Microsoft launches Project Rome SDK preview for iOS

Microsoft has tackled a ton of developer-focused announcements during its Build 2017 day two keynote, but one of the bigger ones was Project Rome for iOS. Previously available for Android, Project Rome for iOS is now available as a preview for developers.

To recap, the Project Rome SDK allows developers to easily connect apps across devices with a set of APIs. This lets you do things like start a task on one device and complete it on another. Project Rome also enables remote controls. From the Project Rome description:

You can also use Project Rome for companion devices, or remote control scenarios. Use the app messaging APIs to create an app channel between two devices to send and receive custom messages. For example, you can write an app for your phone that controls playback on your TV, or a companion app that provides information about the characters on a TV show you are watching on another app.

Developers can get started with checking out the Project Rome SDK for iOS at Github now.

See at Github

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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