Microsoft Movies & TV offers up extra Xbox Live Rewards credits

Microsoft already offers a number of ways to snag Xbox Live Rewards credits each month, but its latest involves a healthy dose of movies and TV shows. Running from now through December 31, Microsoft says{.nofollow} you can pick up extra credits and gems for buying or renting content from Movies & TV.

In all, Microsoft says you can earn a maximum of 10,000 credits and 20 VIP gems through the December cutoff. To get the full enchilada, however, will require spending a not-insignificant amount of money across four categories. Here's a look:

  • Must Watch: Spend $30 before tax on featured new releases{.nofollow} from Microsoft Movies & TV to score your Reward. - 3,000 rewards credits and 5 MyVIP gems
  • Triple Feature: Spend at least $4 before tax on 3 separate movie rentals to claim your Reward. - 1,000 rewards credits and 5 MyVIP gems
  • Movie Marathon: Spend at least $25 before tax on movies to cash in. - 3,000 rewards credits and 5 MyVIP gems
  • TV Showmance: Spend $25 before tax on any TV content of your choosing and watch to your heart's content. - 3,000 rewards credits and 5 MyVIP gems.

That's a pretty hefty sum to spend if you're trying to earn the full amount of rewards points, but it's not a bad way to earn some extra credits if you're planning to buy or rent stuff over the next month anyway. And while it probably won't overcome the simmering unease among Movies & TV fans who may be second guessing Microsoft's commitment to its media services following the abrupt shutdown of Groove Music, the promotion is a nice bonus for anyone dipping their toes back in. Now here's to hoping Movies & TV joins Movies Anywhere sooner rather than later.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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