PowerPoint for Windows 10

If you had problems downloading the newly launched touch-based Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for the Windows 10 preview on Wednesday, you might want to try getting them now. Microsoft is reporting that those issues have now been fixed.

Microsoft didn't state exactly what went wrong when those app were released yesterday, but the company is now saying, "We're happy to report that we've fixed the issues. You are now able to search the Windows 10 Store for Word Preview, Excel Preview and PowerPoint Preview to download the apps." Just as a reminder, these apps are accessible via the beta version of the new Windows Store in Windows 10, and not in the regular version of the store, nor in Windows 8 or 8.1.

By the way, most of the features in all three apps are available for free during this preview time period, but that will change when they are officially released later this year. Microsoft states, "After preview, some functionality will require a qualifying Office 365 subscription."

Source: Microsoft

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