Windows 10 Minecraft PC

Lots of Microsoft employees celebrated the launch of Windows 10 in late July, but one employee decided to go several steps further. Spencer Kern, who works at Microsoft as a lead game artist, built a custom Minecraft-themed PC from scratch for the occasion, and detailed its creation via a multimedia article using Microsoft's Sway application.

This was Kern's first ever attempt at building a PC, and the final results are most impressive. The "Redstone PC" is made to look like a Minecraft red stone cube that players of the popular sandbox game can mine for resources. Kern didn't stop at the case, however. He also created custom peripherals make to complement the design, including a revamped Xbox One controller. The final results are well beyond the normal custom PC case mod, and a fitting way to remember the release of both Windows 10 and the new Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta game.

Source: Spencer Kern (Sway); Via: Kotaku

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