the end-to-end experience."

Edge extensions will likely be included in the first big feature update wave planned for all Windows 10 users. That update, which has the code name Redstone, is rumored to be launched sometime in June.

  • Adblock already works with Edge..
  • How? Lack of adblock is the only thing keeping me from it
  • Maybe on insider?
  • AdGuard works on Edge. Only problem is you have to pay for it after a week. It's $20. I'm waiting for an adblocker I don't have to pay for to use with edge.
  • Well can you block other content easily with it - no ... does it block it on HOST file level - yes. Does it stop the add from loading or does it just load into the data nether - yes .
  • Wait, what? Really?
  • Doh! I meant AdGuard. My bad
  • Agree I use adguard as well, well worth the 1 year purchase Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Host files work on doesn't show u pop ups but there are boxes where u get to see refresh this page like something but it won't be intriguing specially on u tube.
  • RoboForm?
  • Anything is welcome so I can get chrome out my my kids pc's. Scary info, or amount of info, google collects!
  • Nah, Chrome on Windows is not sending data to Google servers, the issue with Chrome in Windows 10 is it uses too much RAM, on my 1GB Windows 10 7" tablet I tried Chrome and its a nightmare, Edge is much much faster, in a 2 in 1 ratio. 
  • Sure, just remember to keep Windows 10 the hell away from them too....
  • We need adblock (and other plugins) on mobile too, now. MS do it! Many websites are beyond unusable without adblock, I hate these layer ads with tiny close buttons and auto starting HTML5 video ads with sound which cancel the music playing in groove! Blocking ads mainly hurts the ad and tracking kings google and facebook, so this shouldn't be a problem for MS?
  • Edge needs a whole lot on mobile. I won't use it. When I do use it I get so frustrated I want to throw my phone against the wall. It is so slow. I'd say it's the worst mobile browser out there right now. IE on 8.1 was great. Edge, is not, at all.
  • The Windows Central site being chief among them.
  • Hoping Adblock is the first of them to appear-- Edge has a great foundation, but as others have said it's utterly unusable on sites with numerous intrusive Flash ads.
  • Does turning flash off in settings help? Although the HTML5 stuff would still play...
  • We need Adblock in a bad way. Unfortunately, Windows Central is the site I need it for the most.
  • LOL Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • They have an app that doesn`t have adds and you use the browser ?
  • So true. WC through Edge is borderline unusable in Continuum.
  • Has it ever occured to you that the reason for this is Edge itself? If you run Windows Central on Safari at least it's usable, not the **** crap Edge is!
  • yeah what is up with the windows central ram useage while using edge holy crap
  • Yeah, WC site was the ONLY reason I installed ad block on my PC. I usually don't mind a few ads as they're easy to ignore, but WC wh0re them so much I had to block them. The browser ground to a halt with only 10 or so WC tabs. It might not be so bad without flash ads. But they also allow 'scam ads' to show, and that's when I put a stop to it. I'm happy to support the writers, but I won't be deluged with crap for it
  • Hopefully they allow uBlock Origin. I don't need the paid white list "feature" of AdBlock and AdBlock plus in my browser.
  • You can turn off the whitelist quite easily. At least in Firefox.
  • It's still better to use a software that didn't compromise on principals in the first place, when such is available.
  • Coming soon
  • Later this year as sometimes in December? That's the definition of later this year in Microsofts dictionary. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Possibly whenever Redstone actually comes out.. Or not too long after.  And can some of you ever get good news without being so negative?
  • I really need extension support on the edge app for wm10!
  • So much this. Many websites are very slow to load in Edge because of the ads which especially drags the browser down in Continuum. An adblocker would help remedy this immensely.
  • "Later in 2016" LOL!
  • Nice wow....
  • Ghostery, Honey, and Lastpass are the ones in waiting for.
  • Just run a hosts file and youre good to go, blocks stuff better than adblockers in most cases anyway
  • Most folks don't know how to run notepad in administrator mode to edit the file, literally 95% of posts in updated hosts file is they cannot modify the file.  But I agree that for power users is a great alternative vs AdBlock extensions.
  • No LastPass, no Edge.
  • Talk to LastPass.  I'd be shocked if they were not already writing one.
  • I thought one of the benefits of the Edge browser extensions was you could use the already existing chrome extensions??? ...Another MS anticlimax Coming Soon™
  • 2016, woohoo! :P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm really impressed about the Edge Windows team vs the Safari team in iOS and OS/X, in 1 year Edge passed results way ahead from IE11 and now passing Safari results by large margin, which means Edge supports better html5 than iOS browser.  Chrome is the next goal. Congrats to Microsoft Edge team!
  • we need uBlock Origin (adblock sucks in comparison)  
  • Here's a very simple youtube tutorial for editing the host file which will block ads in Edge Even better is it blocks ads system wide. It makes Edge browsing very acceptable IMO. It's my main browser. Chrome is nice, but the fact it's so resource hungry drives me crazy. If I stream video in Chrome my battery takes a huge hit, however the same streaming in Edge barely touches my battery. I definitely recommend the host file edit. Super easy.
  • I use the paid version of adguard and it already works with edge, any browser or program. Well worth the purchase. I use it on android too which has to be side loaded as its not on the play store but also block ads from apps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Awesome!