Microsoft Edge is revamping how you interact with your favorites

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Microsoft Edge (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Microsoft offered a look at an evolution of the "favorites" experience in Microsoft Edge. The goal, Microsoft says, is to address some pain points identified by user feedback. Much of the revamp relates to making it easier to accomplish simple tasks, but it's also meant to replicate some of how favorites worked in Edge Legacy.

In a blog post, Microsoft says it's looking to address three main pieces of feedback:

  • While the favorites menu provides quick access to your favorites, it isn't always the easiest to use and more complex tasks typically require going to the edge://favorites page
  • The favorites page works well for bulk management but isn't ideal for more lightweight tasks like getting to, updating, or moving a single favorite
  • Many of you also miss the Hub in the legacy version of Microsoft Edge—especially the ability to pin your favorites and other content open while you browse

The new favorites dropdown will now display in a "classic tree view." In this view, you can perform tasks like editing, organizing, and searching your favorites without having to open the full favorites page. You can also now add new favorites and folders from the dropdown menu, along with importing and exporting favorites, removing duplicates, "and more," Microsoft says.

Edge New Favorites Gif

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Finally, favorites can also now be pinned to the side of the browser, allowing you to keep them visible while you browse.

Microsoft says that this new favorites experience is available now for Insiders in the Dev and Canary channels. You can start testing the Dev and Canary channel builds by downloading them from the Edge Insider site now.

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