Microsoft Lens on iOS just got an update that improves scanning PDFs

Microsoft Lens Ios App Store Hero
Microsoft Lens Ios App Store Hero (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Lens now supports scanning up to 100 pages on iOS to create PDFs.
  • The update also includes several performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Microsoft recently changed the name of Office Lens to Microsoft Lens.

Microsoft Lens recently received an update that makes it easier to scan large documents on iOS devices. The update brings the option to create PDFs when scanning up to 100 pages. It's a small change that should come in handy when scanning longer contracts, books, or documents.

Here's the complete changelog, as found on the Microsoft Lens App Store listing:

  • Increased limit to 100 pages per scan for local PDF creation
  • Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

You may not recognize the Microsoft Lens name yet. Microsoft only recently changed the name from Office Lens to Microsoft Lens. When Microsoft announced that name change, it announced that new features, including the ability to scan up to 100 pages to create PDFs, were on the way. Those features rolled out first to Android and now are available on the iOS version of the app.

When Microsoft outlines the upcoming changes in a Tech Community post (opens in new tab), it said that they would roll out over the coming months. That means that it's likely that we'll see more features roll out to Microsoft Lens on iOS soon.

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  • Stop focusing iOS. What about Android? The problem with iOS that it is only on one phone whereas Android in installed on many different devices by many manufactures. Therefore, we should not limit features to just one phone
  • I think you missed the part of the article that explained that these features already rolled out to Android. "Those features rolled out first to Android and now are available on the iOS version of the app."
  • Did you even read the article?
  • This rebrand to Microsoft Lens from Office Lens makes no sense especially since we now have an app simply called Office. Which is effectively the office hub found on Windows phone albeit with added functionality.
  • Microsoft has so many products and has not yet found a label that includes all of them. more branding to come.
  • I think the Office Lens name was always better and made sense. They could have rebranded it to "Lens" instead of "Microsoft". Too many syllables.