Microsoft Edge may get synchronized bookmarks in Windows 10 build 10551

Microsoft is continually building upon the functionality of its Edge by actively seeking feedback from the community. According to a set of leaked screenshots of Windows 10 build 10551, it looks like two oft-requested features will be making their way to the browser: synchronized bookmarks and the ability to open a new window by clicking on the mouse's scrollwheel.

Microsoft Edge

Synchronized bookmarks allows you to sync your favorites and reading list between the mobile browser on Windows 10 Mobile and the desktop client. The screenshots show that the feature is switched off by default. We'll have to wait to see if the feature also syncs history across devices.

Microsoft Edge

You'll be able to launch a new window by pressing the middle mouse button while hovering on the Edge icon, either from the taskbar, Start menu or desktop shortcut.

We don't know when the new build will be rolling out to Windows Insiders, but we'll let you know as soon as it is made available. Edge users, what additional features do you want to see coming to the browser?

Source: ITHome; Via: Neowin

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • Hope it does on my phone
  • Should've been there from the start
  • I agree! I know too many people that tried Edge then switched. Most don't keep up with all the great changes like we do so who knows if they'll ever come back.
  • Honestly though... Blows my mind.
  • I hope so... My computer is trying do it's win 10 upgrade and it will be nice to be on the same page for everything
  • Finally! Oh my gawddd. I needed this like chrome. This was my feedback in preview build
  • MS will never win the browser wars if they can't update Edge without requiring a full OS update first.
  • If they bundle it as an app, people will be free to uninstall it.. and that is not what Microsoft wants! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I thoght that the initial plan was to constantly update the browser as Google does with Chrome. I wish that updates appeared to come without requireing a new build. It seems that Microsoft should be able to accomplish that without making Edge a Store app.
  • Any news on Tracking Protection List for Edge?
  • Won't use edge untill it gets extension support :/
  • Thankfully. The desktop and mobile truly feel like two different entities instead of one. Edge is far more usable in desktop.
  • Agree. There are still quite a few issues w fluidity. My Mail app also doesn't do things like open URL from w/in email, it crashes etc. I'm sorry but Win 10 just feels too unfinished
  • Agree....and it's a standard function for 2015 that you would take for granted being available. Seriously!
  • I hope we get a new build this week. I was going to switch back to 8.1 but something tells me I should wait either this week or next for a new build.
  • Switch back to 8.1? Why not just to 10240?
  • I'm assuming he was referring to the phone/mobile OS.
  • They also need better touch support, and to sync open tabs on different devices. So many of the things I use to brag about with Windows 8 are gone...
  • Synchronization of favorites is basic thing... It is really sad that MS adding this so late
  • Windows 10 mobile isn't out yet, so they really aren't "late" in bringing this out...
  • But Windows 10 for PCs and tablets is out for months.
  • Well, two months so I guess it's technically plural.
  • This is important for a lot of people on PC too. I run Win 10 on my desktop, Surface Pro and Lumia 930 and no bookmark/reading list sync is really hurting my experience with Edge personally. Will be great to get this feature back as 8.1 had it
  • ...what about sync favorites between two win 10 PC? Why I have to wait for win10 mobile?
  • Well not just Favorites/Bookmarks but the as a whole too. Browsers are standard with syncing of favorites, history, cookies, tabs and sessions. Glad they have 1 implement but still more things to go. Honestly, I don't get why they only sync Favorites. It should be everything just like what IE did. Come on!
  • I would never want the ability to sync ALL open tabs since I have at least 20 opened at any given time. Some sort of tab picker maybe with easy "sync all"option for those who need it would be ideal
  • That is what they had in ie11, you could choose to see what tabs are open on your phone, tablet, desktop, whatever, and then open which ever tab you wanted. It was great when you were on the road and were trying to remember something you were looking up at home.
  • The organization of favorites/bookmarks needs work in general, specifically subfolders. Already sent this feedback, but still glad synch is on the way...
  • Finally. It kills me that this was built into IE in 8.1 and not Edge. You'd think it would've been one of the first features carried over.
  • Since they rebuilt the browser from scratch ... It happens.
  • Yeah it happens! Let's hope they are trying their best!
  • Ad blocker. And tabs that are using lots of resources.
  • Ad blocker will hurt their Bing ads.
  • The bookmark management on Edge is horrible, one of the reasons I dont use it. The other one is Tracking Protection Lists. Would have replaced my IE11 already
  • Finally these basics things on a 2015 brower. Now another real basic feature is bookmark handle that now is a mess. Also favorites bar is very unconfortable, if you click a folder it open the favorite hub instead of open the folder directly. And I can't edit a favorite, I can only delete them. There's no move option, just drag/drop between folder.
    A lot of works still to do.​    
  • at this rate, maybe in one year from now Edge will have almost the same functionality that IE had. Microsoft is always re-adding features they left behind and at the same pace leaving out other ones and the cycle goes on.
  • Don't bet on it....they may decide to rebrand it.....MSN Browser and start all over again :'(
  • Surely this is an absolute must!
  • Should have separate updates instead of in builds.
  • Now the only thing that's missing remains the Save As... option.
  • As many already highlighted in different pages; one would have thought this would have been standard on Windows 10 release with Reading List and IE11 content syncing as it did in Windows/Windows Phone 8.1. Currently need following 10 items for Edge addressed ASAP because we've had number of clients and internal users reporting them after Windows 10 upgrade: 1. Favourites, Reading List, History and etc... to Sync across all devices
    2. SSL Certificates to show full info as currently it only shows as safe or unsafe without any further information
    3. Ability to right click on the taskbar Edge icon and get similar options as IE had (InPrivate, recent pages and etc...)
    4. Reading List to have categories like the app and sync with Reading List app
    5. Import favourites, history and etc... from all popular browsers also include support for IE Favourites in Folder Redirection as many corporate users still use that under Domain setup, we've been using an PowerShell script to do it
    6. More convenient way of managing the favourites
    7. History to actually work, many including myself have issue with History showing anything recent, it seems as if is having issue with amount of browsing we have
    8. Ability to pin pages to taskbar as IE11 did with the favicon showing as logo for the link
    9. When sharing via email; if by error user clicks out of that section all the content of what was typed out goes missing without option to recover, maybe have it pinned to the side until done and have option to ask before closing it without saving as draft or anywhere
    10. Extensions (this is crucial however not shopping people from using Edge currently hence why is last on the list)
  • THIS!!! There is till a lot of things needed to catch up from IE and Metro IE. I want to add on the list: - Download confirmation and dialog where to save - Tab Syncing with ability to open tabs and sessions from other devices - Crash and Close session recovery (Especially that Edge crashes more often than IE did...wait IE is actually quite stable) - Ability to save Web Note as image (PNG) and PDF file and sync it in any Windows devices - Ability to open individual web objects such as images on new tab. Useful to view the full resolution of an image which IE already does this. - Gestures support with Smart Forward and back buttons hovering also for mouse users. Like Metro IE does. - Ability to switch into Full-Screen mode and Immersive Mode (Metro IE-like UI). Difference is that Immersive mode can run on window where it acts like a borderless or titlebar only browser, giving most of the space for webpage as possible without hiding the Taskbar or without turning into Full-screen only. - Full Drag and Drop support, not just for uploading files and stuff. - Proper Tab tearing feature. Not the current one which is almost useless. - Thumbnails on Taskbar support. - Jumplist support. - Pin websites on New Tab and Start Tab just like a Live Tile. Not just recents. Think about Speed Dial. - Ability to switch between search engines within the Addressbar like what IE already do. Also a Chrome-like direct inline search while typing in the Addressbar, so you can search without having to go to the website. which is an underrated feature but totally useful which I surprise other browsers didn't even copy this. Example: I can type Y then the Addressbar will suggest your most recent and common search engine, which lets say its YouTube. Then after Y you can press Tab key then automatically it becomes YouTube search bar which you can type your search query. Then when you enter, you automatically go to YouTube sites with the search results already.
  • Agree, my colleague just had issue with saving the pages which the Save As is standard in almost every other browser also was unable to close the browser and have the downloading of a file continue in the background... so the list long and hope they move faster with these because new Windows 10 Mobile devices should be announced on the 6th of October 2015.
  • I agree with all your suggestions but doesn't Edge already recover tabs when it crashes? It does for me.
  • Yes it does hence why I didn't list it
  • not reliably. I lost various sessions
  • Hell, I'd like for them to figure out how to get ALT+D to f***ing work like it has for, what, decades, in IE.
  • Why did they not do it with edge but they did it with IE tuch to IE desktop I mean relly obvious feature
  • Because version 3.0 is software doesn't come out on day 1. You have to start with the most basic functionality and work your way up over time.
  • Synchronized tabs as well? Miss it... Worked well with IE back in the days...
  • honestly should have been available from "launch" Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Will it also sync with IE(11)? Thus with the favorites folder?
  • Oh finally! It always seemed strange that this was one of the fee things that didn't get synced across all devices. Now we just need that elusive Right Click to Save As option! I dislike having to go back to IE whenever I have to download a video. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Something that should have been there since day 1 but glad it is on the way. Let's make them searchable by Cortana too - along with other files via Universal search!
  • I want to see Bing Translate as in IE at least. To be able to right click and see a translation.
  • Give em 2 more years to catch up to where they were last year with the features in IE. Can't believe there's a 100 million people running this barely beta OS.
  • How many of them use Edge, though?
  • I want back the feature where you could open a tab group. In IE11 you could point to a folder with favorites (in the favorites list) and there was an arrow to open all sites at once. Prefect for opening the handful of news pages you scan through every morning. I want this feature back!
  • I'm tired of this continually beta version of windows.
    All those functions should have been in the final OS already.
  • this, releasing a half fished software and trying to sell it to average next door user isn't going to work. Already people are saying nothing good comes from Microsoft, having hated so much - blindly - on IE11, an incomplete Edge just made it worse. They don't care about the awesomeness it will be, they care about NOW, and right now it suck ass
  • Good I miss these with internet explorer :)
  • I am so glad I have not updated anything yet. Reading tho article and the comments mentioning all the things missing from just the browser at this point is amazing. An OS that's not nearly done, a browser that should not have been released without the basic features mentioned here. Not to mention the fact that W10 seems to screw with firmware in some hardware that it has no business touching. As of now there are many laptop owners who are getting their laptop screens bricked after installing W10. It is so invasive that even after rolling back and correcting the firmware, it just puts it back. Just ask Alienware and Clevo laptop owners. I wonder alot lately why I support MS so much. I have too many of their products to count, I constantly push other people to move to MS, and right now, I can't think of 1 thing they are getting right. I mean really right.
  • They are doing a lot right with Xbox, and Office 365 from a business perspective has had a lot of improvements lately. Not everything is perfect with them, but I could say the same of many other companies. The fact there are very good alternatives browser wise lessens the Edge issues for the user (Not for MS if they want more people using it) I use Edge for a lot od my browsing, if I could still get IE on Windows 10 Mobile Preview I would be using IE still for the bookmark sync
  • I am guessing that Edge has had a lack of updates as it's only updateable via new Builds / Windows update? I sympathise with the fact they started from scratch with the browser itself, but it does seen like progress has been slow, even for those of us on Insider Builds. Even though they are doing, it doesn't necessarily feel like they've had people working on this daily. I'd like even further transparency to see what sort of items are on the teams backlog - Some smaller companies have gone as far as open development of games and products; showing their current backlog and what's in progress. Something like this for Edge would be amazing, even if we just got a high level view of what's in progress. During the recent AMA they seemed to come back with "we're working on it" for most things.
  • Seem like slow progress? No, Edge development has been so slow as to question the concern of the developer/designers. "We're gonna make this soo great, you just wait" doesn't cut it. So much that is basic and essential just doesn't seem important to MS's WIN10 Dev team. Maybe they figure the basic stuff can be wanged together easily at the end, but as so often happens, that "easy" stuff at the end just never gets done. Do what is needed first, then screw around with shiny toys like Cortana (which I have  little use for - I know how to use the internet). Yes, I like WIN10 for desktop and Phone, but, please - first things first.
  • About time! :)
  • I'd like to see for Tracking Protection Lists to work in Edge. This and the inability of the Edge App ( or any App in General ) having it's own Mouse Pointer Profile being assigned to it forces me to still use the regular iNet Explorer. I also liked the old Metro Browsers ability to just Right-Click on a Picture and hit Save Image without confirming the Save location followed by a confirm dialogue.
  • Back history when you right click the back button.
  • Wow ... just yesterday I was annoyed that it is not there. Windows 10 is reading my mind! PRIVACY CONCERN!!!!! GNAHAHAHAHAH /s
  • I hope they'll get the direction right this time. In IE and W8.1 when I turn on a tablet after a long time, its bookmarks and frequently used pages will overwrite my newer bookmarks on other devices. I had to turn the sync off.
  • they need to add a feature that will allow user to individually not sync or display favorite website because I don't want all my favorite website to display or sync on all my device.
  • Anyway nobody knows if this will sync history too but favorite website syncing and history syncing should have separate on and off switch button. Make a suggestion about this or vote in Windows feedback.
  • Exactly.  I like a synced history.  I do not want the same bookmark set on all my devices.
  • Wow!  You mean they're going to add a feature that already existed in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8?  That's special!  Microsoft is a disaster.
  • They're adding something that Google has been able to do since around 2012 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Still cannot open a tab group, Cannot drag a url to the desktop Cannot sync bookmarks Doesn't have a good ad blocker etc...
  • It's what happens when you design something as if it never existed before and think that is a good thing.
  • Well my L930 has synced with my surface already?? latest mobile insider build ... Surface non insider build...???
  • I have no idea why f12 in Edge is not located like Chrome, messy mess.
  • Man... those screen shots... Is he running in 800x600 resolution?  LOL!  
  • Clicking on a link with the scroll wheel should open a new tab, not a new window. That's what all the other browsers do.
  • Amen.
  • Cool cool cool!
  • Extension support is what's holding me back from using Edge. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why every time a new build is released just to include new feature in Edge browser? I mean you can just update your Edge browser why the whole OS Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'd take one Forward and one Back button over ten sync bookmark functionalities.