Microsoft giving away 100 albums on Xbox Music for free (US only)

Microsoft is running a sweet deal for those who have active Xbox Music subscriptions and reside in the US. The company is giving away 100 albums by a variety of popular artists for free. That is, you'll be able to download and keep said content as if you purchased them all at once.

Albums in the collection include From Under The Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy, American Idiot by Green Day, A Day Without Rain by Enya, and more. Check out the Music Deals app, available on both Windows Phone and Windows, for more info (note that this app is region restricted, as is the deal).

QR: Microsoft Music Delas

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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  • i say this should be for everyone not just US...
  • They don't care about places they actually have a decent market share.
  • Microsoft, say something cause I'm giving up on you. No seriously, just change your region to US.
  • You can't just change regions for music and video.
  • You can by changing your account region
  • the xbox account region needs to be changed.
  • Or maybe the people in the larger market share don't care enough to do research about why there are so many US only promotions. 
  • This is not about MS. If its music or video and region restricted, its about the music or video industry people being difficult.
  • I agree, this situation has become terrible, I'm giving up on Microsoft seriously. And don't fucking say its our fault for not searching why only in US, that's so selfish and unfair.
  • Really, Did you just say that a promotion for one country is selfish and unfair.  How old are you?  
  • Xbox Music is not exclusive to Windows Phone, so that's a moot point.
  • You do realize this is probably because of laws more than anything, right? MS probably doesn't have the lisences to do this sort of thing outside the US.
  • Talk to the license holders. I'm sure MS would love that too.
  • Yep, different licensing for different parts of the world. Microsoft is innocent.
  • Then tell me why iTunes and Google Play offer deals internationally?!
  • Because they are licensed to. You cant just sell music without a license first. And the license agreement decides where and how its sold.
  • I live in Chile and I just Downloaded the Eminem Album for FREE ... I have my phone settings in US Region ..
  • Yes because you have an Xbox music pass. Its free to download any album, but you haven't "bought" it. You need to hold down the download link and the choose "buy" wont say free there! That's what this article is talking about.
  • Ohhh i see.. Yes, it's true... It's says error when you try to buy it..... That sucks
  • Chocale!
  • I agree. In Slovenia we can't have xbox music/movies, amazon video, google play...but we can purchase multimedia on itunes. So I'm seriously considering crossing to the dark side and i don't even like apple.
  • O še edn slovenc :D, zdaj sz tem mesecom lahko kupuješ Glasbo in Filme preko Google Playa taku za info :)
  • Končno :) a revije/časopise tudi?
  • Vse kar vidim v Playu je Aplikacije,Igre,Filmi in Glasba, za revije nevem, razen tega da je "Kiosk Play" aplikacija zdaj z material videzom in zgleda res res super :)
  • Dej glasuj tle:
  • Laterz
  • Glasuj tle, mogoce nas bodo enkrat uslisal :)
  • Changing your xbox region, but once every 3 months
  • Dude, just change the region. i am from India and I've already added 51 albums(I think Microsoft has reduced the number of free albums to 51) to my account. P.S. - I was unable to download using Windows Phone. Windows 10 Technical Preview worked perfectly!
  • Will people out of the US ever have a chance with Microsoft promotions?
  • No... One Windows is just for them, not for the rest of the world
  • Amen!!!! |:-/
  • True that...that's y I'll never recommend windows phone to anyone..I regret buying windows phone
  • Will to be fair, US isn't the only country that does.... But the others are more like a drop in the bucket for them to be consistent with....
  • Can i get this songs for free ,If my phone set to US?
  • You must have an active Xbox music subscription I just read..
  • I don't have a subscription and they are downloading for me
  • Then article can be fixed or you forgot about it ;)
  • You just need to be using Xbox music. The impression the article gave was that you must have an Xbox Music Pass, which is incorrect.
  • I can confirm that you don't need a subscription. I just purchased the Fall Out Boy album mentioned in the article for free. I did so using my old phone WP7 phone, which uses the "Marketplace" rather than Xbox Music for music purchases, because my Lumia 920 is currently in need of repair. Unfortunately, I that means I don't have access to the Music Deals app to browse through what other albums I'd like to "purchase."
  • That's good :)
  • Yep, you are correct; You don't need an XBox Music Pass; You just need to have been signed-into Xbox "Music" with your Microsoft Account. The idea behind the holiday give-away (from what I've read in other articles about this give-away) was to offer free music so that people sign-up for XBox Music Pass; It was to entice them. The free 10 hours of streaming that's been available to everyone (for about 2 years) with Windows 8.X is going away in a week or so.   
  • Yep.. No subscription needed! I just downloaded about 50 albums for free! (my SD card hates me now!)
  • Once again MS recognizes that only the US matters /s
  • Not ms but the brand owners
  • You don't think that Microsoft is capable of striking a deal outside of the US if they wanted to? It's just like with Bing Rewards, or the Band, or the HTC One M8, or the Surface Pro 1 docking station. Or the Zune. They don't care at all about their non-US consumers.
    I'm not saying that that is wrong or that Microsoft owes us non Americans anything, I'm just stating a fact. Not sure why fan-boys have to defend them all of the time.
  • No, you're wrong on this. Microsoft does not have the backing in this arena like Apple does. To prove this, look to the Zune, and how a MP3 player that was arguably better lost out to an overpriced, and under featured (Saw cheaper units with more features) piece of plastic. They can offer things in the US like this because both parties are likely US based. Operating under one set of laws. If Microsoft did this for even Canada, I imagine the company would need to operate in accordance to both US, and Canadian laws. Microsoft would love to give more deals elsewhere, I'm sure, but they don't even have the lincense to sell in some countries that Apple does. Where Apple can just send updates to their phones, Microsoft has to wait for carriers to "approve" the updates. The Band is most likely a test at the moment, since they've been burned on bringing products to the market before, and they're still in limited supply last I heard. Probably more like a beta test in the US. The HTC One M8... What does HTC have to do with Microsoft? MS doesn't control HTC, whatever they do is their own thing. Bing rewards... Yeah, I wish they'd get their Bing system worked out everywhere, but we're once again getting into legal issues. I have no idea how complex the situation is internationally. Some places may consider it gambling, some would likely want to tax it, or even control what MS offers. I'd bet this is easier with local companies, but a company from a foriegn power? Might be local laws that make it harder. Frankly, a lot of companies will do US only on things because it avoids a lot of issues. Seriously, just making it work with all 50 US states doesn't always work, and it's ONE nation! Rhode Island wont get contests because the prize doesn't offer a cash alternative (Or some such thing). Microsoft would have to have either one reward system that works for each country it's in (How likely would that be?), or multiple rewards systems that are country dependant. If my understanding of how even Cortana will work is an indication, that's not feasable either, since they'd have to build a new infrastructure for each country. To be fair as well, I don't see Apple or Google doing this kind of reward even in the US. If they are, I've not stumbled on it.
  • If I sign up right now can I get the albums ? How would they know ?
  • If you are able to sign up with a valid US address at all, which I think you can't because they see your credit card address which you need for validation.
  • Yes. as long as you can put in a valid us address. Credit card is not validated so any international card works.
  • I can see the offers but when i try to "buy" and download it i get a error code, i'm outside the US, but my phone is totally configured as a US phone.
  • It's called they know where you live....
  • Same to me, I guess is because I don't have an xbox music subscription...
  • Your xbox music subscription region depends on the billing address of your credit card. So unfortunately, simply changing the region in your phone won't work.
  • your xbox account needs to have its region set to us.
  • That's how they make money go round ;)
  • Microsoft is telling us clearly "don't buy Windows Phones, they are only for US, we are selling outside US only to get market" and by removing MixRadio in India, they are telling India to stop buying their phones!
  • Except that Xbox Music is available on Xbox, iOS, Android and the web too.
  • Not in India it is not..
  • Why can't you access the URL in India?
  • You really think that's what MS wants?
  • Sweet.....downloading now!
  • I wish, I'm know how to pick up chicks in this country.
  • Lol
  • No mercy for other country apart from US.
  • Just don't think that Microsoft value their customers worldwide, why should I even carry-on my subscription to Xbox music.
  • Go to Google
  • Why should he ?
  • Coz MS doesn't support him lol. Why else? HTC wasn't supporting me so I left. Bam! Life is only complicated if you make it that way. We all have choices /PointlessRantLol
  • Microsoft services arw much better then googlee in terms fo usage,security and privacy. ibdony haveany problem with their services but with only with Windows phone how they treat their customers.
  • Nice Microsoft. Here in India they are cutting unlimited download subscription vouchers for Nokia mixradio for good. While in the U.S. they are offering 100 albums for free. I rest my case, m’lord.
  • Sometimes this service pays for itself in the end lol
  • Microsoft gives this (US only)
    Microsoft gives that (US only)
    Microsoft sells this (US only)
    Microsoft sells that (US only)
    Microsoft improves this (US only)
    Microsoft improves that (US only) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Finally your comment, I miss to read them hahah.
  • That's because he moved to android I've been seeing him a lot on android central
  • Yeah I know, forgot to add "here" hah :)
  • I only come here now for Windows and Xbox One news, that's why you don't see me that often. I simply couldn't care less about what happens to Windows Phone or the Lumia brand now ;) But I'm still around, don't despair my people! ;P
  • That's because our beloved microsoft from portugal doesn't give a damn about us.
  • As it looks they do give a damn about US (only).
  • True. Though it's not only Microsoft Portugal. It's this way in many other countries. It should probably be MicrUSoft. Microsoft Portugal is just worst with normal consumers. Actually the "Portugal" part shouldn't even be there since every time we need something from them we are forward to a call centre in Brasil where they don't understand half of what we're saying. They try, God knows they try. Microsoft "Portugal" only operates well in the enterprise segment. All my acquaintances at Microsoft are there, not in the "consumer division".  
  • You forgot posted from android in your comment.... And yes it does matter
  • I didn't. When it's not there it's because I never write it. That signature is posted automatically by the Windows Central app for Android ;)   So whenever you don't see that (like at the end of this comment) it's because I'm not commenting from the app ;)
  • I'm so angry with Microsoft, We should all be able to enjoy their services as equal, ugh
  • Error 8000ffff
  • Same here.
  • Same
  • They don't say we're the best country for nothin. Gov't sucks but that's never gonna change lol.
  • Oh dear
  • I think Microsoft needs to change its region :D
  • You got that right.
  • That's so what they need to do, none in the US is gonna buy Windows phones and will ask for their services, Microsoft is not cool at all in that country.
  • Why it is not available in France...?
  • Only in US as always. It's normal.
  • Itak če so pa ozkogledi kapitalisti k se jim jebe za ves svet. Sam da v rit lezejo svojim poslovnim partnerjem. Bo zgleda treba prešaltat na kej druzga...
  • Ja sej sej. Razmislajm tudi jaz ker je Lolipop čisto neki druzga zdaj tako da se lahko vrnem na Android, Če ne bo Win10 neki revolucionarnega pole bo polovica WP fanu zgubila potrplenje lol
  • Se popolnoma strinjam s tabo. Problem je sam ko bomo na 10ko čakal še dobro leto. Pa tud dvomim, da bo 10ka tolk revolucionarna kot pravjo. Itak so sam 7 pa 8ko skup združl + nazaj so vklopl opcije v cmd od prejšnjih edicij. Zdej kao neki kernel spreminjajo pa še to mam občutek, da bodo samo cifro spremenil, ostalo bo pa isto. Mislm, da bo res znano v kero smer gre Microsoft v prihodnje, šele drugo leto takle čas....Itak je pa vse skup eno sranje od teh OS-ov za telefone. Edin Android je dokaj dobr pa še ta ma to smolo da jih furajo na Samsungih, ki je pa itak en korejski "I wanna be" krš od krša. Android rab sam eno dobro strojno podporo. Mogoče un googlov Nexus al kaj je že. Bo treba sprobat :)
  • Tudi dejstvo je da tudi če nardijo Win10 neki super, Google ne spi in dela en korak naprej :).Sej edini tapravi Android je Nexus :) priporočam 6tko, če si jo lahko privoščiš :) tudi sam uporablam Nexuse, to je čisto neki druzga kakor drugi, čeprau jim manka kaj gor pa dol, kar drugi proizvajalci dodajo, ma Nexus je Nexus :) Sicer ja Android deluje odlično in najhitrejše od vseh možnih operacijskih sistem, ampak le na High end fonu :).
  • It is not just Microsoft, i have to say.... I also have a subscription with Amazon Prime which (besides fast shipping) offers free videos and movies and I can't watch or download them because I'm outside US .... It's stupid.
  • Update: I tried to download and I could!!! I live in South America but I use the US Region settings... It worked just fine.. I just downloaded the album Recovery by Eminem. ... Good luck
  • Of course, because this isnt Microsoft's restriction - its the music industry. If MS were Apple and this were iTunes, they could negotiate better maybe.
  • not nice. be nice to xbox music canada!
  • I hate that tag.. "US only"
  • I'm seriously about a month away from being 18. I can't download them. -_-
  • yet another US only deal, final nail in my loyalty coffin and that's my queue to cancel the music pass I've had for years, as I'll look to get musis elsewhere now....when will they realise that other countries exist too....Windows Central must be seeing a drop in figures as there seems to be lots of disgruntled WP users
  • . Pour customer support globally. But we know that this is yet another problem for us Windows Phone users.
  • I love windows central!! thanks for the tip :)
  • i hate that ( us only )
  • Wow, there are some pretty good albums in this deal. I just got over 200 songs for free. Glad I got this app.
  • Leaving microsoft support group from today. And i seriously thought android was bad, they care about us more than Microsoft. Microsoft only care about US, all others are aliens for them, using us to get market share. Bye microsoft, going to buy Note 3 tomorow... It was a really good idea for me buying a low end model to test this, or else would have wasted my money
  • I think I'm gonna do the same, but with an iPhone.
  • Git
  • Changing region method wil wrk na ?
  • So what's different between this, and the unlimited streaming/downloading you already get with Xbox music?
  • You can keep these albums even after your subscription ends. This is opposed to the other albums that are licensed and only work when you have an active sub.
  • FOR OUTSIDE US, DON'T FORGET TO SET YOUR billing method to the credit card with billing address postal code and country set to US. SAME FOR YOUR PHONE'S REGION AND LANGUAGE SET TO US. ALSO, no need for Xbox music subscription!
  • So i live in the Netherlands. And have my phone settings set to US. Now i just have to set my billing address to US on the XBOX site? I would love to get those albums for free! :)
  • When I set up my credit card billing address, I typed in my valid local billing address except for country and postal code details, both were set to US and random US postal code.
  • If only.
  • Yay!
  • Error....can somebody help me
  • For those inside the US, this is a great deal. Thanks!
  • F... Ya
  • Lol are they trying to keep us happy with that awful app?
  • This is perfect!  Tmobile just added Xbox music to the list of free streaming services so now I'm busy "purchasing" all these $0.00 albums so I can stream them whenever on my phone.
  • Sick of US only deals, stock and launches of new products. It's not just Microsoft... Apple, Google, Samsung - they all do it. 
  • Gating error 8000fff when trying to buy any of this album
  • now we want xbox music in India. Get it Asap MS
  • 8000ffff ERROR!!!
  • This actually does not require an active subscription. I did receive an error when trying to download from my phone, but I suspect this may be because I don't have a credit card on file. Solution: Use the Xbox Music app on a Windows 8 PC.
  • I bought mine on my PC. They won't download to it. They will download to the phone though. Still a good deal. MS hopefully will get their mess straight.
  • Yep, I currently don't have an active subscription and was able to grab a bunch of albums. It did have trouble downloading a couple songs but it's probably a temporary problem with their servers.
  • I figure they will get it fixed. As long as they are in the cloud I can download later. I got about 15 of em. Going look again later just in case.
  • You are right. I just went back and tried downloading any missing songs and they finished without a problem.
  • Hey,allow mixradio to download unlimited songs in India bcoz there is no Xbox music
  • Deals are only for US....sell ur mobiles only in us....why r u selling in the great India...
  • Do you acually have to download them to get for free? Or can you his press the button. Don't have much space on my 1020 these days.
  • Once you click em, they add them to your cloud. You can download them or stream them. Either way you can keep them.
  • How can I download this songs without subscription??
  • I don't have a subscription and I got em. Just have to click on them. Of course they're only available for the US.
  • anyone now wishes to switch to droid can go for it. after windows. 10 future is Microsoft. guess Microsoft wants to start from scratch. this is all cleaning ballmers fragemented mess.
  • For us that not in usa, wonder why we choose windows phone ?
  • Been saying this for ages.
  • I guess there is other countries waiting for Xbox Music to roll out. It's like salting the wound.
  • I am seriousl thinking to stop using Windows phone and switch to something elese. No Cortana for Europe, No proper updats a half of apps not supporter to Europe etc. Why bother with MS anymore? Even apple is more suppored here than MS. So sad.
  • Will I be able to re-download them, after it expires, for free? Or no?
  • You should be able as long as you have completed the "purchase" process and the album show in your account.
  • I think that chances that any of the artists they chose are popular with me are probably zero.
  • A few and most of the albums are old.
  • Unless you're someone who listens strictly to indie and abandons any artist that is even remotely mainstream, you should find something here. However, if you are this person, I feel sorry for you. Good music is good music, yo.
  • Mmmm. There hasn't been any "mainstream" music I find remotely enjoyable for a number of years.  Most of it I find to be offensive.  Or, as a musician myself, mundane.
  • Oh no. Offensive... Someone needs to lighten up.
  • Some are newer than others. They cross all genres of music.
  • Painful, as we have US address, but bank card is from UK.
  • Good stuff! I don't even look at Amazon anymore. Those music deals are the Shizzle. You can't beat FREE!
  • It's funny how all the services are US only bit a majority of phones have been released everywhere but the US.
  • Eminem - Recovery $0. F YEAAAA
  • For us only .... Good job Microsoft -_-
  • I live in India and I am able to get the deal!
  • Damn, these are only albums already available via Music Pass, which I have no interest in. I was hoping there'd be at least a couple that normally can only be bought, but alas: I guess the copyright holders wouldn't allow it. So thanks for the update, but it doesn't serve me much good.
  • You can get all these albums DRM-FREE, meaning they are yours and not part of a subscription. It serves a lot of good if you want to own the music permanently.
  • Umm, the is awesome!!
  • What's up with this stupid U.S Only crap?
    Can't Microsoft see they're loosing the market because of it?! Why can't they stop for a second, and see what they do different today then they did at the 1990's.. Oh right, they don't give a shit about the global market, but only about U.S
    So go on, keep trying to get to this pathtic iShit loving nation, while the Eropean (Which is the leading market in the platform's market share!), Asian, South American and Middle Eastern markets keep waiting for Microsoft to recognize in their existence. Retards!
  • Error after error trying to download. I got my Xbox renewal email yesterday, I almost fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard...not in a million years would I spend more money on this crap.
  • NICE!
  • And a lot of hella good albums too! It's a damn good deal!
  • What's in there for me for paying 9.99EUR a month for my subscription in Ireland. I know some content is restricted to the U.S. but there's plenty of content in Ireland and the EU
  • No thanks, I don't care for none of those artistes and I'm not a subscriber.
  • How do you tell if you actually purchased it? Just brings me yo the page to play or download.
  • Hold your finger on the album cover til you get the menu. From there, you'll have an option to "buy" it. Click on it and it will take to the confirmation page to download it for free.
  • For all of the people compplaining about US only Its probably due to licensing with the record companies.
  • Every time i try to use Xbox Music on WP it says cant sign please try agian later
  • But I can't download the songs to my windows 8 PC, because it says it isn't allowed by the artist.  So, if I close my XBox Music subscription, will I lose access to these?  And I guess this means no off-line playback.  Not much of a deal IMHO, since we already get these songs with the XBox Music Pass.  What am I missing?
  • My Taylor Swift "1989" album that I bought on Xbox Music still plays on even though she pulled her albums from the streaming services. None of her other albums (that I didn't purchase) do. Maybe it just takes a while for the servers to register your purchase?
  • Gotta love the "US only" deals... Not like anyone outside of the US listens to music at all... :(
  • I never realized until now what a tedious and horrible experience it is to buy more than one album on Xbox Music through the Music Deals app. Hey, nothing's truly free, right? LOL.
  • Sorry, this one is way too easy.
    If you we're right, then why are iTunes and even Google Play deals international?!
  • Enough with that US Only system!!!! I really hate it!!! Hay mucho mas usuarios fuera de Estados Unidos!
  • I am in the UK and offers seem to always be confined to the US market.  In some respects it's counter-intuitive. Windowsphone sales are worst in the USA. In Europe and in South America there are plenty of markets nudging 10% sales.  Now the answer is probably music licensing. I get that. Napster and the Pirate Bay lived off restricted licensing, DRM and the music/video industry having bizarre restrictions. Ultimately, in a global market place, digital restrictions become untenable.   
  • Stop the freaking whining about it being US only. By the way, when I go to Music Deals and click on U2 - The Joshua Tree, it takes me to the Deluxe version, and when I click purchase it says free... but when I click to download it says "Not available in your region". When I search in Xbox Music app, only the regular version is available, and it's listed as $6.99 + tax. Does that make some of the whiners happier? :p   EDIT: Now they changed the button text to "Not on sale" instead of "Free" for that album, but it's still in the "100 Free Albums" list. Wonder if they'll change it to be the regular version instead, or if it was never meant to be included.
  • I think they are having server problems.
  • They might, but this is not related to that. I can buy other albums just fine. Guess they just made a mistake including it.   By the way, seriously, it is an AWFUL experience to buy these albums. Going into the app every time, selecting ONE album, buying it, going back, etc.... ugh. And of course going back to the Music Deals app it mostly just shows a black screen and needs to be restarted, except for when it flat out crashes and needs to be restarted. I don't think anyone could come up with a worse experience even if they tried.
  • Shut the f up.
  • Ugh, US only. I actually like some of the albums as well (for a change). Not really an issue though, never used Xbox Music anyway.
  • Wow, people. It's astounding how much naiveté is floating around here.
    1. This is an Xbox Music deal; it has nothing to do with Windows Phone.
    2. Music licensing is incredibly complex and completely outside of Microsoft's control.
    3. Ergo, blaming Microsoft --and threatening to leave Windows Phone over this--for it being U.S. only is about as logical as blaming Toshiba for Netflix not working on your TV in Japan.
    Oi vey.
  • You are not the only one amazed by these comments.
  • 1) its not like they have "Microsoft" in common is it?
    2) B. S. If that's the legit excuse explain how apple and google manage
    3) right. Cos Netflix and Toshiba are part if the same brand... Logic fail is logic fail Nice try though. Just COMPLETELY wrong.
  • This deal aside (and yes Music is tricky), i think the general mood is bad because of the now tiresome 'US Only' for a lot of things Microsoft does, when their competition does not.
  • strangely enough other companies manage to get special deals to their customers worldwide dispite the complex rights issues ... those offers by the way do not have to be the same everywhere but the big competitors all have special offers and hot deals available ... microsoft does not even manage to get the app out for that outside the us ... thats pitiful ...
  • Are the downloaded albums working for everyone? I downloaded a few and I'm getting a can't play this song right now when trying to listen to them. Xbox music is Really Really bad..
  • Working fine for me.
  • I just check about 5 albums and they are all working fine.  Are you trying on PC or mobile device?  I notice some have what looks like a cloud or streaming icon.
  • I'm on mobile. It states that I don't have rights to play the album or it states that it can't stream this song at this time.
  • It works fine on my PC and Nokia 928.  Which phone do you have?
  • It has finally started to show the album's downloading on my phone, 920. I'm thinking either my companies slow wifi and/or Microsoft server's were acting up.
  • Thanks for the heads up I just picked up a bunch of albums.  They also have some great deals on box sets for only $1.99.
  • Thank god for htc and Samsung ect as they give free stuff to people outside the country of origin , Microsoft won't win any new customers like apple if its always usa only offers ( outside the usa there are 80% less isheep than usa )
  • No Xbox Music subscription needed.
  • It let me download the album's, but it's stating that I need a subscription in order to play the album. Xbox music is not a user friendly application.
  • I don't have a subscription and I downloaded a bunch of these free albums on my 1520... no problem playing any of them. Perhaps you're trying to stream them from a PC or other location to your phone? Because in that case, a music pass subscription is needed.
  • Nice
  • Better buy these quickly.  Some of the free albums are suddenly showing up as  NOT FOR SALE / NOT AVAILABLE  
  • I saw the same thing.. waited a few minutes and restarted the music deals app and everything was free again...
    Must be their servers or something..
  • 8000ffff error :(
  • Please help. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get these music deals. I click to get the deal, it takes me to Xbox music, but there's no place to buy the album or get a free album. Incredibly frustrating. Am I supposed to sign up for something first??
  • when you go to deals. you goto the free section. Click on get free. Say "yes" to the prompt. it takes you to Music and shows you the album. Then you see in green at the lower right corner of the album cover get free.  click on that accept terms and download music.  Thats what I did on my PC and they all showed up on my phone also.
  • I'm having the same issue.  I click "Get it for free" and it opens the Xbox Music app.  The controls along the bottom sometimes show a "Select" options, sometimes just shows "Share" button.  For those with Select, I can then select one/all songs and then click Download.  Even so, it just adds it to my Collection but doesn't truly download to phone.  I can't find any control that will allow me to truly download the songs. I have an Xbox account but not an Xbox Music subscription.  The integration between Music Deals and Xbox Music is truly awful. No consistency at all.
  • In Xbox Music on the phone, press down on the album title/cover until the menu comes up and select "buy" and follow the prompts. I agree it's weird that there is no "buy" in the ellipses menu. I believe you have to have an Xbox Music sub for these free deals though?
  • Thanks for the reply.  I get to the Buy screen you mention but when I select "Download," I just get a 8000ffff error saying to try again later.  :(   Wasn't meant to be, I guess...
  • Not works, just opens music app
  • And then when in the music app, click where it says "free" next to the album art. 
  • I installed that all just to see what they had. It all sucks, not a single artist I listen to, and only a couple (Van Halen and U2) that I like.
  • You mustn't be much of a lover of music. There are at least 25 very good albums on this list. Maybe download some stuff that you don't know and live a little. They're free afterall. 
  • Exactly!^^^ step outside the box!
  • We are for turkey .
  • I've got mine thawing out ;)
  • The "download" section of Xbox Music might be even worse than the rest of the app. It seems unable to handle more than a few songs cued up. I know I have dozens of songs cued (and the download indicator on the WiFi meter on the phone is showing activity and battery drain is around 60%(!!) right now so I know it's downloading the songs), but it shows nothing - except on the "front screen" in Xbox Music it says "8 downloads" but when I click on it it says there's nothing downloading. I finally managed to get the U2 "Joshua Tree" album downloaded (they seem to have fixed the problem with it not being available), but in the store there are 3 versions of it - all titled the same except they have different songs. I had to delete and and again a few times to get it working. I really hope Microsoft has better versions of Xbox Music on the other platforms. :)
  • Xbox Live status : Purchase and content usage limited. Buying downloadable items.. Platforms Xbox one ,360 and XBOX ON OTHER SERVICES. Has something to do? Error 8000ffff
  • What's almost better than all these freebies are some of these box sets they are offering for $1.99. Every Led Zeppelin album for $1.99? Every Police album for $1.99? That's crazy.   I don't understand the economics of these offers. I guess I don't care that much. I'll just take advantage. 
  • Agreed! Though I already own every Zeppelin album.. what true Zep fan doesn't? haha
  • I know I've complained already but, wow, the download portion of Xbox Music app is really, really awful. A few of the albums I literally saw with my own eyes were being downloaded were no longer there when I went back into the app to listen to them. They were still marked as purchased ("buy" greyed out) but no longer downloaded, even though I saw them download and be in there before. Not just one album several of them, and sometimes just some songs. Now I downloaded them again and didn't leave the album screen as long as they downloaded... will see if it sticks now, I guess.
  • Why do do many of the commenters sound like little children?? The fact that most music labels are based in the USA, as well as many of the artist, Microsoft had laws they must follow and licenses they must have to be able to do anything with music content.
    What is this stupidity about hating Microsoft and Windows phone because something isn't available in your region??? This is not new, almost every offer or special is USA based first, just like other platforms, why act like it's something new. You knew what you were buying before and if you didn't shame on you for not doing research.
    I would like to have a BBC player app I can use on my Android, Windows Phone, our iPhone but I can't because it's not licensed for the USA, but I don't get upset and cry like a baby.
  • If Microsoft can sort deals for the US (when each state has it's own variation on laws), then it can do it for the UK and EU and anywhere they manage to sell a music pass.... It's not just moaning, it's getting charged more for a sub-standard service that's annoying......
    They (Microsoft) should be thankful & happy that there are people willing to spend money on a music pass when they have apps in their store that let you download for free..... Anyway, where's Denim and the new Camera software
  • Error 8000ffff when downloading, any help?
  • Even though they're free you have to have a credit card on file with Xbox.  Once I added mine I stopped getting that error. 
  • Just downloaded 300 Free songs. Love it!!!!!!
  • Don't know why the article says you have to have a active xbox music sub.  I downloaded all 100 and I have never subbed to their streaming service.  EDIT: I did it via WIndows 8 PC, not on the phone.
  • Anybody trying this from Windows 10?  When Music Deals redirects me to Xbox Music, the pricing is showing as regular prices.
  • "808s & Heartbreak" by Kanye West is not free, even though it is promoted as such. I have the original Zune Music Pass ($15/month).
  • For those getting the 8000ffff error, the issue for me was that I didn't have a credit card registered on  Even those these are free songs/albums, they must initiate the same payment validation process -- if you don't have a credit card on file, it won't go through.
  • deleted duplicate entry
  • If one goes to use this service with a MS account whose region is non US then the process of using XBox Music creates an account with that same region. That process prohibits you from downloading the music as MP3s. If you go into the MS account and change its region or change the region of Windows 8.1/10 that is not going to help. You have to migrate the XBox account over to the US and you have to be darn careful doing this especially if this XBox account was in use before this offer since you mayloose some other digital rights or XBox money. If you do move the region to the XBox Live account you will be able to download the music as MP3s BUT only if those albums are still available as free. That is because you have to go through the whole process of adding them to your XBox Music account at which time you will see the Get It Free link which will allow you to download it to your computer as MP3s. However if these albums have fallen off the free album listing you are sol regarding the ability to download them as MP3s. If you have no XBox Music Pass come Dec 1st you no longer will be able to stream these captive music without paying MS $10 a month for the music pass.
  • 50 free albums for non subscribers.
  • come on microsoft ... the world does not end at the us boarders quit being jerks and fucking your consumer base all over the world. make this app available everywhere.
  • What happened to the other 50 free albums? I only got to download some of them and figured I can download the rest another day but now there's only 50 free ):
  • Same thing happened to me.  I did manage to grab some of them at least but a bit bummed that I missed the other ones that got removed from the deal.  Happy to have gotten what I did though!
  • But I already bought American Idiot on CD the day it came out.
    Then I played frisbee with it with my friends and bought it again.
  • Wow. MS in "announces new/cool product/service/feature but only for US" shock.
  • Downloading now from Music app on a Windows 8.1 PC based in India. Xbox account is set to US region though :)
  • That sounds great!
  • The albums that they are giving away have changed from what they were originally.  If you have not looked at the Music Deals app since Dec 1st, you might want to do so and add take advantage of some additional free music.
  • That's what I been doing. they seem to add and subtract things every few days. I wish WC would repost this
  • Guys please help me.  I have downloaded the albums on my PC. How then do you sync it my Windows Phone?