Microsoft launches new Bing alongside the release of Windows 8.1

Microsoft previously revealed to the world exactly how it's looking to evolve its Bing search engine and integrate the service into the "one" company vision. As well as a brand new logo (which looks more modern and fits in with what we've seen happen to the rebranding of Office, Windows, Windows Phone and other products), the web service itself has been completely revamped.

We'll not repeat what we've covered before, but here's a handy video walking through the new Bing:

With the new Pole Position, Page Zero and Snapshots, there's a bunch of new features that you'll be able to take advantage of. We're big fans of the redesign, as well as the new tools and functionality to provide Bing the guns to more effectively take on Google. There's also a brand new search system in Windows 8.1, so this is the perfect time to launch a new Bing.

Are you ready to Bing it?

Thanks, thaman04, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Bing it on!
  • Bing it! I'am still using google on my PC but I am sure that Bing will be on the same level one day
  • Bing is awesome. It deserves more market share.
  • I used to feel the same way you do.  However a couple months ago I finally made the switch to Bing full time and I have never looked back.  I have heard that Bing is not up to par outside of the US which I have no idea because I am in the US but at least in the US I think Bing is better.
  • and you say that... because? oh yeah im sure you havent even tried to switch to Bing. im sorry but you dont know what you are talking about, since Bing has shown that its in the same level and sometimes superior to google search, you know, thats why google search has copied some stuff from Bing.
    I know your "google search is better" makes people blind... but oh god, comments like yours surely pass the line "i really dont know what im talking about but still i want to leave a comment in WPcentral"
  • Almost none of Bing's exclusive features are available outside the US (it can't even return simple unit conversions in Canada), and I regularly have to go to Google when my Bing query fails to find what I'm looking for. I wish for Bing to find success, because every market benefits by having competition, but Google remains the gold standard.
  • IMHO DuckDuckGo remains the gold standard although the new Bing in the article actually seems pretty good!
  • I use Bing all the time because, let's be honest, they bribed me to with the Bing rewards program.
    However, I like using BIng and I'm not really seeing what difference it makes when I search for 'cupcake frosting recipes' from Google or Bing or even Yahoo for that matter.  
    And ultimately... what kind of chump is a search engine fanboy anyway?  WHO TF cares?
  • Yahoo uses Bing for the engine. So, Yahoo would give you the exact same results as Bing.
  • It's already on the same level. When I use both search engines, I generally get the same results with just the order of the articles changed a bit. Bing gives me rewards. I would have to be a fool to allow google to collect information about me and not get anything in return. Bing collects information too, but at least I get reward points that I could use toward starbucks gift card, wp apps, etc.
  • What the heck? Too many updates from Microsoft lately... I luv it!
  • +8.1
  • + (9^2)/10
  • *amused :P
  • LOL awesome!!!
  • That can't be a bad thing lol.
  • Yeah im all for updates.
  • I don't care, I love it!
  • Love it!
  • Too bad its not on windows 7 :c
  • Go 8.1!!
  • Mayhap an update is in order?
  • DUDE MOVE ON. The future is now..
  • The article is referring to the Bing website as well.  If you go to it's been refreshed and it's super sweet now ;)
  • Unless you live in Europe...
  • LOVE IT!!
  • Bing it ON
  • Love the new Bing!
  • Integrating local and web search mayb be a big selling point for Bing, but I'm anxious about the fact that you need to allow your PC to upload your search history of local files to Microsoft in order to use it.  I don't really want to upload the names and contents of my files, etc., even in aggregated fashion.
  • then Turn+Bing+Feature+Off = problem solved.
    too hard? also your comment doesnt even make sense... its not like Windows search can know if you are searching for a file or a websearch, unless you tell the search you want to do so... if you are searching in "EVERYTHING" how is the search supposed to do what you want? that means... it will only look for the damn Word in EVERYTHING that means web searches as well... if you dont want that, 1. specify you only want to search in files, or 2. (again) turn bing off from your "everything"
  • What is the need for the aggressive tone?  No, it's not too hard to disable the feature, but I don't want to disable it, I want to be able to use it whilst keeping my privacy intact, that was my point.
    My comment makes perfect sense.  Of course Windows doesn't know whether I'm searching for something local or on the web unless I tell it, but if I search for a term which includes personal information then that term is getting uploaded to Microsoft unless I remember to specify that I'm searching Files rather than Everything.  Ok, so that's not exactly a hardship, but it's an extra step required to preserve my privacy which wouldn't be necessary if Microsoft's policy was different.  And it means that I don't benefit from the flashy Smart Search feature.
  • Could they be moving away from calling windows 8 by its name in ads because of the negative connotation the public has for it? They call it "the new windows" in the Bing ad. Or am i thinking too much into it.
  • I think your thinking too much into it.
  • Damn, I was beginning to think I had caught on to something... Oh well
  • Lol I can't believe "Bing it" caught on. It doesn't sound right to me and just sounds like a copied phrase from google. I have always hoped for a commercial where instead of saying "lets Bing it" they would search for it without saying anything. Then when they found what they wanted and clicked on the link to the page, it would say "Bing!" in a high pitched voice. That way, it would highlight that you find exactly what you wanted when you search through Bing and create a new slogan not copied from google.
  • It doesn't copy Google. Xerox, Hoover, Facebook are other company names often used as verbs.
  • Now that I updated Windows.... TO UBUNTU! (13.10 is out today as well.)
    Tell me, do any of you dual/tri/quad/etc. with a variant of Linux?
    But JEEZE, it has been one of those weeks, huh? Upgrades, upgrades, upgrades!
  • I puked and swallowed it back.
  • Lol +920
  • long as you keep swallowing.......
  • I dual-boot Windows and Linux; already upgraded to Ubuntu 13.10.  Although most of my real work gets done on Windows, I enjoy messing around with several Linux distros (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian).  
  • Used to be an avid Linux user. But now I only use the ubuntu distro for my web server. Will be migrating to Azure in the distant future though.
  • I think saying Bing it sounds fine it seems easier to say than Google it to me. I think Bing will rise in market share alot quicker in the next couple of years.
  • I really like the new logo design. Fits well with the new Office logo.
    The new functionalities...well...they're cool from the offer point of view. But I still prefer Google. Sorry.
  • i gotta say windows does make everything look amazing.  It's what draws me into the platform. 
  • Just tried the new today and it's sweet!  It's much cleaner and (at least from the Canada side) it's more on par (but still not 100%) with the US. :)
  • For me nothing changed except the logo. No new features, still  ugly grey borders around the background picture that doesnt scale to 1080p. Just a new logo.
  • What about Windows Phone? BTW, Bing is good!
  • ya, the Canadian region of Bing search on wp8 isn't updated to the USA version. Still waiting...
  • Pole Position. Sounds like a stripper move. Lol
  • Bing! Because I don't like scroogled
  • I just pressed the search button on my 920 and it shows the same old Bing logo and layout. I want to use Bing but here in Australia you can't even narrow results by date let alone any of the other search functionality of Google. Until its capabilities are global the rest of us will use Google...
  • Yaa i am also waiting for the new BING on my 720. i love the new logo of BING
  • Bing is useless in Finland..
  • Yea when will the new Bing be available for windows phone
  • I think bing has got so much better
  • Except it sucks when shopping for products. Their old Shopping menu worked really well. The funny thing is that MS has been hammering Google for their paid store placement, but now Bing doesn't even have a good shopping function and price search at all!
  • On my Wp8, I have the Weather and Sports tiles. The Sports tile works pretty well now that is has been updated. I can same the same for the weather tile. But What I don't get is why we dont have the Food and Drink Tile for WP8. I have it on my Surface RT, and really it is better than AllRecipes..... Wonder Why it isnt on the phone Microsoft?