Microsoft launches new video attack in its offensive Scroogled campaign

The video from Microsoft proclaims that email services should be protecting users from spam, but Google does the opposite by reading your private email conversations and then pushing junk mail directly into your inbox. Of course, is recommended as a replacement.

While the Scroogled campaign has been controversial in its accusations, this latest video hits directly on the money. The new placement of advertisements within a user’s inbox is one of the most intrusive efforts that any company has engaged in to deliver targeted spam.

Will Gmail users begin to flee the service? Probably not. In addition, the Atlantic Wire has already wrote an article showing how to easily “escape Gmail’s terrible new email ads”.

Source: ZDNet, Scroogled

  • Well sh*t just got real. Channel 4 recently aired a tv show in uk where celebrities are paid to pretend they genuinely like a product and tweet about it. This is almost the same thing as they are visually trying to deceive the user. We assume everyone would know its an ad but really there's a lot of people who will be misled.
  • Now we're never going to get waze or official youtube app =(, altough I'm in with microsoft, google's services are not what they used to be, microsofts owns today
  • If that's what it will cost, I am with Microsoft. I will use MetroTube and forget what Google is. YouTube is there only service I use anyway.
  • same here.
  • Yep
  • And just below this comment, Ads by Google,
    Sell your car on Disguised as a comment...
  • wow, since you mentioned MetroTube in your post, the Google Ads generates an Ad about Metro the supermarkt here in Germany, and since we are here at the mobile phone themed website, this Ad told me to visit the electronics section of that supermarket...
  • I don't use ANY google product. 
    I just use youtube. maybe sometime google maps, and google search once in a while. 
    I am free from the evil empire of google. 
  • Who needs one,,, to get this "not available on mobile" ?
  • Although the MS Youtube app was pretty good, but nothing will trump Metrotube and Mytube is pretty unique to WP too as that it allows you to view videos whilst scrolling through comments and so on.
  • Official Youtube app? The one thats been MIA for months? MetroTube and Supertube reign supreme again.
  • Yes, this is called celebrity endorsements and it's been going on for over a hundred years.  Just now catching on?
  • You either don't know what I'm talking about, or you're just being ignorant. I'll assume both. When you see an ad on tv or a poster with a celebrity on it, you know it's an ad that they receive payment for. But when a celebrity (or anyone really) tweets about a brand, it becomes a blur whether they've been paid to tweet that or they were not paid and they just like the product. A moral issue arises as most (if not all) of their followers would assume they were not paid and go out and buy such products because a celebrity appears to like it/use it. If they were paid to tweet that regardless of whether they like/use the product or not, it's misleading and against the law in most countries. Now they are legally required to add "#ad" but most of the celebs don't. Either way, watch the programme and judge for yourself.

  • Makes me all the happier to not be using Google's services right now.
  • It's not like Microsoft doesn't give skype logs, outlook/hotmail logs and skydrive logs to the NSA.
  • And google gives more, because they collect more.
    And they ALSO turn the data into ads along the way.
  • First off, that NSA deal is the law in the United Stated and if Microsoft wished to continue to be allowed to do business in there, they have to comply.  All companies doing such business in the United States have to, regardless of what they claim.  It being constitutional or not is a seperate matter, and I'm not going to discuss that aspect.  Simply put, while that law exists, companies have to comply or face the consequences.
    Secondly, what Google is doing is nothing but business, and poor business at that.  Granted, some people see it as a helpful service (ya, I know) but from what I have seen personally and read, that group is a small per centage. So please, bash Microsoft if you feel you must, but don't use something that is totally unrelated as your yardstick when comparing the practices of two companies.
  • Nice post Esseret
  • +920
  • Lol aryan the same thing happened to me
  • Yeah there was some absolutely mad code in the iframe Michael used here. I've cleaned it up so if you exit the app again and launch it (to clear the cache) things should look correct
  • Hate to say this but MS security is a lot worse. I get tons of spam anyway
  • Once you classify a mail domain as spam it never hits your outlook. I haven't seen a spam - for dollars, penis enlargement, free sex, buying islands, selling guns or viagra in about 6 years now.
  • There are randomly generated domain names now. You can't add every single one of them because it's pointless. That's my only problem, I don't get those on Gmail.
  • That's funny, because I did in the Gmail account I had when I had before I jumped ship two years ago.
  • Gmail is just atrocious I used it all of 4 months before I realized that.
  • I get a lot of those on They go to my spam folder though, not my inbox.
  • In my case it goes to spam folder too. But I pretty much eliminated all the spam even in spam folder by using filters but I couldn't think of a clever way to get rid of those.
  • Since I've moved to outlook I have received zero spam! None! And I've had this MSN account for 14 years. Even when I was using hotmail I was able curtail them but could not eliminate them. Everyone has their own experiences I suppose. But I don't go to shady or porn sites either so I'm sure that helps. :)
  • Same here.
  • I have never seen anything like that in my gmail account at all. what the heck is this?
  • Yeah, but google does spam for gmail itself.. Ms doesn't, those are not from MS.
  • I set my inbox to exclusive 9 years ago and haven't got any spam since. I do have to ok the false positives in my junk folder.
  • Uggh.... I wish these companies realize its more beneficial to work in tandem
  • Agreed
  • Exactly.
  • Well said.
  • Google is bringing this upon themselves, the are with holding services from WP simply because its a MS product; how long ago did MS remove the add blocker from the YouTube app? How quickly did they do it after Google submitted the request? How long ago did google say they were going to make an official app? Why is google dropping support for active sync??? Google should be under investigation by the DOJ, just like certain versions of the iPhone should be banned because Samsung won a judgment against them, but when you pay off enough people in government, you can avoid the DOJ & have the government overrule an official verdict handed down by our lovely court system
  • i agree completely.
  • Absolutely correct.
  • This^ and I concur aswell.
  • That reminded me of Catch Me If You Can :P
  • It wasn't rhe DOJ that banned the iPhone. It was the ITC, which is an international agency. While I don't know all the details of the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit, I put more weight on patents from actual technology than patents on the general look of a product. Most of the apple lawsuit was based on how Samsung phones looked. Samsung involved actually technology.
  • Your absolutely correct ... it's not what you know, it's who you know!
  • Microsoft only has 4% or less of the market, why should Google care? Microsoft does the same thing in the desktop space. why have they never made office available for any linux distro including Google's? why did they try to eradicate linux in the 90s by suing? Microsoft deserves every bit of this. it's nice to see Microshaft suffer for once.
  • You think Google would be a trustworthy partner?
    I don't.
  • Ya this will not help Microsoft's case to bring Google apps to Windows Phone. MS is only hurting their own users with this kind of thing.
  • I don't like what Microsoft is doing here. By the way, everyone knows what Google does and people accepted it in order to get free and great services. If you don't like it, don't use it. They should be spending this money on Windows Phone instead of bashing another company.
  • They should spend the money making a better product and advertising how awesome it is.
  • +1
  • Pointing out the competition's flaws is an important thong to do. I think if we're comparing vs Gmail, Microsoft's solution is pretty much complete. If this was picking on Android I would agree that Ms should be putting the money into WP.
  • Thongs are important.
  • Thank you autocorrect!
  • hahaha
  • Exactly.
  • Derp. That is what they are tying to get people to do, stop using Google services. MS is just trying to help you figure out why you don't like them.
  • If only there was a YouTube replacement, I mean a real competitor. Then I would truly be off every google service and products. Though wish MS would advertise the benefits of their products rather than the negative of others. They need Ben the PC guy on tv.
  • as long as you use YouTube you will be giving Google money.
  • This is a simple animation that won't get aired on tv. They spent hardly any money on this.I don't know if you noticed, but Samsung got to the top of the smartphone market by attacking the market leader at the time, apple. Attacking the market leader has been a marketing strategy for decades.
  • So you're telling me that the people doing those videos don't get paid? Actors, people doing the camera thing, etc
    And Samsung didn't waste money like Microsoft is doing. In every ad they SHOWED *WHY* its producto it's BETTER.  They don't dedicate the whole video to another company,  Samsung shows the things others are lacking in front of its 'amazing product'. Watch the S4 commercial, for example. The Wedding commercial was hilarious, I had my Android then and I really liked then but how many time they dedicated to its product? At the end of the promo. They showed Samsung's characteristics and I didn't get to see one of the L920.
     Microsoft isn't giving us a single reason WHY we should ditch Gmail, we all know what it does but no one really seems to care, and the ones that do; don't use it. Simple. For example; Gmail has an ugly interface, compare it with the Outlook interface. Gmail only allows you to contact Google contacts; Outlook lets you do that with Facebook, Google and MS itself. That's how you invest your money. Not doing these videos. Lame.
  • Wow, so they didn't show why their product is better? Did you watch the ad? Obviously in you don't get spam disguised as real email from Microsoft but in gmail you do. That's an abomination. And that's exactly why is better. If only you took the time to watch the ad.
  • I did. I've seen many of the same thing. And oh :O Gmail is putting some ads of things I'm obviously interested in :O (Is not even like people read your mails anyway) Really...? I understand that many people hate the idea. But just like you do, no one has to use it. So instead of bashing on Gmail they should hire people creating new feaures for Outlook instead of wasting people's time.
  • I don't like it either. I use both email services and find them both good. I have never been scroogled. Google has YouTube and Blogger, which I have been using for years. What has Microsoft given me? Outlook Web Access? Wow. Microsoft's products are just beginning to get cool, certainly the phone and even Windows 8. What still sucks is the way they reach out to the public. The dancing Surface Ad. That awful awful "too close to love you" IE ad... replayed hundreds of times without variation on the TV. They got to change their act.
  • I have an outlook account. I love the web interface, but I use IMAP. If they implemented that I'd be there and ditch my Gmail.
  • Works as imap on my windows phone. Email comes in, I delete on phone...gone from web client. I keep the email on phone, stays in web client. If it's not technically IMAP, it sure works like it.
  • has EAS which is far, far, far superior to imap.
  • I typically hate these "Scroogled" ads, but this one is probably the best of the bunch. I find it funny that Microsoft usually hosts their videos on YouTube, but not this one.
    Either way, I wish both companies would put this fight behind them. I like both Google and Microsoft services and I wish they'd work well together. Microsoft services seem to work fine on Google products such as Android, but we all know that the opposite isn't true.
  • Didn't even know they did this until I saw the video. Filthy. Wouldn't even have a Gmail account if google didn't own YouTube
  • Funny as my YouTube goes by my hotmail address. I wonder why I didn't have to setup a Gmail email.
  • Ditto... (both) My Gmail mail accounts forward to an Office 365 mail box. So I don't see these or any other Gmail silliness.
  • No I mean I don't have a Gmail for it to even be linked to. Only use hotmail and yahoo.
  • Wat, on my lumia, by wp central app, it shows HTML Code. I think it was a error. #sorry english
  • All sorted now, see my comment above :)
  • but its true.... the new gmail is much much slower... i have fast internet but i prefer the default settings the only thing worst than gmail is yahoo MY GOD... it takes FOREVER to open something on yahoo outlook is much better.... but older people get scared when things change which is why we have to give them two minute tutorials the only reason i have a gmail account is because of youtube
  • but its true.... the new gmail is much much slower... i have fast internet but i prefer the default settings the only thing worst than gmail is yahoo MY GOD... it takes FOREVER to open something on yahoo outlook is much better.... but older people get scared when things change which is why we have to give them two minute tutorials the only reason i have a gmail account is because of youtube
  • "but older people get scared when things change which is why we have to give them two minute tutorials" WTF...true for old people as in 80+ but it's young people that have two minute attention spans.
  • Haha that's why its only a two minute tutorial the young person giving it ran out of attention that point!
  • The only reason I switched to Gmail years ago was because accounts were so easily hacked,and there was so much spam :S
  • Now google is the only one hacking your account?
  • Its funny the only account of mine that has been hacked was Gmail. They used it to mass mail world of warcraft crap trying to get into peoples accounts.
  • I use gmail but don't get this stuff. why is it happening to everyone else on here?
  • And ... Microsoft is a company that is *not* out to get your money?
  • Of course they are, but not through selling you information.
  • Sure they are. All companies exist to sell good and services to you. The difference is that Microsoft makes its money from selling software. Google makes most of its money from advertising and help advertisers target you by gathering better information about you.why else would a company develop so much software and then give it away for free and makes hardware and sells it at cost or a small profit?
  • To be honest, I use gmail account just to get spammed, but only from for websites or services that I subscribed. For official usage, I prefer yahoo mail. 
  • What is this 2001?
  • Lol yahoo email FTW!!!!
  • Implications: Google reads your data without your consent to make loadsa money and Microsoft would never, ever touch your data!
    Truths: Both Google and Microsoft can and do read your data (stripped of any identifiers) and use it however they want because you consented to give them that data when you sign up for their services.
    For the record, I have both a Gmail and Outlook account. I hate Google screwing Microsoft on Google Apps as much as all you guys (I probably promote Windows 8 more than anyone I know) but this is just entirely misleading. Then again, it wouldn't be a complelling ad if the facts weren't spun in Microsoft's favor.
  • So... Google doesn't place ads in your inbox?
  • You tried hitting the nail and instead slammed your own goddamn hand and broke your bones completely. Good job
  • I'm sorry dude, it is clear that you didn't read the article.
  • I spend a few thousand dollars a month advertising on Google for various websites I produced... Last couple of months I noticed a hugely improved "Click Through Rate" Which is good news, except the "Clicks" multiplied in nature. I've noted that regular search has been obscured with advertising results (Which is not a good thing - because I do not want to pay for users actually looking for the sites i made, i want to advertise for new users) I must mention, that Google has over catered to the investors and it's profit margin, and the company is now fishing for money. This erosion of quality, hurts business and the consumer.
  • My life revolves around my Gmail address. I have problems with zero-second emails on Outlook... like a Facebook notification.
  • Spam
  • Business Insider reported that google offered Adblock a big bucket of cash to continue to block other ads, but look the other way when it comes to google ads.. and Adblock accepted the money. Both of them suck.
  • Well that sucks... For google. :P
  • I certainly prefer outlook mail over Gmail except for some reason Craigslist does t work well with outlook. I tried to sell my old Lumia 920 and I never got the confirmation to post the ad. But my Gmail account I was able to get it.
  • It's just you. Craigslist works flawlessly with my outlook. I receive the conformation emails seconds after I set up a posting every time.
  • Same here. Check your junk folder?
  • Wtf? Ads as new "unread" e-mail? And people are still using it?
  • Dear MS, I don't give a rats ass about your scroogle campaigns. All I wanna know is where is your promised GDR2 update?
  • Send your question to...
  • In my 520 :)
  • MS have already done their job, ask the carriers (if you own a carrier branded phone) and the manufacturers to push it for you
  • Dear carrier, where the freak is GDR2!
  • Ok so, I have to tell you the personal hell I went through. My previous 2 phones were android. Simply because I refuse to support Apple and honestly for a couple years, the only phones I liked ran Android. Now, I can't describe how against Google and everything they do I am. It killed me to have to sign up for Gmail to use my phones. I really despise Google. So here I am over the course of a couple years using phones from a company I am totally against. I never sent 1 email from Gmail, never even gave it to anyone. Only used it for apps and kept my hotmail for my regular email. During this time, I never used voice services, or GPS or maps. I never allowed myself to use any Google services that would give them any additional info about me. I was in smartphone jail. Last year I finally switched to WP. The feeling I got from simply cancelling my Gmail account was amazing. I now use all the services a smartphone owner should be able to use. And you know that confirmation email I got from Google stating my account has been cancelled. Still have it and I still read it occasionally. Such a good feeling. :)
  • I like this story, haha
  • Hahahah nice!
  • These commercials are ghastly.
  • There is no way out to leave Gmail chat.
  • Except for Skype, Lync, and about a dozen other options.
  • I dunno what Lync is (just like I have never seen a Xbox or played Halo). I m not going to use skype to just drop someone a message. And i am frustrated with the Skype experience on my 920, honestly it runs better on apple devices. I really liked messenger and still use it in WP. But the biggest thing is that my friends are already on GTalk since a long time and Microsoft is late to the party.
  • Sooo ... use Google Talk on
  • Google is an advertising company... if you want free stuff you have to put up with ad placement and other intrusive behaviors. Be happy you have choice ;)
  • Right. Not a lot different than those very pretty looking ads that promise that if you only click once, they could speed up your computer, remove malware, and give you a great looking toolbar on your browser. Google is NO DIFFERENT. That that too is all free.
  • What no one is talking about is corporate use of Google services. That their TOCs do not preclude indexing of corporate data and emails and that corporate email and data is running in the same data centers and essentially the same network as the public service. You don't get the ads but how can you trust them with your IP?
  • And they do not indemnify companies for legal issues that might arise from using Google for business, they want the customer to indemnify Google. Pathetic. And that isn't even getting in to how schools that use Google may be in violation of FERPA.
  • Now I see what will be the next ad: empowers you with Email Alias
    "We know you are using alias name in your web activity, so we invented Email Alias."
  • Actually it is a nice feature that I wasn't aware about it. Since discovered I have two alias, very handy....
  • Bing FTW!
  • Man I love, it's so Easy to use :) Fuck Yahoo mail, gmail.. they all Suck!! :D Seriously, Outlook (Hotmail) is Simple!! "Sweep" is the feature I love the Most .. :) :)
  • Looks to me like Microsoft needs their own YouTube like video service. Better features, better incentives to switch. It would take time to get content, but those who already upload their videos to YouTube could upload to OneTube simultaneously. Eventually I would have no reason to use any google service. Though I still use Gmail as my junk mail account.
  • Sadly, they shuttered soapbox.
  • Honestly, no one beats Outlook, its superb, all aspects.
  • Outlook is better but in terms of spam, they shouldn't throw stones in glass houses. I still get viagra emails. Like come on.
  • The difference being that Microsoft doesn't create them. And Microsoft doesn't scrape the content of your emails.
  • I really don't like this Scroogled campaign at all.
    The only one who loose on this war is us who use MS products.
    Thanx to this we sure not going to see either Waze or a official Google Maps app for WP.
  • Oh my god, no Microsoft, no. Please. :( I agree with Microsoft, BUUUT, I'm sure they should have waited until the Official Youtube App get ready :/// Gosh.
  • I don't know the what this "placing adds in your inbox" thing is. I have had exactly 0 spam since I opened my Gmail account. Outlook in the other hand... Well let's say I'm not using it. I only currently use it since my WP8 device wants my contacts and such.
    My next phone won't be a Windows Phone if they don't implement better bluetooth support (keyboards, media controls, gamepads), file browser (yes, I need one, very badly), Wifi sync for music, pictures and videos (my N900 can be set up for this in 5 minutes). And since I can't stand Apple's "hipster" products, you know where I'm going! To hell and burn for an eternity, but I prefer it than being held in a straitjacket a.k.a. Windows Phone.
    WP has potential to be good, but the lack of real features and customization. WP7 had wifi sync over wifi through Zune, why wouldn't WP8 have it still as an option? I'd call that stripping down features that were actually useful!!
  • All I can say is that eco system is going to destroy MS.