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Microsoft launches 4 new Xbox One S bundles in time for the holidays

If you're looking to forego the upcoming Xbox One X and grab an Xbox One S instead, Microsoft has some new options for you. The company has announced (opens in new tab) four new Xbox One S bundles, each of which is packed with additional game content alongside the console itself.

Here's a look at all of the bundles, all of which are available now:

In terms of content, each bundle is fairly self-explanatory about what is included. The Minecraft Complete Adventure Bundle, for example, includes the full Minecraft game along with a download code for the Minecraft Explorer's Pack and Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1 - Complete Adventure. The Ultimate Halo Bundle, which is only available online and at Walmart in the U.S., is an odd addition because it looks to be a repackaged version of the Halo Collection Bundle. Packed alongside the console are Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

The Rocket League bundle is only available in the UK and select European regions, and it includes a full download code for vehicular soccer game Rocket League. Lastly, the Starter Bundle eschews bundling a single game in favor of offering a three-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass with its catalog of more than 100 games.

Like other bundles, each of these new consoles includes an Xbox Wireless Controller, along with a three-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold. All bundles except the Starter Bundle also pack one month of Xbox Game Pass.

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  • The halo bundle should include the ODST DLC and probably HW DE + HW2 for a "complete edition". But it's still an awesome package.
    I bought the XboxOne master chief edition back then.
  • If only they could launch new games/Ips as often as they launch new bundles, new UI design and controllers... I guess it's much cheaper to invest in repackaging, redesigning and marketing.
  • Doesn't matter, all my mind on November 7th
  • Personally, I'm waiting for actual benchmark... Less than one month to go. Did they release anything yet?