Microsoft gets ready for some football with its Bing 2016 NFL season predictions

Microsoft's Bing Predicts team is ready for the start of the 2016 NFL season tonight, with its predictions of which pro football teams will win their week 1 games, and offers some early picks for which teams will get in the playoffs and win Super Bowl 51.

As in years past, the Bing Predicts engine will offer its selection for the winning teams during each week of the season:

For week one, Bing predicts a 57 percent chance for a Carolina win over Denver in the September 8 season opener. On September 11, we predict an Atlanta win over Tampa Bay (58 percent chance); Green Bay over Jacksonville (55 percent), and Arizona over a New England team without Tom Brady (67 percent), to name a few. Bing predicts three likely upsets: Buffalo over Baltimore, San Francisco over Los Angeles, and New York's Gang Green over Cincinnati.

Bing Football

In addition, Bing Predicts will also offer some help for NFL fantasy team owners:

Get a competitive advantage from Bing in your fantasy league, with projections of player stats and scores by position as well as all-up top players. Search for "fantasy football predictions" on Bing when deciding who to start each week, and which free agents to pick up in order to help you optimize your weekly lineup.

For those folks who want to prognosticate what will happen much further in the season, Microsoft will update its power rankings for the NFL each week for which teams it believes will win their division, and which teams will claim the wild-card playoff spots. For Super Bowl 51, Bing currently predicts that the Carolina Panthers will win over the New England Patriots. We will see if that early pick holds up in February.

Check out Bing's Week 1 NFL game predictions

John Callaham