Microsoft Lumia 540 Dual SIM is official with 5-inch 720p display and 1GB RAM for $150

Microsoft has launched another Windows Phone geared at the budget segment, the Lumia 540. The device's main selling point is the price, which the Redmond giant has mentioned will be under $150. For that amount, you get a 5-inch 720p display, Snapdragon 200 CPU, dual SIM connectivity 1GB RAM and 8GB storage along with an 8MP camera at the back.

The Lumia 540 is targeted at emerging markets, and will be available from early May in India, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. The phone will be offered in cyan, orange, white and black. Here's a full list of the features on offer with Microsoft's latest handset:

  • Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim
  • Windows 10 ready
  • 5-inch HD (1280 x 720, 16:9), 294 PPI
  • 1.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 CPU
  • 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, microSD up to 128 GB
  • 8 MP auto focus camera with LED flash
  • 5 MP wide-angle camera at the front
  • 15 GB OneDrive cloud storage, additional 15 GB after activating auto-upload to OneDrive
  • 2200 mAh removable battery
  • Dimensions: 144 x 73.69 x 9.35 mm
  • Weight: 152g

In terms of specs, the Lumia 540 is not too dissimilar from the Lumia 640, although the device loses out on features such as Glance screen. However, it comes with a 5MP shooter up front whereas the Lumia 640 has a 1MP offering. We'll have more details on the handset as we head closer to availability. Until then, what do you guys think of the handset?

Source: Microsoft{.nofollow}

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Damn
  • Confusing..!! WTHeck are they doing..?
  • Releasing new phones.
  • No, they are releasing reassembled phones of all the hardware they have in stock. pretty annoying though. How is somone deciding on going for 535 540 640 or 435?
  • Quite simple actually, pick the first number as the market segment anyone want to buy (4 class, 5 class, 6 class, up to 9 class, which usually portraying price range) and then pick anything that has bigger number on the second digit. And if it still has more choice, pick one that the feature suit them best. Like, if you want to buy 5 class, then 540 might be best choice for average users. 6 class? Either 640 or 640XL ... depend on what they prefer on. :p
  • That is what I thought at the beginning but 540 is very similar to 830 or 920
  • Except for the processor, the 4xx and the 5xx use low end Snapdragon 200 processors where ass the 6xx/7xx/8xx use the mid range Snapdragon 400 processors, and the 9xx use the high end Snapdragon 800 processors. Big difference, furthermore there are differences between the 4xx and the 5xx on stuff like cameras. And the difference between the 6xx/7xx/8xx is in camera, screen and built quality. I agree the difference between 6xx and 7xx/8xx with the recent line up of budget Microsoft branded 6xx Lumia's. But that will change with the next Microsoft branded 7xx/8xx irritations. Btw here in the Netherlands I saw the Lumia 535 and the Lumia 640 next to each other at the local Mediamarkt store and the difference in screen quality and performance was definitely noticeable at a glance. The 640 is by far the better and nice Lumia if your willing to pay a little extra ;) btw: you can't compare a 2.5 year old flagship phone to a current entry level phone. Ofcourse current entry level would look at little better now next to a old high end phone then entry level phones would have done in 2012 when the 920 was released. And the 920 has a better screen and a better camera, it's still a pure view camera. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think you mean iterations instead of irritations. But yeah, your explanation is covered the whole issue in this numbering scheme. Nice. :)
  • How can I compare this phone to others? The article bizarrely doesn't even say if it's 3G-only or LTE-capable! Kind of a key point, IMO. :-) If that info isn't known yet, then that's worth noting in the article.
  • 3g only
  • The Snapdragon 200 vs 400 only difference is the clock rate of the GPU. So I'm not sure what difference there is between this and 640, unless they're available in different markets/carriers.
  • 1320 was really confusing
  • Yes ... Ask Nokia why they use that number. Microsoft fix this by using the same model name with XL suffix to indicate it's a bigger variation of the similar models.
  • 1320 is supposed to be the Lumia 625 XL, however, it was announced together with the 1520 and was like 1520 will be out of place if the they called it "1520 and the lower end sibling 625 XL". So they decided to call it 1320 as lower end sibling of 1520 which made more sense in that time only. Make your story. LOL1
  • Exactly
  • 1 mp is enough for calling with 5mp cam...Indian dads be like --no video calling from now unless you are born rich those are a few in india
  • Do you know that just 1/4 of those 2 billion have access to 3g networks and just few billions to 4g and you are talking of video calling with 5mp cam.....don't be angry as
    Weindians want more than enough...
  • Instead of having this: 4XX, 5XX, 6XX, 7XX, 8XX, 9XX, 10XX, 13XX and 15XX, what about just having 3 segments (low, med, high) and 2 sizes per segments (regular and XL)? That would make the whole thing a lot of easier.    
  • There's a 532 too I think
  • A Snapdragon 200 doesn't support LTE and is slower than the Snapdragon 400 in the Lumia 640, 730, 830.   It's nice to see that x40 series (4th generation Lumia phones) seem to have made 1GB RAM, camera flash, and 720p standard across all x40 phones. And 5MP seems to be becoming standard for the ffc.
  • I'm pretty hard on Microsoft when it comes to their hardware (and the legacy Nokia), but it looks like they are cleaning things up with the X40 series, and getting rid of the confusing mess Nokia created. 540 and 640 differ mainly by procesor class.  540 uses Snapdragon 200, 640 uses Snapdragon 400.  This makes better sense than the mess of the past with mixtures of display, processor, RAM and camera.  If they do it right, they will introduce a 740/840 with a Snapdragon 610/615 and a 940 with Snapdragon 810.  Hopefuilly this happens.
  • 940 only when windows 10 its ready to update to The general public.
  • you cannot reassemble a phone, to make it new model and sell again.  
  • Microsoft is refreshing all the Nokia Lumia low end phones without missing front facing camera or LED flash.
  • Take sometime and look at what Samsung did. At some point u give up on naming the budget phones. But I agree that Microsoft should streamline the hard ware. Why make a 1MP at all?
  • And 8MP autofocus is just too good for low end phones, imo.
  • Less than₹9000....this is good
  • Trying to find the LED flash in the pics :(
    Edit: found in the video from the source link :D
  • I think they did this in order to get rid of the touch problems with the Lumia 535. I feel that this phone will have the same price as the Lumia 535 coz $150 converts to something ₹9xxx. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Displaying that they still don't understand the market... They already have a billion of these phones they made with the aim of low cost low end and none of them are drastically different from one another.
  • You go for 4/5/6/7 series with highest digit at last as 540>535>530 . ok
    Nothing special
  • I'd rather sell 100s of 540 than 3 pcs of 930. Did you get the math?
  • Giving up on fixing the 535.
  • Yes! Just wow
  • No more snapdragon 200, and why there is no flash ! Microsoft should make the 16G internal storage a standard, this is what I think of the 540
  • The specs have the LED flash. Look at the video from the source link and you will see the flash :)
  • Yes indeed, I just checked the pics above the article, there was no flash, but you're right :)
  • the flash is to the left... it should be behind the first phone in the picture
  • We need a hands on, hello ! Windows Central ! But thanks Marcelo :)
  • +925
  • OMG more phones to collect and try to choose from! Son of A Female DOG! Thank you Microsoft! Fcking love you!
  • And none of them available in the U.S. Like come on really! Give me one.
  • I second that lol
  • Come on microsoft!
  • If you don't have money US is not for you.. Come and buy land in Emerging countries hehe
  • Wen in the US?
  • An MS product not available in the US? Ouch. Feel that burn. They must have headed downtown to the Redmond library and tripped over an atlas.
  • Are you a Christian or something
  • Actually yes I am. I cuss in real life though. Just words bruh. Lol.
  • Probably a cultural Christian rather than a real one. Sad. With philosophers and scientists like William Lane Craig and John Lennox on offer, Christian theism has never been so intellectually robust, yet it is funny to cuss and then joke about it. Sad. Have a look at the apologetics community dude... It's a happening place.
  • To language is just language. I don't think it should decide what kind of religion you are. I will always put my beliefs before anything. But I still cuss its just words to me. Unless told other wise by the main man I don't see the problem
  • Lmao
  • No one said you need to buy every phone.
  • Collectors gotta collect man
  • Son of A Female DOG! ????? are you from Tunisia ?
  • I though cussing was banned from the comment section
  • you are free to say what you want here , just enjoy :D
  • I don't understand this market strategy. Having so many different models crammed together in the same price range will only confuse buyers.
    Now there are atleast 8 different phones between 5-10k price bracket (lumia 430,435,520,525,530,532,630,635,640).
    Also considering this phone will be priced at 10k,there are two main flaws with it.
    1. Snapdragon 200 cpu is a bad bad choice.Why the hell not Snapdragon 410?
    2. 8GB internal storage instead of 16GB.
    But i like a few features like
    1. 720p display.(Gorilla Glass protection?)
    2. 8 MP autofocus cam with flash and 5MP front cam.
    Overall seems to be a good phone but i hope there are no hardware issues like was the case with Lumia 535.
    This could be my next phone but only on a sale (maybe Flipkart big billion day?)
  • I don't know about other markets, but when it comes to India, the scene is hilarious! Lumias started to look like 'Samesung' galaxies. Too many phones with too little difference in the same price segment. Owning a Lumia is no more a unique thing. *sigh*
  • I agree. Although I'd rather own a Lumia than a Samesung/Shamesung/Samdung any day of the week.
    Although I've become a big fan of Motorola after owning a Moto E. Lumia 520 and Moto E are two of the best phones I've used.
  • I'm not saying 'Samesung' is better than Lumia or something. But common people who don't have much knowledge and first time smart phone users are gonna have a big confusion. And because there is a (cheap) 'lumia' in everyone's hand, people who buy flagships may not like it.(happened with Samsung galaxy).
  • Another low end.. SMH
  • 740,840 & 940 coming soon and if possible 1040(flagship).
  • 740 maybe.. 840, 940 and 1040 mostly after Win 10..
  • With Win10, the generation digit would go one up - so, 850, 950 et al. But who's gonna bet a fiver, they're gonna come up with an entirely naming scheme with Win10.
  • No, it will be 4th generation not 5th
  • I hope you are right, but there is no real history to back that up. Remember that the 1520 and the 930 are (essentially) the same devices but with different screen sizes, but because the 930 came with 8.1 it was an x30 device and 8.0 was a x20 device.  The x40 devices seem to be 8.1.2 devices, and we could very well see win10 devices hit the x50 name scheme. Again, hope you are right, and you are probably right, but that isn't how it has been done up to this point.  
  • More looking for a 1530 (or 940xl)
    Butttttttttt.. A *FAST* 1040 would be awesome as well
  • It makes sense. The only way for app developers and end users to take notice is for Microsoft to garner market penetration. Apple/Android own the high end due to a huge app ecosystem. Android owns the low/mid due to Apple's lack of reasonably priced phones. Microsoft is stuck in neutral due to lack of apps. Microsoft cannot compete volume-wise on high end phones until app development becomes mainstream. The question is how to do that? Easy, by flooding the market with low-cost phones to the point where app developers can no longer ignore WP (probably ~15% market share). Businesses (for enterprise apps), kids (via parents), poorer nations (already happening) will begin to buy as they dont have the $500+/device to throw down. As for the models, the x40 product lines seem to be the non-Nokia versions of the Lumina line. I'm sure each family will see this change soon as well (740, 840, 940). Why no flagship? Timing, the perception right now is why buy high-end when Win10 will be out in fall and more than likely have some high end phones to go with it.
  • Everyone knows (apparently not, even if it's obvious) flagships will be released with Windows 10... not Windows 10 ready or Windows 10 buggy preview, so people like you should stop it, and fill every comment section on these new low end phones with "flagship" crap... again, they will be released when Windows 10 releases. like it or not.
  • I didn't say a thing about flagship did I? I meant they released too many low end devices with identical specs and confusing names (this one is pretty good though).
  • The smaller 640, this is.
  • Smaller? I thought it had the same screen size. I would still go for the 640 because of the faster processor. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't remember exactly. If its not smaller, then this device really has no point, I think. :P
  • It probably is the replacement for the 535's messed up HW with malfunctioning touch (or what most users complain about).  Or, most likely, it is realligning the product line numbers. W10 devices (including WP8.1 Windows10 ready) to have x4x product names which was supposed to be done with x3x already.   Although I don't get the very similar HW to vevry similar 640/5. Will 7xx/8xx have 2GB and higher models 3GB?
  • Yeah. That's what I am wondering. If they are doing this with a budget phone (giving it a half HD screen, 8MP), then doing what you say with the above budget phones would make complete sense. A full HD display, 8MP, 5MP front, 4.7"-5.5", Snapdragon 6xx, etc.
  • Maybe we need to start distinguish Ultra Budget, Budget, Mid-End, High-end and possibly ultra-high-end
    4xx, pre-540 line would be ultra budget. Or messed up line.  540, 64x, 74X could possibly be Mid-end. I expect 74X with SD600 and 2 GB of ram, probably FULL HD, at least 16 GB, carl zeiss optics, GS 5mp ffc better build quality, possibly full body construction 840, 940 - I have no Idea. QHD? 3gb? 32gb+ SD 810? 840 could be the HIGH END flagship, while 940 could be replacement for the 1520 phablet. 1040 could be ULTRA-HIGH-END. McClaren maybe. completely new HW with cutting edge camera. 4GB ram, QHD.  It's just my brainstorming, MS could have completely different ideas :D :D 
  • Yes, we should probably leave all this to MS. :p
  • Huh? Other than the cameras there 540 is not midrange
  • Am I saying its a midrange?
    I am saying that if they can do this in a budget phone, then imagine what could be possible at the midrange and ranges higher than that.
  • I don't get why people say "similar to 640". The CPU remains a S200, like the 535. I see it more like a boosted 535 : only the screen resolution and rear camera are improved. All the remaining specifications are equal.   The 535 touchscreen issue is solved on newer devices (new touchpanel) and I got mine repaired (read: changed) at the (ex-)Nokia Care.  
  • And therefore, this phone makes no sense.
  • Yes, I know. But with higher resolution it is very similar. And to be honest BFU doesn't care what number the processor has, as long as they get it cheap, and it is to affordable deal with carrier. I honestly think this realligning model line is going pretty well :) or it looks like it is with x4x line :)
  • But this phone has just SD200 CPU as opposed to SD400 on 640.So that is the major difference between both.
  • the point of it is lower price point , the current line is :- 430= 70$ 435= 80$ 532 = 100$ 535 = 130$ 540 = 150$ 640 = 180$ 640XL = 200$
  • Comparing the specs.. it's most a cheaper version of 640... the screen size is the same (5") but the dimensions of 540 is bigger and the battery is smaller..
  • Ah yes, just what I need.. Another low end phone.
  • A​nd why not? This phone is in terms of specs vastly better than the Lumia 530, and for a similar price.
  • Then why does the 530 exist?
  • Similar price? Lumia 530 was $90 and this $150.Its a huge difference in developing countries.
  • If you don't need it don't buy it.
  • Point is, what I do need is being completely ignored. No high end phones.
  • Can't wait for the 540 XL
  • Will be released after 140 ultra low budget phone. It'll cost a tenner. To cut the price Microsoft got rid of the screen, camera and on/off button. Charger is not included.
  • Haha!!!
  • And will be preloaded with Update 2 :-/
  • Who knows?
  • Yes. It will be running on GRD2 just as 640 nd 640XL.(common sense)
  • ;)
  • the update 2 is also 8.1 with denim.. is just a smaller update.. I don't think they will launch with a older version than 640
  • This could sell well in India, only downside I see is snapdragon 200.
  • When not India? !!!
  • That's a pretty big drawback considering that most phones in its price range of 10k are packing either Snapdragon 400/410 with Adreno 306 graphics or Mediatek Octa core with Mali 450 graphics while Lumia 540 has only Snapdragon 200 quad core with Adreno 302 graphics.
  • You know there are a lot of low end windows phones when you read Lumia's twitter account about a Lumia and wonder if its a new device or just advertising the old one.
  • This phone specs states a 5mp front facing camera? If true why would you only have a 1mp ffc in 640. Come on MS. Seriously.
  • The processor and the glance screen.
    And build quality too.
  • That's all better in 640.
  • I wonder why they haven't given glance screen on L730 which costs more than 640
  • Not this again..... (-_-)a 730 use AMOLED for their screen. 640 use LCD. LCD with display memory, although it more expensive than one without (which is used by 540), still in acceptable price range. AMOLED with display memory? That will bump 730 prices maybe up to near 830 level. Hence, they omit the Glance altogether to keep the price in range.
  • Thanks! I didn't know it.
  • Now explain why 930 doesn't have glance? Same display memory excuse but it doesn't need to worry about price for omitting it.
  • I read somewhere else that the 5" 1080p display from 930 don't have a memory to keep the image.. it's not because it is amoled or lcd
  • Follow up question: what is display memory and how does 730 perform without one?
  • educated guess: a cache so the display can display a given image without the phone having to use up power refreshing it constantly at so many Hz. omitted from the larger AMOLED panels due to cost.
  • Same guess with xandros9. It should be a memory where the display save a single frame, which will be shown instead when the screen is turned into standby mode. This way, the display doesn't need to refreshing over and over again for an exact data (which is wasting power resource). Typically, in this mode, the screen only need to refresh the display once per minute or so. Why 930 doesn't have AMOLED with display memory like 920? Maybe because in AMOLED, the difference between having and not having display memory was higher than those in LCD. That's why Nokia omit it on 930. Remember that although 920 was a great phone, It doesn't sell as much as lower tier (like 520). Maybe they afraid to lose more if they use display memory on 930 and then turn out it doesn't sell like they wanted to. Nokia was in serious financial trouble back then.
  • Best guess, is that at some point it became more expensive to acquire the 1MP element than the 5MP. I see that happen with RAM when demand & production drop due to the next generation of technology emerging. Not sure how to validate that guess, however.
    Price point is a little high for what I'd expect for the 5xx model, though I agree with raising the bar to include FFC and 1GB on all models.
    Expecting a 440 at $50-80 to follow, with smaller non-HD screen maybe, to better target the 520 lovers.
    Still think releasing a new generation at the low end first is terrible marketing/sales.
  • 535 with better display and Camera, minus the flash.
  • It has a flash, it is just obscured by other 540's in the photos.
  • Thanks, I overlooked the article. Glad it has flash :)
  • I'm looking towards World Peace ;)
  • Excuse my language but damn, Microsoft is fucking shit up. It KNOWS and understands what the market needs. If they can confirm the 740 and 840 and stop the xx2 and xx5 type devices altogether, the Lumia range can really kick some ass.
  • They need to make their phones available in the U.S.
  • US carriers are a pain in the butt. They have too much control.
  • Your Carriers are the picky ones. And your people might inclined to buy smartphones on contract too. Let say Microsoft did sell these low-to-mid end devices, directly at Microsoft Store, sim-free, no contract, full price (non-subsidized by Carriers), how many people will buy it?
  • I suspect a lot more than a couple years ago. AT&T, T-Mo, and I think Sprint now all allow reduced monthly rates if they didn't subsidize the phone, so it's already cheaper to buy outright. Consumers still fail at math though. Also I suppose there is some small subsidy inherent in the purchase price of an off-contract but carrier-locked phone compared to the unlocked versions. I'd be curious how the Moto-G dev edition (unlocked) does compared to competition as as an example.
  • 5xxx and 6xxx? Lol
  • Yep but the 720p display will make the phone run even slower because this phone using Snapdragon 200.
  • Their strategy is working ppl are buying the 630, 530 like hotcakes at WalMart. Honestly Microsoft should just go all in and become basically a cheaper version of Apple yet more open like Google without the privacy issues. That would be a users dream company
  • What the fuck they r doing..confusing in Model n Price
  • this post might help explain what they are doing
  • Why all the moaning. MS are flooding the emerging markets with cheep phones to increase their market share. Which means millions more people using the operating system, which means developers will have to start taking it seriously, which is good for all of us.
  • I agree stupid eh. There was a time we had no choice or next to none with wp7. Remember nodo? I do. What was before no copy and paste?? Few phones. I welcome new models. I don't care it its complex to some. The regular consumer goes to a store. Sell me a phone. what do they need to see? WINDOWS and LOTS OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP COMPLAINING about haveing choice!!!!!!!!!
  • And to add!!! Microsoft gave me a Xbox 360 with the purchase of my first windows phone 7. Now all you fans keep me from getting deals like that. Lol
  • People in emerging markets don't buy apps. Developers like people that buy apps. All these low end phones do nothing for the app situation.
  • The apps I want Are the apps I use today. Developers need to convince me I need there app. There was a thought at one time... What if apps is a fad?? How many make money on any platform? How many break even? How many lose out right? Truthfully I don't care. I'm not business of makeing apps. I am a consumer that uses my phone. If developer loses on an app they should have marketed them selves better. Just enjoy your phone for a day... And forget about worrying about behind the scenes. Unless its your problem.
  • They might not necessarily by apps but they download many of the more important apps that are free ... Just like most ppl in the world, giving developers a larger user base which in turn makes their database much bigger ... which is also an important factor to devs.
  • So you think the people who buy a phone for $100 buy apps for $4? Or do you think people who are willing to spend $600 would rather pay the $4
  • I think people will buy what they want if they want and need it.
  • I'm from what youd call Eastern Europe. I know some people that have the Lumias from lower cost and they are unwilling to pay for the apps despite the fact they are mad for the ads. I'm sick of it. Always complaining about the gap and doing shit to change it. I have already paid for several apps I used and I don't use them anymore. I don't mind the money. I supported the dveloper to either make more and better apps, or improving that one.  No, people won't buy what they want. People will complain what is bad and what isn't even there while sharing bad name of the platform and eventually leaving it. App Gap -> no people -> no developers -> app gap - no people -> ....
  • I remember reading an article a few years ago that said windows phone users spend more on apps. has this changed?
  • No flash?
  • It has LED flash with auto focus. Go to the source website and search for the word "flash"
  • There is!
  • Didnt read the full article, just saw the pic where flash is not visible!
  • What the fuck is this. How many phones they will release confusing ppl in numbers of Lumia phones. Lumia will be under a mess then. Few months b4 they release 535 now 540.what the hell. And features are somewhat compromised too. Ppl will think better to go with moto series bcoz they are making consistent features available within the range where one person will think he isn't compromising with any feature with that price. Even though we Windows central users know Lumia is better than moto series. But how will it convince avg consumers.????
  • Haha, aren't there at least 10 different versions of the Moto G? That's confusing. I'm guessing the 540 is replacing the 535 because of the touch screen issues on the older model.
  • That thing can be repslced by 640. Minimum price with discount one can get 640 for ₹10,000. One of the stupid thing microsoft did was they produced Lumia 530. It was a fucktard phone. Not even better than 520. Microsoft needs ti remember their 520s success and produce that kind of a phone doesn't compromise with the features. I guess 525 was the best thing a year ago nokia produced. 640 is the best now. Buy these bastards are releasing low range phones every 3 months
  • Lumia 530 was produced by Nokia with no FFC or LED flash, not Microsoft.
  • Yeah, but basically it was the same team. They just learned from their mistake
  • According to 530/630 Or Nokia just wanted to fuck up their phones before moving under MS to have better position on future phone market. /doesnt make sense but thats what it looks like/  Or they just didnt have money to invest and feed the dying dog without half of the body. It's like eating while have diarrhea. It's no use of it.   MS is making a god job, looks it its realligning the model line and numbers to X4X for W10 era /including WP8.1 with W10 ready statement/.  I feel like I understand it and like it. 540 needs to be released in Europe as well though...
  • Or Nokia just didn't want to unnecessarily burn more money on a failing platform and went around cutting costs. However, Microsoft allowed that to pass since the x30 line was all produced by Microsoft Mobile already. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agreed, 530 was unnecessary.
  • Did you say anything about Lumia 525?? Yes, you did! I have a Lumia 525.....but now its bricked!! THANKS TO WINDOWS PHONE RECOVERY TOOL!!  
  • Microsoft never released the 530, and I believe the 535 was a Nokia phone that Microsoft released. Definitely wasn't enough time between acquisition and release of the device to say they started from scratch.
  • Who.cares. If a carrier has a windows phone great.. Why not 2?. Only 2 windows phones on my carrier right now.
  • And for your kind information u also have to wait for a long time for an update too. There are now many low range Lumia devices. And I wonder when these devices will get updated.
  • Again who cares? Buy a new phone 550 or 560 in a year that is windows 10 based for $150.00. At this price you can can't go wrong.
  • My first windows phone 7. My first windows mobile 6 phone .... Both cost $700 cnd outright. I am so happy prices are cheap now!
  • No one seems to complain about the number of Samsung phones their are on the market. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yay!!!! There we go... Takes an android user to say it! +Android lol
  • I use android, windows phone and iOS. I love all tech and each has its own advantages over the other. I post on this forum on android because it is the only platform that I can post on Windows Central, Android Central and iMore. I have a 735 which I love but wouldn't mind trying the 640XL when it hits the UK high street. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's cause they have a flagship device releasing every year unlike the 1520... Sure pumping the markets with low & mid range phones is good for increasing market share, but without the wow factor of flagship device, that has all the features of the whole line its not going to gain much traction.
    Posted via Windows Central App on L520
  • Yeah but its not like Microsoft is gonna not release a flagship phone at all. They have already said they are gonna release one this summer with windows 10 so just hold your horses.
  • Are they just going to throw model/spec/price/territory combinations out there until something sticks? Increate market share by making it impossible to not find a WP that fits someone's needs? Well that's one way I guess.  
  • The more phones the better. Don't know why people are complaining. They are saving high end phones for Windows 10 with features that Window Phone 8.1 OS may not have.
  • Agreed!!!!!
  • Yup keep flooding the market at the low end and once W10 is released high end will be available
  • More phones. More users. More market share. More developers. More apps. Epic freakin win.
  • I hope this means Microsoft is refreshing their entire line of phones. And bumping out all the phones with Nokia branding for higher spec versions with their branding.
  • I truly hope they're aren't any more Nokia branded devices still being produced in the factories. Hopefully they can just sell what had been made and be done with the confusing and sometimes underwhelming devices.
  • 940?
  • My Lumia 535 with a better camera.. hmm.. seems like MS is tired of the touch screen issues of 535..
  • Yup... :/
  • Still don't get why such a trivial software issue could be so difficult to repair.
  • That's the thing, it could be hardware, some people state that after sending it for repair, some component was changed and the touch returned fine. Let's hope 535 doesn't happen. some people didn't get it, and others never noticed it until they did the touch test. so not everyone had a bad experience, but it would be good to forget about 535 and move on.
  • Haha. Microsoft become more aggressive this year. I really like that..
  • I'm pleased to see these new phones with better specs. But at least they could change the designs a bit for each phone like Nokia did, because they all look way to similar and it seems that Microsoft is putting zero efforts in making of these phones just cooking them like pancakes.
  • Haha the pancake cooking reference got me rolling...:D
  • Lol this is true. But then again, other brands are doing the same thing. Sony with their Xperia models, Samsung with their galaxy series
  • I know but Lumia used to be not the case
  • To be fair, it's pretty hard to make one rectangle look different from another rectangle.
    At least there's a choice of colours.
  • LED flash is not visible in the picture.
  • Meanwhile 630/635 still didn't have a front facing
  • Because Nokia
  • Also refreshing the entire line makes them removing the 1520 from sales make more sense. Since it will draw people who may want one to it when it's brought back with better specs, instead of keeping them from buying the new because they got the old one.
  • Or they'll just buy the latest android or iPhone, because that's what's available now.
  • Or anyone who doesn't care for either the IPhone or Android ecosystem would get a lower to mid range windows phone and have the money to upgrade to a higher end phone later(and by anyone I mostly mean me).
  • Exactly.
    I want a new top-end device now. My choices are 1) outdated WP with no news if anything new coming 2) wait a bit for Apple's now-established refresh cycle 3) whichever brand new Android from any one of many, many manufacturers will be out next week.
    But still MS concentrate on the budget market.
  • Noooooooooo... And I just got a 535 today morning.!! No no no. Daymn.
  • same here :( mine bout 2weeks ago tho...shit is annoying!!
  • :-( STBY
  • You have the option to give it back if you purchased it online and seriously, don't go for 535!
  • Tip for the next time: When MS releases a new OS, they start pushing out new devices. GDR2 just got released, so they show new models. Same will happen with Windows 10. I bet they'll have a full new range from low to high when that comes out. So yeah, ALWAYS wait for OS releases
  • same.. this is just annoying as hell.
  • You have a free, legal, minimum 10 day return period. Send it back and get the 540.
  • Depends where and how it was purchased.
  • Wtf i am already confused and the problem is that even if i still keep my self informe more phones wtf
  • Yes MS is refreshing their line of phones..taking a different route than Nokia....X30 dual core , X35 quad core non HD displays...X40 with HD display and quad core...
  • Awesome strategy people. They are flooding the market with low ends to increase market share. Tons of Nokia feature phone owners are the target here. Wait for W10 for high end phones. Makes complete sense
  • This is a bit too pricey for a feature phone replacement. 430 is pretty good in that regard, and I wouldn't mind seeing a 340 release for something like $59 or lower if at all possible, even if that means losing features.
  • they are losing market share and devs are pulling apps.  What's more, what market share they have is low end, low-disposable income users.  It is become a feature phone platform, the smartphone for poors, and that is never going to drive apps to WP.  What brand is going to focus on WP when the users can't afford their products.  The WP experiment will be over by the time a flagship arrives, if it ever does. 
  • Ha ha absolutely superb from Microsoft. They are just flooding the market with uncountable low end devices in the emerging markets just as Samsung did 2 years back and Micromax is doing now...this will invariably lead to more sales and I am actually seeing it reap benefits actually. When you know go into a store and ask for a cheap phone they are showing lots of Lumia phones like there's no Android ones in the market. And to the guys in Europe and US and everywhere else I feel for you and me about the lack of exciting phones and flagships...we can absolutely whine about it to Microsoft but this strategy is giving them lots of sales and no one can deny that
  • Not another budget phone..
  • A perfect replacement for my 535
  • Too many numbers
  • They aren't letting their products settle down snd they introduce a new phone. Business is to earn profit with less resources for a longer time. 535 is going good right now and they are releasing 540. Assholes. Lumia 640 is such a good phone with the price quoted that a consumer will splurge a little bit to get Lumia 640 bcoz its worth buying. Microsoft is faikimg here to convince ppl with one device. Don't know what's their objective with low end Lumia devices.
  • Lots of choice at different price points.  Deliver what markets are asking for.
  • When in Colombia?
  • Whew...For a minute there I was worried there wouldn't be enough low/mid range Windows Phones this year. /s
  • Good strategy Microsoft
  • There's has been too many Lumia devices released recently, it's difficult to keep track and differentiate. Are Microsoft Samsung in disguise, with saturate-the-market-with-too-many-handset-series-which-look-and-function-the-same strategy? It's not necessarily a bad thing, but there's little differentiation.
  • Hey WC. Could you make an easy to understand list of all of the new MS Lumias? It's getting very confusing to tell the lot a part. Perhaps making it a continued updated article. Thanks
  • ... and list which models are available for such and such region... Apparently people are confused that every model is available for every region !!! /s
  • Reminds me of Apple.. Same specs diff price! [not too much as of Apple]. L640 itself costs 12K INR, now L540 has 5MP Front cam, no wonder if MS will put a price tag around 15K..
  • Awesome. I'm all for the ridiculous amounts of low end phones. They don't seem to end up all at the same place so it's not like we are over flooded and it's a good sign that shows MS obviously thinks the strategy is working and they must be making some money to keep going with it. Hopefully not long and we will hear of the new flag ships which I now need seeing as I cracked the screen on my precious 930.. Doh!
  • Otterbox defender is great for 930
  • Thanks. yeah if i fix the screen I'll need to buy a case for it. Fix here in Oz is $275! so i'm gonna hold out a little and then maybe get it repaired.
  • Be awesome if they release a genuine flagship with dual sim
  • I need one :(
  • Price..???
  • $150
  • It's around ₹-9300
  • * Counts the number of times "flagship" appears in the comments...
  • flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, flagship, . Enjoy.
  • So we're the first, and sometimes the only ones, to get low end phones...but the last ones to get high end phones... Ja neh. Lol it sucks
  • Build it and they shall come.
  • Trouble is, MS have missed Step 1 of that plan.
  • So what is the use of 640?
  • thanks. That helps
  • List price $150, real price $25? Why would you get this when the 635 goes on sale for $50?
  • The 635 has been out for a while and so the price, of course has gone down, remember the 520 use to be $150. With time this, the 640 and 535 will go down in price.
  • Isn't this what Nokia used to do as well, flood the market with phones, and therefore we shouldn't be surprised that MS is doing it to as they DID buy the Nokia phone division?
  • wtf... i just bought a Lumia 535 yesterday and now they release the same with 720p display and 8MP cam... Thanks Microsoft..
  • When u buy a new phone make sure it is released not more than 3 months before.
    Nowadays phone become out of date very fast
  • That's true..
  • How worse is snapdragon 200 compared to 400?
  • It's 200 worse
  • It's got GLONASS and GPS. Both of them "assisted" (hence the "A"). It should be as good as any other GPS device at locating.
  • mmmm, well if there was only some way of, say, measuring two positions and using the difference to determine heading.... We could call it Global Positioning System. Or something.
  • The 5xx series is the 2nd cheapest of the Lumia's (ever since the 4xx series has been birthed). These are like for people looking to step up from feature phones and flip phones. Pretty sure it'll be fine.
  • No clearblack?
  • And it comes with the 8.1 update 2 ryt?
  • What's the difference between 535 and 540??
  • Higher MP camera Higher pixel density screen Different set of colours and overall design  
  • 5
  • comparison with L535?
  • In a few months lumia 595 will b available! Then what??
  • 596-599
  • Then there will be a 592.
  • Heehee
  • Ok, so I'm not a supporter of 'where is flagship!', but even now it's getting really confusing..640 and 640XL were just launched few days ago, hardly people have started to buy it, then this..why not take all the Nokia branded lumias from consumers, scratch the name Nokia, and add the weird Microsoft writing in that place!!..guess that will help u spread ur name rather than making a decent line of phones..still, this is coming from a non-flagship-flagship guy..guessing how this kind of decisions for developing countries, where people still go for SAMeSUNG or any other androids, will actually be able to help the 3% market share..
  • No gorilla?
  • No, gorilla won't fit.
  • What do you mean no Gorilla?!?
    I can't possibly buy this if it's not got glass with characteristics I don't fully understand but my mates say are good. Crazy. I can't live with non-Corning glass, it'd be a disaster.
  • A 1030 & 1530 would be nice now, rather than a jump from 20 to 40... But if they can go from 8.1 to 10, anything is possible
  • Wow that is dirt cheap
    Microsoft really upping their game in the low end
    I think this will sell a lot
  • Can't wait for Lumia 840.
  • This seems to be a device to fix the touch screen woes as well as reputation the 535 lost coz of it and put forth as a new device.
  • Still Snapdragon 200, even slower than my 535 since the display is 720p. 
  • Need a 740
  • The 730 is still good.
  • Gud But it is outdated
  • I want a 1040! Not some cheap devices! Soon well be getting a 340
  • I fucking hope they don't start naming them in decimals, like 340, with flash, 340.1 with dual flash. And I also hope this flooding works for them, as much as I hate this.
  • Wow I think next in line would be 740, 840, 940, 1040? Holy molly! Great scott Batman!
  • This is similar to what they did with the 525. Either way these phones are attractive and keep the signature design. I see alot of cheap phones that are pretty ugly. I remember a 520 user told me they liked it because it's cheap and looks good. I'm excited to see what the x4x series will bring. Specially a possible 740.
  • I know what I said before guys but heck IDK. I'm starting to find all these different budget Lumias a little confusing.
  • Yeah, it's definitely a little too much. It shoudn't bther consumers a lot since these phones aren't all released in the same markets, but it's still incredibly onfusing for peoplekeeping track of launches. They need to unify their launches worldwide.  
  • Its simple. Look at the "MICROSOFT" line. Lumia 435 532 535 540 640 640 XL.
  • Yeah I know. I'm trying to understand what the differences are. Because the similarities are obvious. I think they should discontinue some of them in order to make their line more comprehensive. On the other hand you gotta love the specs for the price
  • Is it a dual shot cover? I wish 640 had this too.
  • Fix the app gap then release more models Microsoft !!!!
  • There is no app gap to fix.
    That's just a term lazy, prejudicial tech "journalists" like to use to increase traffic.
  • Great. More devices= More market share.
  • Only if people buy them
  • At least MS should give us 5 or so flaghips so we can choose the one we love better. And they are getting really good at cheap phones so they better not cost more that $400. That's what we deserve after all the waiting....
  • The term "flagship" tends to suggest a uniquity - you can't really have more than one.
  • Or you can have a 940, 940 edge, 940 note, 940 XL.... :p
  • 535 upgrade?
  • This will 'kill' 640 for sure. Only benefit is that 640 has a LTE variant, while 540 does not. There is lsight bump in battery capacity, but only marginal in terms of practical use. However, it is $50 dearer than 540. Users won't care about SD 200 or SD 400 at entry levels. They even have the same clock speed. Plus 540 has a better front camera. I don't see any logic in buying a non-LTE version of 640 after reading about this.
  • Lumia 640 has clear black, and sd 400,in sd 200 only 480 p recording and only 480 p video playback, while in sd 400 1080p recording and video playback
  • 8MP? My 730 has only 6.7 ! And its also costlier!?!. It seems MS have no love for 7xx series. :P
  • Lumia 730 camera has Zeiss optics which makes it better camera than that of Lumia 540 and Lumia 640, only adv Lumia 640 camera over Lumia 730 is daylight imaging but in slight margin, otherwise in low light imaging and video recording Lumia 730 is clear winner
  • Fuck ms
  • Tally ho!
  • oohh..suppose to be snapdragon 400 instead of 200..???
  • No flash? Why do backward, the last 500 series phone had a flash, why go backward?
  • It's got a flash.
    Aha, king of the impossible!
  • Yes, I see it now, went to GSM arena and saw a proper pic and oh yeah, actually read the spec list. Great....Thanks
  • 640/ xl announced yesterday down under and today another handset gets announced, interesting times.... Now my 630 is appearing like a joke!
  • Thank Nokia for your humor ;-) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Off topic: The top 10 smartphones at (a big online electronic store)here in the Netherlands exist completely out of the new Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge (different storages and colours) and the Lumia 535 (Which has been number 1 for weeks here for) at the fifth place, and the Lumia 640 at the ninth place. Pretty nice, it means it's outselling the iPhone, atleast at ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wow, didn't think the iPhone would be last!
  • True successor to Lumia 520
  • I'm starting to get a bit of a similarity with the Lumia phones released by Microsoft. A good similarity. 1GB RAM on all their phones. That's pretty good. Even the small looking Lumia 532 and Lumia 435 have 1GB RAM. Microsoft has it all figured out!
  • WTF
    Buy a budget Lumia and you get a 5MP wide angle selphy camera.....whereas buy a midrange 830 Or flagship 930 you get a 1MP VGA like selphy camera.....Not Happy.
  • X40 and x30 are different generations of Lumia. Sure the flagship and high end x40 Lumia's are gonna have something better.
  • Its like 520 , 620 , 720
    Same hardware but different camera and screen size..
  • I was thinking about buying 640 but now 540 has 5MP selphy camera with inferior sd200 processor.....
  • Lumia 430,432,435, 520,525,530,532,535,540,620,630,635,638,640,640 XL,720,730,735,820,822,830,920,925,928, ICON, 1020,1520.
  • You forgot 625 and 1320. Also, which one's the 432?
  • Time for a better naming scheme!
  • its getting more confusing now, 535, 640 now 540, all these 3 has 5" display and nearly the same design...compared to nokia, microsoft is doing a good job in terms of specs but the designs of nokia lumias were superb , from 520 to 1520, each one looked awesome. 
  • Yes, exactly this! I'm glad I have the last Lumia with the fabulous fabula design  (730) :P
  • Ah ah , but customers of MS badly needs a flagship !
  • Does anybody know of a high end 4g dual sim? I want to use my business number and private number on a single phone.
  • Call forward work number to Skype.
    Or get work to switch a decent UCS.
  • Don't get confused ! Pick a Lumia 730. It's better than 5 & 6 series @Susmit257
  • Lumia 735 , but only one SIM @stefan
  • Thanks, but I really want just one phone in my pocket :)
  • Is the lumia 540 release in uk? Can anyone tell me thank you 
  • The article you've commented on states the available regions at launch.
  • Amazing...Price Amazing Features... All 40 series here...NOW we need 740 then 840 and finally 940 and 1040 .... 1540 ;) or maybe 940 XL
  • There are enough budget phones
  • That's really high spec
  • Snapdragon 200....
  • The more, the better! Don't listen to the hate, cause it's all uphill now, mate!
  • They could have waited build to announce this ...
  • Maybe they've something big and exciting to announce at Build?
    Like 3 more budget devices - but with different colo(u)rs yo'all!
  • I wouldn't mind seeing a return of red and yellow.
  • These phones are overpowered.
  • I bought a Lumia 535 and i did a spec to spec comparison. Everything is the same apart from the housing and the camera. The 540 has a better camera. That's about it. It's going to probably cost a tad bit more, than the 535 but it's mainly a backup phone. So it's fine i guess.
  • Don't forget the screen!
  • With all these low end bombardment, they still can't make a free phone...
  • What?
  • Same crap different day. Gotta keep 2nd and 3rd quarter busy as to make WP look busy to keep investors occupied and therefore less financial loss.
  • The only thing I don't like about it is that I can't record 720p video on it. :/
  • Ugh... confused between 640 and 540... 
    Which one to buy?  God .. 
  • 640
  • Finally, a budget phone that has a great selfie camera. i think the 5mp on the front is the first for a budget device.
  • Actually the 535 has a 5mp front shooter.
  • And nothing for Latin America, sad
  • Another curve edged phone. I want a phone with sharp edges like the Lumia 730.
  • MS shows the middle finger to 535 buyers..
  • is it the same shell cover as the lumia 640??
  • Microsoft forgot the mid range devices, where 740 and 840?
  • ONLY? But I think that numbers are getting a little confusing :/
  • So why does this have a 5mp front camera while the 640 has a 1mp ffc? What sense does this even make?
  • Does it have clear black display?
  • I love the specification.
    But I hate the design.
    Looks so cheap.
  • This is beyond ridiculous. Waiting for Win 10 to release a flagship makes no sense while they keep releasing budget phones that will be upgraded. Release one now, then release a 1020 successor with Win 10. Not everyone wants a budget phone, but it is hard to justify spending anything on the flagships already out because of how old they already are.
  • Forget the 640 get the 540 or still better wait 2 months and get the 340 with the same specs :-(
  • It's 5:40 on my watch too.
  • Does it have a equalizer ;_;
  • Besides the camera, what is the difference between this and the 535?
    Not only it's getting annoying to see more and more budget phones (specially seeing that there's already plenty of them), but this just seems stupid to me. 535 was released not long ago, and it is great.
    What the hell was this 540 released for?! It doesn't make any sense considering all the options we currently have.
  • Stupid strategy! Seriously, this is making me dizzy. They release now and then but still not one proper mid-ranger just like the Lumia 620. Damn you! I have no idea how long I have to stick with 620, he got old and dies on me a many times. :(
  • Eagerly waiting for lumia740 that might be the best mid ranger
  • what the hell is ms doing? what is the need of this phone? too close to 640, too away of a 5XX device... why they release 640 with 1mp FFS and this with 5? why they released 535 in first place? damn. looks like they are banishing X3X / X35 line and moving directly to X40 line.
  • Time to replace my 520
  • You said the same when 535 came out..
  • In your dreams may be!
  • very much like 535, specs wise. meh.
  • Seems instead of competing with other brands Lumia handsets are competing with each other...funny..... Flagship please....
  • I just want a "leak" of the high end device they have planned for this year. Can you scoop that for us WC? Find me some leaked pics, specs, anything really, so I can at least keep telling myself to hold off on buying a new phone. My 925 is pretty beat up, I'm itching for a new WP.
  • I don't care if its a rumor i just want to have some hope
  • What's the point?! They are repeating the same meaningless exercise that led Nokia nowhere a decade ago. Having a zillion different models is just a waste and creates confusion. Stop it!  
  • Microsoft is following the footprints of Nokia . .Everyone knows that Nokia released n number of models from 1100 to N8 . . Same followed by MS
  • They need to slim down the offerings, {Lumia 3xx = 4xx, 5xx} {Lumia 6xx = 6xx, 7xx, 8xx, 13xx} and {Lumia 9xx = 9xx, 10xx, 15xx}. All with different sizes and variations of the 3, 6, and 9 {Lumia 350, 350 XL, Lumia 650, 650 XL, Lumia 950, 950 S(10xx), 950 XL}. And release all phones in a series a particular series together.
  • Are you for real?!?
    That's waaaayyyy to sensible for MS.
    Away with you, be gone.
  • This sounds exactly like the 535; except that it has a flash. Maybe the 540 is nothing more than a fix for the 535's touch sensitivity issues and an alignment with the current X40 naming trend???
  • The 535 has a flash the only difference with this is 8MP camera
  • More confusing, derivative, cheap phones.  What is that 140 slightly different low end phones now?  Strategy continues to fail, double down. 
  • The naming isnt good, i was hoping they save the 40 series (940, 840, 740, 640 ...) for W10 devices but Microsoft thinks otherwise. I am very certain this device has been launched to counter the Moto G.
  • This is getting too confusing lol, it has a better ffc than the 640 lol. I can understand why they are doing this - saturate the low end and middle tier. As the OEMS are not really pushing wp devices and just waiting for Windows 10 to hit. But in the end updating all these to Windows 10...will be a pain in the backside.
  • Its a 535 with an 8MP camera
  • Wow! These specs, plus Pureview Technology, Glance Screen, Clear Black DIsplay is the flagship specs of Nokia Lumia less than 3 years ago. I'm talking about Lumia 920, and yet some specs of 540 are better than the Lumia 920 which costed me 650$, such as the battery, the chip (quad cores), the front camera and screen size. This is the real deal. It looks far better than than Lumia 535.    
  • Battery, yes. But not the processor buddy. It is quad core but inferior to 920's processor.
  • How the hell does the 435 and 532 support glance but this phone don't!? The L520 really needs a successor.
  • Here comes the second Samsung. Nokia did a great job with naming the phones and keeping one phone in each of the budget range. Now Microsoft is making things way more confusing and worse. There are already too much phones in budget range but very few in mid range & not a single flagship. Microsoft has clearly gone nuts...
  • Should have tried some thing else like Lumia music edition with extra speakers or with dedicated music all phones look so similar and confusing....
  • Yeah dude me too expecting same thing.
  • This is all great (it really is), but where is the 640XL on AT&T??
  • In US of course :-P Anyway, you should know the trademark mostly used in Windows Phone platform ;-) it's coming soon ;-)
  • This is the problem right here. They keep putting out new devices that compete directly with the device they just put out. Like I've said before they need to streamline the devices so they have one flagship, one mid-range, one low-end device per year and focus more on building the Windows phone platform.  
  • I used l535 everything was good except screen ,it doesn't have clear black display ,now ms released 540 without it , anyway I sold it and got 635 way better display than 5** series , look forward to getting 640
  • And here I was hoping that they would release only 64x, 84x and 94x series this year and 54x, 74x and 94x series for next year :-( No worries... I can live with 8 new phones every year ;-)
  • I just want to know when are Microsoft going to release a high end phone. The last high end phone was the Lumia 930 and that was in the summer of last year.
  • The 540 is Microsofts apology for the POS 535... MS would do well to offer this phone in trade to everyone whos 535 is in for repair.
  • I'm holding out for a Lumia that comes with Windows 10 mobile operating system preinstalled, at least 1 GB RAM, and at least 5MP rear camera with LED flash for photos, and 1MP front camera for Skype and selfies. Or I'll get a Moto G or E.
  • The only difference between this phone and Lumia 535 is the camera 8MP/5MP. But is a good phone. The only thing I want is not to have touch problems like 535.
  • Im also confused, It's like a squid shooting itself in each and everyone of its tentacles
  • Is there any update in Microsoft Lumia 540...?
  • in my new lumia 540 in glance screen is not show in settinf so please give me solution about this....
  • My phone is Lumia 540 help me windows 10 upgrade please