Microsoft France apparently confirms Candy Crush Saga is headed to Windows Phone

An apps marketing manager from Microsoft France may have confirmed that one of the most popular mobile games, Candy Crush Saga, may finally be coming to Windows Phone, after a video allegedly showing the game in action was posted on YouTube earlier this week.

The video, which has since been removed from YouTube (though it was re-uploaded to another account, embedded here), showed the game allegedly loading on a Lumia 625 smartphone. Later Yann de Canson, an Apps Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft France, posted this message on his Twitter account "Vous aimez les bonbons ? vous allez adorer ce qui arrive sur #windowsphone !!! ;)" That roughly translates to "Do you like candy? You will love what happens on #windowsphone !!!"

While this tweet is not a 100% confirmation, it's certainly looking more likely that Candy Crush Saga might be close to arriving on Windows Phone. We have contacted the game's publisher King for comment but so far they have not sent back a response to our inquiries.

Source: Yann de Canson (Twitter), Via MonWindowsPhone, FraWin

Thanks to Samir and @NotCassim for the tip!

John Callaham