Microsoft releases Mahjong and a new Minesweeper for Windows Phone 8

Besides releasing the Solitaire Collection today for Xbox LIVE and Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is giving users Microsoft Mahjong and Microsoft Minesweeper as well.

Although Minesweeper has been out since 2012 on Windows Phone, this is a brand new edition, so pay attention for the details.

Microsoft Minesweeper 1.0

The classic timewaster that has spawned many office jokes gets a late 2013 refresh for Windows Phone 8.  According to the description:

 “Play the logic game you know and love, now with updated graphics and sound. Play with a touch of your finger to mark the locations of all the mines without uncovering any of them! Start with an Easy puzzle and work your way up to Expert.”

Like the Solitaire Collection, Minesweeper features the Play, Pause, Resume feature to allow you to save and continue the game on various devices.

What more is there to say? It’s Minesweeper for 2013. Grab it here in the Windows Phone Store or scan the QR code below. 512 MB devices supported

Microsoft Mahjong 1.0

Mahjong is a well-known game that many have been playing for years and it’s now ready for Windows Phone 8:

“Microsoft Mahjong is the classic matching game updated with beautiful imagery, intuitive controls, and all the features that fans of mahjong have come to expect.Enjoy gorgeous graphics and relaxing sounds with three different themes to choose from. Complete multiple puzzles at three levels of difficulty—perfect for mahjong beginners and experts alike. With an improved Undo system, players have the option of rewinding to fix mistakes.”

Mahjong looks gorgeous and the audio is really well one. These aren’t just ported games, but seemingly well thought out. And with various levels, including easy, medium, hard and expert, it should keep people busy for hours. The game is Xbox LIVE ready and like the previous games, has the Play, Pause and Resume feature as well as the ability to compete with your friends.

Pick up Microsoft Mahjong for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store to get started. 512 MB devices supported.

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