Microsoft Health may be making its way from your phone to your desktop in the near future. The folks at WindowsBlogItalia have scored a preview of the build and detailed some of the features, as well as some changes that are said to be heading to the mobile app.

Currently, the Microsoft Health app is designed for Windows Phone 8.1 and the Microsoft Band and Band 2 but it is also compatible with Windows 10 Mobile. That will soon be changing as Microsoft moves forward with their new OS and revamped core offerings.

Microsoft Health for Windows 10 desktop

The app description, (via WindowsBlogItalia), reads:

"Set the wellness goals and get the recommended programs useful to implement a healthier life through graphics and color diagrams and easy to understand in the convenient app for phones or robust Web dashboard. Reach your fitness goals with the custom tracking when running, cycle, play golf or do exercise. Record a map of the race or lap with GPS or follow the requests of the exercises led directly from the band. Stay connected with email, documents, calendar, call alerts, and social updates.

You acknowledge that the data health and fitness are stored and processed in Microsoft data centers that can be located outside of your country. Please refer to the Privacy Policy of Microsoft Health for more information. The mobile app is available for Android and iPhone.

There will also be some changes heading to the mobile app, which includes:

  • Completely transparent tile;
  • The information contained in the section Home are now all translated into Italian.
  • Section Home, as well as to show steps, calories burned, etc. Now also shows a description.
  • Under the Preferences section has been inserted Box Home with the ability to enable or disable the transparency and the live tile.
  • You can customize the items to show in the live tile.

Besides the limitation of today's current app using older APIs and design elements, it is restricted to only phones. With a Windows 10 version of Microsoft Health the app can live anywhere - phone, tablet, or PC - giving users more flexibility.

These updates are not yet available, but be sure to keep an eye out for them to arrive in the Windows Store.