Looks like the Surface Pro isn’t the only new item available from Microsoft come February 9th as the recent emphasis on hardware has the company releasing new Touch covers. Made with laser-etched designs from three artists, it’s a familiar concept that Redmond has used in the past for ‘limited edition’ artist series Microsoft Mice.

The covers fetch for $129, which is the same price for a regular Touch cover. That’s a good deal as it means you’re not paying a premium for what is essentially nice graffiti. [Edit: Oops, turns out it's actually $10 more for these new designer covers, so there is a premium for the privilege]. The three designs come from Joy Deangdeelert Cho, Liu Qing (aka: LEFT) and Kate Bailey with Flowers, Year of the Snake and Skulls as their respective themes.

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Of course if you have a Surface, you most likely have a Touch cover already, making this nothing more than a nice thought. However, for the Surface Pro, that device does not come with any Touch or Type cover, despite its starting price of $899. For those folks, you now have a way to make your Surface Pro extra special.

The other little tidbit is a new “Surface inspired” Wedge Mouse. We’re not sure how this is different from the already existing Wedge Touch Mouse (looks less chromey?), but Microsoft has it as “coming soon” so we guess they’re not the same. That little guy will run you $69.95 when available.

Source: Microsoft; Thanks, Scott M., for the heads up

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