Microsoft News on Windows 10 now lets you hide specific publishers

Microsft News Hide Publisher
Microsft News Hide Publisher (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Microsoft News app on Windows 10 now lets you hide specific publications.
  • The Microsoft News app no longer supports the "My Sources" feature.
  • If you want you unhide a publication, you can easily do so through the app's settings.

The Microsoft News app on Windows 10 now allows you to hide specific publications. News publications vary in terms of reliability. While an outlet might cover a topic that you care about, it can omit facts or context that alters the angle of the story. Now, you can hide a publication, so your feed only shows reliable news sources. Alternatively, you can hide outlets that you don't like. The update began rolling out recently, and now people see a prompt about the change when they open the app.

The Microsoft News app allows you to follow specific topics, general areas of news, and local news stories. Previously, you could select specific sources to see news using the "My Sources: feature, but that is no longer available following this update. To some extent, the ability to filter out publications replaces this functionality.

Microsoft News Sources Change

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

To hide a publication, you need to click the ellipsis icon in the corner of a news story's preview. You then just need to click "Hide Publisher." There doesn't seem to be an option to hide a publisher from inside a story. If you change your mind about a publication, you can go to the Settings section of the app, click "Hidden Publishers" and unhide any publications that you'd like to see.

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