Microsoft expediting Samsung Update

The most recent Windows Phone update from Microsoft is indicating the Samsung Focus v1.4 update may happen sooner than later.

Eric Hautala is reporting that v1.4 has been tested by AT&T and Microsoft is now expediting scheduling. It is expected in the next 24 hours Microsoft will be able to tell consumers when to expect to see the update alert on their Focus.

Once alerted, you will receive two back to back notifications. First will to install the 7008 update and then you'll move to the 7392 update (which includes the 7390). If you need to refresh your memory on updating instructions, Microsoft still has the Update Central (opens in new tab) site up and running for help and how-to directions.

Source: Windowsteamblog

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  • Good for Focus owners, now will someone explain what's going on with 7392 on the Trophy? All they list is "planning" on update central. For a supposed critical security patch it seems like Verizon couldn't care less.
  • I'm actually convinced that Verizon itself doesn't know it's selling the Trophy.
  • Want an update? Buy a new phone. This seems to be par for the course with Verizon phones.
  • Yes, finally I might get NoDo soon.I saw this update before posted here, and had already plugged my phone in and checked with Zune! So anxious!
  • I can't believe some people still haven't gotten this update. Microsoft needs to take drastic measures in order to improve the update system. This is pathetic. I've had 7390 and 7392 for about 5 and 4 months respectively now.
  • Its not the update system, its the hardware changes Samsung made in their ver 1.4 Focus devices that caused a problem. That had to be tested which it appears has now been done and the update will go out. Lets put the blame where it belongs.
  • Oh Ok sorry :S My lack of knowledge on the subject got the best of me.
  • after 6 months can it really be called expediting? Isn't that a little like saying the fall of the Roman empire is being expedited?
  • No. Their usage is correct. There are 3 stages to the update process and the last part, scheduling which is something that Microsoft actually controls here, can take up to 10 days after testing has wrapped up. They're bumping 10 days down to 1.Did AT&T expedite testing? Probably not.
  • well that is good news for 1.4 foci owners maybe at the same time those of us with 1.3 can finally get 7392 as well. I have had nodo for quite some time and 7392 as mentioned by a VZN owner in this post has lagged behind with the trophy update for 7392 as wll. Hopefully as well MS in general and samsung and th foci both 1.3 and 1.4 will be ready for a seamless smooth uneventful mango update! HINT HINT
  • Not a Focus owner, but just wondering whether this will pave the way for a timely Mango update, or will these poor sods have to go through all this again?
  • I have mango.... do I need this update on my focus?
  • I have a version 1.3 Focus and we've never gotten the 7392 update and I really wonder why no one at Microsoft is addressing that. Ive had Mango Beta on my phone for a few weeks and really need to know if I need to revert back to my backup of NODO to get this update.
  • 7392 was included in the Mango beta. As far as I know, all WP7 updates are cumulative.