Microsoft launches the Lumia 830 in Vietnam, available next month

Microsoft today held an event in Vietnam to launch the recently released Lumia 830. The more affordable mid-range smartphone matches the latest in Lumia design (the Lumia 930) with advanced components to produce a capable solution for today's needs and requirements. The Lumia 830 will set local purchasers back by VND 7,999,000 (about $380), which isn't a bad deal.

The Windows Phone will be launching next month, packing in a 5-inch 720p display, quad-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory, microSD card slot up to 128 GB, 10 MP PureView camera, 0.9 MP front camera, LTE Category 4 connectivity (150 Mbps downstream), Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 2200 mAh battery.

Lumia 830 Vietnam

The Lumia 830 will also be among the first batch of devices that come with the Lumia Denim update out of the box. Will you be picking one up?


Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Well they said will be released globally in a month at launch ,so.....lets hope it happens and for all future phones a quick release
  • Good knowing that.
  • Denim coming soon?
  • I heard gdr2 may be coming 8th October for preview for developers users. But when is update 1 for normal users coming? I want to use those files in my start screen! :)
  • A new Lumia update for 8.1.1 dev preview is out... Check you phones
  • Nothing on my 930
  • I am from India with region set to USA and my current build after the update is 8.10.14157.200.
  • Got that update many months back. Nokia 1520. India region PD
  • But I am already on gdr1 in dev preview when this popped up
  • Your earlier version was, right? So now you are on the latest one. Why have you put your region usa?
  • For full features of Cortana
  • What if we don't have developer preview and want update 1?
  • Have to wait then..
  • What update is it?
  • Dunno I just got a notification that "Lumia update for windows phone ready to install"....i am running developers preview with Lumia cyan in a Lumia 525
  • That's not a dev preview...thats probably some post Cyan firmware or the Cyan for PFD. When you update check Extras + info or go to about and check out the build creation date
  • Build creation date was September 1st 2014
  • What New features??? And what your phone region is ???
  • Looks pretty much same as before may be minor fixes and my region is set to usa on an indian phone
  • no update there for lumia 1520 developer
  • Source?
  • His phone....
  • I was replying to 'Theo_andravida' who claimed that "GDR2 may be coming 8th October".
  • Oh, an article was featured on wpcentral that said that, and I don't want to go to developer preview but update 1 is taking to long, when is it going to come out?
  • Polish guy who works at Microsoft tweeted it. With screenshots.
  • Yeah, and it was featured later at wpcentral
  • Oh okay, I must've missed it. Thanks, I'll have a look.
  • yeaay
  • Amazing.. Can't wait for it to launch in India ;)
  • Any special accessory for early buyers?
  • What about 730 and Europe???
  • Sigh... They know the Europe exists... Chill.
  • I know Europe exists too, chillax, I'm asking for info, do you have any to share?
  • When it's ready.
  • Ok..kid
  • It's also available now for preorder here in Thailand and you gonna get free wireless charger for l830 and coloud headset for l730..
  • Waiting for t-mobile !!!
  • Hey did you guys notice Big Red (Verizon) and At&t were first out the box to give notice of the 830 up for sale. But not even the slightest word,peep,message in a bottle...from T-Mobile?
    Give us something..?
  • The way they trickle a phone out is hopeless.
  • I wanted to get the 830 for my mom and dad but it'll probably be out on Dec. So I'm just gonna get them the Moto x or something.
  • Biggest mistake. Nokia 830 will suite them so nice and then they can boast by their friends about good camera.hehe
  • My dad doesn't really care about the camera he likes the ease of use of windows but he also liked the 1st Gen Moto x.
  • Well, Microsoft, forever the slowcoach. A few months ago Microsoft was in talks with local Indian OEM's to create phones that would come dirt-cheap. But as always Microsoft gets beaten to its own vision by some other player. Case in point, Google's launch of the Android One program today with Spice, Karbonn & Micromax. This is the kind of thing Microsoft should have done already to entrench itself in the Indian market, but who's to stop me from wishing?
  • They should have seen this coming...
  • Yep . They should . But see ms always do some stupids stuff . I have no idea why
  • Android one is a joke. Similar phones by same manufacturers are already available at same price and with same specs. This is just a gimmick and nothing else.
  • Since Im from Philippines, I guess we'll have the same price which is not bad!
  • +620
    It's not bad considering the price! ;)
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  • I consider buying L830, just broke my L1520 screen for the second time in two months :(
  • How is that even possible ?
  • Good question please answer
  • Replace the screen yourself!!!!
  • L 830 30000 INR in India is very costly.
  • More like 25K₹ at the max
  • Nope it should be 22k (if they want to sell in huge numbers)
  • Convertin VND to INR
    It's around 23k
  • Hmm got lumia 1520 and 930 ... I think I will xD I love new windowsphones ^^
  • $380 at launch is wonderful. If it comes down to $330 in 6months, now that will be awesome. Seems, MS has learned something from the backlash.
    In wake of Moto X, they need to bring down price of unlocked 930 at $499 as well.
  • The waiting game for Denim begins.... :P
  • Waiting for 730 in indonesia
  • Microsoft should learn from android makers and release phones quickly after announcement. Moto G was released the same day as it was announced and even HTC One (M8) for Windows went on sale the same afternoon. Why is MS taking so long? Lumia 730 should have been in stores already.
  • Hopefully this comes to Canada or at least the US so I can import it over
  • I want it in the USA so bad!
  • Price drop already. Good
  • I hear uk it set to release sometime in October hopefully early October
  • yea if it will support TD-LTE... sigh
  • hmm, this is great as I live in vietnam
  • I could buy two Xbox One for that price. It's ugly ass hell
  • I need it.. I love ❤ Lumia 830.. I can't wait.. Please tell me.. About Bangladesh. How many days/???? :'(
  • I want both 830 and 930 available in India asap.
  • Still not a real replacement for my 920 though.
  • Yes, but what it the release date for the 830/ 730/735 for the U.S. and or globally?   Call me an obnoxious american, but Microsoft needs to get it's shit together.