Microsoft Edge version 94 will get CET support, adding a layer of security

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Version 94 of Edge is getting CET support.
  • CET stands for Control-Flow Enforcement Technology.
  • It helps prevent hackers from changing program behaviors.

Though our machines are always vulnerable to some sort of threat, the folks over at Microsoft are determined to whittle down the possibilities. That's why Microsoft Edge version 94 is getting Control-Flow Enforcement Technology (CET) support.

That complex-sounding term means that Edge will be protected from hackers using its code against it by altering processes and behaviors for stealthy, hard-to-detect attacks. CET will block flow-altering operations, meaning that doomsday will be averted if anything goes sideways or not according to plan.

This change was spotted via the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, where all good Microsoft changes are found, be they for Edge, Teams, or whatever else Microsoft is actively developing updates for. Here's what the roadmap had to say about CET.

"Microsoft Edge will begin supporting an even safer browsing mode that uses hardware-dependent control flow for browser processes on supported hardware (Intel 11th Gen. or AMD Zen 3). You can disable CET by manipulating Image File Execution Options (IFEO) using group policy."

As mentioned in the blurb, this update is about CET support for certain CPU hardware, so this need only apply to you if you already have or are planning on getting the latest and greatest processors from AMD and Intel. And no one needs to dwell on any of this for a while; the roadmap has the feature release slated for September 2021. Still, it's never bad to see more security on the way.

Robert Carnevale

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