New Bing Logo

Microsoft previously revealed to the world exactly how it's looking to evolve its Bing search engine and integrate the service into the "one" company vision. As well as a brand new logo (which looks more modern and fits in with what we've seen happen to the rebranding of Office, Windows, Windows Phone and other products), the web service itself has been completely revamped.

We'll not repeat what we've covered before, but here's a handy video walking through the new Bing:

With the new Pole Position, Page Zero and Snapshots, there's a bunch of new features that you'll be able to take advantage of. We're big fans of the redesign, as well as the new tools and functionality to provide Bing the guns to more effectively take on Google. There's also a brand new search system in Windows 8.1, so this is the perfect time to launch a new Bing.

Are you ready to Bing it?

Thanks, thaman04, for the tip!