Microsoft launches Whiteboard digital-ink collaboration app in public preview

Microsoft launches Whiteboard digital-ink collaboration app in public preview

Updated December 6, 2017: Whiteboard is now live and available to download from the Microsoft Store.

Earlier in 2017, announced alongside the new Surface Pro, Microsoft debuted Whiteboard, a collaborative digital inking app for Windows 10. After some time in the oven with private beta testers, Microsoft has announced Whiteboard is now available in public preview (opens in new tab).

Whiteboard is, at its core, a collaboration app. It allows colleagues and teams to quickly iterate on ideas with, as its name would imply, the digital equivalent of a whiteboard, whether working from the same room or remotely on several devices. While working together, you can keep up with the changes that other users are making in real-time, whether they're adding images, diagrams, or sticky notes. Focused on pen and touch input, the app comes with a slew of built-in inking tools, including rulers and various pen styles. Whiteboard can also take recognize freeform drawings, turning them into standard shapes, Microsoft says.

During private beta testing, Microsoft says it saw a number of teams use Whiteboard to collaborate on product designs, engineering plans, and remote brainstorming sessions. Now that it's in public preview, more users and organizations will be able to test the app out ahead of its full, official launch.

According to Microsoft, the Microsoft Whiteboard Preview is currently rolling out to all English versions of Windows 10, with additional languages to come in the months ahead. Whiteboard is free for anyone on Windows 10, but at least one person with an Office 365 personal, work, or school account is required for multi-party collaboration. Microsoft Whiteboard will also eventually replace the native whiteboard app running on Surface Hub, but both can be installed alongside one another during the preview period.

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  • Guess you didn't read the article.
  • read the article atleast, quote (Note: the app isn't live at the time of writing, but should be on the Microsoft Store shortly).    
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  • Excuse me I don't know the measurement of "shortly".
  • "Soon"
  • Why not include this functionality in OneNote or Teams, why do we need yet another app?
  • Because this is likely a side project assigned to a different group of programmers, not the core Teams or OneNote group. If it's received well by users it could be integrated before going final.
  • This looks like the whiteboard app from Surface Hub. Surface Hub retrenchment confirmed!
  • Whiteboard on the Always Connected PC makes a perfect portable Surface Hub companion which can collaborate well with the Surface Hub in the conference room.
  • If they create another app for the rumoured Surface foldable Moleskine device for journals, instead of OneNote, I really think Microsoft has some organizational problems... OneNote, Sticky Notes, Whiteboard, Windows Ink Workplace Sketchpad.. and then another Note taking app. I think they do specific things, but they should be integrated in 1 coherent experience
  • Has anyone gotten "Ink to Table" to work? I can get Ink to Shape with circle, triangle and square... but not sure how to get the table functionality working.
  • no .. but did anybody manage to drag an image in ? i was able to drag non image files in which causes the icon and label from explorer to appear, but not images
  • No Windows 10 Mobile support 😢
  • I assume that most readers of this story are devoted Windows 10 inkers, like me. Unfortunately, these days I'm a bit skeptical about new Microsoft inking hardware or software because of problems I'm experiencing with my 2017 Surface Pro and Pen. And I'm not alone. Over 800 users have reported to Microsoft, on the Microsoft Community forum, that the new Surface Pro and Pen have a tilt detection and parallax correction problem that results in an ink offset that occurs erratically. This issue is very frustrating to those of us who have experienced it. It has forced me to go back to using my old Surface Pro 4 pen with my 2017 Surface Pro. Is anyone here also experiencing this problem? And does anyone here have any idea about how and when MS intends to fix it? The thread referencing this issue, titled "Surface Pro - Intermittant pen inaccuracy when hand is on screen" may be found here:
  • Amazing!