Microsoft Account alerts could be getting their own Windows 10 notification toggle

Microsoft may be testing a new "From Microsoft" notification option in the Action Center for Windows 10. It could be used to alert users to Microsoft news, specific alerts on services and more.

Windows 10 Notifications

The Action Center is the main notification feature in Windows 10, offering alerts on emails, messages, and more to Windows 10 PC users. However, Winsupersite has posted word of a new notification option in the Action Center's setting menu called "From Microsoft".

The alerts were first spotted due to message notifications in the Action Center about the upcoming Microsoft Rewards program that will take over from the current Bing Rewards soon:

Although those first two alerts I received through this channel were about the Microsoft Rewards Program the entry is not labeled as such. It simply says From Microsoft and I would expect it to be listed as Microsoft Rewards if this was a new notification for activity on your rewards account.

The article speculates the "From Microsoft" option could be used by the company to send alerts about subscriptions to services like Xbox Live or Office 365, or alerting parents to any account activity from their kids. This new option is not available on every Windows 10 PC, so it's possible Microsoft is testing this new feature with a select number of users before going rolling it out to everyone else.

Have you seen this "From Microsoft" option in the Action Center notification options? Let us know in the comments!

John Callaham