Microsoft Launcher update brings a handful of fixes and improvements

A fresh update is available for Microsoft Launcher on Android, bringing a handful of bug fixes and improvements to everyone. Ticking up to version 4.7.5, there are no new features in this release. However, the fixes should smooth out overall performance while delivering corrections for several badge count issues and more.

Here's a look at all of what's new in Microsoft Launcher version 4.7.5:

  • Fixed top crashes and App Not Responding Errors;
  • Support applying icon pack over single custom-set icons;
  • Adjustments to wallpaper settings experience;
  • Fixed several badge count issues;
  • Performance/memory/CPU improvements

It's not the most glamorous of Microsoft Launcher's recent updates; that designation would go to February's Cortana update. However, bug fixes and performance improvements are welcome at any point.

If you're a Microsoft Launcher beta tester, this is the same update that rolled out two weeks ago. For everyone else, you can grab these fixes and improvements now by grabbing version 4.7.5 from Google Play now.

See at Google Play (opens in new tab)

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  • Would be nice if Oreos new jump lists worked when the home screen icons are locked...silly Microsoft
  • I agree. Also, this update made my icon text on the home screen and in the app list very large.
  • Agreed
  • is still very buggy with Wallpaper and Lock screen and the badge notifications are totally broken. Not ready for full roll out yet. No badge counts on Phone or contacts for missed calls. No badge count on Textra. Should fix these before release to public.
  • Still no badge count for Phone and Messages? I've given up using Microsoft Launcher and reverted to Samsung Experience because of this issue. And because Samsung Experience offers smaller response time than Microsoft Launcher. On Samsung Galaxy S9+ those lags when opening the drawer were not acceptable.
  • I'm thinking of doing the same thing.
  • Pretty sure Textra badges work...
  • Badge counts work flawlessly for me Inc those apps mentioned And anyone complaining of lag during animations you can simply turn on 'High Performance Mode' in the launcher settings under 'Personalisation' and it removes animations for instant transitions
  • On Samsung Galaxy S9+ I never got badge count for Phone and Messages app. I always had to check the notifications for missed phone calls or unread SMS.
    Thank you for pointing out what "High Performance Mode" does.
  • Definitely the best launcher on android
  • I disagree. For the moment I prefer Samsung Experience.
  • Ewww. I did like Samsung experience...until I used Microsoft launcher. Now I can't go back
  • Agreed. It's the only launcher that swayed me from Nova. Samsung Experience still lacks too much. Such a waste of screen space with huge gaps over the interface
  • Yeah I was on nova for the longest, tried other launchers and always went back to nova. But I've been on the Microsoft launcher for a very long time now
  • Fixed the silly bounce back to the home page glitch introduced in one of the immediate previous updates. That was really annoying....
  • Update is running smooth on my honor view 10.
  • Is this even available outside US???
  • At least as beta. Try and see ;)
  • No thanks, I don't do Android, I was just curious to see if this was like Cortana, which isn't.
  • Yes.
  • Yes, downloaded and installed in the UK today
  • Works well on my OnePLus 3T
  • Why can't they add my calendar events to my lock screen like Windows Mobile though?
  • They did but it wasn't working flawlessly so they removed it again recently. Next Lockscreen is a great compliment to MS Launcher for that very purpose
  • I gave this Launcher up, a long time ago. Way to buggy for me. I am quite tired of microsoft and all their buggy software.
  • Works great for me. It was a little buggy and slow in the beginning, but it has worked well for a long time now.
  • Sounds great, cant wait to try it, thank you all of people involve on that update
  • its a nice launcher. it took some time getting use to it but its nice
  • Having Microsoft their own software, now they are adapting Android Wow ! GREAT
  • I've been on this for full time for a few weeks now and it's rather grown on me. It's a clean experience, easy to use, just enough of the customisation I want, and it's getting better all the time. I'm pleasantly surprised.
  • I stopped using microsoft launcher because of hanging and crashing while applying new icon packs. Then I should clean data and start from scratch again. I switched to nova instead.
  • Can't get icons for Dual Messenger to work with FB. :( Makes two of the same icon.
  • Thank you dov1978 for recommending Next Lock Screen. Just installed it, and it looks like it will be very helpful with my busy schedule ... just need to decide what shortcuts I want to be on the lock screen ... decisions, decisions!!