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Microsoft HoloLens now up for pre-order in China, shipping on May 24

Microsoft's HoloLens headset is now up for pre-order on the Chinese Microsoft Store, expanding its global footprint even further. Currently, the headset is priced at ¥39,188 (around $5676) for the business kit and ¥23,488 (around $3,402) for the developer kit (via WalkingCat).

Microsoft in December confirmed HoloLens would be headed to China in the first half of this year, but an exact date wasn't clear. What makes the pre-order timing particularly interesting, however, is that units are set to begin shipping from Microsoft on May 24. That's one day after Microsoft's May 23 event in China, which is expected to feature a look at some new hardware. Given the timing, it's possible we could see Microsoft focus on its mixed reality efforts at the event.

In any case, interested Chinese developers and businesses looking to experiment with HoloLens can get their pre-orders in on the Microsoft Store now.

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  • Microsoft must be making a killing with those prices; :D