Microsoft Launcher beta for Android squashes bugs in latest update

Another update is now available for Microsoft Launcher beta users on Android. Ticking the app up to versions 4.7.5, this release doesn't contain any new features. However, it does focus on bringing performance improvements, along with fixing several outstanding bugs.

By far, the most notable fix in this update is a correction for issues related to notification badge counts. You should also find that Microsoft Launcher crashes less and general performance is a little better. Here's a look at all of what's new in version 4.7.5:

  • Fixed top crashes and App Not Responding Errors;
  • Support applying icon pack over single custom-set icons;
  • Adjustments to wallpaper settings experience;
  • Fixed several badge count issues;
  • Performance/memory/CPU improvements

It's certainly not as big as Microsoft Launcher's recent Cortana update, but smoothing out the experience is never a bad thing. If you're enrolled as a Microsoft Launcher beta tested, version 4.7.5 is available now from Google Play. If you aren't enrolled, you can sign up to become a beta tester (opens in new tab) now. These fixes should make their way to the release version of Microsoft Launcher before too long.

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  • Launcher? Seriously. Is this the best #Microsoft can do? Squared2 launcher is better and doesn't crash too...
  • It's not meant to emulate the tile experience
  • Is pretty damn great actually. Not trying to replicate the look/feel of Windows Mobile (on purpose), it integrates Microsoft services into the core Android experience. All serious Windows users should at least spend some time with it.
  • It's actually a really good launcher. Get over your tiles
  • As others have said it is a great launcher.
  • Suddenly the badge count for Outlook started working. Thank you Microsoft!!
  • Using this launcher currently and Microsoft has really done a great job with it. If only they could've added features and fixes to W10M as quickly and frequently as they did with the launcher. Hope to see the Andromeda device this year though.
  • When I was forced to go over to Android I chose Microsoft Launcher, and I thought it was definitely an improvement on the boring Android menu. After a couple of months I chanced upon Launcher 10, which is trying to be a Windows 10 Mobile menu with Live Tiles for Android. I quite like it (it's still not my beloved Windows 10 Mobile, but at least it doesn't look as lame as Android) and after a further couple of months I am sticking with it.
  • Has anyone noticed when Cortana notifies you on your PC for SMS that your messages don't appear on your phone? Using an S5 Neo, Android 7.0, and Google's Stock Messaging app (not Samsung's messaging app). My Replies appear on the phone when I reply from my PC, but the inbound message is gone.
  • Nope, mine works correctly on my LGV30 with the stock messaging app.
  • Badges still a no go on my Galaxy S9 with Verizon Messages+ and Verizon Voicemail. However, Outlook and Phone are now working. MS needs to fix Verizon apps.
  • Wtf are these badges that they are talking about? Is this supposed to be the Android equivilant to achievements?
  • Badges are the little colored dots you see on the icon themselves when there's a new notification.
  • Ah, thanks. That makes sense. I was obviously off the right track on that one.
  • Latest update didn't fix my Galaxy s8+ badges(notifications)
  • I am a beta tester and I would like to be able to use the Launcher, but the notification badges on my Pixel 2XL still do not work properly even with this update and supposed bug fix. When I open an app, the badges disappear but only temporarily. When exit to the home screen, the badges come right back even though there is no new content.
  • They are emulating iOS people, not Windows Mobile.
  • Badges work for the things I care about. Android messages, Outlook, Facebook, WhatsApp. Still does not work for Textra.