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Microsoft joins Open Connectivity Foundation to support development of Internet of Things standards

Microsoft is joining with some other tech companies to form a new organization dedicated to making a set of standards for Internet of Things devices. The group is called the Open Connectivity Foundation and also includes Cisco, Electrolux, General Electric, Intel, Qualcomm, and Samsung as founding members.

Microsoft said:

"We have helped lead the formation of the OCF because we believe deeply in its vision and the potential an open standard can deliver. Despite the opportunity and promise of IoT to connect devices in the home or in businesses, competition between various open standards and closed company protocols have slowed adoption and innovation. Much like W3C manages the standards for the World Wide Web, the IEEE sets electrical engineering standards and the UPU sets the global postal code – standardization can help consolidate industry attention and create opportunity, via an agreed upon set of protocols that move industries and the world forward."

Microsoft pledged to support the standards of the OCF in Windows 10, adding, "The OCF standards will also be fully compatible with the 200 million Windows 10 devices that are "designed for AllSeen" today."

Source: Microsoft

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  • So this sounds like a good and necessary thing although we don't really know what it means yet. What does it mean to the AllSeen Alliance? And btw. what IS going on with AllJoyn? It is one thing to have those API's built in, but there seems to be only very few apps and manufacturers out there who truly support it. Anyone know?
  • I hope that they consider SECURITY as part of their standard!  Consumers plug these things into their LAN without knowing anything about security.  Very dangerous.
  • I'm with you, this can turn into a slippery slope very fast.
  • 'Closed company protocols' So they mean Apple for the most part then?